[PDF] The Making Of An Economist, Redux | by ☆ David Colander

  • Title: The Making Of An Economist, Redux
  • Author: David Colander
  • ISBN: 9780691125855
  • Page: 419
  • Format: Hardcover

  • [PDF] The Making Of An Economist, Redux | by ☆ David Colander - The Making Of An Economist, Redux, The Making Of An Economist Redux Economists seem to be everywhere in the media these days But what exactly do today s economists do What and how are they taught Updating David Colander and Arjo Klamer s classic The Making of an Econo
    David Colander
    David C Colander is the Christian A Johnson Distinguished Professor of Economics at Middlebury College Detailed resume available at community.middlebury cola

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    This is a follow up to Colander and Klamer s first book of the almost same name I read them back to back, which I think was a good idea.Again, this was just a hugely useful read for anyone considering graduate school in economics As a follow up, it was also interesting because of its decision to re survey economists from the original study to see whether or not their views had changed It also was able to compare the survey results of graduate students in the 1980s to those in the early 2000s Fro [...]

    I began this book with a lot optimism about the economics profession and my own role in it than I had by the end Some background on me, I m a rising junior who studies economics at Swarth College That s a liberal arts school for those of you who are wondering what s that The past year of college has been an exercise in answering What do you want to do after college , and for me, the idea of being a professor didn t seem too bad Economics is interesting Teaching is fun Thus, economics grad schoo [...]

    I read this book shortly after having read the original Making of an Economist 1990 by Klamer and Colander, which I liked a lot In fact, it was precisely because I liked the original book so much that I read this one shortly after I was excited and curious as to what had changed The original book was written than 25 years ago so when I read it I approached it from a somewhat sociological and historical perspective I could relate to many of the feelings the students referred to, but I also knew [...]

    This book provided me with a lot of insight into what graduate school in economics is like Though much of it is above my head because of my limited background in economics, it still answered a lot of questions I had and gave me a sense that graduate studies in economics may not be the path I seek Though economics has much to offer, and may well be the most technical and math oriented of the social sciences, I m concerned about how theoretical PhD programs are nowadays PhD programs are geared tow [...]

    Nick Klagge
    This was a second read The first time I read this book was either when I was in undergrad or shortly after I graduated, and at that time it put me off of applying to PhD programs Having decided to apply, I figured I should read it again It didn t put me off this time I think on the previous read through, I didn t feel like I could say I was sure I wanted to go to a doctoral program, which many of the interviewees in this book say is an important thing to be sure of for good reason I also felt un [...]

    Brad Vakulcyzk
    As a prospective graduate Economics student, I found the Making of an Economist, redux to be a good teaser into what I could expect from Economics graduate schools in the US, and would recommend it to anyone considering the same path I read it a while ago, but what I found particularly interesting about the book was the current state of the Economics profession, and how it s progressed since the original 1990 book They sample phd interviewee s from the top schools, which allows the reader to get [...]

    Part of my dissatisfaction with this book may stem from the fact that the one I got from the library is the one published around 1989 and not the Redux I read several websites that recommended it as helpful to anyone considereing graduate study in economics There was some information that was useful about this, and the culture and environment of economics Ph D students and the economics departments of major universities I personally just didn t get what I was looking for out of it.

    Colander s survey of top graduate econ programs is mandatory for anyone considering an econ PhD, and holds interest for those who want insight into the evolution of economics in the 20 years since Colander s original book Colander s conversational interviews with grad students are particularly fascinating, as they wrestle honestly with their thoughts on what economics can and cannot accomplish.

    A thought provoking survey of economics graduate students around 2004 A good read for those considering graduate school or thinking about how graduate curriculum in economics should be structured.

    Note I didn t add the same book twice They wrote The Making of an Economist in 1990, then did another book in 2004 with the same methodology They re both enlightening.

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    • [PDF] The Making Of An Economist, Redux | by ☆ David Colander
      419 David Colander
    The Making Of An Economist, Redux