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  • Title: Murder in Mayfair
  • Author: D.M. Quincy
  • ISBN: 9781683312253
  • Page: 124
  • Format: Hardcover

  • In 1810, Atlas Catesby, a brilliant adventurer and youngest son of a baron, is anxious to resume his world travels after a carriage accident left him injured in London But his plans are derailed when, passing through a country village, he discovers a helpless woman being auctioned off to the highest bidder by her husband.In order to save her from being violated by anotheIn 1810, Atlas Catesby, a brilliant adventurer and youngest son of a baron, is anxious to resume his world travels after a carriage accident left him injured in London But his plans are derailed when, passing through a country village, he discovers a helpless woman being auctioned off to the highest bidder by her husband.In order to save her from being violated by another potential buyer, Atlas purchases the lady, Lilliana, on the spot to set her free But Lilliana, desperate to be with her young sons and knowing the laws of England give a father all parental rights, refuses to be rescued until weeks later when her husband is murdered and Atlas is the only one who can help clear her name of the crime.Fortunately, Atlas is a master at solving complicated puzzles, both with games and the intricacies of human motivation, and finds himself uniquely suited to the task, despite the personal peril it may put him in But soon Altas learns the dead man had many secrets and than a few enemies willing to kill to keep them quiet in Murder in Mayfair, the first in a new historical mystery series by D M Quincy.
    D.M. Quincy
    D.M Quincy is an award winning television journalist who has covered dozens of crimes, including violent unsolved murders that stayed with her for years afterwards She s pretty sure that had something to do with her decision to write her own stories in which a brilliant amateur detective always gets the bad guy or girl , thus making sure that justice is always served.As a US Foreign Service brat, D.M spent most of her childhood roaming the world, which is probably why the protagonist in her Atlas Catesby mystery series travels to far flung places as often as he can.When she isn t hunched over her laptop researching ways for her villains to kill people, D.M reads, spends time with her family, devours foreign television mystery series on Netflix, and plots her next travel adventure.


    Atlas Catesby, the disposable fourth son of a baron, is a restless world traveler who never stays in one place for long. By chance, he's traveling through the English country village of Slough when he witnesses something foreign even to his worldly ways: a man auctioning off his own wife. Atlas's gentleman nature compels him to buy the poor woman, but from the very start he suspects he's stepped into a situation more complicated than your average damsel in distress. Lilliana is vague about her p [...]

    Fans of Georgette Heyer's Regency romances or Charles Finch's Charles Lenox mysteries will want to try D.M. Quincy's debut historical mystery, Murder in Mayfair. The wit, clothing and setting brings Regency London to life in a mystery with satisfying twists."Had his mount not lost its shoe on the return journey to London after taking the waters in Bath, Atlas Catesby would not have been in a position to purchase another man's wife." Catesby, an adventurer stuck at home while recuperating from a [...]

    An above average historical mystery. Entertaining characters, clear writing.I definitely recommend it and look forward to more.I received this book free from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

    Joanna Shupe
    I loved this debut historical mystery. It had the right amount of tension and plot twists that kept me guessing. I love the Regency and Quincy showed an excellent knowledge of the time period. Wonderful characterization, too. I cannot wait to read the second installment. If you're a historical mystery fan, you'll love this book!

    I don't usually bother with too much plot summary in my reviews; it seems a bit pointless when it only takes a couple of clicks or a scroll to read a blurb. But this time I'm going to make an exception. Copied from : In 1810, Atlas Catesby, a brilliant adventurer and youngest son of a baron, is anxious to resume his world travels after a carriage accident left him injured in London. But his plans are derailed when, passing through a country village, he discovers a helpless woman being auctioned [...]

    Vellum Voyages
    5 helms Please follow me on my blog :) Review originally posted on Vellum Voyages (vellumvoyages)Oooh, D.M Quincy, you did a mighty fine job with this debut historical mystery! An excellent read where I just couldn't get enough of the characters, their lives and of course the mystery they manage to entangle themselves in! I'm already eagerly awaiting the next instalment of Atlas Catesby's adventures :) Atlas Catesby and his best friend the Earl of Charlton, are having dinner at an inn in Slough [...]

    Cathy Geha
    Murder in Mayfair by D. M. QuincyAtlas Catesby Mystery #1Did you know that in England in the past a husband and wife would dissolve their marriage through the sale of the wife to another – a sale that took place publically – and perhaps acted in place of a divorce? With women being “owned” by their husbands, divorces considered expensive and disgraceful, and often not sanctioned by the government or church - a sale was one way out. At the beginning of this story Atlas Catesby, fourth son [...]

