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  • Title: Beasts of New York
  • Author: Jon Evans
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  • Page: 412
  • Format: ebook

  • [PDF] Beasts of New York | by ↠ Jon Evans - Beasts of New York, Beasts of New York A violent epic action packed urban quest full of very eccentric often hilarious extremely dangerous characters who also happen to be animals the wildlife of New York City to be exact
    Jon Evans
    Jon Evans Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Beasts of New York book, this is one of the most wanted Jon Evans author readers around the world.


    95 100 This could quite possibly go down as one of my favorite books of all time The characters, the way the book was written, the tie ins with New York City and the Point of View all come together to create a literary masterpiece I loved this book because of it s world, and it s complexity Even though the book is set in New York, Evans has created a completely different way of looking at it In a squirrels eyes, cars become death machines The sewers and drains become a kingdom beneath Skyscraper [...]

    EPIC Beasts of New York is about a squirrel named Patch who, out of desperation and need, adventures beyond his home in Central Kingdom to try and save it While it seems that fate is conspiring against him, taking him further from his home than any squirrel has traveled, his journey is a necessary step to saving all of Central Kingdom from the evil trying to consume it.What did I love about this book Well, first of all, Patch is an amazingly brave squirrel No one can read this book and not admir [...]

    Patch is a squirrel who lives in central park in the treetops tribe When the food goes missing along with his fellow squirrels, Patch goes to find out what happened to them When he tries to find food and sees the rats devour one of his squirrel brethren, Patch is sent far away from home Can Patch return in time to save his world from the rat s evil plan to destroy all the squirrels and Read on and find out for yourself.This was a pretty good action packed dark animal fantasy about the animals o [...]

    Cathy Speight
    This book is superb Think Watership Down and this is the squirrel version Not the sort of book I would have normally chosen to read, but I read it by recommendation and thoroughly enjoyed it It really was a page turner or page clicker if you read it on your Kindle It s well written and extraordinarily well observed the view of the world from a squirrel s perspective is ingenious Without doubt, you will view squirrels quite differently after reading this It s crying out for a film version I am ce [...]

    Who knew the adventure of a squirrel in New York could be so jam packed full of exciting adventure Quite the fairytale geared towards adults This book is fantastic.

    I really enjoyed this story It s exactly what it says it is, a children s book for adults If you like action, adventure, and lovable animals all rolled into one you ll love this book It s well worth the read Two thumbs up Update Dec 11When I read this book a year ago it was a free download I think of this book quite often and smile How often do you read a book and a year later still think of the antics of the characters involved Now that the author has finally found a publisher and it is availab [...]

    I would recommend this book to anyone who has enjoyed reading the Harry Potter series While that might seem a bit of a leap, one of the most beloved components to Harry Potter is the wonder that is inspired by the imagination of an entirely different world within our world Here you find that same wonder by experiencing New York City as seen by squirrels and it is a completely different world I cannot stress enough the enjoyment I recieved reading about Patch s adventures and seeing the world thr [...]

    I loved this book, in the end it is exactly what its subtitle says I couldn t put it down Although I thought in the beginning the morality lessons were a bit heavy handed Kingdom of Madness, dangers of pollution, etc for grown ups, the story just kept sucking me in After the first hundred pages or so, I stopped noticing the things that had earlier broken my suspension of disbelief I wish that a few things had been fleshed out the details of the squirrel kingdoms, for example but a I m a world b [...]

    I Read
    I thought this book was surprisingly long for the subject matter, but then the book does say it s written for grownups despite the child like genre, so I guess it does what it says on the label It did make me wonder whether the story would feel dragged out for the sake of extending it but I didn t find this at all when reading the plot carried you well from start to finish The vocabulary was simple which fitted with the feel of a children s story and allowed you to read without it being taxing.I [...]

    This is a wonderfully imaginative, entertaining, heart warming, engrossing and thrilling read that follows Patch a squirrel of the Centre Kingdom as he battles against the army of rats, crows and the many other creatures found in the five boroughs of New York to protect his homeland and his family and friends This does have some morales woven into the story but so do all of the traditional fairytales we are told as children and this definitely fits into that genre although this is definitely one [...]

    It s hard to believe Evans couldn t find a publisher for this book it s such a well written and engrossing story But because it was so different and not easily placed into any genre, a well established author couldn t sell this book.The story follows Patch, a squirrel of Central Park, on his quest to return home, win a war, save his home, and rescue his mother What a scrappy little thing Along the way, he makes some unconventional friends who all have their role to play in Patch s ultimate succe [...]

