Õ Speak No Evil Ä Marilyn Kaye

  • Title: Speak No Evil
  • Author: Marilyn Kaye
  • ISBN: 9780753465646
  • Page: 363
  • Format: Paperback

  • Õ Speak No Evil Ä Marilyn Kaye - Speak No Evil, Speak No Evil About the Series Meadowbrook Middle School is an ordinary school with ordinary students except for the Nine These students look like the others but they re not You could call it a skill a talent or
    Marilyn Kaye
    I was born in New Britain, Connecticut, and grew up in Atlanta, Georgia I also spent a year 5th grade in Montgomery, Alabama, and a year in Ann Arbor, Michigan 8th grade As a child, I always wanted to be a writer, but I had lots of other ambitions too I wanted to be a teacher, a librarian, a movie star, the president of the United States, and a ballerina I didn t achieve all my goals I never became a movie star, the president of the U.S or a ballerina But I ve been a teacher and a librarian and most of all, a writer I ve been writing for as long as I can remember Growing up, I always kept a diary I wrote poems, stories, plays, songs and lots of letters Writing wasn t easy for me, but it felt natural and right.I ve always read a lot, too I was an English major at Emory University I love Shakespeare , and I also received a master s degree in library science at Emory I earned a Doctor of Philosophy degree from the University of Chicago, and I taught children s and teen literature at St John s University in New York for over 20 years Now, I m a full time writer, living in Paris, France the most beautiful city in the world.


    This was a YA paranormal story, about a group of kids with special gifts.Carter was an okay character, and I felt sorry for him that he had no idea who he was or where he had come from.We finally got to find out Carter s gift in this story view spoiler he could shape shift hide spoiler and we also found out a bit about where he had come from The kids were targeted by a doctor who wanted to remove their gifts from them, and there was a funny moment when Amanda took over their teacher s body and s [...]

    I really liked this series but am stuck in limbo waiting for something else to come out and keep it going because of the way this book ended I can t wait until something comes up if Marilyn is planning on writing in the gifted series.

    Like the others, this is a quick read and likeable I remember I said it reminded me of X Men, then it talks about X Men I was glad to have a short read, I had a headache after reading all nine books of the Night World series in a row, and I knew I didn t want another long read.This is obviously set up so there can be a sequel, but I haven t seen one up on her website yet, so I don t know There s a lot of ways this can turn now, and she could just decide not to go on with the series.This was a sh [...]

    Jennifer Wardrip
    Reviewed by Sally Kruger aka Readingjunky for TeensReadTooCarter has amnesia He was found wandering on the street before he was taken to Harmony House He s in the care of Dr Paley, who is trying to get to the bottom of why Carter doesn t remember who he is and why he doesn t seem to be able to even talk about it.While Carter is being poked and prodded and questioned, another special group of students is meeting in the gifted class at Meadowbrook Middle School Their teacher is leading a discussio [...]

    An Odd1
    My students have the potential to be dangerous, just as all people have But my students also have the potential to do great and wondrous things p 194 Teacher Madame is realistic giftedseries Carter, quiet obedient blank eyed boy never speaks or reacts, yet emerges from hypnosis and reports on the class to the group of villains that conspire to abuse the teens powers Like the others, he responds to threat, fear, need, emotions, in a surprising way He is the first to be curious, experimental, and [...]

    Brenda "Brie"
    Carter Street finally finds out what his gift is shapeshifter and what his real name is Paul.His parents and he age 4 witness a mob murder and went into Protective Witness Program They were discovered, brutally shot and he got scared and somehow shrank himself into a gerbil He went into a comatose state and wound up on Carter Street hungry and scared and unable to talk or have any reaction In otherwords, he tuned himself off and went on auto pilot.Amanada and Ken are still in the mood to lose th [...]

    It s always a little worrisome when a publisher has a huge stack of paperbacks of a late series book, particularly since it was published over a year ago has the series not been selling In the case of the Gifted series, that might be what s going on I don t actually know but I do suspect This series tells the story of a very unusual Gifted class at Meadowbrook Middle School Each book is in many ways a stand alone, with only a few references to previous books This is Carter Street s story, a sele [...]

    This series has the potential to go further Ebook upped the pace which was great and I would like to see of the Gifted Series.But you can t control your gifts unless you undersand them You have to dig deeper into your feelings if you want to manage these gifts And You can t do this in the same way Not only because each gift is different, but also because each of you is at a unique level in terms of control I know there are many times when your gifts may seem like burdens or curses, even But the [...]

    Katherine Rushforth Nelson
    REQUIRED READING FOR PRESENTATION Carter Street is in a class for the gifted These gifts consist of invisibility, reading minds, making people do as you wish, etc Carter Street however is the most mysterious of the gifted students Know one knows what his gift is or why he is even in the class He sits in the back of the class and doesn t say a world However, it was discovered in book 5 that Carter was being hypnotized to give classified information about the other students in his class His class [...]

    ❄️ Propertea Of Frostea ❄️ Bitter SnoBerry ❄
    Speak No Evil.No idea why the title of the book is that, wasn t complementing as others Amanda well, as always one of the central characters, back to her Queen Bee image, wants to get rid of her gift as usual, and finally carter, I mean his name s Paul now, understands his gift.HE IS SHAPE SHIFTER D Well, not like the ones that can turn into only one animal, like a wolf, but other too Also turned into a cat a one pointAhhh, 3 stars Well, the Gifted series books never have the action unless the l [...]

    I enjoy the characters in this series they re all quite unique and interesting Carter s perspective was particularly interesting for me, I rather liked it.That being said, the plot is entirely contrived, and it s obvious from the first few pages what s going to happen throughout the story, as it has been with the entire series.I will admit to being over the recommended age, and that s probably part of it But still, the characters make me want to keep reading, even if the plotlines are somewhat o [...]

