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  • Title: Mr. Darcy's Diary
  • Author: Amanda Grange
  • ISBN: 9781402208768
  • Page: 108
  • Format: Paperback

  • Monday 9th September I left London today and met Bingley at Netherfield Park I had forgotten what good company he is always ready to be pleased and always cheerful After my difficult summer, it is good to be with him again The only place Darcy could share his innermost feelings was in the private pages of his diaryTorn between his sense of duty to his familyMonday 9th September I left London today and met Bingley at Netherfield Park I had forgotten what good company he is always ready to be pleased and always cheerful After my difficult summer, it is good to be with him again The only place Darcy could share his innermost feelings was in the private pages of his diaryTorn between his sense of duty to his family name and his growing passion for Elizabeth Bennet, all he can do is struggle not to fall in love.Mr Darcy s Diary presents the story of the unlikely courtship of Elizabeth Bennet and Fitzwilliam Darcy from Darcy s point of view This graceful imagining and sequel to Pride and Prejudice explains Darcy s moodiness and the difficulties of his reluctant relationship as he struggles to avoid falling in love with Miss Bennet Though seemingly stiff and stubborn at times, Darcy s words prove him also to be quite devoted and endearing qualities that eventually win over Miss Bennet s heart This continuation of a classic romantic novel is charming and elegant, much like Darcy himself.Pride and Prejudice has inspired a large number of modern day sequels, the most successful of which focus on the rich, proud Mr Darcy.
    Amanda Grange
    Amanda Grange was born in Yorkshire and spent her teenage years reading Jane Austen and Georgette Heyer whilst also finding time to study music at Nottingham University She has had twenty five novels published including six Jane Austen retellings, which look at events from the heroes points of view She has also had two books published under different names Murder at Whitegates Manor as Eleanor Tyler a Regency cosy crime murder mystery and The Rake as Amy Watson a very light and frothy Regency romance.Woman said of Mr Darcy s Diary Lots of fun, this is the tale behind the alpha male, whilst The Washington Post called Mr Knightley s Diary affectionate The Historical Novels Review made Captain Wentworth s Diary an Editors Choice, remarking, Amanda Grange has hit upon a winning formula Austenblog declared that Colonel Brandon s Diary was the best book yet in her series of heroes diaries Amanda Grange now lives in Cheshire Her profile photo was taken at the Jane Austen House Museum, Chawton The museum is well worth a visit You can find out by visiting her website at amandagrange You can also follow her on Twitter hromanceuk and find her on Facebook


    July-Tried to find Georgiana a house in London-Went to a dinner-Went to another dinner-Bingley said he wanted to rent an estate in the country. Pff! He'll be leaving it in a few weeks!-Went to another dinner-Decided to surprise Georgie in Ramsgate, but oh my gosh, I was the one who got surprised! And a terrible surprise at that. Wickham is on my black list forever. August-I did nothing interesting in August, but still wrote many entries.September-So, Bingley was serious about this estate-in-the- [...]

    Jamie Collins
    Mildly entertaining to P&P fans in a couple of spots, but not really worth reading. I enjoyed one overheard conversation between Lady Catherine and Mr. Collins, and I enjoyed Col. Fitzwilliam's reaction when Darcy describes the manner in which he proposed to Elizabeth: essentially, "You said what to her?"But the writing is terrible. Shallow, dull and repetitive - I hope I never see the word "satirically" again. It's not that great an adverb to begin with; why would you use it a dozen times i [...]

    Simona Bartolotta
    I've read this for one of my classes! (Which is actually a sort of Jane Austen and Charlotte Brontë fan club. Best class ever.)“Elizabeth, Elizabeth, Elizabeth.”Chances are, if Jane Austen is your goddess, you'll probably read this, reluctantly enjoy it, and wrinkle your nose at it afterwards, because of course nobody expects anyone to equal Jane Austen and, mathematically, every attempt to do so is bound to fail. I recommend to dive into the book light-heartedly and with light expectations [...]

    My Dear Readers, It is with grave misfortune that I dissuade you from whatever excitement you may have upon learning of the existence of this novel. Jane Austen, the wonderful authoress that she is, has created such a wealth of characters and a story so beloved that more modern writers cannot help but continue to revisit the story and attempt to interpret it in a new way, but to no avail. Mr. Darcy's Diary is a straight retelling of Pride and Prejudice, even directly quoting the original during [...]

    Okay, maybe AMAZING is a strong word.'s not like it's a timeless piece of literature, but it was so great! Like Mr. Knightley's Diary, it's so interesting to read the story from a different perspective. Again, I have to say that you should only read these books if you won't be offended that it's NOT Jane Austen. I didn't find it to be a huge departure from the original work but it's clearly not Austen.So pretty much if you have a crush on Mr. Darcy and want to solidify said ridiculous crush, rea [...]

