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  • Title: Bloody Streets of Paris
  • Author: Léo Malet Jacques Tardi Art Spiegelman
  • ISBN: 9780743474481
  • Page: 334
  • Format: Paperback

  • In order to fulfill a dying man s plea, detective Nestor Burma finds himself quickly enmeshed in a dangerous web of deceit and betrayal involving French collaborators and the terrifying all powerful Gestapo It will take all his skills as a detective to say alive and free, for in Nazi held France, there are fates worse than death.
    Léo Malet Jacques Tardi Art Spiegelman
    L o Malet est n Montpellier en 1909 Attir par l criture et l anarchie, il d cide l ge de 16 ans de monter Paris, ou pour survivre il effectue une multitude de petits m tiers En 1930, il fait la connaissance d Andr Breton et d couvre le surr alisme, dont il devient un familier Apr s la guerre, L o Malet rencontre Louis Chavance qui lui sugg re d crire des romans policiers, un genre encore inexistant en France Malet produit alors d alertes contrefa ons de Hard boiled am ricains qu il signe des pseudonymes de Frank Harding ou L o Latimer En 1943, il publie sous son v ritable nom, 120 rue de la gare, un roman policier tr s fran ais qui met en sc ne pour la premi re fois l illustre Nestor Burma C est en 1953, lors d une promenade, que L o Malet aura l id e de faire de son priv un nouveau pi ton de Paris Le soleil na t derri re le Louvre inaugure la s rie des Nouveaux Myst res de Paris, un an apr s Chroniques r alistes de la vie des quartiers parisiens, Les Nouveaux Myst res de Paris donnent d finitivement son personnage ses lettres de noblesse Avec 55 titres dont 29 consacr s Nestor Burma , L o Malet a bien m rit des Lettres fran aises Il est mort en 1996 source Pocket Leo Malet was born in Montpellier He had little formal education and began work as a cabaret singer at La Vache Enragee in Montmartre, Paris in 1925.In the 1930s, he was closely aligned with the Surrealists, and was close friends with Andr Breton, Ren Magritte and Yves Tanguy, amongst others During this time, he published several volumes of poetry.He died in Ch tillon, a little town just south of Paris where he had lived for most of his life, four days before his 87th birthday.Though having dabbled in many genres, he is most famous for Nestor Burma, the anti hero of Les Nouveaux Myst res de Paris Burma, a cynical private detective, is an astute speaker of argot French slang , an ex Anarchist, a serial monogamist and an inveterate pipe smoker Of the 33 novels detailing his adventures, eighteen take place in a sole arrondissement of Paris, in a sub series of his exploits which Malet dubbed the New Mysteries of Paris quoting Eugene Sue s seminal feuilleton though he never completed the full 20 arrondissements as he originally planned Apart from the novels, five short stories were also published, bringing the total of Burma s adventures to 38.The comic artist Jacques Tardi adapted some of his books much to the author s approval claiming that he was the sole person to have visually understood his books Tardi also provided cover illustrations for the Fleuve Noir editions of the novels, released from the 1980s onward.


    David Schaafsma
    Malet wrote a series of mysteries set in each of the 20 Parisian arrondissements featuring a French answer to Philip Marlowe, "dirty flat-foot" Nestor Burma. This one is set in Nazi-occupied Paris in the early forties, and is illustrated as several of the Malet adaptations are, by the celebrated Jacques Tardi. Tardi does adventure stories, he does war stories, and he does mysteries, and they are all amazing in their own ways. Tardi, as Art Spiegelman makes clear in his introduction, is a classic [...]

    Graphic novel adaptation by Jacques Tardi of Malet's mystery, set in occupied France and starring that dirty flat-foot Nestor Burma.

    “- Che volete, – feci, divertito. – Io sono Dinamite Burma, l’uomo che ha messo knock-out il mistero.”In una Francia sottoposta alle restrizioni della guerra in corso (l’oscuramento, la mancanza di viveri e altri beni di prima necessità), Malet introduce il personaggio di Nestor Burma. Come Maigret ama bere e fumare la pipa ma Burma ha modi più spicci ed aggressivi e non a caso il suo soprannome è “Dinamite". Come il mitico Nestore, poi, l’investigatore creato da Malet è dota [...]