    Barb in Maryland
    3.5 stars for the first in a new series.I'm not sure I really need yet another Regency mystery series--I'm already following 3 such series.But this was inoffensive, fairly intelligent, with a likeable main character, a charming lady in distress and stellar supporting characters. The villain (and murder victim) was a nasty sort, with numerous suspects (including, of course, our hero and the lady).There's a nice twist towards the end that supplies the final clue necessary to solve the mystery.All [...]

    Kathy Martin
    Atlas Catesby is the youngest son of a baron and a world traveler who delights in solving puzzles. A carriage accident and a damaged foot have kept him in England longer than he would like. His stay becomes more interesting when he discovers a young woman being sold to the highest bidder by her husband. Being a gentleman, he steps in and buys the young woman - Lilliana Warwick - and finds himself in the midst of a criminal investigation when her husband is found dead.There are a number of suspec [...]

    Mia Lansford
    Perhaps my favorite book of 2017. It has everything a reader could want and left me wanting the next book. Ms Quincy set her world up in a smart and simple way using characters and places that keep the reader turning the page for more. I felt she left the clues for me to find right before exposing them in the story. Brilliant. I loved every page and would recommend it to any fans of light mystery.

    Kate Baxter
    Do you enjoy a good murder mystery with a strong historical fiction bent and a wee bit of romance? If yes, then this is the book for you. The opening scene alone brings shock and scandal immediately to the fore. Of course, the on-looking gentleman rescues the woman in trouble yet she truly hates being beholden to any man. So they're off to a prickly start but the tale warms up and the characters develop richly throughout the story. The identity of the woman is as much a mystery as is the death o [...]

    Thanks to NetGalley for an advance copy in exchange for an honest review.It is 1810 and our hero, Atlas Catesby, finds himself in the middle of wife sale. Yep, some yahoo is selling his wife. But Atlas can't stand to see this woman dishonored so he makes a very high bid and walks away with, well, a woman. He settles her in with his sister while they try to decide what can be done for the poor woman. But it is not long until the husband decides he wants her back. And it shortly after that that sa [...]

    I received a copy of this title from the publisher for an honest review. I'm always on the lookout for a good historical mystery series and this series has been added to my list of favorites series. Atlas Catesby is traveling back from a visit to Bath with his friend the Earl of Charlton when he comes across a commotion at an inn. He finds that a local gentleman (Warwick) is selling his wife to the highest bidder; being a true gentleman and haunted by the death of his oldest sister he finds hims [...]

    Delightful new mystery series set n Recency England. Numerous twists and turns keep the reader and main character puzzled until the very end. The end solves more than one mystery. Looking forward to more in this series.

    Nicole Laverdure
    Suspenseful! Great introduction for D.M. Quincy’s new mysteries series ‘Atlas Catesby’! I really enjoyed ‘Murder in MayfairThis adventure tells the journey of Atlas, a master of helping women in difficult situations! This time it’s Lilliana’s turn to get caught when she auctioned off by her husband. Atlas, a man with many talents, will try to help Lilliana and her two sons, Peter and Robin, to get them safe from danger. Will his mission succeed? Lots of twists and turns! I could not [...]

    "Murder in Mayfair" is a well-constructed, interesting murder mystery, but I was particularly interested in the representation of the Regency time. The author based her story on the practice that a man could sell his wife, which seems to be outrageous from today's point of view and is also an action that the protagonist condemns, but it was still permissible. But the the time period is also otherwise authentically represented; many small details have been woven into the story, which enriches it [...]

    Barb Klein
    D. M. Quincy has written a series debut novel. “Murder in Mayfair” is an Atlas Catesby Mystery and the first one in the series. The story takes place in 1814 in England, where Atlas and friend have stopped at an inn for some sustenance. After hearing a commotion in the yard, they investigate and find that a husband is auctioning off his wife to the highest bidder. Sensing that the woman is high born and disgusted at the spectacle taking place, Atlas makes a winning bid determined to see her [...]

    Although the historical details are well-presented, I struggled with characters I wasn't totally sold on. Atlas is a little too egotistical for his own good, and I never truly understood Lilliana (and though her motivations were sound, I wasn't entirely convinced by that whole plotline). The secondary characters were better, and I wonder if more will be done with Atlas's sister and his friend the Earl, but I'm not sure I'll wait for the next book.

    Cyn Mcdonald
    Mediocre. Not-quite-bodice-ripper crossed with Regency romance and disguised as a mystery. Far too much social criticism (women and children as property of their husbands, criminal homosexuality) to be an escape read.

