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  • Title: Second Wind
  • Author: Dick Francis
  • ISBN: 9780515129236
  • Page: 222
  • Format: Paperback

  • When his plane goes down during a hurricane, weatherman Perry Stuart is stranded on a desolate Caribbean island And what he sees there gives him zero chance of survival.
    Dick Francis
    Dick Francis CBE born Richard Stanley Francis was a popular British horse racing crime writer and retired jockey.Dick Francis worked on his books with his wife, Mary, before her death Dick considered his wife to be his co writer as he is quoted in the book, The Dick Francis Companion , released in 2003 Mary and I worked as a team I have often said that I would have been happy to have both our names on the cover Mary s family always called me Richard due to having another Dick in the family I am Richard, Mary was Mary, and Dick Francis was the two of us together Series Sid Halley Mystery Kit Fielding Mystery


    I have read a lot of Dick Francis novels, although before I started putting reviews on here. Most were entertaining, well crafted and at least moderately believable. In general they follow the same pattern, boy meets girl, gets beaten up, falls of a horse, has broken ribs and is nursed back to health by his latest paramour whilst uncovering some dastardly plot. All well and fine, the Holiday Inn or Mc Donald's of reading, easy going, light and comfortable.This one I picked up from a box of junk [...]

    Balaji Dutt
    I have been a huge fan of Dick Francis for a long time; and have read most of his work; always enjoying the consistent quality of his work. Second Wind unfortunately, breaks the trend. The main characters are well fleshed-out as always - the mild Englishman central character; the love interest; the eccentrics etc are all there. The central plot with its horse racing link is tenuous at best. Surprisingly for a Dick Francis novel; most of the villains are revealed early on - leaving only one myste [...]

    September 22, 2016Jan 1, 2000

    "Second Wind" is an interesting read for us die-hard Francis fans. I keep thinking it's not as good as his absolute best works, and it's not, but I've still managed to read it several times, and there's lots that's good about it. So why isn't it as quite as good as some of the books that came a few years before?There are lots of things that Francis fans will recognize and enjoy. There's lots about flying, and lots about meteorology, and a super-exciting action sequence in which the main characte [...]

    Betsy the Quilter
    Usual stylish, fast moving Dick Frances mysteryThis time, Dick Francis's hero is a meteorologist caught up in situations beyond his control. Francis is a master of the Everyman hero and this is no exception. Not one of his very best, but good enough indeed.

    Phillip Noble
    It is unimaginable to me that a writer can pen this many books and come up with fresh and intriguing plots that are seemingly never-ending. This is another fantastic Dick Francis work, and I'll keep reading them until I'm finished with the last one.

    What is there to say about Dick Francis? As I think about all of his books (yes, this review covers all of his books, and yes I've read them all) I think about a moral ethical hero, steeped in intelligence and goodness embroiled in evil machinations within British horse racing society - either directly or indirectly. The heroes aren't always horse jockies, they can be film producers, or involve heroes engaged in peripheral professions that somehow always touch the horse racing world.But more tha [...]

    After my November shoulder surgery, I re-read about 20 Dick Francis mystery novels. This was maybe my least favorite, but still made for a pleasant diversion during recovery. Some of the Francis novels I like much better and they are all good vacation (or recovery) reading, in my opinion. Francis is a former champion steeplechase jockey, turned sports columnist, turned mystery writer. Every book a bestseller, Francis uses the racing world as a context for his inductive heroes (mild-mannered, non [...]

    It’s been a while since I read a book by Francis. This was not your typical Dick Francis book. Perry Stuart is a TV weather man. His passion for the weather takes him into the middle of hurricane Orin. Literally. It also throws him into the middle of a secretive plot within a group of traitors. This book peaked my interest and the pace moved along nicely. However, I felt a little bit disconnected from it. It was choppy in parts. The usual race horse theme did make an appearance but it seemed t [...]

    This was a good story, but I would have enjoyed it much much more had at least one character been more likeable. I just could not get involved in the people even though the situations were frequently compelling. When I relate to the characters I engage emotionally in the story. That was missing here.

    This has been one of my least favorite books from Dick Francis. I'm not big into horse racing, but I have come to enjoy this part of his books. However, this book had very little racing, and the mystery aspect of it seemed a bit disjointed and was often confusing.

    R J Mirabal
    Has elements of international intrigue along with the usual Francis elements of horse racing. Not a nail biter, but a good read. It was interesting to see how the main character would deduce what was really going on as the story progressed. I learned a lot about hurricanes by reading this book!

    Fat Al
    One of Francis' weakest novels since slayride. If you've got a friend wanting to try Dick Francis books, don't recommend this one. Weak writing, weak plot, and characters you couldn't care less about. One for the completists only, I'm afraid.

