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  • Title: Fractured
  • Author: Nikki Landis
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 104
  • Format: Kindle Edition

  • [PDF] Fractured | by ✓ Nikki Landis - Fractured, Fractured Some wounds never healIf you ve read the Fight for Light series you know who Renee is the cheating conniving ex girlfriend who s nothing but trouble But looks can be deceivingd sometimes fate deals a
    Nikki Landis
    Nikki Landis is the award winning sci fi and paranormal author of nearly 20 romance and erotica novels Her recent release Refugee Road is the Gold Medal winner of the 2017 IPPY award for Best Romance Erotica Her stories have all heat levels so you re sure to find something you love Nikki grew up sneaking her mother s bodice rippers and falling in love with the stories Now she enjoys writing her own as well as reading and reviewing on her blog with a couple of like minded friends, the Picky Bitches Book Blog.Facebookfacebook nikkilandisauthor Twitter twitter landisnikkiauth Nikki Landis eBookbubbookbub authors nikkiNewsletter eepurl cvmejLReader s Groupfacebook groups darkalphaaddiBlognikkilandisauthor.wordpress Pinterestpinterest nikkilandisfacebook PickyBsBookBlog twitter PickyBsBookBlog


    J.B. Trepagnier
    I ve read the first four books in this series and one of the cross overs, but I was intrigued enough by the character of Renee to pick this one up Renee is an interesting character I don t know, if later in the series, she gets a redemption, but she does in this book She s sort of a femme fetale in the first few books and I was surprised by her character in this book She s had a totally different life than Rhiannon does, harder in different ways and has different choices taken away from her.If y [...]

    A powerful, well written story A short companion story to Landis The Fight For Light series, this is a powerul and deeply moving story In one sense it might be interpreted as a love story, but it is far than that it is a tale of sacrifice, resistance and hope against hope that one day, the darkness might not always win In this, I found Fractured to be a profound story to which I could relate in a very personal way Much of my own poetry is an expression of that same hope that the demons and the [...]

    Leo McBride
    Do not judge a book by the cover, they say And they d be darn right here for while the cover of this book screams horror story, perhaps thriller, it s actually a romantic fantasy, filled with supernatural powers and dashing knights of derring do.Renee is a young woman who falls in love with a Guardian knight, Kellen, and the two form a swift and deep bond with one another until Renee signs up to a deal with a devil to become a shadow hunter, taking the deal to spare her brother from punishment.T [...]

    Sara Claridge
    Fractured is a gripping tale of how Renee gives up her chance of happiness with a dashing knight and ends up in the underworld But the romantic fantasy is also It explores how the darkness in our minds can sometimes overshadow the good to be found in life.I loved how the story makes you sympathetic to the bad guys Death s dry humour, a best friend in the reaper and even her boss anger at his own emotions add to the complex tale.I ve not read the rest of the series but it didn t matter This book [...]

    M.L. Tompsett
    My review, Fractured A Dark Fantasy Novella of Loss Redemption by Nikki Landis Wow From reading Fight for Light series and already having come across Renee, all my thoughts and opinions were blown out of the water with this read.Fractured, is a constant struggle to protect the ones Renee loves When no one else is there to look after Renee and her brother Aedan, especially after the abuse she had to live through at the hands of her own father Renee makes sure her brother will survive at all costs [...]

    I absolutely love reading Nikki Landis I have only read one part in the Fight For Light series that these characters are pulled from, but it made perfect sense and you can jump right to read this without needing any prior reading.This is a fast paced story, that grabs you and takes you on a ride into the world of reapers, death, and some very dark characters I really enjoyed the setting and could imagine how felt to be trapped there Domhnall was one of those characters I loved who I probably sho [...]

    Tina Creek
    EnticedFractured is the first novel novella I ve read by Nikki Landis I am now enticed and fully committed to reading her other novels so I can learn about her intriguing characters and get the whole story Fractured is well written, following the story of Renee and how she deals with the choices she s been forced to make in order to protect the people she s loves, starting with her brother Aedan.Aedan ends up making the lycan angry which results in Renee not only feeling obligated to set up and [...]

    Greg Alldredge
    Fractured A Dark Fantasy Novella of Loss RedemptionNikki Landis.Enticing Life lesson, don t sell your soul The book is well written and flows off the page I read it in one sitting, it kept me captivated The language made sense for the story being told and the descriptions were excellent A great read for a winter afternoon.

    S.K. Gregory
    Renee agrees to work as a Shadow Hunter in return for her brother s life This was an interesting tale which gives the reader an idea of Renee s motivations and her new life working with a Reaper I would recommend it.

    Maria Riegger
    A fun read A fun, quick read I enjoyed learning about the characters back stories Will definitely read books by Nikki Landis

    Jason Crutchfield
    This novella is a fun, short little trip into the darkness.Renee and her brother, Aedan, survive a childhood of abuse at the hands of their father As they grow older, they live and work together in order to survive, but Renee s world is thrown into suffering and turmoil when she s forced to make a literal deal with the devil in order to save her brother from sure destruction The story follows Renee s journey as she does the bidding of her master while trying to hold onto the broken pieces of her [...]

    This review originally appeared on BrizzleLass Books.I m behind on the Fight for Light series but I dove into this novella anyway and having now read it I don t think it s at all necessary for you to have read the series to enjoy this Renee is a woman who falls in love, deeply in love but when she has to save her brother and makes a deal with the devil everything she knows is destroyed including her own soul This is her story and although it s a short novella it will tug at your heart from the o [...]

    D.J. Doyle
    This novella is a sidequel new word for today lol of a series, Fight for Light, with a mention of those characters a few times and their impact to this story You can still read this as a standalone and enjoy thoroughly I don t know how she does it this author can spin a dark, dark story that is also a romance A sister protecting her brother makes a deal with the devil which causes her to lose a loved one Her history is heart breaking and probably could have been fleshed out a bit but you still [...]

    Himanish Prabhakar
    My review is 4.2 stars.This is a crossover book in the Fight For Light series and about the character Renee After reading the story I felt moved and flustered Fractured is really about the deep wounds and how your soul gets fractured and remain as it is.Devil can make the things bad and this book has the perfect example of the prior said statement How Renee becomes a shadow hunter and the truth behind her life.Its a must read book And if not, Fight For Light series is incomplete without this one [...]

    Nikki Landis
    Fractured is Renee s story from the Fight for Light novels Her tragic past has played a crucial role in her current set of circumstances and the choices she s made to survive Can she find a way to love and accept forgiveness or will she be ruled by loss and her dark fate Don t miss this little novella

    FionaCooke Hogan
    Would you sacrifice love for loyalty Renee has known nothing but hardship and pain in her life Having finally escaped her past, she hopes to live a normal life with her younger brother But fate steps in, in the guise of a handsome Knight Kellan The path to true love doesn t exactly run smoothly and Renee is forced to make a terrible sacrifice to save her brother.What follows is a tale of pain, heartbreak and death dealings amongst the realm of the Underworld.

    Kat Gracey
    I really enjoyed this story Renee s story is an interesting one and I liked how she ended up in her new job One for the supernatural fans.

    • [PDF] Fractured | by ✓ Nikki Landis
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