✓ Just Look at Me Now ß Nell Dixon

  • Title: Just Look at Me Now
  • Author: Nell Dixon
  • ISBN: 9780755354375
  • Page: 191
  • Format: Paperback

  • ✓ Just Look at Me Now ß Nell Dixon - Just Look at Me Now, Just Look at Me Now Tia s top beauty tip apply heavy makeup carefully to prevent any cracks from showingLife is fabulous for Tia Carpenter She has it all money looks a great job as the beauty expert at stylish Platinu
    Nell Dixon
    Award winning author writing contemporary womens fiction for Little Black Dress, Myrmidon Press, Samhain publishing, Astraea press, E Scape Press and Freya s Bower


    Kathy Dolan
    A pleasant, light and absorbing read that was perfect for an early train journey I had this week Not as good for me as Animal Instincts story not quite pulled off, Tia s lack of belief in herself doesn t allow for much suspense for the reader, who can see perfectly well all along that the hero likes her, and she can get a bit annoying.

    Fion Sim
    This book was great It s a sin to miss such a great story Just Look At Me Now.I rated it 5 of 5 stars.

    Life is fabulous for Tia Carpenter She has it all, money, looks, a great job as the beauty expert at stylish Platinum magazine and, at last, the attention of her unrequited high school love, Josh Banks But Tia has a secret back at school she was Barbara Baker, overweight, crooked teeth, frizzy hair and no fashion sense Cosmetic dentistry, losing seven stones in weight and a complete makeover later, Tia has successfully erased her past life as Big Barb, tub of lard, until the day Juliet Gold, the [...]

    This book was great Tia Carpenter wasn t always a glamorous, attractive, slim brunette She used to be a fat outcast known as Barbara She was the favorite target for Juliet Gold, the school s it girl, who has just reappeared as her boss at work Also re entering the scene is Juliet s ex boyfriend and Tia s high school crush Josh Banks Neither has a clue they once knew Tia as Barbara, which is how the highly private Tia would like to keep it But when Juliet comes after Tia for capturing Josh s atte [...]

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    Sarah Edynaa
    Okay so I can t finish this book for some reasons.I dont know whether it is just me annoyed with the slow and clich storyline or I m just being impatient which I rarely did when it comes up to books but if you ask me, I really can t continue this book.I was already halfway to finish this book but then I came to this part in the book where I can just figure out the rest of the storyline and to really make it off, I REALLY REALLY CANT FINISH THIS BOOK AND I CANT STAND THE AWFUL SLOWNESS OF THE STO [...]

    Louise Lam cheung
    Sweet and romantic ending

    ahhh I hope this novel can be put into the big screen Like the story very much even though I barely cant understand some of the english haha Fab Bravo Dixon.

    • ✓ Just Look at Me Now ß Nell Dixon
      191 Nell Dixon
    Just Look at Me Now