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  • Title: The Gropes
  • Author: Tom Sharpe
  • ISBN: 9780091930905
  • Page: 125
  • Format: Paperback

  • [PDF] Download ✓ The Gropes : by Tom Sharpe - The Gropes, The Gropes It is one of the surprising facts about Old England that one can still find families living in the same houses their ancestors built centuries before and on land that has belonged to them since before
    Tom Sharpe
    Tom Sharpe was an English satirical author, born in London and educated at Lancing College and at Pembroke College, Cambridge After National Service with the Royal Marines he moved to South Africa in 1951, doing social work and teaching in Natal, until deported in 1961.His work in South Africa inspired the novels Riotous Assembly and Indecent Exposure From 1963 until 1972 he was a History lecturer at the Cambridge College of Arts and Technology, which inspired his Wilt series Wilt, The Wilt Alternative, Wilt on High and Wilt in Nowhere.His novels feature bitter and outrageous satire of the apartheid regime Riotous Assembly and its sequel Indecent Exposure , dumbed or watered down education the Wilt series , English class snobbery Ancestral Vices, Porterhouse Blue, Grantchester Grind , the literary world The Great Pursuit , political extremists of all stripes, political correctness, bureaucracy and stupidity in general Characters may indulge in bizarre sexual practices, and coarser characters use very graphic and or profane language in dialogue Sharpe often parodies the language and style of specific authors commonly associated with the social group held up for ridicule Sharpe s bestselling books have been translated into many languages.


    I keep thinking about this book, so I felt compelled to write a review by the way, continuing to think about a book after you ve read it is not necessarily the sign of a good book I think it s already pretty evident that I did not enjoy this book As I m at work, here are a few bullet points why.1 The characters were completely unlikeable They were not humourous, and I could only sympathise with one of them I think his name was Horace I actually can t remember So while I could sort of sympathise [...]

    Gabriele Russo
    I usually love Tom Sharpe, but was disappointed here.The funny situations are there, but they don t seem to lead anywhere.

    Jon Mountjoy
    It s a 4 star read perhaps 3.5 But it s too short If it were longer, it would get five It s light, it s very funny, but the book feels as if it s half a book I m currently reading Full Moon by P.G Wodehouse and it s similar in a fashion Except that Full Moon is a full book too Yes, it s light and fluffy and wonderfully funny, but it s also complete So, 4 stars A good read, just not long enough

    This must be the most uninspired book by Tom Sharpe that I ever read The plot is tenuous at best, and it ends in a fizzle unworthy of the writer of such gems as the Wilt series Thankfully the story is rather short and I managed to complete it fairly quickly no mean feat considering that I got bored of it relatively early and I trudged on simply because I hoped it would redeem itself in the end Sadly, my hopes remained just that Avoid.

    Michael Harry
    So dissapointing Very obviously written to a now tired formula, there is little new here Bullying women, timid husbands upper middle class goofyness and police stupidity same old same old Except the funny has gone Tom Sharpe was once one of my favourite funny authors but this was very dull.

    Worst ever from Tom Sharpe A shadow of his old self The final 40 50 pages are just embarrassing, and reminded me of the little essays I wrote at school Did the author run out of time or energy and have to rush to finish the book

    Not the best Tom Sharpe book ever written but a good chuckle all the same

    disappointing, unfortunately

    Patrick Grau
    Se lee en un periquete y te descojonas un mont n.

    La trama l elemento vincente di questa storia.Ci si sofferma sul riassunto in cui ci viene raccontato delle Gropes, della loro forza o meglio del loro potere, di un mistero rimasto nascosto per secoli, di una famiglia matriarcale che sembra essersi integrata nella societ contemporanea, ma che forse potrebbe riemergere da un momento all altro.Accanto a questa trama accattivante e interessante, troviamo una serie di commenti che parlano della sagacia e dell ironia di Tom Sharpe, di quanto queste p [...]

