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  • Title: Shadow's Son
  • Author: Jon Sprunk
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  • Page: 481
  • Format: Kindle Edition

  • Shadow's Son Best Download || [Jon Sprunk] - Shadow's Son, Shadow s Son In the holy city of Othir treachery and corruption lurk at the end of every street just the place for a freelance assassin with no loyalties and few scruples Caim makes his living on the edge of a b
    Jon Sprunk
    Fantasy author living in central Pennsylvania I love to travel especially places with old ruins , watch football American NFL, not that soccer stuff , drink rum and coke, preferred , and enjoy life.


    I admit, I have a penchant for assassins Am I the only one Looking at the amount of fantasy and science fiction novels revolving around assassins, I m gonna take a stab in the dark and say, nope.In the holy city of Othir, treachery and corruption lurk at the end of every street, just the place for a freelance assassin with no loyalties and few scruples Caim makes his living on the edge of a blade, but when a routine job goes south, he is thrust into the middle of an insidious plot Pitted against [...]

    I wanted to like this book Really, I did I read it for a fantasy book of the month group, and Jon Sprunk seems like a nice guy, and I ve got nothing against fantasy assassin lit, but Shadow s Son is just badly written Really badly written Bad.I m not going to post any big spoilers here without spoiler tags, so don t be nervous But, in order to demonstrate the pervasive badness of this book, I will be posting some short quotes and such Don t worry, I won t ruin any important surprises.Now, you as [...]

    Originally reviewed at Bookwraiths.After reading and enjoying the first two novels of Jon Sprunk s Book of the Black Earth, I discovered that he had already completed a previous series the Shadow Saga trilogy Naturally, I had to give this assassin tale a try.What I found in Shadow s Son was a well written tale, which masterfully interweaves intrigue, action, magic, and interesting characters as it propels itself forward through a fully realized sword and sorcery world at a breakneck pace.The tal [...]

    Such good fun I really enjoyed this fantasy adventure It s not the best thing I ve ever read but it was fantastic for what it was It had a nice dark streak that I always appreciate in fantasy and although there were some fairly bleak images and ideas it came across as a fairly hopeful book in the end The obvious plot points weren t all taken It wasn t exactly what you expected at every turn, but wasn t exactly the opposite either Both can get predictable and boring which this wasn t I ll pick up [...]

    Marcus Gipps
    Oh bugger, I ve just lost the review I d almost finished writing of this book thanks to bad mouse control and unnecessary panic Ho hum.Anyway, yes, another Gollancz debut Once I had realised that my holiday was going to be fairly genre heavy, I decided on an SF Fantasy pattern I also fancied a light heavy pattern I generally like my books to involve some thought on the part of the reader, but on the other hand, what is a holiday for if not to read something a bit trashy than usual while sitting [...]

    Shadow s Son reminds me of Night Angel.Caim is an assassin, taking lives for coin in the city of Othir But when he is recruited on short notice to take over a job left by a rival assassin, he shows up to find that he has been set up and it will take all his power and skill to discover who is behind it all.I was honestly surprised in reading this that it was listed as a Young Adult novel It does have some darker themes, including rape and murder, but is a fast paced fantasy novel that is great fo [...]

    SHADOW S SON by new author Jon Sprunk is written in a fast paced, take no prisoners style that, at least to me, evokes a feeling that reminds me of the popular video game, Assassin s Creed Not a bad thing Like the game, SHADOW S SON is a thrill ride from page one and doesn t let up.The tale centers around Caim, an angst ridden, dual knife wielding contract killer, and Josephine, a pampered nobleman s daughter who shows fire and mettle than expected There s also Kit, a third protagonist of sorts [...]

    A really good book, fast paced, full of intrigue and action, no long descriptions or brooding Caim and Kit were likable from the very beginning Josey behaved like a spoiled brat at first but she matured quickly and she turned out to be a strong willed, courageous woman I m curious about Caim s powers and I would love to read about his quest to the North.

    Nicoleta (The Cover Hoarder)
    DNF 37 %You d think that adult fantasy writers would actually give thought to their strories and actually manage to write something the least bit interesting It turns out the idea of assassins is far too awesomesauce to be reworked into something interesting beyond itself May contain spoilers Read at your own risk What I mean by this is the fact that the author, Jon Sprunk may have been infatuated with the idea of assassins and shadow magic and whatnot, but didn t seem to hold the writing tale [...]

