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  • Title: Serious Farm
  • Author: Tim Egan
  • ISBN: 9780618737451
  • Page: 184
  • Format: Paperback

  • Farmer Fred never smiled much Farmin is serious business, he d say Nothin funny about corn And so life on his farm was pretty serious None of the animals laughed or even smiled But everyone has to laugh sometimes, including Farmer Fed The animals try everything to get him to smile dancing by the light of the moon in Farmer Fred s clothes, singing chickens, sheFarmer Fred never smiled much Farmin is serious business, he d say Nothin funny about corn And so life on his farm was pretty serious None of the animals laughed or even smiled But everyone has to laugh sometimes, including Farmer Fed The animals try everything to get him to smile dancing by the light of the moon in Farmer Fred s clothes, singing chickens, sheep disguised in sunglasses and mustaches Nothing works and finally the animals decide to leave Serious Farm in search of a cheerful place to chuckle and graze Will the animals find a livelier home, and will Farmer Fred ever lighten up
    Tim Egan
    Tim Egan Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Serious Farm book, this is one of the most wanted Tim Egan author readers around the world.


    Solid example of how institutional problems often arise from upper management's issues. Farmer Fred's personal shortcomings spiral out of control, creating a company-wide morale problem. Edna, attempting to act as shop steward, fails to reach an agreement with management and their only remaining option is a walk-off.(view spoiler)[As with many labor negotiations, management is able to crack the strike by offering a minor concession not coming close to labor's demands. Both sides think they've ac [...]

    Heh, this was one the best kids books we've read in a while. Genuinely funny for children and grown-folks.

    Farmer Fred is very serious. After all, farming is very serious business! Because he was serious, all of his animals were serious, too. One day, they decided to make Farmer Fred laugh. They tried everything they could think of, but nothing worked. Eventually, they couldn't take it any more. They wanted to laugh! They decided to run away--well, walk away. When Farmer Fred noticed they were gone, he became very sad. He got in his truck and started looking for them. When he heard laughing animals i [...]

    Just read this at work because Drew read it and past it over to me. Pretty cute!

    Nicole Harding
    Farmer Fred says things like, "There is nothing funny about corn. There is no humor in tomatoes." and "I never laugh at Bell Peppers". Farmer fred is always serious, doesn't laugh or smile, and his animals followed his example. One day Edna the cow decides to get Farmer fred to laugh. Edna tries to get everyone to laugh by pretending to be a rooster one morning. The animals all wear Farmer Brown's clothes, and many other silly incidents to try to get Farmer fred to laugh. When none of these succ [...]

    This book was published in 2003 and a friend whose primary class is studying food this year has an amazing collection of books connected to food: gardening, farms, farmers, cooking, chefs, etc. She loaned me a recent discovery today. It has a droll sense of humor, perhaps because the animals who live on the farm are working hard to try to get their farmer/friend to be a little bit funnier. He is quite serious, and we read that he says: "Broccoli's no fun" and "I never laugh at bell peppers." The [...]

    3.25 starsI feel like I have read this story somewhere beforee premise feel very similar! Anyway, it got me a chuckle when the farm animals were doing silly things. When the pigs start barking the farmers said "That's more weird than funny" That made me snicker a bit! I also like that the when he finds the animal after they have ran away, that "Running away doesn't solve anything" Not in love with this book, but it was fun!!

    My second grade students find the animals hilariousd they are quite funny. The book does raise a good point we take our lives/our jobs too seriously? It's important to work hard, to do our jobs correctly, but does that have to be at the expense of all joy and fun? Thank goodness Farmer Fred and the animals learn that it is better to be with friends (even if they are a bit serious) than to be alone.

    This is a fun read aloud, but personally, I like Egan's easy reader series about Dodsworth in New York better--I think Egan's sense of humor is more finely honed in those books than in this.

    One of my kids' favorites. Farmer Fred has no apparent sense of humor, as after all, "farming is serious business". But the animals long to find a way to make him crack a smile. Kids will come around a lot faster than Farmer Fred does to the animals' silly hijinks - but for the farmer it takes a little personal crisis to learn that humor is where you find it, even on the farm.

    Longer readaloud about animals at the farm who are tired of being serious and want to make Farmer Fred laugh. This can be interactive-- kids are not allowed to smile while reading the book. Fun for a farm story time or just a one read. K-2.

    Kay Carman
    Farmer Fred takes his work very seriously and so do his animals, until they decide they need to make the farm more fun and set out to find a way to make Farmer Fred laugh.Hilarious and great fun for preschool story time.

    Kristina Silverbears
    A pleasant story, but mostly led by the illustrations, which really sold the animals-are-followers-of-the-farmer theme. I'm not sure I agree with the representation of seriousness, it felt more disinterested. I would prefer to have seen some of the serious side of farming.

    Hilarious. The serious farmer is dead ringer for Ron Swanson.

    Linda Lodding

    Great illustrations and story about a serious farmer and his animals.

    Read with a 2nd grade class; completely hilarious.

    Farmer Fred never laughs, so the animals try to make him laugh. When they can't, they run off, but Fred goes after them.

    Farming is serious business

    Skylar (age 5) liked this one more than I did. I found it a bit boring.

    Apparently there are people in the world who don't giggle all the time. Most peculiar.

    Horace Mann Family Reading Challenge
    The animals tries to make the farmer laugh. J.M.

    Really liked this one

    Stacy Kirkman
    This book is absolutely hilarious! It's a story about a grumpy farmer who doesn't let the animals have fun or make jokes. They run away and he realizes that he cares about them greatly.

    Seriously funny!

    I love Tim Egan!

    My 6 year old LOVES this book - I like to think it's my funny voices for Farmer Fred and Edna that enamor him. Lovely book and message.

    A hilarious book about a very serious farmer and his animals, who launch an ambitious plan to cheer him up. The illustrations crack me up every time.

    srs farm is srs

    A joyful story about loving the serious folks in our life.

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