    Annett Millan
    La saga de Gifted me ha gustado mucho, no solo porque es f cil de leer e interesante si no porque en cada libro te muestran m s sobre un personaje pero al mismo tiempo sobre todos y sobre los problemas que han tenido Este libro me gusto m s porque se trat de Carter, el chico que nunca habla, que siempre esta en blanco y solo realiza lo que se le ordene Me gustar a que hubiera m s libros pero no creo que salgan m s

    I don t know why I continue to read this series It s poorly written and utterly unbelievable Not the fantasy special powers the kids have, because that is the crux of the story, but things like police letting criminal acts go unpunished with just a wave of the hand, etc Very juvenile.

    Carter is the boy of mystery In this book we find out his past and what his special power is This seems like a simple fun series I started off with the 6th one as that was the only one in the library I ll have to see if I can find the rest before and after.

    Brilliant book

    Crystal Wilkinson
    This book was great.

    James Cullen
    Can t wait for Number 7 Marilyn Kaye you Brilliant Lil wee Specimen you.

    Chantelle Cobenais
    The book is through a boy who cannot speak s point of view I find this interesting because in the other books he is like a mystery, always quiet, and robot like In this book I got to know who he really is, his background, what he thinks about, and why he was the way he was in the other books This book really helped me to understand the series better The boy s name is Carter He has had many different names and a very interesting sory This book is about nine teenagers in middle school Each one of [...]

    Veronica Morfi
    A great ending to a series that kept my attention till the very last page.In the final book of the Gifted series we finally get to learn who Carter Street, the kid that never speaks and has no memories, truly is After he is sent to Harmony House he starts some sessions with Dr Paley who eventually helps him remember who he is and figure out his gift, which by the way was very unexpected.Besides finally being in Carter s head we get to see through the eyes of Amanda who finally finds a way to get [...]

    Khalia Hades
    At the end of Book 5 , we read as it was discovered that there was a spy amongst the group and that he had been sharing secrets about the gifted group to the bad guys The spy turned out to be classmate Carter Street Someone who doesn t really speak throughout class Carter is then sent to Harmony House a juvie like centre where he undergoes a series of Pysch evaluations from Dr Pauley, whom we have read about in the previous titles It seems that when Carter gets under stress, he can shapeshift in [...]

    This book was a good addittion to the series, although I didn t think the story was as good as previous books in the series For me this series hit its high in the middle with books 3 and 4 and they didn t get any better after that The main character in this book the mysterious Carter although the rest of the gifted class do make their own appearances throughout the book I honestly didn t find this book in the series exciting or interesting, and didn t really hold my interest enough that I really [...]

    Sabrina Wannet
    The last book of this serie The looks A bit boring but looking at the other books it suits because all the books are like this When I saw this serie I thought this can be interesting.The story I loved it, it is sad that this was the last book The story was not strong but it was entertaining and kept you reading till the end Where book 5 became a bit boring I loved that this was about Carter the mysterie boy I had a lot of questions about him that became answered in this book The power from Carte [...]

    εlﻨբ ツ
    3.5Se ilmi lerin en ilginci Carter da idi s ra Konu amad , sadece s yleneni yapt i in Dr Paley ile Uyum Evi ne gidiyor Adam bir ekilde onun yetene ini reniyor, konu mas n sa l yor Ama Onun niyetini de sonradan reniyoruz Jenna ok yard mc oluyor, Amanda ve Ken ortal kar t rmakla me gul Tek sevmedi im nokta her kitapta oldu u gibi su lulara kar hi bir ey yapamamalar E tabi herkes onlarla u ra r b yle olunca Neyse san r m ba ka kitap kmad imdilik elveda

    The story of the Gifted class continues This time we find out the secret of the most mysterious member of the class, Carter Street This series is great for what it is It is an easy and fun series for tweens teens I have given it to some reluctant readers with pretty good success I love Marilyn Kaye and am really hooked on the series As and people learn the secrets of these kids, the mystery of where this series is going increases This is the 6th book and I am not tired of it yet.

    Seriously People really need to learn how to sharewhy does everyone have a gift and I don t This book, was actually my most waited book in the series I was so curious as to who was Carter I couldn t control my curiosity and ended up reading this book in one day this book was sooo hard to find, none of the libraries had it either how sad and i am a little sad that my journey of reading this series has finally come to an end Good bye Gifted You will be remembered.

    Knjige nisu lo e, ali namjenjene su za itaoce mnogo mla e od mene Da imam 13 godina sigurno bih bila odu evljena Iz tog razloga sam ve ini knjiga iz ovog serijala dala 3 zvezde Ali onda se sjetim i drugih knjiga za mladje itaoce koje su mnoooogo bolje i ovom serijalu dajem 2 zvezde koje i zaslu uje.

    Carter can talk or should i say Paul.I thought it was a bit strange that he could switch off his emotions like they can in the vampire diary s but i guess it explains a lot of things.good book i loved it cant wait for the next one

    Giuliana Ramos
    Ya de por si era llamativo Carter, descubrir su pasado y como inici su don fue no solo interesante sino triste y revelador El es un sobreviviente y como tal a luchado desde peque o, aunque sin saberlo Ojala contin en esta saga pues quede con ganas de m s.

    Petek Şeyma
    Ya asl nda g zel bitti de o sonunu cidden hi be enmedim Di er kitaplar gibiydi bence zerine daha kitap yaz l r gibime geliyor Bu cidden serinin son kitab m Cidden seriyi bitirdim mi nanm yorum kendime.

    Hollie Parker
    Really loved the first two of these books Then had to wait a few months until I actually managed to find the rest of the series but it was worth the wait love how all the characters came in the end Good little reads.

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