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  • Title: Unmentionables
  • Author: DavidGreene
  • ISBN: 9781452353814
  • Page: 313
  • Format: ebook

  • Field hand Jimmy meets Cato, a house servant from a nearby plantation Jimmy, who despises whites, mistakes Cato for a white man But soon he learns that Cato is only half white Cato is the illegitimate son of plantation owner Augustus Askew With time, Jimmy s fascination with Cato grows into romantic love.Unmentionables is also the story of Dorothy Holland, whose parentField hand Jimmy meets Cato, a house servant from a nearby plantation Jimmy, who despises whites, mistakes Cato for a white man But soon he learns that Cato is only half white Cato is the illegitimate son of plantation owner Augustus Askew With time, Jimmy s fascination with Cato grows into romantic love.Unmentionables is also the story of Dorothy Holland, whose parents own Jimmy Dorothy does not want any man to control her life When she falls in love with Cato s half brother, William Askew, she must persuade him to agree to her terms, and to betray his role as a Confederate army officer.On June 25th, 2011, Unmentionables was awarded the bronze medal for Gay and Lesbian fiction at the Book of the Year awards at the American Library Association conference in New Orleans.This is Book one in the two book series Think Gone with the Wind meets Brokeback Mountain, one of the best novels of the year for any grown up Kindle Nation Daily Surpasses the majority of Civil War novels by bringing together two enthralling love stories Superb historical fiction with a contemporary angle an enlightening look at the hidden elements of our past ForeWord Clarion Review
    Author of Unmentionables Book Series, Detonate, and The Winkler Case and photographer of Shameless Spouse of painter James Stephens.


    "Unmentionables" is simply the best new novel I have read in at least a decade. It should be read by all who may be interested in how gay people survive in a deeply conservative America. It is an intimate narrative of individuals, couples and families before and during the American Civil War, mixing gay and straight love stories with the grand historical sweep of those times. Wonderful characters emerge, such as Cato, the half-black, delicately handsome young son of a severe plantation owner who [...]

    I barely managed to get a few pages into this book before I set it aside. It felt like the author was trying to hard to make both his love stories fit into one book when he should have just been focusing on one. Not only that but I felt the plot was a bit too thin to be believable. I also felt like the male/male romance could have been replaced with a male/female romance without any plot changes because I never got to know the characters well enough to care about their HEA. Overall though what c [...]

    Bambi Unbridled
    This was a nice leisurely historical fiction. It was not something that I would normally pick up given the description was "gone with the wind meets brokeback mountain." However, I was glad I didn't judge a book by its cover. The story did not solely focus on the two male slaves who were in love, but it was very descriptive and followed all the characters. I could see it turn into a made-for-tv movie. I would have liked to see more about the love story between the male and female lead who were i [...]

    I have shelves and shelves of historical novels. My favorite genre. I especially have focused on the history of America. The American revolution and the Civil War two of my favorites eras. I have discovered other books allusions to character same gender attractions. Most however are rather vague and approach the topic as a side note with very little character development or attention to the struggles of those who find themselves members of this group of mankind. It was especially pleasing to rea [...]

    Christopher Moss
    UNMENTIONABLES is an epic story of two pairs of lovers in the Civil War south. One couple is straight, white, and wealthy. The other couple is gay, black, and enslaved.Their fates are intertwined in ways that none of them could have imagined.Jimmy, a field hand, meets Cato, a house servant from a nearby plantation. At first, Jimmy, who despises whites, mistakes Cato for a white man but soon discovers that Cato is both a slave and the illegitimate son of the plantation owner Augustus Askew. As th [...]

    James Viloria
    Unmentionables by David Greene is set in the American Civil War south and recounts the intertwining stories of two couples, Jimmy and Cato, who are gay, black, and enslaved, and Dorothy and William, who are straight, white, and wealthy. If this time period and subject matter seem a tad too distant to relate to your present 21st century lives, fret not. History in this work is used masterfully to transform the specific into the universal. Unmentionables is about love - romantic and otherwise.Take [...]

    Christopher Moss
    REVIEW by Christopher Hawthorne MossAn astonishing look at an unusual family in the Civil War period. The Hollands and the Askews, white planters and their slaves, watch as the turmoil preceding the war turns their lives upside down. Dorothy, the daughter of one family, is fiercely independent, while Cato, who is both the slave and son of the wealthier planter, lives in between the two worlds. William, his half brother, and Dorothy have a rocky engagement beset with the bride’s anti-war, anti- [...]

    Set primarily in Madison County in the early 1860s just before and into the Civil War the story centres around two plantation owners and their slaves. Seeking a liberation way ahead of her time Dorothy is the outspoken, independent daughter of the Hollands, a moderate slave owning family. Augustus Askew is a more brutal slave owner with two sons, William and William's half bother Cato, the result of Augustus' dalliance with one of his slaves. Another significant figure is Erastus Hicks, a travel [...]

    / gave "Unmentionables" to certain individuals on the basis that they read and then critique the book. I am not one of those persons.Set against the backdrop of plantation life and the Civil War, the book is the story of two young black (slave) homosexual lovers and their desire to be together in spite of living on separate plantations. Cato and Jimmy meet at a church service during the which a black slave minister is preaching forgiveness for Augustus Askew for the selling of two children of on [...]

    The premise and everything is what drew me to enter my name to win this book. Homosexuality in the 1800s or anything in the 1800s is rife with drama and intensity and I was eager to see how this played out. Unfortunately there were a lot of issues I had with this book and was unable to finish getting a little less than 50% way through. It took me a while to even revisit this and I ended up skipping ahead to find out what happens to characters.I really admire the authors want of tackling a subjec [...]

