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  • Title: Taken
  • Author: ChrisJordan
  • ISBN: 9780778322931
  • Page: 348
  • Format: Hardcover

  • No parent believes it can happen to them their child taken from a suburban schoolyard in the gentle hours of dusk But as widowed mother Kate Bickford discovers, everything can change in the blink of an eye One minute her lanky, amazing, maddening Tommy is begging for ice cream Then in a terrible instant, he s gone Opening the door to her Connecticut home, hoping toNo parent believes it can happen to them their child taken from a suburban schoolyard in the gentle hours of dusk But as widowed mother Kate Bickford discovers, everything can change in the blink of an eye One minute her lanky, amazing, maddening Tommy is begging for ice cream Then in a terrible instant, he s gone Opening the door to her Connecticut home, hoping to find her son, Kate comes face to face with her son s abductor He wants money All she has And if she doesn t follow something he calls The Method, the consequences will be gruesome.Her comfortable life collapses as precious seconds tick by, and Kate is horrified to uncover the terrible, world shattering secret she and her son share with a killer who will stop at nothing.
    Librarian Note There are several authors in the GoodReads database with this name.Aka Rodman Philbrick, William R Dantz, W.R PhilbrickRodman Philbrick is an outstanding author who has won the prestigious American Library Association Best Book for Young Adults and Quick Pick Awards Freak the Mighty has been made into a Hollywood film.


    Definition: Unputdownable // un·put·down·a·bleAdjective: (of a book) So engrossing that one cannot stop reading it.

    Branden Townes
    4th Quarter Book Review of Chris Jordan’s Taken In Taken, There is a suburban schoolyard and kids are being taken in a blink of an eye. This woman named Kate Blickford her son is kidnapped! Her son was screaming and trying to get ice cream. And then in a blink of an eye her son was kidnapped. She is terribly scared. Kate thinks that she is going to see her son back at home but he wasn’t. Instead of Tommy there was his kidnapper and he wants money. If Kate doesn’t follow whatever he tells h [...]

    Bill Khaemba
    3.5 stars.I loved how the book displayed the length parental love can reach, however It was short so i couldn't somewhat get attached to the characters but I loved how the story played out and the investigative aspect of it (I'm a sucker for investigations and suspense). Fun read to kick start the year.

    So the plot for this book was good and twisty, with a very origianl reason for the kidnapping. But the author can't get inside a woman's head. I didn't feel like this book was told from a woman's point of view, but from a man's idea of what goes on in a woman's head. I can't put a finger on what it was exactly, but after about ten pages, I had to look at the author's picture in the back to confirm that the "Chris" wasn't short for Christine.

    Good read! Love these characters and hope to read more of their adventures

    Ailsa Mummery
    Really good book, with a really good twist ending.

    Brian O'Leary
    Child abducted for unique reason, kind of sticks with you.

    At first I thought this was the book that the movie Taken was from but when the characters were introduced one by one, I realised that it wasn't. The story was a bit slow and didn't progress until it was almost the end of the book. When I thought things were getting more interesting, the book finished abruptly with a short epilogue that didn't really satisfy my curiosities with the characters in the book. It would have been interesting if the book continued on and unfolded what happened after Cu [...]

    Kate Bickford’s adopted, but dearly beloved, son, Tomas, is abducted just after his Little League game. Kate rushes home to look for him and finds, instead, a man in a ski mask who tells her she’ll get her son back only if she does exactly what he says. What does he want? All of her money. But, when Kate complies with the kidnapper’s demands he doesn’t return her son. He frames her for the murder of the local sheriff, Fred Corso, whose body he leaves in her freezer along with documentati [...]

    Ehnt really say I loved this book but it was riveting and kept me reading past my bedtime to find out what is going to happenuh and it was semi exciting and not the best endingThis is the story of successful caterer and super mom Jodie of an adopted son she adores when she finds herself smack dab in her worst nightmare--after a routine happy Little League game her son does not come backhe is gone. As she struggles with the obvious pain and confusion of a mother who's lost their most precious pos [...]

    A psychological thriller that my husband and a cousin have both recommended to me recently. The novel is a psychologically disturbing thriller about just how far a parent will go for their child.The protagonist Kate Bickford is a young widow with one son Tomas whose world falls apart when he is abducted. The problem is that the kidnapper Captain Stephen Cutter, whom the reader knows all about, does not consider that he is one! Intriguingly he considers that kidnappers are vile monsters. He sees [...]

    T.M. Carper
    A great thriller! Kate Bickford is at her son's Little League game when he vanishes. She races home, hoping he got a ride back there, only to find a man in black demanding her life savings, which was left by her deceased husband, in order to have her son returned.The man is following what he calls "The Method". He's ex-Special Forces with a more personal stake in this particular kidnapping than anyone knows at the beginning.When the police show up at Kate's house, they find a body in her freezer [...]

    Barbara ★
    WOW this is the first I've read by Chris Jordan and boy did it take me on a roller coaster ride of suspense and horror. It's told in the first person from two points of view, the victim and the kidnapper. The victim is Catherine Bickford, a widowed suburban mom with an 11 year old son. Tommy is kidnapped by Steven Cutter for unknown purposes. Kate is terrorized beyond measure and then framed for murder. While she is fighting for her freedom, she is also working like crazy to find Tommy. It's alw [...]