    Tom Cöle
    Oh dear, what a shame After the sizzling satirical and comedic brilliance of Riotous Assembly, Porterhouse Blue, The Great Pursuit and to a lesser extent the Wilt series, this is an awfully damp squib Characters are hastily and hazily drawn, the plot ambles along inconsequentially and unlike almost everything else I ve read by Tom Sharpe there s just no point to this book Sharpe isn t sending anything up here, he s just going through the motions Indeed, The Gropes doesn t even have an ending It [...]

    Jason Furman
    Tom Sharpe is one of the most savagely funny writers ever, someone that was aptly described as P.G Wodehouse on acid on the back jacket of a number of his books although not this one His novels have cascades of increasingly outrageous situations that spiral out of control, largely fueled by characters who compete with each other in the realms of stupidity, avarice, venality, and other minor sins.I hadn t read Sharpe in than fifteen years but recently discovered he s written two new novels since [...]

    It s been a while since I read a Tom Sharpe and I thoroughly enjoyed his latest offering The book is both witty and humourous A must read for those who liked the Wilt series.SynopsisIt is one of the surprising facts about old England that one can still find families living in the same houses their ancestors built centuries before and on land that has belonged to them since before the Norman Conquest The Gropes of Grope Hall are one such family.A brilliantly funny novel about what happens when t [...]

    achat compulsifPr sentation de l diteur Dans le Northumberland, depuis des g n rations, les dames Grope font r gner la terreur autour d elles Signes distinctifs un physique ingrat, une nature antipathique et des pulsions castratrices inversement proportionnelles leur volont de se reproduire Qu cela ne tienne Chez les Grope, on kidnappe les hommes de m re en fille Une coutume familiale dont le jeune Esmond Burnes va faire les frais Fils unique d une toqu e de romans l eau de rose et d un petit ba [...]

    I began reading Tom Sharpe s The Gropes thinking it might be good to have a laugh from time to time And laugh I did But maybe not the kind of laughter I expected or possibly not the kind I needed If I said restrained hilarity would that seem too much of a contradiction I found the book extremely British stiff upper lip combined with delirious humour that reminded me of Monty Python or the Goon Show Under the cover of enforced normality the most absurd and catastrophic things happen What interest [...]

    I have read many of Sharpe s novels in the past and have thoroughly enjoyed them all This one, however, I have to admit, left me cold to say the least Starts off in the typical Sharpe manner but after chapter two it begins a steady demise through mediocrity before coming to rest on a rushed ending It s only saving grace for me was that it was so short But perhaps that was its biggest flaw also, with many plot points coming in almost single sentence form One feels like one is reading a drawn out [...]

    Stephen Coatsworth
    I used to love reading Tom Sharpe Actually, I still do just not this book The whole book felt as if it was written in the 1970s and then left on a shelf to be forgotten about Then one day, an enterprising editor dragged it from oblivion, gave it a quick update to reference it to the current day and published it Alas if it had only been left on that shelf as the values and humour are firmly set in the 70s and are completely anomalous to the current century I think I will go back to read Porterhou [...]

    La trama interessante, almeno all inizio La narrazione storica del truculento matriarcato delle Gropes simpatica e priuttosto divertente L inizio quindi era decisamente promettente.Poi man mano che compaiono i veri protagonisti va tutto a rotoli e diventa una storia senza senso e senza divertimento, con continui cambi di scena e di indentit che si trascinano stancamento fino a un finale scialbo.Poi, ma perlamordiddio, il protagonista ha 17 anni, e si sposa la zia trentacinquenne, pure bigama, e [...]

    Pep Bonet
    It is a pity that the book had to end Indeed, for most of the book I enjoyed reading one Sharpe s novels Brilliant writer, he has a real sense of humour It makes a nice and funny reading But half way through, it starts becoming weaker The plot is still manageable, but the rhythm is partially lost But then, with the final approaching, one gets the impression that Tom didn t know how to wrap up The last chapters are very weak The happy end of some charcaters is than unlikely It is a pity Could t [...]

