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  • Title: Fire and Ice
  • Author: Rhonda James
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  • Page: 265
  • Format: Kindle Edition

  • [PDF] Read ☆ Fire and Ice : by Rhonda James - Fire and Ice, Fire and Ice They call me the DirtyGentleman My reputation precedes me I m forward on the ice and in the bedroomWith a filthy mouth and impressive moves I always get the job done I have my future all planned out G
    Rhonda James
    Rhonda James is an bestselling author who loves a good HEA, believes nice guys don t finish last, and strives to create a book boyfriend for all her readers Rhonda is married and lives in Michigan with her family When not writing, some of her guilty pleasures include kissing, diving into a good book, and wasting time on Facebook, though she may do one than the others.


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    Melissa Mendoza
    I need another kiss A real kiss this time The first one was just a taste A tease if you will And, it worked, because it left me craving Heat Rating 5 I need Vitamin D in my life stars Rhonda James has knocked this book out of the park My favorite of her books to date Derek Davis is known for being a dirtygentleman, and he s proud of that title While in Atlanta on an interview he meets Laney Dixon, by accident when she follows him into his hotel room Okay like pushes her way into his hotel roo [...]

    This DirtyGentleman has me all wound up Rhonda James has once again nailed it with this second book in the Sticks Hearts series I swear each book I read from her just gets better and better Laney needs an escape from a wedding she is attending and while in an elevator sees Derek who is in town for a job interview She decides to follow him and barges into his room The two have a flirtatious conversation over some tequila, there are some glances exchanged, then some touching They get interrupted b [...]

    Fire Ice Sticks Hearts book2 I was given an ARC for an honest review I hope this review will have people racing to get this book Rhonda James never disappoints I love everything she s written but The Sticks Hearts series has become my favorites by far Derek Davis is a hotter than hot hockey player who is at GLU in communication studies because he knows he won t be going pro Delaney Dixon is a dance major at GLU and works at The Library a strip club as a stripper The two first meet and sparks fly [...]

    If you re anything like me you already FLOVE Rhonda James I mean come on how could you not I ve read every one of her books and i swear after everyone I m thinking to myself Geezus how is she going to ever top this book and every freaking time she does not fail When i read My Only Regret I swooned HARD over Jesse Then i read Jersey Girl and I wanted my very own superman Now after reading Fire and Ice I m ready for a DirtyGentleman Our mouths come together for a soft kiss No tongue No lingering n [...]

    Fire and Ice by Rhonda James is a sexy love at first sight romance between a college hockey star and a feisty dance major which reads like a fine red wine allowing it to breathe and savor it Derek Davis knows as college is coming to an end so is his hockey career Making plans for his career brings Derek to Atlanta for an interview but he never thought a sexy brunette would barge into his life and his heart Delaney Dixon has guarded herself from everyone since losing her family Classmates snub th [...]

    I really love when a book takes me by surprise either by the direction the storyline goes, or how different the characters are from what I expected And Fire and Ice was a complete, and delightful, surprise, on both accounts Derek and Delaney are both so sweet, fun, and sexy, with such huge hearts Their connections is immediate and scorching hotd it wasn t supposed to last than one night But one night wasn t enough for either of them, thank goodness for us , and we re treated to such a wonderful [...]

    Stacy Aube
    I received and voluntary read an ARC of this book This book was read and reviewed by Stacy Aube for Cutting Muse Blog Review.If you ve read Jersey Girl this is a must read This is Derek s story, Dirty Gentleman Can one night of passion change this players way Lacey is the dance major who will do anything to save her childhood home.When the two have a wild passion filled night together it changes everything They can t stop thinking of each other They know nothing about the other so how will they [...]

    Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews
    Slick s review posted at Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews4.5 starsIt doesn t happen often but sometimes I start a book and I think I m not going to be able to finish it, but then something integral happens and I find myself completely caught up in the story and that s exactly what happened with Fire and Ice by Rhonda James This was the first book I read by this author although as soon as I finished it, I immediately went back and one clicked Jersey Girl, the first book in the series A well off coll [...]

    Nikki Reeves
    I really enjoyed book 1, but I loved this one Derek and Delaney are both such loveable characters, and I fell head over heels for both of them Derek is a player and doesn t plan on settling down anytime soon Although B has warned him to guard his heart because the right girl will eventually break threw his walls, Derek isn t concerned and doesn t plan on changing his ways That is until Delaney knocks him off his feet and leaves him wanting The Dirty Gentleman is about to get his heart tied up i [...]