    Kelsie Smith
    This book was very interesting and a big thriller. This book started out slow, but once you got to through a couple chapters it was already getting pretty good and began to keep my interest. The protagonist, Kate Bickford, has only one child, Tommy. Kate and her husband, who passed away, had adopted Tommy when he was very young. Tommy gets kidnapped and Kate starts to freak out. Instead of finding Tommy, when Kate goes home she finds the kidnapper on the couch waiting for her and telling her wha [...]

    I was thoroughly engrossed by this airport-bookstore-like thriller. High school students would love this mystery-suspense adult novel, so I have to make sure I buy a copy for our library.[return][return]Kate Bickford is a successful suburban single mother with an adopted lovely 11 year old boy. Everything is normal until he disappears after his Little League game. Over the next few days, Kate (unrealistically) takes on characteristics of Jack Bauer and helps lead an investigation of her missing [...]

    Bev Taylor
    how far would u go to save the life of yur child? i think that every parent knows the answer to that but some will go even further widowed kate experiences every parent's nightmare - her child is abducted worse, the police suspect her, also of murder and removing her finances from the country there r many unanswered questions in this novel - why was the sheriff murdered, why was there no blood in the basement and how was kate supposed to get the body in the freezer? also it did not add up to hav [...]

    In Taken, you're taken for a wild ride in Kate Bickford's life. In a blink of an eye, we witness her struggle, her pain, when her adoptive son's been kidnapped. I felt her torment, when she's a lone widow, missing her late husband. When she shared her backstory through memories of meeting Ted, of marriage and adoption of a baby, and when he was sick, my heart went out to Kate, who raised her son all by herself. She, alone, supported them by starting her own successful catering business. In this [...]

    The book had a good storyline and plot, with her son being kidnapped, but there was a lot of content and a lot of other new characters being introduced, like Shane, Maria Savalo and the lawyer that Shane wanted to talk to about the kidnapping. I feel like the series itself could have been condensed down into one book. Also, the kidnappers were hard to follow at times with their plan for Thomas and where they would take him. The main plot itself was very good though, with a good twist by killing [...]

    I really liked the book. Very suspenseful, kept you guessing. The only problem I had with the book was the medical aspect. A guy gets hit by a car, fractures his skull, breaks the majority of his ribs yet the next day he is up and running around with the heroine. The heroine herself ends up with a collapsed lung after a car accident and the doctors put a tube down her throat to re-inflate it and she is up right away looking for her son. Yeah right, I may not be a doctor but I don't think it work [...]

    I enjoyed listening to this story. It is read and narrated by a woman and a male. I love this!I should have listen to this one first before TRAPPED. This story is a little bit of an intro to Randall Shane. In this story, Shane has to have the client drive him around because he didn't drive ever sense his family got into an auto accident.A mother has her 11 year old son kidnapped after a little league game and she is frame for a crime in the process of trying to get her son back. The authorities [...]

    Brandon Schlinker
    Almost threw the book across the room. The narrator is completely one-dimensional and is always in a 'huff' about something. This makes the book painful to read, regardless of whether the rest of the story is interesting. (I would struggle to have a conversation with the narrator for more then 5 minutes in real-life, given that the narrator appears to 'freak out' every 10 seconds, so a book written from that perspective isn't for me).

    Grace Hamilton
    This story started out by grabbing the reader from the first page, the evil expended within the first chapter had me putting the book down because I just couldn't cope with it and then picking it up because really it was so riveting that I couldn't put it down. It was this way throughout the book What fabulous imagination and brilliantly written story, recommended to all those who have an interest in a psychological thriller.

    Shannon Clark
    First of all let me say that I have got to STOP reading other reviews before I read a book. I end up picking up on things that I might not have picked up on. That being said, I had a hard time deciding on whether to give this one 3or 4 stars. And that's probably due to those reviews I read. :) So I went with 4 stars.This book had me gritting my teeth the whole time. I wanted to help her out with finding her son. Unfortunately, I'm just a reader so I couldn't. :)

    I picked this book, because I thought it was the one that the Liam Neeson movie was made. It isn't, but no regrets! I thought it was a very suspenseful book. It was written well, giving as little information needed to keep you thinking in other directions. I was rather surprised by the entire story! Now, I have to get the other Taken.

    Angie Cronje
    This was a very good book if you are in the mood for something that's not supernatural. If you feel you want to take a break and try something else this is a good read. Its a story about parents and to what extent they will go to save a child/keep a child safe. The story unfolds in every chapter, which keeps you in suspense all the way through till the end! Its worth a read!

    Nancy Hesse
    I enjoyed the story but the editing errors frustrated me beyond belief. The term is battle-scarred not battle-scared. We don't access a situation we assess it. If those errors (among others) happened once I could overlook however they were used consistently wrong. Please for the sake of good literature, get an editor!!!

    When her son is taken widowed caterer, Kate Bickford becomes the prime suspect. She can not get anyone to believe her and she transforms herself into the kind of super-brave, super-sleuth, super-mom, I'd like to imagine I would be in the same circumstances. There are thirlling twists and an unforgettable character introduced in this flawed but exciting novel

    This is about what a mother will go through to save her child. The inner strength and the extra sense that she received. A book that you wanted to sit down and start to read and not stop til it was done!

    Another novel about the lengths a mother will go to for her son. Parts of "Taken" are somewhat brutal, since the kidnapper has no qualms about taking out anyone in his way. The reason for the kidnapping isn't apparent until near the end, and it's quite a surprise.

    Bonnie Despain
    A bit of a guilty pleasure. The more I read, the more unlikely it became. Began to seem like a movie that goes over the top and you just suspend belief, sit back, and enjoy the escape. A good read on those terms, you the characters are interesting and likable.

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