Unlimited The Making of Some Like It Hot: My Memories of Marilyn Monroe and the Classic American Movie - by TonyCurtis Mark A. Vieira

  • Title: The Making of Some Like It Hot: My Memories of Marilyn Monroe and the Classic American Movie
  • Author: TonyCurtis Mark A. Vieira
  • ISBN: 9780470537213
  • Page: 470
  • Format: Hardcover

  • Unlimited The Making of Some Like It Hot: My Memories of Marilyn Monroe and the Classic American Movie - by TonyCurtis Mark A. Vieira - The Making of Some Like It Hot: My Memories of Marilyn Monroe and the Classic American Movie, The Making of Some Like It Hot My Memories of Marilyn Monroe and the Classic American Movie A Special Memoir for a Special Moment in Hollywood History Some Like It Hot occupies a unique place in American culture This beloved classic showcases five comic geniuses Tony Curtis Jack Lemmon I A
    TonyCurtis Mark A. Vieira
    Tony Curtis was an American film actor whose career spanned six decades, but had his greatest popularity during the 1950s and early 1960s He acted in over 100 films in roles covering a wide range of genres, from light comedy to serious drama In his later years, Curtis made numerous television appearances.In October 2008, Curtis s autobiography American Prince A Memoir, was published In it, he describes his encounters with other Hollywood legends of the time including Frank Sinatra and James Dean, as well as his hard knock childhood and path to success It was followed by the publication of his next book, The Making of Some Like it Hot My Memories of Marilyn Monroe and the Classic American Movie 2009 Curtis shared his memories of the making of the movie, in particular about Marilyn Monroe.


    Samantha Glasser
    Tony Curtis was one of the last surviving members from the cast of Some Like it Hot Hardly the most famous member, Curtis is not the first place one might go looking for information about the famous comedy, but he turns out to be quite an interesting source in this book.Curtis talks a bit about his personal life, his upbringing as the son of a Jewish tailor, his marriage to a bigger star Janet Leigh , and his transition to stardom Mostly, though, he talks about Some Like it Hot, the people invol [...]

    Winter Sophia Rose
    Fascinating, Funny, Heartfelt Riveting I Loved It

    Some interesting insights into the making of this famous movie Monroe comes across pretty badly Even given that she was talented, her unprofessional behaviour almost throughout the production doesn t endear her to the reader Curtis is a bit full of himself too, but at least he s willing to point out his failings and the knockbacks he received from others in the business His curious one night stand with Monroe is odd, but it was a mutual affair Apart from this it s intriguing to see how Billy Wil [...]

    I liked the film, but I mostly bought this book to read what he had to say about Marilyn since I d previously written a paper about her So my review is mostly going to reflect that since I skipped over a lot of parts If you re interested in hearing what he says about Marilyn, it basically comes down to this She was addicted to sleeping pills, alcohol, and was drinking vermouth on set She was chronically late to sets, was practically incapable of performing short takes though Jack Lemmon says tha [...]

    Bill Hall
    Half a century after Some Like It Hot premiered on the big screen, it s still beloved by fans and is consistently rated one of the funniest, if not the funniest, film comedy ever made Sadly, most of the key players responsible for it are gone the director and co writer Billy Wilder and stars Jack Lemmon and Marilyn Monroe Fortunately, the other leading player in this classic, Tony Curtis, is still with us, and that s especially fortunate for fans of Some Like It Hot, because he s provided a firs [...]

    Having read Tony Curtis memoir, Some Like It Hot Me, Marilyn and the Movie on the making of Billy Wilder s Some Like It Hot, it s hard to believe that the final film product is such a sparkling example of film comedy It s amazing that the film was even completed, that such a well realized and much loved piece of film history emerged from so much chaos and personal dramas At times it is uncertain what parts of Some Like It Hot Me, Marilyn and the Movie are anecdotally taken from Curtis memories a [...]

    I was very happy when I found this in a bargain bin, because Some Like It Hot is one of my favourite movies And it was really a good read It is written in a quite special, very candid style probably the way Tony Curtis speaks or rather spoke and offers an inside view of film making in 1958 Some stories are very revealing, most of all everything Curtis has to say about Marilyn Monroe Having had an affair with her years before I didn t know that , he now watches with alarm how she may be brilliant [...]

