[PDF] Brethren | by ☆ W.A. Hoffman

  • Title: Brethren
  • Author: W.A. Hoffman
  • ISBN: 9780972109826
  • Page: 362
  • Format: Paperback

  • [PDF] Brethren | by ☆ W.A. Hoffman - Brethren, Brethren John Williams the Viscount of Marsdale libertine duelist dilettante haphazard philanthropist and philosopher is asked by his estranged father to start a plantation in Jamaica in He doesn t
    W.A. Hoffman
    W A Hoffman, aka Wynette A Hoffman, is a middle aged white woman of English Welsh Irish descent with a little German and Spanish to add flavor Born in March, 1964 Married for 16 years A geek comic book collector, movie fanatic, anime watcher, gamer, MMORPG player multi box World of Warcraft Lives in a big suburban tri level in Aurora, Colorado, with two German Shepherd Dogs, two Siamese cats, and a pod of gerbils She don t have any children She drives a station wagon She s allergic to soy and alcohol She used to be an IT manager before that she was an administrative assistant Now she just writes That doesn t mean you can make a living at this it just means she married well.


    Pirate Romance This is basically every pirate AU ever in particular, the AU where gay pirates mate for life and spend a lot of time doing improbable things in hammocks in between killing people and having emotional problems The first hundred pages aren t exciting or even necessary, so if you re trying to read this, go ahead and skim or just skip right to Jamaica Will, our pirate narrator, has a pretty arbitrary set of morals and a weird hangup with classifying everyone as either a sheep or a wol [...]

    Julio Genao
    wildly self indulgent, fully 80 percent discussion, and or less fun as fuckat i am likely to read another half million words of this is all the endorsement you need.pick this when you want a book that takes a month to read and has pirates in it talking about their feelings in different caribbean settings s long, and sometimes boring also sexy, heartwarming, and excitingth with and without the dysentery.i have every reason to read anything else but volume two but i won t.

    Emma Sea
    Most importantly, thank you to whomever of my GR friends gave me this for Christmas I am touched by your thoughtfulness and generosity.Much like Falls Chance Ranch, on paper this is not my book it s a soap opera, on a ship, with much cuddling, and the angstiest of angsty slow burns And yet I loved it I give it four stars, with the understanding the fifth star is bound and gagged in the hold, ransomed and under guard at cutlass point, until I finish the series.

    This is not a series This is a single novel divided in 4 volumes I ve been 6 days reading this book.I m not a fast reader, but I m an avid one In my defense I must say it is quite long 540 pages and the density of each one of them was surprisingly heavy Further, the MC don t meet till page 134.If you are scared at this, please, quit reading and forget about this book But if you have curiosity as for why I loved Brethren so much, please, go on.This book is ambitious in than one sense Yeah, it s [...]

    My favorite m m books of all time Are they perfect No Are they long Yes Is there straight sex in them Sure It doesn t matter This entire series blew me away There s times I was angry, times I was sobbing There were times I thought Ms Hoffman was fucking with me personally given how she carried the characters It doesn t matter Every single book is epic Every single book is badass I ve read each one so many times that I ve lost count And that is the end of my fanboy gush.

    I could probably sell this book to you with two words Gay and Pirates Ha I know you all just imagined a whole lot of Captain Jack slash because that was my first thought too But this is better So, so much better than better, this is outstanding Brethren is everything you could ever want from a seafaring historical novel with admittedly not quite pirates, but buccaneers because duh, pirates came a bit later in history than 1666 ya know But let s not split hairs shall we Let s explore the New Worl [...]

    Kaje Harper
    This book is just the first part of what is effectively a tremendously long 4 part novel, not a series It can be read alone, and has a breathing point at the end, not a cliffhanger But much of the story is yet to come in the subsequent thousand pages or .When I first picked up this book, I needed to read a few pages to become accustomed to the deliberately historical narrative style that opens it It felt distant and didn t immediately capture my interest But that stilted prose eases quickly, and [...]