    So this is the story of a young squirrel who goes on the best adventure EVER It starts in, from what I can tell, Central park aka The Center Kingdom Patch is transported all over New York it seems meeting unforgettable friends and terrible foes I really enjoy seeing the world from a squirrel s prospective One of the best parts is figuring out the things he describes because of course he does not know the human names Heroic to the end this tale has captured my heart.

    Fell in Love Wanted to hold the book close after I finished it The characters stole my heart.If you are in love with New York City and revere wildlife, get wrapped up in adventure and are enad of brave heroes with big hearts, you won t want to miss this one.Brilliantly written Took me away in that I totally forgot where I was way that fabulous prose does.

    I m really enjoying Evans writing style This book reads like a fresh wind, for how often do you get to witness the world from a squirrel s perspective It s an epic tale of adventures taken, friendships made and wars fought It s a gripping story that kept me wondering how the squirrels were doing during the day and kept me glued to the actual pages at night I loved reading it

    This book was perfect for me It had animals as the main characters, lots of action and heroic creatures, and best of all it was all based in the best city in all the world New York City.I loved the story and hope it gets made into a real book, this is one I d buy and keep for sure.

    Simply amazing This is one that I was reading at every free moment I had.I loved the characters, the setting, and the dialogue.I ve read several books in the past that had animals as the main characters none, however have been this good.Highly recommended 90 100

    I cant stop from wondering why they have not made it into animation I m waiting like mad to watch the movie When i started reading it I just could not stop It is AMAZING.

    Aimee Jarshaw
    My new favorite read.

    Steve Wenn
    watership down for urban squirrels great book

    Heather Lussier
    Short, fast, epic Watership Down meets Lord of the Rings

    Read this on my kindle Free from feedbooks.

    David Brawley
    Those random books you decide to read just because you need something to read, and aren t sure what else to grab sometimes end up being amazing Though if you d told me that a book about a squirrel in central park who goes on an EPIC adventure to save his home could be this good well, actually, I d probably have believed you But I didn t know it going in Honestly, I didn t even know what it was about when I started it I just picked it from the back catalog of Kindle books I ve acquired and never [...]

    The best book I have read in a long time Jon Evans creates a new world in an already familiar one The creativity behind the description of Patch s perspective is superb Taking the classic structure of a hero s tale and turning it on its head 100% recommend to all.

    I really enjoyed reading this book Unique, intriguing, story I plan on reading this to my grand daughter with the hope that she enjoys it as much as I did.

    Rakie Keig
    one of my favourite stories of all time, and certainly the best I ve ever read that stars a squirrel Awesome.

    Shonna Froebel
    In some ways this book makes my think of Watership Down, but a lighter version and with squirrels instead of rabbits We follow young Patch, son of Silver, of the Seeker clan, of the Treetops tribe, of the Center Kingdom The Center Kingdom is Central Park in New York City It is late winter and Patch can t find any of the nuts he buried, and he s not the only one either Something is going on and Patch is determined to get to the bottom of it The rats seem to be up to something In his quest for foo [...]

    Patch is a squirrel who lives in Central Park, New York We view the world and his interactions and, indeed, his conversations with other animals and humans as he travels through the five boroughs on a great and sometimes violent adventure This unique book starts out like a kids fairy tale, with morality lessons about pollution and animal cruelty, but soon the focus is an all out war between evil rats, evil crows, and evil traitor squirrels The prose has that written by a squirrel vibe, and some [...]

    Tom Lichtenberg
    This story of the adventures of a Central Park squirrel is far darker than you might anticipate At times it s downright grizzly, when rats and crows engage in a genocidal war against all squirrels I could have done with a bit less of that because the main thread, a fascinating and realistic portrayal of the human world from its animal occupants point of view, is quite excellent and even nearly believable, especially early on before the the Great Quest takes over and turns the whole thing into an [...]

    I greatly enjoyed this fantasy of the life and adventures of a Central Park squirrel in NYC although I was a little uncomfortable with the occasional violence Evans is an excellent story teller and the various strands of the story are skillfully woven together in such a way that you want to keep reading to find out what is going to happen next to the hero of the story I can see this book being made into an animated feature film it s filled with adventure but also has realistic character developm [...]

    I wasn t really sure I wanted to read a book told from the perspective of a squirrel, especially when I realized it was about squirrel politics a few pages in and I was hooked This was a great read about adventure, belonging, community and courage and yes, it s from the perspective of a squirrel.Think the Secrets of Nim for adults with lots of power politics, wars and interspecies relations thrown in Lots of fun, I m missing Patch already.

    • [PDF] Beasts of New York | by ↠ Jon Evans
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    Beasts of New York