    Laura Cushing
    I enjoyed this book on many levels. First, it was nice to find a book with romance involved that didn't make it the entire focus of the book. The characters involved in love affairs have depth and development outside their entanglements. There is a solid plot that keeps the reader interested throughout. I like the diversity of the characters too - there are heterosexual, homosexual, and asexual characters. There are complex race relations- some characters are slaves, one is half-white, in the sl [...]

    Ariel Uppstrom
    This book was very interesting. It followed the stories of two plantations and the interactions between them. Two love stories are told with the backdrop of the Civil War. One is of an independent minded young woman and a somewhat timid man. The other is of two gay slaves whose friendship blossoms into a romance. As the individuals seek to find a place where they can each be accepted and live freely, the Civil War and all its social influence plays into their lives.The majority of the book was v [...]

    Dayna Ingram
    This is an ambitious novel that unfortunately did not succeed in all areas, but what a valiant effort. I chose to read this because I don't normally read historical fiction/period pieces and with the queer twist (a gay male couple are main characters) it sounded like something I'd never read before. I enjoyed reading about the relationships of the characters and following them through sort of their coming-of-age, but I would have liked the camera to pull back a little more, so to speak. The stor [...]

    It was OK. It focused on two families pre-civil war plantations in the south. Characters were well introduced and followed through. For me sexual details were too heavily focused in relation to the story line although some might like this in a story makeup. Realizing that one is homosexually inclined and trying to follow through with the lifestyle is one of the issues. And in that period. Also a heroine who very much disagreed with slavery, women's rights and position in society, and could be qu [...]

    Unmentionables brings in a diversity of romances during the outbreak of the civil war. We have the son and daughter of well off plantation owners, and two male slaves that fall for each other. The book starts off very vivid, and I enjoyed getting to know the characters. By the end I became less enthused about the book, but I decided to remain faithful to the 4 stars I decided it deserved in the first half of the book (I'd say 3.5 now). For anyone looking for a twist on a historical romance, this [...]

    Caddy Rowland
    I really wanted to like this book and I feel bad that I am giving it 2 stars because the author writes beautifully, almost poetic.That said, the character development was really lacking for me. The story begs for huge emotion and dramad it never really delivered for me. I wanted to see some real emotion and it was never delivered. Because of that I couldn't care one way or anther about any of the characters.So, I am giving it a 2. That means it was okay here on . If I were rating it on it would [...]

    Not to impressed so far. Hope it gets better. The 'faux Scarlett' is making me gag so farAfter finishing this book I wonder why I bothered to finish. The writing was not that great and the story itself was not that great. I was expecting more of a civil war story with interesting/different than the standard characters. Apparently in this story the civil was was more of an inconvenience than anything else

    It was an interesting read. It was historically accurate for the most part, but some aspects of it were far-fetched. Although it is listed as two pairs of romantic loves (one white and one black, it concentrates on the black pair (who are also gay). Not sure what I really think about the book on a whole. It was too sketchy to be a good historical fiction novel so I would place it more in the romance genre.

    Excellent book thought provokingI enjoyed this book. There are at least eight main characters! Each faced monumental life altering decisions due to the quite ordinary circumstances and the resulting consequences, requiring even more. There were some suspenseful moments throughout, but an almost too good to be true ending that was satisfyingly happy even though unrealistic. I will definitely be reading more by this talented author.

    Well, I'm really struggling to exactly say what I thought about this book. I believe this is the first time this Grandma has read a book so descriptive of sex/love between two men. I thought the book was very well written, was a very absorbing story. The characters were believable, and true to the time the story takes place. It was different from what I usually read, but I'm glad I read this book.

    I couldn't get into this book, no matter how hard I tried. David Greene is a fantastic writer, but the jumping around from scene to scene (including entire chapters from the dog's perspective) couldn't hold my interest. I think had the book been shortened 100 pages it could be a stellar novel of life in the conservative south during a crucial part of history.

    Laura Sloan
    I really enjoyed this book. It took a while to get into the rhythm of the writing style, but once I got going it was hard to put down. I liked that there was a lot of dialog. Some people may be offended by the same sex relationship, but I thought it was a nice part of the overall story. Even after finishing the book I caught myself wondering what happened next!

    Despite the lofty theme that love makes humanity possible even in the most dehumanizing of situations, this historical novel set during the Civil War Era, teeters on the edge of the optimistic side of believability, but occasionally leaves the bounds of reality. Straight southern gentry in love, homosexual black slaves in love, a much too easy escape to the North, etc, etc.

    Shiloh Saddler
    Based on the blurb and previous reviews I expected this novel to have two well developed romances, one between the straight white couple, and one between the gay black couple. Neither felt developed to me. There was a lot of useless information in the middle. This book could seriously be cut in half and it would be a stronger tighter read without losing much of the story.

    I won this book on and really enjoyed it.The book is about two couples that could not be any more different.One is white, straight and rich. The other couple is black, gay and enslaved.It makes a very interesting read.

    Wendy Marie
    Worth the read!

    Sharon Tillotson
    I was recently introduced to this book. It sounds intriguing enough that I have put it near the top of my TBR pile.

    Aileen Reusche'
    It was an interesting book. some scenes def unexpected and added to the book. I love books from the Southern- plantation style with slavery historical background.

    Julie Palmason
    I wish there were a sequel, I will miss the characters, they were so complex and colorful!

    Just didn't get this one. Perhaps it was the style of the writing. Did not like it.

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