    Let me tell you what I adore about this book.The two main characters MAKE SENSE as a couple They complement each other in both good and bad ways, drawing out both the dark and the light of each other, and that makes so much sense for why these two would be drawn specifically to the other above all else.The character progression is awesome, as is their progression as a couple Every three steps forward is two steps back with them, and it would not have felt realistic for them as characters if it h [...]

    Gay pirates Straight pirates acting like gay pirates Psychosis Dyslexia And a whole lot of diarrhea Fantastic

    Jason Bradley
    okay, this was damn near perfect for me I am going right on to the second book in the series.

    I m rarely moved enough by a story to want to write a review but I really want to rave about this book It moved me PI ll admit right now that I have a soft spot for historical seafaring yarns Perhaps brought on by the BBC Horatio Hornblower series from way back,when I donned slash goggles for the first timeIoan Gruffudd and Jamie Bamberm All the homoerotic possibilities of a bunch of men in tight pants and open shirts, cooped up together in the confined space of a tall ship pushes all my kink bu [...]

    Six Stars I just adored this epic, could not put it down, so pleased there are another three books in the series A combination of Hornblower, the Scarlet Pimpernel and Pirates of the Caribbean with a gay twist Written in the first person from Will s pov, this book is an m m historical fiction set in the 1660s in the Caribbean Will is an English Lord s son who ran away to Europe aged 16 He returns home 10 years later to be sent away again to Jamaica to start a sugar cane plantation for his father [...]

    Dani Alexander
    This is apparently NOT about shifters It s pirates PIRATES THERE ARE GAY PIRATE BOOKS o

    Wonderful characters Complex personalities Amazing world building Captivating story Charismatic writing style.What can I say view spoiler It took me several pages to get the feel of Will not to mention I had to keep the dictionary close by with all the naval and time related vocabulary but I soon found myself immersed in the world I cheered, I tensed, I felt despair, sadness, hope and love alongside Will as he became a buccaneer, fell in love with Gaston and experienced an array of adventures.I [...]

    I started this months ago, put it down at 4% as I found it difficult to get into for some reason, then finally picked it up again after GR friends recommended it I m so glad I gave it a second chance I like my books with a lot of detail and very wordy but I ll admit that even I found this too much at times and it took me a very long time to start to really enjoy it probably about 300 pages which is a lot I know I m now totally with the program and can t wait to get my next fix of matelots Will a [...]

    Despu s de meses en mi estanter a de on hold he decidido hacer DNF, por qu Pues me he espoile en su d a y ya s que los derroteros que va a tomar la historia, no me van, me caen muy bien los MC para verlos destrozarse.

    Don Bradshaw
    Entertaining though sometimes frustrating pirate soap opera A little too heavy handed with the details for me Ends on a cliffhanger.

    It s a big book About 550 pages Big in scope and ambition Slightly too large a paperback to hold comfortably in bed or in the bath That being said it s set in a fascinating era which isn t often written about in a fictional and accurate capacity, so I was looking forward to tackling it, although a little daunted by the size It must be said that this was originally part of a trilogy, and now the author has announced that this has expanded and will be a quartet At its core it follows the tradition [...]

    The setting is really captivating, the characters nice to read about and the language though at times wordy is easy to read and there are some deep and meaningful reflections upon life and love stated here that would make you ponder The slow burning romance is the sweetest I ve read in a long time while at the same time the cruelest The length of it is a bit tiring I suppose, wanting to know about the outcome of this relationship and knowing it s a long way to come to the ending I ve finished t [...]

