Allegiance Best Read || [Cayla Kluver]

  • Title: Allegiance
  • Author: Cayla Kluver
  • ISBN: 9780373210435
  • Page: 344
  • Format: Paperback

  • Allegiance Best Read || [Cayla Kluver] - Allegiance, Allegiance Only I saw Narian for who he truly was a young man with courage and an independent mind and made to pay for what was outside his control He couldn t help his past any than he could help the way those
    Cayla Kluver
    Cayla Kluver is the author of the Legacy Series LEGACY, 2011 ALLEGIANCE, 2012 SACRIFICE, 2012 Her new book THE QUEEN S CHOICE will be published by HarlequinTEEN in winter 2013 spring 2014.Cayla spends her free time singing, reading, dancing, and horseback riding Her office is filled with twinkly lights She travels frequently to speak at middle and high schools, libraries, and book conventions New York City is one of her favorite places on the planet.

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    I hated Alera How could such a woman be so weak So selfish So incredibly useless and overcome by her own emotions that she fails to act for the good I m afraid that reading about her completely ruined the book for me, even though the book itself had an incredibly slow plot too caught up on the wrong things.What exactly is wrong with Alera Well, specific instances come to mind She s freaking stuck on the wrong guy I understand that she loves another person, but when you re the freaking queen of a [...]

    Urgh There are so many things about this book that frustrated me I mean really, REALLY frustrated me I love the story and the world building is amazing But Alera Well, I would have stabbed her in the cave The story would be much better off without her The other characters especially the Elite Guards are all so well developed and strong I just don t understand why Alera is so mortifyingly annoying She s passive, weak minded, selfish and above all stupid She allows her kingdom s destruction based [...]

    Alera is weak in book 1 and she s even worse in book 2 She spends most of the story in her room, sleeping or hiding from Steldor I might see this for a normal teenage girl in the midst of drama, for a week or two at most But at some point, you are going to have to put on your big girl pants and stop sniveling Alera does not do this She sulks and cries until someone hugs her, then she hides in her room, where we have now spent probably 600 of the 1000 pages in these two books But Alera is the Que [...]

    Small Review
    Originally posted on Small Review3.5 stars Yes, this is a sequel I tried to avoid major spoilers and hide anything that might be spoilery, but you WILL get some spoilers for the first book Want to read my review of Legacy instead Did the writing improve Um, no The writing is pretty much exactly the same as the first book Lots of useless information and sentences that say in twenty words what could easily have been said in ten This frustrates me and I sigh about it an awful lot, but it s clearly [...]

    Most people who pick up this book or series won t be looking for or expecting to find a pretty good story about politics and war, but this one is There are quite a few impressively done scenes that has just the right tone and feel for a city and kingdom under seige by the enemy and the desperation comes right through I can totally understand the frustration the main character, Alera, goes through since she s the leader of the place but unable to do anything about what s going on around her That [...]

    Trisha Wolfe
    All right just let me get this out of my system real quick Steldor UGH Why am I always rooting for the losing team Moving on What an awesome follow up to the first book Alera grew so much in this second novel Even though I would have happily been with Steldor, I do understand her reasoning for not The heart wants what the heart wants, and I was impressed with how she kept to her convictions and became stronger because of them Girl power I also appreciate that she is not perfect That she makes mi [...]

    Brilliant Wonderful I loved everything about Legacy and I love everything about Allegiance I love a good fairy tale but to me this is a great fairy tale, fantasy, and romance all tied up perfectly The world that Ms Kluver creates is so rich, I felt like I was right there with my favorite characters as events unfolded The hall was empty except for a cloaked figure who stood motionless upon a black marble dais He waited, watching the doors at the far end with eyes as bright as emeralds and as thre [...]

    Splash Of Our Worlds *Yiota*
    Hmmmm.i m really trying to calm myself to write this review deep breaths Kluver is young We all know that But she is older than the previous book And i can t say the writing style changed much from then It was well written, that s true but i could still see a young person behind and sometimes i felt like the wrong words were picked to describe I think that if Kluver had picked a normal YA, with not so much epic fantasy in it her writing would match better the story It s not bad s justt that go [...]