    Lady Gabriella of Awesomeness
    “In vain have I struggled. It will not do. My feelings will not be repressed. You must allow me to tell you how ardently I admire and love you.”Mr.darcy's diraiesis an excellent read, that gives us a brief glimpse into our favourite brooding hero's thoughts and his rich world.With the Bennetts making only a few brief appearances along the way, this book otherwise,solely revolves around Mr.darcy, and his relationships with Mr.Bingely (his best friend ),Caroline (his best friend's sister and f [...]

    Alaina Meserole
    UGH!I've said it before and I will say it again. If there is anything P&P related - I will find it and read it. I don't care if it's amazing or complete shit. I will probably still end up reading it.I was so freaking excited that I go Mr. Darcy's Diary because I just love that freaking character. Although not as much as my homegirl Elizabeth Bennet. Now I'm kind of torn on how to write this review because even though I freaking love P&P and I might have a slight obsession with it. I didn [...]

    After reading Pamela Aiden's "Fitzwilliam Darcy, Gentleman" trilogy a few months ago, I found this to be merely a much simpler version. Grange doesn't go much beyond the events we already know of from the original novel, and Darcy himself doesn't seem to have much depth at all. He switches from being determined to stop thinking about Elizabeth to suddenly proposing without almost any explanation at all. His feelings seem to flip flop to quickly throughout the novel with no basis. Overall, I knew [...]

    Alex Farrand

    If there was ever a "he said" book that you should read then this is it. Fans of Jane Austen's timeless classic will fall in love with Darcy all over again when they read the inner most thoughts of a man whom the world sees as proud and self-righteous.Amanda Grange stays as close to Pride and Prejudice as possible in her re-telling of the timeless classic. There are enough similarities that I believe even Jane Austen herself would happily add this book to her collection. I have read quite a few [...]

    Nothing spectacular, just a retelling of Jane Austen's P&P from Mr. Darcy's perspective (his diary). There's a lot of:I will pay Elizabeth no more attention.(You do that. I will enjoy seeing you try.)I did not miss Elizabeth at all. I believe I scarcely thought of her half a dozen times all day.(Should I count that as progress? Honestly)I am not used to being so confused. I never was, before I met Elizabeth.(You are so doomed.)There's also some of the following:I am looking forward to this e [...]

    Indah Threez Lestari
    139 - 2012Well written fan fictionCocok untuk dibaca sebagai pendamping novel P&P, karena in-line dengan cerita aslinya, dan banyak mencomot dialog asli. Tapi dari gaya bertuturnya, mungkin lebih baik novel ini bukan dalam bentuk diary, tapi hanya novel dengan POV orang pertama saja.Bagi penggemar novel Pride and Prejudice, alur cerita novel ini bukan hal yang baru, dan endingnya juga bukan spoiler, berakhir dengan adegan yang umumnya ditunggu-tunggu para pembaca novel roman :Mbok ya jangan [...]

    As with most of Amanda Grange’s Diary’s, I was absolutely, absolutely delighted with Mr Darcy’s Diary. Though I wouldn’t call it better than the original (as unfortunately I have had to say with others of the Diaries), it was certainly amazing, and definitely as good.Again, I think part of the brilliance of this Diary can be attributed to the fact that the backstory from Pride and Prejudice is pretty well known – Amanda Grange wouldn’t have had to make many events up. That being said [...]

    I know not everyone loves P&P the way I do, but the author follows the encouters between Darcy and Elizabeth authentically, keeping many aspects of the original in tack. It makes the book so wonderful, and because it's from Darcy's perspective so the author adds wonderful scenes like the discovery of Wickham in Ramsgate, Lady Catherine's diatribe to Darcy after speaking with Elizabeth, and some very satisfying scenes that round out Austin's original epilogue.The novel is written in modern En [...]

    AMAZING! So nice to see this epic story from the dashing hero's point of view!! The struggles he went through with Wickham among many things gives him a whole new side which we don't see very much in the novel! And the ending chapters of life after marriage were perfect; not silly and over the top, the right balance!

    I wonder, sometimes, what is it about Jane Austen, and "Pride and Prejudice" in particular, that makes it such a favorite subject of fanfiction. I mean, I have heard of the awesome power of the BBC 1995 mini-series adaptation, but I've never really experienced it first hand. "Mr. Darcy's Diary" is exactly this - fanfiction. Nothing more and nothing less, just like "Pride and Prejudice and Zombies" and "Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters". Plotwise, it offers little other than a recap of the [...]

    Sarah Kovalakides
    Not at all a page-turner like Pride & Prejudice, but an easy and enjoyable read

    In 2005 author Amanda Grange gave Pride and Prejudice fans what they had been craving for centuries—Jane Austen’s classic story retold entirely from the perspective of its iconic romantic hero—Mr. Darcy. It was certainly not the first novel to explore this concept, but Mr. Darcy’s Diary remains, after many other attempts, the best in a very crowded field of Darcyiana.I first read Mr. Darcy’s Diary eight years ago when it was released in the UK. I paid a fortune for the first edition to [...]