    A murder mystery set during the Nazi occupation. The plot is solid hard-boiled fare, perhaps a little overly-clever, but it will keep you guessing. The reason to read is the atmosphere conveyed through Tardi's cartooning. Lyons and Paris look worn-down, seedy, and cloaked in mysterious fog. The backgrounds and foregrounds are filled with competing propaganda posters and graffiti, unshaven drunks passing out on restaurant tables, soldiers ogling pretty girls, and other signs of sordid life. Every [...]

    Orinoco Womble (tidy bag and all)
    It's a shame that Nestor Burma never made the leap into English along with Maigret. While different (private eye instead of police procedural), it's still an excellent read and an artefact of its time and place. Malet describes the France he knew, and particularly his beloved Paris, in such a way as to make it live for those of us who've never even been there. I'm more familiar with Guy Marchand in the role of the TV film series, and highly recommend it if you can find it on DVD (and if you can, [...]

    Nilo Di Stefano
    Se amate i gialli attempati, questo libro fa al caso vostro. Se amate Fred Vargas, questo libro fa sempre più al caso vostro. E se tutto ciò non bastasse, aggiungo che è davvero un gran bel libro. Arrivato tardi nelle librerie non francesi, Leo Malet è l'incarnazione del noir. Il suo personaggio principale, Dinamite Burma è un antenato del Commissario Adamsberg della Vargas. La storia ambientata nella Francia occupata dai nazisti, è scorrevole, emozionante e con quella sottile ironia e que [...]

    Karl Øen
    A gem. This fine mystery novel, belonging to the hard-boiled school, is (undeservedly) virtually unknown outside the french-speaking cultural sphere. Leo Malet used to be a surrealist poet and started writing mystery novels during the german occupation of France in WWII. The book offers a well contructed mystery, a sharp portrait of occupied Paris and France, quite a lot of wry humor and not the least, the likeable protagonist, Nestor Burma. The book-series about Nestor Burma compares well to Ch [...]

    Mariano Hortal
    "Calle de la estación, 120" es la primera novela que escribió el autor francés Leo Malet, y coincide que es la primera que me leo del escritor. Se trata de una novela políciaca ambientada en la Francia de la segunda guerra mundial y desde luego ha sido todo un descubrimiento. Las andanzas del detective Néstor Burma entretienen y maravillan a partes iguales. La trama está excelentemente hilada, dejando un par de giros finales que, la verdad, no esperaba. La ambientación y las particularida [...]

    Jon(athan) Nakapalau
    How do you try to solve a crime when your country has been taken over by criminals? Detective Nestor Burma will have to answer that question quickly as he tries to identify who he can trust in Nazi occupied Paris. He will find that criminals often hide behind the crimes of other criminalsd that a crime is often the first sign of a much deeper social issue.

    Avevo questo libro di Malet in casa da tanti anni e trovavo sempre scuse per rimandarne la lettura, è stata una bella scoperta, mi è piaciuto molto ed ho già allungato la lista dei nei miei to-read con altri suoi lavori. Un giallo poliziesco coinvolgente, che ti tiene incollato alle pagine anche per i numerosi indizi presenti un po’ in tutta la storia.Proprio come Poirot, il protagonista Nestor Burma è un detective privato che affianca la polizia e che conclude il mistero con i vari protag [...]

    Juan Jiménez García
    Léo Malet. Una vida de aventurasHablemos de cosas tristes (ya solo hablar de literatura negra francesa en este país tiene algo de triste). Léo Malet es más conocido en España por Jacques Tardi que por él mismo. Sus obras han tenido más repercusión a través del dibujante francés que de él mismo (y otro tanto ocurre con Jean-Patrick Manchette, seguramente). Y también: de Léo Malet solo hay publicados en España tres libros, los tres por Libros del Asteroide que lanzó la toalla vista [...]

    This is the first book of the Nestor Burma series. The book starts with Burma in a German prisoner-of-war camp (aorund 1940 or so), where he encounters a mysterious amnesiac, who was apparently captured after wandering around the countryside with wounded feet and a half-uniform half-civilian outfit. The man becomes ill and Burma, working in the infirmary, manages to catch his last words :" Helene 120, Rue de La Gare". Shortly after, Burma is released from the camp. On the transport train home to [...]