    Derek is The Dirty Gentleman He is self assured, he knows what he wants out of life and it is not the path that his parents expect.Delaney is struggling to keep a small piece of her paste if she doesn t then it will have all been for nothing A chance encounter, where they both decide to live in the moment, ends up being the begining of the end Well, the end of the preconceived plans they both set in place They can t get out of each others mind There was something so different about that night Wi [...]

    Lauren Lascola-Lesczynski
    Ohh Myyyy GeeeDerekI mean could he be any cuter and sweeter and sexy and generous Talk about a HOT storyis was it for sure I loved that he was such man s man yet he knew how to be sensitive and caring Laneywhat can I say about her She is very strong willed and determined She is sexy as HELL and determined to keep everyone at arms length That is until she pushes her way into Derek s hotel room What was meant to be a quick get a way for Laney turned into a night that she will never forget When Lan [...]

    Kathy Rouchelle
    I adored this couple Davis and Laney are true magic from their first meeting This story is very will written with wonderfully written and enjoyable characters Davis is the kind of guy you wish you could have met when you were in college Strong, loyal, sensitive of feelings and being a total hottie doesn t hurt either Laney has her own issues that she tries to keep buried but finding herself falling deeper in love with Davis, can she open herself up to him and tell him all of her secrets without [...]

    Logan Hr
    Amazing as usual Miss James will blow your mind with her writing, story and characters this is one of those stories that even after you read it, it will stay with you for a very long time It was sweet and engaging, fun at time, crazy hot and even heartbreaking I can t wait to see what comes next

    Shannon Youngblood
    5 Stars Oh my dear Rhonda James, you ve healed my broken heart, and flooded my basement hehe How is this the first book I ve read by you This must be a mistake right Don t tell my husband, but I might have gone a little one click happy Sorrynotsorry When I first started this book, I was skeptical Girl see s ex, girl runs and hides, girl runs into new guy Heard it Oh but NO Not this version I hadn t and neither have you I m not gonna tell you what happens next, but it was fucking hot, and spontan [...]

    Three Chicks
    Review by Lisa KaneHope is a beautiful thing, and it s even precious when you lose it and it somehow finds its way back to you They don t call Derek Davis the Dirty Gentlemen for nothing This senior at GLU has got game, and I don t just mean on the ice He s in Atlanta interviewing for a job that thanks to his parents, is pretty much his if he wants it But before he goes back home to Ann Arbor, Michigan, things are going to get real interesting I ve just never found a girl who speaks to me in th [...]

    Diane Lynch
    Fire and Ice Sticks Hearts 2 by Rhonda James Rhonda James scores with FIRE AND ICE, the second book in the Sticks Hearts series While avoiding her ex at a wedding, Delaney Dixon meets Derek Davis thinking they will have a one night fling However, neither one can stop thinking about each other Too bad they really do not know much about one another, including where the other one lives This contemporary sports romance takes place in Ann Arbor, Michigan and Atlanta, Georgia It is suitable for New ad [...]

    Nerdy Dirty & Flirty
    CASSIE Fire and Ice is the second book in the Stick and Hearts series This series can be read as a standalone and each book is about a different couple I do recommend reading Jersey Girl only because you get to see the relationship between all the friends and that makes Fire and Ice even better.Fire and Ice is Derek and Laney s story Derek is a college hockey player getting ready to graduate and is in Atlanta for a job interview While there he is kind of attacked by Laney who is hiding from her [...]

    Jolanda Gelissen
    Fire and Ice tells the story of dirty gentleman Derek Davis He is a team mate of Brantley Cage, whom we ve met in Jersey Girl This second book in the series has a bit of overlap with the last few chapters of the first book There are also some recurring characters, which is a joy You don t necessarily need to have read Jersey Girl, but it does help, and also, why wouldn t you While in Atlanta for a job interview, Derek meets a mysterious beauty at the hotel They share an interesting encounter fil [...]

    4.5 stars Ladies, there s a new hockey player in town While he may be dubbed the Dirty Gentleman , Delaney Dixon is the one lady who can make Derek Davis fall to his knees I ll admit I grabbed this book to review based on two factors 1 HAWT cover and 2 he s a hockey player What I found to be interesting is that hockey wasn t as central to the story as expected In fact, this story turned out to be different and than I expected What started out as a chance encounter in a hotel room turned into a [...]

