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  • Title: The Hating Book
  • Author: Charlotte Zolotow Ben Shecter
  • ISBN: 9780064431972
  • Page: 168
  • Format: Paperback

  • I hate hate hated my friend When I moved over in the school bus, she sat somewhere else When her point broke in arithmetic and I passed her my pencil,she took Peter s instead Ask her, my mother said Ask your friend why.
    Charlotte Zolotow Ben Shecter
    Charlotte Zolotow born Charlotte Gertrude Shapiro was an American author, poet, editor, and publisher of many books for children.She was published by than 20 different houses many of which she has outlasted She was an editor, and later publisher, at Harper Row, which was called Harper Brothers when she began to work there and is now known as HarperCollins.Among the many writers she edited are Paul Fleischman, Paul Zindel, Mary Rogers, Robert Lipsyte, and Francesca Lia Block.She was the mother of the writer Crescent Dragonwagon and poker tournament champion Stephen Zolotow She was formerly married to the late Maurice Zolotow She lived in Hastings on Hudson, New York.


    Themes: Hate/Feelings/Friends/Miscommunication/CommunicationThis is too long for storytime."I hate hate hated my friend. When I moved over in the school bus, she sat somewhere else. When her point broke in arithmetic and I passed her my pencil, she took Peter's instead. "Ask her," my mother said. "Ask your friend why." But what if her friend answers that she's ugly and dumb and was never much fun to play with anyway? Still-until the little girl talks to her friend, things will never be right aga [...]

    This is a good book for addressing the emotion of hating a friend and being mad at them. It's a nice story.

    Grade/interest level: Primary (K-2)Reading level: Fountas-Pinnell H/Lexile 520LGenre: Realistic Fiction/PictureMain Characters: The little girl and her friendSetting: Various (School, outside)POV: First personSummary:This is a short story about a little girl who says she hates her friend because she thinks her friend hates her. She doesn’t understand why she won’t sit next to her on the school bus or use the pencils that she offers to share with her. But no matter what she does, she refuses [...]

    Ricardo Contreras
    The Hating Book is a book about two girls who are not on speaking terms. The main character is a girl and her friend who will not talk to her. The girl questions whether its that shes ugly, but she'd rather die before asking her Why? eventually after being convinced by her mother she asked her friend why shes been so rotten, only to find out a rumor that was mistranslated is what made her mad. Both girls Put their differences aside and become friends again.Overall, it was a good book. I do belie [...]

    Natalie Quinn
    Simple story, but gets the message across. And coming from somebody who was sent out of class almost everyday with her friends for fighting, I believe this book would have been beneficial for us to read! Kids fight, even with their friends, but if they learn to talk it out and try to understand the other side, they learn a valuable lesson. Think this would be a great little story to have in grades 3 and up, even though it is really easy to read and was probably meant for younger students. Howeve [...]

    The Hating Book by Charlotte Zolotow is in the genre of realistic fiction and recommended for kids aged 4-8 years old. This book is a typical story about a how conflict arises between two little girls in elementary school. One girl thinks her friend won't talk to her because of her looks, she thinks the girl despises her. The mom wants her to just ask why she won't talk to her, but that is a terrifying thing to do. The two girls work out their differences and are close again. What I liked about [...]

    Gustavo Garcia II
    This book would be a great book for all children to read at so point in their early education. All children experience a situation where they greatly dislike or even hate someone. Most often however, there is no logical reason why some children hate each other. They just do for reasons that make sense only to them. This book does a good job of exposing that problem, can give children an opportunity to think about why they might "hate" someone else and may encourage students to break those feelin [...]

    Kathryn Eder
    This is a very cute little book about being friends and how it can be a struggle to keep that friendship. One little girl thought that her friend called her a freak because someone told her that was what she heard from someone else. Through out the book the other little girl said she hated her friend but didn't bother to ask her why. Great book for children to read to get them to understand that sometimes friends get mad at each other.

    Tasasha Battle
    Two girls are best friends but lately they are not talking to each other. They both thought that each other said something mean to them. There is no communication until one girl finally confronts her best friend to find that it was just a miscommunication. This book can be used to show students how repetition can create a pattern in their writings to help prove a point.

    I'd seen this book around, but hadn't yet picked it up. It was read at preschooler story time, and the librarian changed the name to the "mad" or "angry" book. I liked the story. It was about two friends in a fight, and we eventually learn all their mean behavior was over a misunderstanding. Great modeling for how to deal with fights with friends.

    A wonderful book from 1969 about friendship that I will be reading to my students. This is the kind of book that is the perfect self help book WITHOUT being an actual nf self help book. I so prefer reading this.

    Amy Adams
    I picked this book up because of its title. I love the story. It's short but packed with an important lesson. I also love that the whole thing is all because of a misunderstanding! It's a great way to teach kids that they need to think about situations from more than one point of view.

    Brianna Preston
    Charlotte Zolotow reminds us in this little book that no friendship is free from misunderstanding and irritation. Little people as well as big people need to know that sometimes we just need to ask "Why?"

    " . . . master of the genre" of bibliotherapy for kids, according to Leonard S. Marcus in the 7/13/14 NYTimes.

    Andrea Wilkinson
    I have the 1969 edition. This is a great book that teaches talking to a friend when there is a problem is 100 times better than assuming you know what they think! Great old book!

    Great little book on the importance of communication when dealing with conflict. Using it for children's time this Sunday.

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