    I think Raised by Wolves is one of my favorite series ever W.A Hoffman does an amazing job at re creating a historical period with great detail and research But what really drew me in are the characters and all their complexities Will and Gaston have to be two of the most interesting literary figures I ve come across in a series The dialogues are profound and philosophical, and their personalities are multidimensional just the way I like them I found the premise of madness that the characters de [...]

    rating 4.5 5 the setting West Indiesthe time 1660sthe plot Male pirates buccaneers roving and looting as they travel the seas, fucking their pirate buccaneer life mates during the boring down times on ships Yup, that s right, life committed, monogamous pirates And as a cherry on top, we have Marsdale Will, the outspoken, rude, atheistic libertine and an emotionally wounded English Lord fall in love with Gaston, the insane literally , straight although pretty much asexual , damaged by trauma, emo [...]

    This is the best book I have ever read in my entire life Seriously, it s my 1.I was very surprised at how much I fell in love with this book It sounded remotely interesting since it contained a slash M M romantic pirate story with some hints of angst It s so much than that This book is fantastic The angst and hurt comfort were better than I ever could have dreamed I won t spoil anyone, but these themes are much stronger than the book description suggests.Beyond that, this book was written amazi [...]

    Christine (AR)
    Psychotic, gay married pirates in Jamaica during the 1660 s Definitely one of the better gay romances I ve read, but admittedly, my standards have gotten pretty low The main character is, for want of a better way to put it, compassionately amoral, and that made it very hard for me to like him For example, he risks his life and freedom to free a wrongly imprisoned man, but the five other people who die in the rescue attempt don t merit a single regret Or a thought, even He views the world as divi [...]

    So so very long But also fascinating, very well written and captivating I m very tempted to pursue the series, but the size of it gives me pause Perhaps, after a little break.

    Imagine the 2003 film Pirates of the Caribbean, with a philosopher as the main character There s action, adventure, and romance pirates with daggers in their teeth and hoops in their ears stolen chests of gold and fencing duels on the ship s deck then followed by these quiet moments of peaceful discourse on life and love and where one belongs in the universe It was a perfect blend of thought provoking conversations and adrenaline fueled action, with a dash of romance Even though it had all the m [...]

    Deanna Against Censorship
    Gay pirates living openly Great This epic is told from Will s POS Will is an English noble who has been traveling in Europe for ten years since living home due to incidents at home that leave him wounded in the heart and mind After a brief visit to his boyhood home in England he ends up in Jamaica He is supposed to start and manage a sugar cane plantation for his father And he does in his own way He meets pirates and is invited to join them He meets Gaston and likes what he sees They immediately [...]

    I liked it It took me days and days to read, though I think the views it s got on things are rather cool, like the sheep wolves etc thing I ve read some reviews where it says the author took a very serious approach to mental illness and whatnot, ad I think it maybe does a better job than the run of the mill romance novel, I still think it had a bit of the love heals all trope going on Of course, having no idea what actual mental illness is like and even, necessarily, what particular brand of mad [...]

    Ran ♠
    4 stars I was madly in love with him I loved his demeanor and humor, which were so well matched with my own I loved his mind and the excellence of the thoughts that occurred within I loved his scarred body, as it bespoke a strength I could not equal and could only admire I loved his husky voice, as it made every conversation a thing of intimacy I even loved his reticence concerning all things carnal, as it made me his first and would allow me to discover him And in a less than becoming manner, I [...]

    I ll write a full review when I can stand to look at this again Right now, I m still fuming about the review I already wrote, that GR ate Some notes while I read I like a lot of this dialog very much For instance I have never harbored a particular dislike for the Spanish They will kill you if you let them, Morgan said As long as they die when I shoot them, we shall get along famously The author keeps dropping historical bon mots here, there, and everywhered I keep breaking off to go look them up [...]

    What if two people fell in love and then TALKED to each other What if the New World really was an uninhabited paradise beyond the plantations What if you got to run away from the real world so you could have space to really find yourself All of these fantasies really appeal, and I couldn t put this book down in spite of the wolves and sheep because it was so great to be in this world, being free and growing and loving together with the narrator The pirates were super fun, the seas and beaches te [...]

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