    Originally posted at Read Me Bookmark Me Love MeEver since I read Legacy last year, I ve been in love with Cayla Kluver and the world she created at just fourteen I adored her characters and absolutely couldn t wait to continue her exciting story In this thrilling sequel, the war between Hytanica and Cokyri intensifies to frightening levels and you ll learn so much about the characters you loved or hated Whether you re Team Steldor or Team Narian Kluver will take your mind and heart for a spin [...]

    Clare Cannon
    A feel good historical kingdom romance that reads as a filler between novels than a noteworthy story in its own right.The main character is a well wishing but not particularly good heroine who is given credit than she deserves for courage and leadership ability She frequently demonstrates the weakness of putting herself and her feelings before others needs, and retaliates and sulks when others respond to her confused obstinacy in a way she does not like Though she occasionally redeems herself [...]

    Brittany Rehage
    I rarely like the second book in trilogies They generally feel like a bridge to get from the end of book one to the beginning of book three without anything happening It usually feels like a waste of a full book when simply making books one and three just a little longer would have worked just fine.Allegiance is nothing like that.There is not one part of this book that felt like that I could not stop reading The only times I was forced to put the book down were driving home from the coffee shop [...]

    Honestly I can not finish this book I am two chapters from the end and I cant deal with Alera s stupidity any Is there no one else I asked feeling ill equipped to take this task The high priestess gives her a chance to govern her kingdom again but she needs to think about it WTF I thought she wanted to be viewed as someone capable and equal to men Alera s attitude and thoughts in general are contradictive every few pages Honestly its like looking into the mind of a selfish, idiotic and clueless [...]

    Rarely has a book, series, or author driven me quite so crazy The problem is the parts that are good are pretty good, but there are parts that are horrendous, and unfortunately, those are the parts that supposedly are the main backbone of the story I only thought I hated the heroine from Andrea Cremer s Nightshade I really do hate the heroine from Legacy Allegiance, and she hardly deserves to even be called a heroine Has there ever been such a weak, selfish, simpering, and altogether idiotic wom [...]

    Cover Blurb Yes or No No As my sister put it, it looks like a Christian romance, and while I will admit that there are a few Christian romances that I like, I have never been a fan of their cover art I m all for pretty dresses, but that one is just ridiculous, and sorry, but the dude doesn t look like he belongs in that era Also, there is not one, but two character impersonators I do like all of the curlies, though, naturally.Characters Alera, our lovely protagonist, is annoying at the best of t [...]

    This review is really a 4.5 stars I enjoyed this story as much as Legacy, the writing was still exemplary, rich and absorbing while a darker tone took over the book towards the end as war engulfed Hytanica.The only problems are with the story itself Parts were slightly annoying and others had me cheering.But firstly, lets talk about Alera I still love her I think she s completely inept at acting like a Queen, although when she is forced to head functions she does it well in a queenly manner This [...]

    Originally posted on The Authoress Book Review and More.I don t think I have ever seen such a downfall between books.Where Alera was merely an irritant in the first book, Legacy, she has turned into a thorn in my side Ultimately, she ruined the whole book for me I couldn t finish because she was just that irritating While Ms Kluver s writing has the kind of archaic grace up there with Christopher Paolini, I wasn t as impressed this time around versus with the first book Bottom line I was so unin [...]

    There is no question that Legacy left one of the most uncool cliffhangers that I have ever faced in the history of reading Whether or not it served as a ploy to get readers to pick up the next installment, I must admit that I am glad that I gave Cayla Kluver another chance because Allegiance was absolutely heartbreakingly good in the sense that one character made the story come to life for meE GOOD BITS Falling in love with the bad guy I can accept Alera s scandalous love for the Cokyrian enemy [...]