    Elizabeth Periale
    xoxoxoe 2012 09 tWhile Curtis is always an entertaining read, his never ending ego does grow tiresome after a while He tries to sound humble, but can t help pondering that he was possibly the handsomest actor in Hollywood Some Like it Hot did a lot for my development as an actor It was enough for me to be a handsome actor, maybe the handsomest in town It wasn t enough to learn the lines and show up Being around artists like Jack and Billy and Marilyn affected me I wanted to know I wanted to get [...]

    I was the production editor for this book, and I can only say that it is a fantastic read Curtis tells with candor the details of his time filming the classic comedy and doesn t hold back I won t give anything away you ll just have to read it You ll never watch the movie the same way again.

    I was led to this book after reading a wonderful article about the film Some Like It Hot bbc culture story 2017It has the usual ego and armchair psychology of most star bios, but it s still an interesting book I look forward to watching the film again for the umpteenth time, this time with a bit insight into the process and personalities involved in the filmmaking process.

    Camille Maio
    Great behind the scenes stories about the making of this great film It could only have been told in this way by someone as close to it as Tony Curtis.

    Deborah Sigel
    I ll be seeing this movie in a whole different way from now on.

    Neil Mudde
    Tony Curtis, being a famous movie star, who has come from New York City, his Father being a tailor, coming from a dysfunctional family, the book is entitled Some Like it Hot Me Marilyn and the movie with author Mark A Vierra, being a famous movie star seems to entitle person to embellish stories, as though people out there really care, well since I love the movie I thought it would be interesting to read about the goings on while being filmed Jack Lemmon seems to come out as a professional actor [...]

    Having written a whole chapter on Some Like It Hot in my book on romantic comedies I ll Have What She s Having Behind the Scenes of the Great Romantic Comedies I was hoping to get new information about the making of this classic film This is a memoir from Tony Curtis that was carefully researched by his collaborator using a lot of the same sources I did So there is some fresh material here, mostly about Curtis s relationship with Marilyn Monroe, a lot of it is readily available elsewhere If you [...]

    Some Like it Hot is one of my top five favorite movies of all time, so I was almost guaranteed to like this book, an account of the making of the film as told by one of its stars, Tony Curtis And I wasn t mistaken this is a goldmine for a film trivia geek like me So much of what I wanted to know is here, from how the script originated to casting director Billy Wilder originally wanted Frank Sinatra for Tony s part and Mitzi Gaynor for Marilyn s to shooting to the publicity to the reactions of th [...]

    Perhaps the best book about movies that I ve ever readSeriously if you want to know everything about Some like it hot , from the casting, writing and technical details like the lightening of a specific scene or the costume design to backstage gossip and the famous 81 takes of Where s that bourbon than this is the book you should read It s not too long, well written, funny and insightful and just very interesting and entertaining for movie fans Tony Curtis likes to talk about himself, of course, [...]

    Tony Curtis s memories were filled in by research in this memoir of the making of Some Like It Hot I found some of the history of 1950s movie production a bit boring, but later enjoyed the memories that gave a feeling of being on set with these famous personalities I did doubt the veracity of parts of the book, and in regards to his dealings with Marilyn and discussion of her body, the narrator seemed a bit gauche.Overall it was an interesting read and made me want to watch the movie again to lo [...]

    Amy Westgarth
    This book provides some insight into the making of Some Like It Hot, but is obviously biased towards Tony Curtis own memories and observations rather than a general overview The initial chapters are purely about Curtis early life and film career, although they don t go on for too long I found Curtis came across full of himself which got tiresome referring to himself as the hottest guy in town for example It wasn t too long a book so was worthwhile reading, but doesn t inspire me to read Curtis o [...]

