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  • Title: King of Diamonds
  • Author: Cheyenne McCray
  • ISBN: 9781843606802
  • Page: 427
  • Format: ebook

  • Wonderland King of Diamonds By Cheyenne McCray Book 3 in the Wonderland series Professor Annie Travis is an academic force to be reckoned with No one sees the true Annie, the shy, inexperienced southern lady taught to hide her every need and desire No one except the King of Diamonds Karn draws Annie into his magical world, intent on teaching the teacher the true meaniWonderland King of Diamonds By Cheyenne McCray Book 3 in the Wonderland series Professor Annie Travis is an academic force to be reckoned with No one sees the true Annie, the shy, inexperienced southern lady taught to hide her every need and desire No one except the King of Diamonds Karn draws Annie into his magical world, intent on teaching the teacher the true meaning of passion by dominating her and making her his submissive queen But even as he teaches Annie how to free herself, Karn s dark past imprisons his heart and soul, keeping him from giving his love to any woman Will Annie be able to turn the tables on Karn and teach him how to love again
    Cheyenne McCray
    Cheyenne McCray is an award winning, New York Times and USA Today Best Selling author who is a rare native Arizonan but refuses to be put behind glass as an endangered species In her spare time she loves to torture characters whether they re misbehaving or not and kill off deserving individuals She also totally gets off on blowing things up All fictionally, of course She d rather chew glass than write sweet and sugary Give her a hideous demon or particularly nasty villain to slay any day.Cheyenne enjoys creating stories of love, suspense, and redemption in some cases She enjoys building worlds her readers can get lost in Hopefully they ll find their way out, but stranger things have been known to happen.If you would like to find out what odd and unusual things Cheyenne is up to these days, cruise her website any time, take a look at the bizarrely normal yet strange FAQs, and even drop her a line or two You might even learn a few things about that kinky author, Jaymie Holland Just don t tell Cheyenne s mom


    Review I like how these books are all entangled. I think that's great. Plus I really like these books. They show books like these can feature all types of women. Plus, this was just a fun read!

    3.5 starsThe magical land of Tarok is divided into four kingdoms and is ruled by four brothers. In Bound By Desire, we visit the Kingdom of Diamonds to meet the stern yet fair ruler who refuses to give his heart to anyone, even his destined mate. One minute Annie Travis is in her home in San Francisco and the next she is pulled through one of her paintings and into an unusual yet beautiful place. Upon her arrival, she's informed that she will become Karn's mate and queen. At first Annie is outra [...]

    April Symes
    ***A gifted copy was provided by the author for an honest review****This is an updated story by the author from a story she wrote several years ago. This is book three in the series of the Wonderland series & this book is Annie who is a college professor and artist &Karn- the King of King of Diamonds story.Annie has never stopped looking for her twin cousins who have been missing for a long time. They disappeared one after another and the disappearance is strange but no one really took t [...]

    “Bound By Desire” by Jaymie Holland (Cheyenne McCray) is the third in her delightfully erotic ‘Wonderland’ series which gives a spicy twist to the Alice in Wonderland premise. Karn is the ruler of the Kingdom of Diamonds and younger brother to High King of Tarok Jarronn. This powerful tiger shifter has never found a single woman who could satisfy his carnal appetites but resigns himself to accepting the mate whom the cards dictate for him. Annie Travis has never stopped looking for her t [...]

    Future Slayer Girl
    And so we come to the story of the smart, artistic, full figured Annie. This book lost a star because I found myself wanting just a bit more. Although, King Karn was my favorite of all the men in the series (I tend to sway more towards tall, dark, and brooding) I found that it needed just a bit more to fully finish it as a story for me. You have Annie, who out of the four woman from the series she is the most delicate. She is a virgin, she's 30, and she finds she is lonely. That is, till King Ka [...]

    Yes! Book 3- woohoo!! I've been waiting oh so patiently for this one and was so excited that it's finally out! Annie Travis, college professor & artist, is celebrating the anniversary of her cousin's disappearances by painting. When her Aunt Awai shows up to try and cheer her up, Annie comes out of her artistic trance to discover a painting totally out of her comfort zone. It's dark, broody, and altogether magical! When that painting comes to life and Karn, King of Diamonds, claims Annie thr [...]

    Bound by Desire: King of Diamonds was another fantastical trip to the erotic world of Wonderland! Jaymie Holland has re-worked and added over 60 pages to her original book. In book #3 we have Karn & Annie's super-sexy story. Karn is the King of Diamonds in the land of Tarok. He is a shifter and a highly sexual dominant who has ever been satisfied by a single woman. Karn accepts his fate to take Annie as a mate but, he will not open his heart to her. Annie has spent the past 2 years searching [...]