    Spring Read finally posting all my read books.

    Another fast moving Dick Frances novel, this time *not* about the race-course. If you like learning about hurricanes, flight, weather, and physics, this is the book for you. Suspenseful, it will keep you guessing until the end (and I guessed wrong! won't be the first time). Meteorologist Perry Stuart gets the chance of a lifetime when offered a seat on the plane his friend Kris is piloting -- through the eye of a hurricane in the Caribbean islands. Sent on a mysterious errand that Kris decides t [...]

    Robert Scott
    +++Another winner from the pen of Dick Francis. A lot of the villainy occurs on and around racetracks and several of the characters are directly involved, either owning or training horses. However the two foremost figures are in fact meteorologists for the BBC. Being offered a special airplane to fly into the eye of a hurricane they cannot pass it up even though it comes with strings. They are lucky to survive and more than once. Perry Stuart is the reluctant hero, Kris Ironside is his weather c [...]

    Debra Daniels-zeller
    The title and author of this book caught my eye. I've always liked Dick Francis's mysteries that involve the race track but this story was different. The beginning lured me in with a devastating hurricane approaching and their small plane goes down in Florida, but the middle of the book felt a bit muddled, with weapons grade uranium, tuburcular dissease, I had trouble following the thread at times with this one and I didn't care at all about the mild-mannered progagonist or the villains. This on [...]

    Trish Tomes
    A modern twist: accidentally encountering a ring of go-betweens of bomb-making materials. Two BBC weathermen with a desire to fly through the eye of a hurricane (this just after Harvey wreaked havoc on the Texas gulf two months ago). Only one of the weathermen has a Ph.D in physics and recognized the papers for what they were. And what did this have to do with horse-racing? A perfect place to meet was amid a crowd at the races.

    Who in their right mind deliberately flies into the eye of a hurricane?. Obviously, the main character wants to.but finds more confusing danger in the schemes and manipulation of those on the ground.

    Dick Francis has plenty better in his collection. I do like the switch of pace with this one only remotely bringing in the race track circuit, but the character I enjoyed the most only had a bit part in this story. The main collection of characters were mostly unredeemable and uninteresting.

    Mushrooms, hurricanes, poisoned horses and strange attempts to uncover a mysterious business. A random assortment of loosely tied together narrativesat just didn’t work. My first Dick Francis, and likely my last.

    Weird Book.Well written as ever by Dick Francis, full of intrigue and adventure, and worth reading just for the fun of it.But nothing really made any sense.

    Could not put it down.

    Didn't care for the style of writing or the plot.

    Mavis Hewitt
    For those that don't want to read Dick Francis, because they revolve around horses, this one doesn't, horses come in, but only slightly. Its starts with hurricane chasing and goes from there. Read it in a day, so obviously I wanted to know what happened, maybe the detail of the plot was weak, but the action was continuous.

    The plot may be a little far-fetched, but this book had even more hair-raising thrills than the usual Francis offering. Recommended.

    Hannah Polley
    This book just wasn't for me. A TV weather presenter decides to go on a trip in a small aircraft to the eye of a hurricane and accidentally gets pulled into an illegal nuclear weapons ingredients ring. It didn't seem realistic and at some points I struggled to understand the plot and the background of each character but I think this was me losing interest rather than the book being difficult to understand. The subplot of horse racing seemed pointless but my partner tells me he thinks the author [...]

    Jon Cotton
    I couldn't put the book down. This is my third and favorite Dick Francis book. Contrary to some of these low-star reviews, I thought the characters were great. Certainly they are sufficiently developed, carry out important roles and I happened to like all of them. The one character I cared the least for actually drops off to become a bit player. The story is engaging from the start and only gets better.The plot turns and deepens without grabbing onto crime drama clichés or positioning any chara [...]

    An Odd1
    "Second Wind" by Dick Francis is the other side of the dead eye at the center of a hurricane, and seems too influenced by aging author's meteorologist-physicist son Felix. Narrator Perry Stuart drowns in the prologue, visualizing his only relative wheelchair-bound gran only relative's heebie-jeebies, after flying into storm. The poetry is boringly bad. I know I've read this once, so skipped ahead. Complicated plot not a reader sortable mystery, but cleverly clear threads. Fellow celebrity manic- [...]

    More beach reading.The hero this time is a meteorologist, so there is plenty of info on tropical depressions and barometer readings. The hurricane sequence is well done, but there were too many "players" in the multiple bad guys to really create that palpable sense of menace that Francis' best mysteries create.Really, I do think this one suffered a bit from an overambitious scope. It didn't work all that well as a minor transformation into espionage novel. At least the love interest in this one [...]

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