    Christopher Lentz
    Tony Curtis, in his own words or as close to them as we might get , tells a fascinating behind the screen tale about the making of SOME LIKE IT HOT His writing is easy to digest and there are some yummy tales to be devoured here If you re a fan of Marilyn Monroe if you re a fan of The Hotel Del Coronado if you re a fan of the film you ll enjoy this book Numerous black and white and rare color photos are sprinkled throughout the book, making it both interesting from a storytelling standpoint and [...]

    Such a funny film deserves a closer behind the scenes view, so I was delighted to find this at my local library.While a few things I took with a grain of salt this is a Tony Curtis memoir after all , I found this a quick and fun read Reinforced my admiration for Jack Lemmon and Billy Wilder, and sadly reconfirmed the darker side of Marilyn.If you love the movie, time with this book will be enjoyable.

    Hilary Hicklin
    Perhaps because of how much I love this movie, I found the book absolutely riveting and read it in three nights Curtis comes across as rather vain but his inside account of the making of this movie is fascinating especially the poisonous effect of the Strasbergs on Monroe and the incredible friction between Billy Wilder and Marilyn who blamed each other for their health problems Jack Lemmon comes out of the story best of all as a genuinely nice guy.

    This was a fun read Tony Curtis is so intent on being larger than life, that this book really came alive with his telling of the tale I m not so sure real life would mesh very well with the tale telling, but so be it.It reads like a movie within a moviel Hollywood, big tales, big adventures, and life lived with no boundaries and rules I watched the movie again, right before reading the book it made the behind the scenes memories come alive even .

    Bea Elwood
    Hollywood bios are my guilty pleasure, and this one makes me feel especially guilty Curtis is unapologetic in his egotism And honestly I need to read some other accounts of the making of Some Like it Hot, Billy Wilder and Marilyn Monroe before I can really speculate on how accurate his memory is But I did read this little behind the scenes look at Hollywood and these powerful stars in less than 2 days

    As someone who s seen Some Like It Hot countless times, I thought I knew everything there was to know about this classic film However, Tony Curtis has proved me wrong Inside this book are hundreds of secrets some that would make Daphne and Josephine blush and often hilarious observations written as though he was talking directly to me Thank you,Tony for making this movie and for the laughter you ve brought to the silver screen You are very missed, but will never be forgotten

    Niki D.
    very interesting, though you always have to wonder how much of it is really true the read also would have been better if it was written chronologically as opposed to all of the jumping around that was done throughout it became difficult to follow Mr Curtis train of thought as well as his reasoning behind sharing his stories all in all, the best thing about it was that it was a fast read.

    I felt like I was reading a gossip magazine in the 1950 s I m a huge fan of Marilyn Monroe, but it was mainly about her coming to work late She was always known for never showing up on time, so it was interesting to know how long it really did take her to get ready to be Marilyn It was awesome reading little behind the scene details on this movie I love and then going back to re watch and notice those details I didn t see before.

    Brianne Schreck
    Some Like it Hot is one of my favourite films So I may have been a little biased as to the subject However, Tony Curtis offers a depth into the making of the film which gives one appreciation for the final product I highly suggest reading it if you have an interest in classic movies, especially if you are a fan of any of the people involved in it.

    What can I say This is hardly Great Literature, but it was SUCH a guilty pleasure My excuse for reading it is that I often take tour groups to the Hotel del Coronado, where a significant part of the movie was filmed It was simply irresistible to learn all the inside story about how it all got made.

    This is a fun read, but the central premise of the book Tony Curtis s supposed affair with Marilyn Monroe is so unconvincing and stilted that the rest is hard to believe as well Taken with a huge pinch of salt, it s still worth reading for fans of Some Like It Hot but this may be due to co writer Mark Viera s research than Tony Curtis s dubious input.

    Violet Clouds
    The background and the details about the behind the scenes was somewhat interesting but it came through the filter or Curtis ego and boasting I take some of his claims with a pinch of salt and quickly grew bored of his ranting.

    • Unlimited The Making of Some Like It Hot: My Memories of Marilyn Monroe and the Classic American Movie - by TonyCurtis Mark A. Vieira
      470 TonyCurtis Mark A. Vieira
    The Making of Some Like It Hot: My Memories of Marilyn Monroe and the Classic American Movie