    Christina (Confessions of a Book Addict)
    Allegiance immediately picks up where Legacy left off Alera is now Queen of Hytanica and she is trapped in a loveless marriage to Steldor however, her heart still belongs to Narian Unfortunately, Narian is forced to serve the Overlord, Hytanica s enemy, and because of this, Alera knows she cannot be with Narian In truth, she is having a hard time letting him go Alera must lead her kingdom through a dark time with many unexpected events and her heart cannot be conflicted Allegiance, book two in t [...]

    I am so impressed with this book I couldn t put it down This is a sequel to Legacy which I read a long time ago and loved even tho it had writing problems I was expecting some of the same writing problems in this book and was overjoyed to find none Now that Teen Harlequin is publishing these books and the first one has been re released I wonder if it has been rewritten This book had no such problems The details and description were amazing You could tell the author loved all the small detail in [...]

    WHERE TO BEGIN FAVORITE, WONDERFUL, 5 stars I love this series so much that I had to find character representations and theme songs and make a book trailer s the link to it youtube watch v Mf9UXD The second half was definetly darker and bleak than the first book, and yet I loved every second of it At first I was surprised about how much could go bad, and I just can t BE This definetly wasn t a book where there s a big build up for things to go wrong but then there s some saving redem [...]

    Overall I thought this was a really good book It took me one day to read it because there was so much going on that I could not put it down I loved it but there were a couple of parts that made me really mad Like for example, at the end when Steldor told Alera that since their marriage of convenience was no longer convenient for her because Narian came back He gave her his wedding ring and had their marriage cancelled It made me SO mad Throughout the book even though you are supposed to hate Stl [...]

    This book improved on the first book immensely There was generally action, romance, and better dialogue The author spent less time describing what the characters wore and spent time developing the characters I found my self eager to find out what happened to each of the characters.Alera went through an interesting evolution in this book She became less selfish and inward focused and became caring about the people around her although it was neither a short or easy journey This book focuses on [...]

    Giselle (Book Nerd Canada)
    An Electronic Advanced Reader Copy was provided by the publisher via NetGalley for review Quotes have been pulled from an ARC and may be subject to change.Alera is now Queen with King Steldor by her side Yet she still feels nothing in her heart for him There s much at stake now that he is king A growing threat of Coykri soldiers lie in their midst and when someone is kidnapped, that is when the action and intrigue start to happen.I felt a little winded reading Allegiance only because nothing exc [...]

    Maraki M.
    Allegiance is my favourite book It s really great It s even better than the first one and the story is so touching In this book I also changed my mind about Steldor He seems to be so romantic and sentimental But Narian is the character that I like much than Steldor Overall, it s a well written book with a very interesting and touching story I love Cayla s books I really can t wait for the next one

    Sandie Mixa
    Well the 2nd one was just as good as the first COULD NOT PUT IT DOWN.

    Gina (My Precious Blog)
    AllegianceBY CAYLA KLUVERPublisher Harlequin Teen Original edition February 28, 2012 Length 512 pagesFormat KindleSource NetgalleyGenre YA, Historical Fiction, FantasySeries Yes, Book 2 of 3Completed March 2012Challenges 2012 Mammoth Book Challenge, 2012 Finish the Series Challenge, 2012 Outdo Yourself Reading Challenge, 2012 E Book Challenge, 2012 Sopho Reading Challenge, 2012 2nd Challenge, 2012 YA MG Fantasy ChallengeSUMMARYThis book picks right up where Legacy left off Alera and Steldor get [...]


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    Fantasy Writer 4 Life
    It was very tragic at some times but I absolutely loved the whole series.If you can t handle too much gore, war, and violence, then you might not want to read it.If you can, I m sure you will like it

    First thoughts OMG This was the most amazing story this is definitely one of my favorite series period The talent this nineteen year old withholds is enormous, she has created complex and dynamic characters and landscapes, and they seem so real and tangible At times I have to convince myself that I m not there, that the world I m submerged in isn t real The story and plotline were aligned perfectly with the conflicts and characters The characters were real in this book we were able to see of t [...]

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