    This is the 3rd book in the Wonderland series. and really my rating here is more of a 3.5 which. In the first two books the leading ladies were twin sisters and in this, the 3rd installment Annie is their cousin. This book might have been a solid 4 to even a 4.5 star rating if I hadn't felt like the leading man was missing fangs. Yes, the third brother is so dark and broody that on any given day he could stand out in sunlight and sparkle. Hey, I get it. As a woman I too have had fantasies about [...]

    rom bestselling author Cheyenne McCray, under the name Jaymie Holland, comes the third novel in a very sexy paranormal series about four powerful shapeshifter brothers who are each destined to find--and claim--their one true mate.Professor Annie Travis is an academic force to be reckoned with. However, no one sees the true Annie, the shy, inexperienced southern lady taught to hide her every need and desire.No one except the King of Diamonds. Karn, a powerful shapeshifter, draws Annie into his ma [...]

    Nancy Hogan
    Loved it. Sweet and fantasy filled. Fairytale-ish erotica!! BDSM theme is just slight and nicely titillating. This was my first full length of this author and I think she has a wonderful imagination. This is also an earlier one of her books, 2003. This book has some very humorous moments. The only downside for me was the female characters body type did not match the authors created numeric size-the proportions were soooo wrong, but I overlooked it as best as I could. She also could have been mor [...]

    These books sometimes they infuriate me but it did make me feel better when I read the warning or whatever at the beginning of the book that this is not a true representation of a BDSM relationship. It tugs at my heartstrings when I read these books because the level of dominance at the beginning is extreme and cold. And I sit there screaming WHAT ABOUT A SAFE WORD!!?? But it all works out in the end and it's still pretty hot ~grins~ ok maybe really hot

    Loved this book! This is Karn and Annie's story. I found it to be more sweet then the first two. Karn is not as demanding in the bedroom as his brothers were. He does ask Annie to submit to him, but it doesn't take up most of the story. This is the story I wanted told. I like Annie, she is sweet and shy, which I think is really a part of most women. You have to read these in order though.

    I have read the original story probably three times. Besides the first chapter it was hard to find some of the additions because the story sounded so natural, as if it should have been written this way from the beginning. I am so happy that Jaymie (Cheyenne McCray) decided to change the first chapter. In the original version it was what bugged me the most. The new into is so much better and lets you enjoy the story from the get go.

    I have mixed feelings about this entire series. One the one hand, the sex is hot and the heroes are strong, manly men. But, on the other hand, most of the heroines are too weak for my taste and the scenarios are a little too forced. I just wish the women had put up more of a fight or at least had a little more dramatic tension.Its a quick read and I'd probably give it 2.5 stars if I could.

    While I enjoyed Karn & Annie's story it wasn't my favorite of the bound series. I thought the first two were better but as we grow closer to the conclusion I find that I'm still reading the series.

    Fantastic read!!This story was more like Beauty and the Beast than Alice in Wonderland, but just as amazing as the other two in the series! I absolutely loved how everything happened. I can't wait for book 4!!

    ♆ BookAddict✒ La Crimson Femme
    Still trying to figure out where the BDSM is in all of this. Kind of kinky story. Yet another woman is lured over. I read the first two so I had to finish the rest of the series to see what happened. That's the only reason why I'm reading all of these.

    Jennifer Zwierz
    Next best in the seriesThird in the series but still a dark brooding story with a happy ending kinda like beauty and the beast but with lots of sex a must read for the fans in the series.

    Again, disappointed that Karn was with other women while choosing his mate. I feel it is cheating on them somehow but other than that it is an enjoyable story in much the same vein as the precious two.

    It is a great book to read

    Jane (PS)
    Good read. Thought it could be further expanded in to a more complete story. But really, this is a read for pure enjoyment - not for analysis!!

    Katie Rasmussen
    Dangerous, exotic and curling-my-toes exciting, would the be right words for this book.

    Entertaining and erotic. My favourite book in this series. Gentle innocent Annie helps Karn acknowledge buried emotions.

    Tercer libro de la serie, Karn es el primero de los hermanos, quien decía que no amaba a su compañera y se lo repetía, una y otra vez, a mi punto de ver, es el peor de los hermanos.

    Crystal ♥ RBtWBC
    Reprint, I read the original King of Diamonds under Cheyenne McCray and loved it!

    I liked this book more than the others!

    A great series! Drips erotica from every page, you can feel the page singe your fingers as you read.

    read this as an ebook when it had been prev published under Cheyenne McCray as her wonderland series. this one was titled King of Diamonds and it was my favorite of the Wonderland books

    Good book

    3.5 to 4 stars

    • [PDF] Download ✓ King of Diamonds | by ↠ Cheyenne McCray
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