    I don t think I ve read any Tom Sharpe before He s a humourist of some stature in the UK Following in the broad swipes tradition, I think, based on this book.Basically, there s a family in an old pile of a house that follows matrilineal inheritance Only the girls ain t much in the way of looks and lots much in the way of libido so they ve resorted to stealing coal shovellers and train men to carry on the next generation.A young snivelly man comes into the family and then things change.There were [...]

    The worst Tom Sharpe book by a country mile has he run out of money Drivel from start to finish and as for it being funny don t make me laugh well, it didn t As for the ending I ve had school kids do better it s a wonder it didn t finish And then he woke up and it was all a dream The only redeeming feature is that it is so brief it s a really quick read but that aside I can t think of one positive thing to say To think he once wrote stuff that was worthwhile.

    I must confess to being a Tom Sharpe fan particularly enjoying his two South African works Riotious Assembly and Indecent Exposure both of which I ve read multiple times and still give me laugh out loud enjoyment , so I snapped this off the bookshop shelves as soon as I saw it.Unfortunately The Gropes didn t live up to my expectations, with a thinner than usual plot and a group of characters whose flaws and idiosyncrasies didn t live up to the Sharpe standard.

    The early chapters are quite promising, with Sharpe closer to being in his metier and on his game than he has been in some time But it turns out to be a non starter, with nothing much happening after the first half Sharpe s charm of style is still intact, at least, and the abrupt ending certainly turns our expectations upside down The title family appears to be a nod in the direction of Faulkner s Snopes clan which turns out to be the best thing that the book has to offer.

    Wilde Sky
    Read like a 1970s sitcom farce a lot of stupid silly people doing stupid silly things The writing style and plot were poor and felt very dated.This is the only Tom Sharpe book I ve read but on the basis of this book I wouldn t read any and or recommend them to other people.

    Joaquim Alvarado
    Les dosis d elevat humor negre s n el millor del llibre, per d na la impressi que Sharpe es va quedar sense idees a mig llibre, la principal cr tica que se li pot fer s que est mal acabada, o encara diria m s, inacabada Aix s , gaudeixes molt d alguns di legs prou enginyosos per part d uns personatges i unes situacions molt estrafol ries.

    With Sharpe advancing in his years, The Gropes is, perhaps, he mellowing with age The premise is clever enough but one almost gets the feeling that it gets over before it really begins to begin With hallmark ridiculous characters and absurd situations, The Gropes may only be just about average but in places, the razor sharp wit cuts through.

    This was very disappointing Sharpe used to be a marvellous writer, it is difficult to match or surpass the Wilt or Porterhouse books, but this effort falls far short of those The main characters do not meet until than halfway though this short book and the outcome is very predictable There are some funny passages but it is a very unsatisfying but thankfully short whole.

    I must admit that I m slightly puzzled by the low average ratings this book has got, both on and granted it s not one of Sharpe s best books, but I don t think it s that bad either, and certainly it s not the worst Sharpe novel I ve read I d consider it a short and but worthwhile read, if you like Sharpe s stuff.

    well it was easy to read, i found it mildly amusing but in the main a little pointless I tried likening it to a tv sitcom and i think i would put it amongst the classic 70 s stuff You know the sort i mean Rising Damp, Terry and June that sort of thing Overall I give it a 3 star it wasnt awful, but it wasnt great

    ltima novela del gran Sharpe que le mientras el viv a y pen ltima de su prol fica y genial carrera Quiz s por momentos cae en el autoplagio, llenando las p ginas con sus tics positivos y negativos mas reconocidos Pero hay ciertos pasajes que siguen te idos de ese surrealismo desternillante que desembocaba en la carcajada como solo el brit nico sab a narrar

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    The Gropes