    Looking for a quick and exciting read a while back I cast my eyes over my ever growing list of books I should read some time better known as my to read shelf and settled on Jon Sprunk s Shadow s Son Given my penchant for character based fantasy I thought it might be a good fit As it turns out I was right and Shadow s Sonmakes for an energetic albeit somewhat dark read Caim is a haunted young man both literally and figuratively He is plagued by the memory of his famiy s death while being constant [...]

    staffersmusings 2I shouldn t like this book as much as I do I should be writing about how many fantasy cliches it has and how unimaginative the narrative is, but I m not Instead I m going to write a review about how damn fun Jon Sprunk s Shadow s Son was to read.Caim is a knife for hire and he s got the reputation as one of the best Orphaned at a young age his only companion is a woman named Kit Unfortunately, he s the only one who can see her As an assassin, there s few who can match his skill [...]

    7 10 A really fast and entertaining debut.I didn t care much for the opening chapters The story is rather standard an assassin with a mysterious past, some fishy political maneuvers, a perky damzel, a generic city with dark alleyways on one side and sumptuous mansions on the other The prose is functional, but not the kind that wins Pullitzer prizes.Regarding the cover I think the cowled figure with weapon in hand has been overused in the past 5 years or so, and I wish publishers would come with [...]

    Ranting Dragon
    rantingdragon shadows This is Jon Sprunk s debut novel, and it s a dark read This book may look small, but once you begin, it is apparent that this is an intelligent read I should note right away that if you aren t a blood splatter and guts type of person, you might want either to brace yourself or skip it Sprunk truly does give a blow by blow, or should I say a blade by blade, account There are a few twists in this story I wasn t expecting, but I got caught up in this assassin s tale.Vibrant Ac [...]

    Scott Marlowe
    RatingReview This review originally appeared on Out of this World Reviews Shadow s Son by Jon Sprunk is both the author s debut novel and the beginning of a new trilogy about the principal character, Caim, an assassin with a noble heart The character is unique in a couple of ways he has a ghostly familiar in the form of Kit who only he can see and he possesses a mysterious power that manifests itself in the form of shadows.Told in the vein of Paul S Kemp s Erevis Cale or R.A Salvatore s Drizzt D [...]

    Lyle Appleyard
    I received a copy of this book as part of the Firstreads Giveaway.I have always enjoyed fantasy novels This novel is than just a fantasy novel It is also a political thriller There was no quest There was double dealings, killings and a hidden conspiracy This brought the fantasy novel to different level There were the shadow creatures and Kit that still made it a fantasy movel.Caim was a greeat anti hero He was a hired killer that cared about no human He trusted no human His only friend wat Kit, [...]

    Excellent debut from Jon Sprunk grabs you from the first page and never lets go till the end the subject is very conventional,kind of like the Brent Weeks trilogy but without the panache of that, but the writing is excellent, among the most energetic in fantasy from what I read so far and that elevates an otherwise very good but generic assassin fantasy one level An A for the style and the series became another get read asap the next installment

    You could make an argument for establishing a new sub genre called something like assassin fantasy, given the amount of novels currently on the shelves with heroes in that grim and surprisingly popular profession So when the cover of Shadow s Son, Jon Sprunk s debut novel, shows a man wearing a hood and flashing a set of matching knives, it s not hard to predict the main character s occupation before even opening the book.And yes, right in the opening scene, the novel s protagonist Caim is indee [...]

    I honestly didn t think this sort of fantasy got published any the pedestrian, cliche loaded, mediocre tolkien mythology aspirant sort At least the plot moves fast, though I suspect it has to or otherwise you d be able to see daylight through the holes that turn into lace Characters made of thin cardboard in utterly familiar shapes, a brutal dichotomy of good and evil, and a setting that s both generic and wildly anachronistic in its influences Sort of like in was written from an unholy melange [...]

    ut lag csillagozom, a k vetkez k tet f ny bensszaolvasva a posztom, amikor olvastam, el gg bej tt, viszont az ta eltelt k t v, s nemcsak megkopott a k nyv, de tot l elfelejtettem szinte mindent, ami itt t rt nt egyed l Kit s Caim maradt meg, mindenki m sra csak r csod lkoztammenyfedel 2012 0

    I always like assassin books and this one hits the mark A good blend of magic, mystery and killing I was intrigued by the magic and I hope there is to it in the sequel My only gripe is that I wish it was a bit longer and I would have like to the backstory and history of the world A solid piece I will be reading the sequel.