    Barbara Rogers
    Series: Atlas Catesby #1Publication Date: July 11, 2017Delightful, cleverly plotted, well-developed characters and TWO mysteries that will keep you guessing right to the end. If you love Sebastian St. Cyr, Alec Halsey, Captain Lacey, etc. you will love this book as well. I believe this is Quincy’s first foray into writing a mystery, but it sure doesn’t seem like it. Atlas Catesby, youngest son of a baron, is a restless wanderer. He is brilliant and solutions to complex puzzles just leap out [...]

    With a cast of eclectic characters, an intriguing murder and a wonderful setting, Murder in Mayfair, the first release in D.M. Quincy's Atlas Catesby series, is a marvelous mystery set in 1814 England.Atlas Catesby's zest for adventure usually keeps him far from home, but he has been sidelined for months while waiting for an injury to heal.  When he and his good friend, the Earl of Charlton Gabriel Young stop for a meal, Atlas chivalrously steps in to rescue Lilliana Warwick when her odious hus [...]

    “Had his mount not lost its shoe on the return journey to London, Atlas Catesby would not have been in a position to purchase another man’s wife.” Thus is Atlas Catesby, younger son of a newly titled baron, thrust into a situation ending in murder.There are too many secrets and too many motives. It’s a good thing Atlas has a knack for unraveling riddles and solving puzzles, for he’ll need all his mental expertise as well as his observational skills to solve this problem—his life, Lil [...]

    Leith Devine
    Thanks to Crooked Lane Publishing and NetGalley for the ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.Murder in Mayfair in the first book in a new series, and I'm looking forward to the future installments. I love a good historical mystery, and really enjoyed this book. The book is set in 1814 England. Atlas Catesby and his friend, the Earl of Charlton, have stopped for the night at a country inn. Atlas is an adventurer and loves to solve puzzles, so when he hears yelling outside he and his [...]

    Missi Stockwell
    What do you do if you are enjoying a meal when you hear a commotion outside where a woman is being auctioned off by her husband ? If you are a gentlemen like Atlas Catesby, you venture outside. And if you are truly a gentlemen, you purchase the woman so that you can insure that she will be protected.After Atlas saves the woman from her cruel husband he takes her to his sister's home until he can get to know her and figure out the best way to help her. But before he can do that, things get worse. [...]

    This is the first in a new historical mystery series set in Regency England. My first reaction upon finishing it was "whoa, that was a fast read! It's over already?" and I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing. But it's got almost awkwardly big margins on the pages, plus plenty of space between the lines of type. I'm kind of wondering how many pages it would have been if it had been formatted in a less noticeable manner. Which is probably not what you're supposed to be wondering when [...]

    June Ahern
    I'm a fan of Anne Perry, 19th Century England murder mysteries, and now a fan of D.M. Quincy's Atlas Catesby amateur sleuth. Unlike Ms. Perry I was relieved didn't have to sit through another "ton" high society affair of divine gowns and stuffy men. Quincy gives just enough to envision that era whilst moving on with the sleuthing. Atlas, in the 30's, still grieves the death of his eldest sister, a death he says is murder. Because of it he is hyperaware of unfairness, especially toward women. In [...]

    Good but not great, with a lot of potential for future books in the series.Atlas (the eccentric unimportant fourth son of a new baron) is an interesting main character. He and the side characters (who are also intriguing) are under-developed in this first in a series, but there is a lot of room for growth. The behavior of the characters is often modern, but mostly in a believable way. They don't all act modern all the time, like in some historical fiction. Historical details otherwise seemed acc [...]

    Mystereity Reviews
    Murder in Mayfair is an excellent debut historical cozy, with a labyrinthine plot that pulls you deep into their Georgian era world from the very first page. It was so easy to lose myself in the world the author created, from the picturesque English countryside to London's dirty streets, the attention to period detail was adept without weighing down the story. This was the kind of book where the characters become almost like familiar friends, from the enigmatic Lilliana to the brilliant Thea to [...]

    Denise Van plew
    I was wanting something way different after draining read with this author catching my eye. New to me with this also being the first one in the series is a plus also. This is also set back a bit in time which means I get a adventure on top of a mystery. This centers around Atlas who has the knack for lots of things including catching the attention of a reader. This will also open up a delicious mystery that will be quite the puzzler for Atlas. He comes across the door to his mystery being sold t [...]

    A solid, though not sparkling addition to the genre of a historical mystery novel (or even of of the genre of Regency Novel, if we can create Heyette with creating a genre). The murder mystery is moderately puzzling, but the author does a good job of planting both clues and red herrings so the answer doesn't appear out of nowhere. The characters are engaging enough that you want to know what happens to them. The author has perhaps made them a titch too quirky, almost as if having a quirk could e [...]

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