    Having just re-read Read Yourself Raw, I was under Spiegelman's influence and thought I'd pick this up from the library to experience a little more Jacques Tardi. This turned out to be a mistake, and has kind of soured me to Tardi, at least for now.Why he felt the need to 'adapt' this story is beyond me, as his adaptation of Malet's detective story 120 Rue de Gare (for my money a much cooler title) doesn't really do much to extend it past a text narrative. Sure, there are some nice pictures now, [...]

    Charles Dee Mitchell
    I am not a big reader of graphic novels, but I had read about Tardi, and one blurb on this book called it the Citizen Kane of graphic novels. I don't get that reference at all. It's a old-fashioned, coincidence-filled detective novel that even ends when the detective invites all the suspects to a party where he will reveal the killer. What carries the narrative is the setting in WWII France, moving from the free to the occupied zones. Tardi's drawings depict Lyon as a city of constant fog and ra [...]

    A Very nice book !Très intéressant à lire, surtout que c'était ma première lecture d'une enquête policière en bande dessinée. Je le recommande. Les personnages sont bien rigolos et Burma, il est bien comique à ordonner tout son beau monde. L'ambiance qui y règne est très prenantre. On s'y croirait.

    Mary Beth
    Bloody wonderful! Historical fiction thriller mystery in graphic novel formoh, the glory and the beauty!

    A very noir adaptation. The art works with the tale.

    Classic noir with superb graphics

    Vittorio Ducoli
    Il primo caso di Nestor Burma, che per me rimarrà l'ultimoLéo Malet è considerato da alcuni uno dei maestri del romanzo poliziesco francese, ed associato sovente a Georges Simenon (che però – al pari di Hercule Poirot, era belga). In particolare uno dei suoi personaggi più noti, l'investigatore privato Nestor Burma, ha alcuni tratti – su tutti essere parigino e fumare la pipa – che inevitabilmente rimandano al commissario Jules Maiget.Dopo avere letto questo 120, Rue de la Gare, scrit [...]

    Eugenio Rizzi, curatore della postfazione di questo libro, dovrebbe ri-chiamarsi Eu Rizzi dato che di genio ne ha ben poco visto che gia’ dalla prima riga della suddetta postfazione ci dice chi e’ il colpevole…Quindi non leggere la postfazione prima del racconto.Malet usa il suo solito sarcasmo e trovare l’assassino e’ solo attraverso una serie di intuizioni del Nestor Burma.Esempi:L’ispettore Florimond Faroux, della P.J correva verso la quarantina a una velocita’ che mai aveva toc [...]

    This is the inaugural in the Leo Malet series set in war-occupied Paris and starring the cynical private detective Nestor Burma who operates the Fiat Lux Agency. The novel has very good writing with a crisp economy of narrative, a war-weary noir bleakness counter-balanced with doses of sophisticated wit and humor, and good character development. Think a Franco adaption of hardboiled Hammett and Chandler, but with a dash of Runyon’s humor and colorful characterizations. Further, what’s great [...]

    sweet pea
    this was my first time reading Tardi and i can see why he has so much acclaim. he is great at transporting you to the place, in this case wartime France in the 1940s. the work has the classic noir feel, replete with a femme fatale, which makes sense as it's based on a 1942 novel. it's also a classic detective story, you get to put the pieces together as the tale unfolds. the ending is also classic, in a less flattering way, gathering all the suspects in one room for the big denouement. definitel [...]

    Mayte Sánchez
    Con mi francés reducido y el uso de palabras no disponibles en mi diccionario, no he conseguido introducirme en la trama del libro original. Una pena, porque parecía interesante :-(Finalmente, me he leído la versión en castellano y me ha gustado bastante. El protagonista es una suerte de irónico e inteligente detective, que muchas veces se refleja en otros personajes, pero quizás éste sea más mordaz para mi gusto. Es una saga a seguir.

    Lo siento, pero no acabo de cogerle elpumto a la novela negra francesa, ni a la policial. Y el caso es que no puedo decir que esta novela me haya aburrido, pero quizás demasiados giros en la trama, quizás un detective demasiado chulesco y prepotente, quizás la traducción, no sé

    Very different, reading a mystery in pictures. There were a lot of characters to keep track of. Liked the setting and time, the grittiness.

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