    This actually got 4.5 5 Quills on my site Hope you check out the full review below This is a great start to a trilogy that is full of great characters and espionage This is definitely one to check out Don t miss it.Review of Shadow s Son by Jon Sprunk

    You can just about taste the atmospheric Assassin s Creed trailer in this bookASH, STABGRACEFUL DIVE OFF A ROOFLOST AMID THE CROWDThat s Caim for you Assassin by trade, loner by choice, haunted by the memories of his murdered father and the quite lively and talkative ghost named Kit whom only he can see Caim goes around murdering folks for money right up until he gets a shady job that sets him up.Betrayal, mystery, shadow magic, action It was all very assassin adventure storyright up until page [...]

    Lady K
    antredeslivres.hautetfort L histoire est tr s int ressante Je n irai pas jusqu dire qu elle est innovante, mais j ai pass un tr s bon moment de lecture M me si j ai trouv qu au d but il y avait trop de politique, de personnages pr sents sans aucune pr sentation avant et pas assez d explications C est assez handicapant quand il est question de g ographie, sans carte et sans explication Il est difficile de visualiser ce nouveau monde La fin du tome ravira tous ceux qui n aiment pas les fins frustr [...]

    Story 3 51 Being Vague, rambling plot with no little believable storyline5 Ripping yarn, clever, thought provokingAnother Assassin story in the same vane is Brett Weeks The basis of the story is your typical assassin has tasks, starts to question choices in life, meets a pretty girl, helps overthrow corrupt government and changes life You have probably read this story many times before There is rally nothing new here, it was just ok The magic aspect is not explained at all, it is just there with [...]

    Kelly Martin
    I bumped into Jon Sprunk at Pittsburgh Comicon in April 2011 and after talking about some of the similar themes in our works we both have written fantasy stories about shadow assassins we ended up exchanging copies of our respective books with each other.First off let me start by saying I found Shadow s Son a worthy entry into the currently popular Shadow Assassin genre populated by myself and several other authors such as Brent Weeks I m also comforted that in each case I haven t seen a lot of [...]

    Shadow s Son is attention grabbing, fast paced, and an overall stand out fantasy novel.From the moment I picked up the book it was virtually impossible to put down The writing and set up of the novel chapters really played major factors in keeping this a fast paced novel.The novel is set up at just about 300 pages and it s a perfect novel to keep any readers attention Jon Sprunk knows just how to describe a scene, character interaction, or important plot element without dragging it out There is [...]

    Guy Haley
    Hyper assassin discovers magical lineage.Much tub thumping was displayed by Gollancz on the back of my review copy of Sprunk s first book Are we not those who delivered unto you Abercrombie Behold Sprunk We paraphrase Fair play, Gollancz debut folks, but Sprunk suffers by comparison he lacks Abercrombie s easy swagger.There are similarities revenge, conspiracy and a post Roman Empire ish fantasy world, otherwise Sprunk s walking out the old But I didn t realise I was the scion of great and magic [...]

    Bryan Schmidt
    An excellent debut Sprunk does so many things right, from using sophisticated vocabulary just enough to add flavor but still be discerned in context and never too much to distract from the narrative His sword fighting scenes are top notch, as if he himself were an experienced fencer he says he s not His protagonist is an anti hero, a noble born orphan assassin, but unlike so many, Sprunk counters him perfectly with a truly heroic companion in Josephine, a woman whose nobility and honor and purit [...]

    THE GOOD Fast paced fantasy with plenty of exciting action The magic used in the book is fairly cool, and reminiscent of Nightcrawler from the Marvel comics, as well as Shadowalkers from DD Forgotten Realms Kit, a familiar like ghost who accompanies the protagonist Caim is a really cool character Her role as an unseen character reminds me of Uncle Virgil from the Dragon and Thief series THE BAD The characters personalities are pretty straight forward, and as cliche as the plot Assassins are also [...]

    Jared Millet
    It seems like I ve been reading a lot of sword n sorcery lately, but nothing modern that was such a rousing, uncomplicated, straight up adventure as Shadow s Son It even opens up with what I d characterize as a James Bond pre credit sequence, for Pete s sake.This is a book that gets straight to the point and sticks with it all the way through Caim is an assassin haunted by 1 the murder of his father and 2 an invisible waif who only he can see He also has mysterious shadow based powers that he ca [...]

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