    I wasn't sure what to expect when I picked up this book. I've seen a lot of both really positive and really negative reviews. I personally was very pleasantly surprised with it. As to whether someone will like it or not, I think it really boils down to your expectation. We all have our own opinions, ideas, and expectations for exactly who each character is, how they should act or not act, and what is an acceptable outcome for them. If the books lines up fairly well with your personal opinion of [...]

    Oh, know. Oh, know. Oh, know. After reading this book, I've discovered a little known fact that I never wanted to know, gasp: Mr. Darcy was one boring dude. Kill me now. Unfortunately, this harsh reality makes perfect sense, I mean, look how Austen portrays him in Pride and Prejudice? He rarely speaks unless spoken too, he's horribly shy amongst strangers, and nobody interesting, except Bingley of course, can stand to be around him he's so haughty and full of himself. I thought the concept of Mr [...]

    I loved this book, almost as much as I love Pride & Prejudice, which says a lot because it is my favorite. I read this book in less than 24 hours! I have read many, many books by authors attempting to recreate Jane Austen's style and write sequels to continue her beloved stories, and they are never successful and I am always thoroughly disappointed. This one, however, was the closest anybody has ever come. It's Pride & Prejudice from Mr. Darcy's point of view. And anybody who has ever re [...]

    Hilary Moon Murphy
    Pride & Prejudice Sequels, Mashups and Variants are one of my chief guilty pleasures, but I must say that I just could not get into this one. As indicated by the title, it's a diary of the events of Pride and Prejudice told from Mr. Darcy's point of view. While it retells the events of Pride & Prejudice fairly faithfully, I found this retelling somewhat lifeless and uninspired. I didn't get a sense of Darcy's unique voice. Even more damningly, the diary failed to show what was happening [...]

    I'm desperate

    Ero abbastanza curiosa di leggere questo libro e capire come l'autrice avesse gestito la riscrittura di una storia "così classica" come "Orgoglio e Pregiudizio" della Austen.Dentro di me pensavo: "E' un'impresa impegnativa! Questo libro sarà in grado di farci immergere ancora nelle atmosfere vittoriane e in una delle più famose storie d'amore letterarie?".La risposta è sì. Linguaggio curato e ricostruzione più che perfetta. E devo ammettere che mi è piaciuto rileggere la storia dal punto [...]

    Light-hearted fun. I enjoyed it.

    Mr. Darcy is almost a secondary character in the story that made him one of the most beloved heroes in all of Jane Austen’s novels. Although Pride and Prejudice utilizes the device of omniscient narrator, the reader spends most of the book inside the sparkling head of Elizabeth Bennet, Mr. Darcy’s ultimate destiny; it rarely gets inside of Darcy’s.Novelist Amanda Grange has sought to remedy this situation by giving voice to the inner thoughts of this stiff but ultimately attractive charact [...]

    Samisha Sood
    I have always wanted to read this book but took me a little time as it is not available on stores in India. At last I got a hold over it and this is what i think.Jane Austen writings have a very profined style of writing and they cannot be compared with anyone's. I myself am not greatest of the critics. But anyone can see a change in writting style when Quotes from the original book are used in the Darcy's dairy.His diary doesn't have the royal feel which is there in the original quotes used. In [...]

    labibliotecadieliza.iDatemi della romanticona inguaribile, ma ogni volta che entra in gioco Mr Darcy io mi sciolgo come gelato al sole! Non potevo quindi perdermi questo libro che ripercorre le vicende narrate da Orgoglio e Pregiudizio, ma dal punto di vista di Fitzwilliam Darcy. Questo è in realtà il primo libro di una serie (già scritta!) che rilegge tutti i romanzi della Austen dal punto di vista del protagonista maschile; in ordine la Grange ha pubblicato i diari di Mr Khightley, del Capi [...]

    “Mr. Darcy’s diary” is a novel that brings us back to “Pride and Prejudice” world through Darcy’s eyes. The most beloved hero writes about the days and events from the summer before his encounter with Elizabeth Bennet to some months after their marriage.It was very interesting to see the whole story from Darcy’s point of view. It is pure fiction, of course, but Mrs. Grange’s words help us know better some details of the story that brought a stiff and very proud man to fall in lov [...]

    Sarah - Thornton's girl
    So this book could of taken me about a day to read but I decided to have some breaks and make it two. I was completely surprised with this book its entirely different from how I'd thought it bey I expected it to be quite a hard book to read and get into but its the total opposite. Amanda Grange slowly draws you in from the beginning from her very own take and perspective of Darcy as if could get either Colin firth's voice in your head or Matthew Macfadyen which ever Darcy you prefer there voice [...]

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