    Sarah Pie
    Hope is a beautiful thing, and it s even precious when you lose it and somehow it finds it s way back to you I didn t think I could love Laney and Derek as much as I loved Cassie and Brantley But let me tell you that I have never been so happy to be wrong I fell hard for Laney and Derek Not only were they hot as hell between the sheets, but they were such a strong unit when facing whatever life threw at them And they faced a lot of obstacles Laney just broke my heart with everything she had bee [...]

    Reviews from the Heart (Kimberly Anne)
    I adore Rhonda James Her books have a way of sucking you in and making you forget everything else I m talking late for appointments, or picking kids up from school Rhonda pulls her readers in and refuses to let them go until the very last word, and then you sit there thinking wow Fire Ice is the second book in the Sticks Hearts series Honestly, I loved Jersey Girl so much I was a little worried about this one Which was just crazy because this book was brilliantly written I instantly loved Laney [...]

    Lisa Marie
    Get ready for some heat with Fire Ice because Derek and Laney definitely have some sizzle I fell hard for Derek Laney s story giving them 5Stars I d give them a few if I could An unexpected meeting brings these two together if only for the moment Each forgetting their own secrets, worries and doubts but left wondering if there wasn t something there.Derek was first introduced in Jersey Girl book 1 He is a loyal friend to his hockey boys, a playboy dubbed DirtyGentleman by the ladies and not to [...]

    Wit & Wonder Books
    ARC provided by the Author for an honest review Sexy, Smoldering and Emotional This read will set your kindles on fire and melt your heart.Fire and Ice Sticks and Hearts 2 by Rhonda James is a fantabulous, emotional romance You will laugh, cry, and want to scream reading this book Derrick Davis DirtyGentleman is in town for an interview Laney sees him in the elevator and follows him to his room as she needs an escape from a wedding They drink a little and talk Laney bolts when Derrick gets a pho [...]

    4 5 Stars Spoiler Free ReviewFire Ice starts off with a bangwell, not a bang, but a pretty hot encounter between Laney and Derek The she disappears and he goes on a little treasure hunt to find her That s when things get hot.Then they go back to their real lives, but manage to stay in touch.Of course, no good romance comes without hitches and these hitches are pretty big When they finally meet up again, it is in the most inconvenient of ways and quite a shock to them both James has created some [...]

    Anne Mercier
    Fire Ice is a story about true love knowing it when you find it, and never giving up no matter what Derek has enough faith for both himself and Laney combined which is a good thing because sometimes she can t find hers Who can blame her after all she s been through Her story isn t an easy one It s one that only the strong survive Love Faith Hope Forever All I can do is stand by her side and love her through it all So, that s what I do It s what I ll always do.

    Katie Busch
    Love it Very intriguing storyline Kept me intrigued Didn t want to stop reading this book Love that hockey is incorporated in this book Laney is a strong female character Dirtygentleman is my kind of guy Five stars Keep up the awesome books Rhonda I received a arc in exchange for a voluntary review.

    Natalia Acuña
    I really enjoyed reading this books cause I had all the right things I look for in any book Hot moments funny moments sass and attitude gut punch moments So, what I m saying isop reading my review and buy the book And of course, find your special spot and enjoy it Happy reading

    Melanie (mells_view)
    Pretty good Pretty good.This was essentially your average college hockey romance A few things were standout to me I really enjoyed the heroine, Laney, and I m not exactly sure why Maybe it s because she was strong, but she was also vulnerable She wasn t too much of one personality and I enjoyed reading her from beginning to end.I read Jersey Girl awhile ago, so I don t really remember Derek that well, but I still enjoyed him I liked that he was a decent guy, and he did have some flaws too.If you [...]

    Sydney Hancock
    4 Stars Fire and Ice by Rhonda James is a perfectly titled follow up to the first book in the series, Jersey Girl We first met Derek Davis in Jersey Girl, and his insightful advice we saw in that book, carried over into Fire and Ice He is fire He is deep He unknowingly falls in love with a stripper Derek Davis is a college senior on the varsity hockey team This is his last year, and knows he isn t making it to the big leagues and is interviewing out of town Coming from an affluent family, he doe [...]

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