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  • Title: While You Are Away
  • Author: Eileen Spinelli Renée Graef
  • ISBN: 9781423113515
  • Page: 157
  • Format: Paperback

  • Spinellis lyrical, patriotic text and Graefs uplifting illustrations depicting military families combine to create a reassuring book about separation and reunion Full color.
    Eileen Spinelli Renée Graef
    Eileen Spinelli, wife of famed children s author Jerry Spinelli, is an award winning children s book author from southeastern Pennsylvania.


    Kelsie Williams
    I absolutely loved this book and cannot wait to share it with students! This book talks about what a child does when either their dad, mom, or papa is away. All of these family members are serving their country and that is why they are "far, far, away." I am eager to share this book with my students because I know that so many students in the Hampton Roads area suffer from their parents being deployed. This shows the students that other kids have the same feelings that they do when their loved o [...]

    J L's Bibliomania
    While You Are Away, by Eileen Spinelli, portrays three families with parents who are serving abroad. In simple verse, with repeating refrains, it tells of each child's hopes that their parent will return safely and ends with the joyous moment of homecoming. Some picture books are highly targeted to a specific age, and others are ageless. I can see how the repeating verses could be appealing to emerging readers and preschoolers, but they didn't really grab me.

    Courtney Raymer
    Personal Reaction- I really enjoyed this book because I have family in the military and even though this is a child's book I could easily relate to it. This story also had a good story line and pictures which helped make the book interesting and easy to follow. The vocabulary and sentence structure wasn't too easy but a little advanced which is good to read to young children. This story also shows good diversity in the classroom. Purpose:rich language: The sentence structure throughout the story [...]

    I was given this book as part of a volunteer program to read to small children. It was immediately obvious that the book was not for them. It was made for us, the adults, to help us feel better. The art style is very adult oriented and seems to immediately bore children. It's a bit long and droning and kids tune out quickly. Again, this isn't for them it's for you. Buy this if you want to FEEL LIKE you're educating your child about the realities of a war-centric lifestyle but know that it will u [...]

    The recurring scaffold poem that runs the length of the book illustrates three different children's experience in waiting for military service parents to return home from different tours of duty. Most likely an emotionally touching piece for children who experience this firsthand, the book is equally moving for anyone who has suffered a long seperation from a loved one. Also, the scaffold is a good model for some potential poetry writing for children. The happy ending of reunion is reassuring to [...]

    Marissa Reyes
    The text While You Are Away by Eileen Spinelli was a very well written portrayal of how service men and women's departures truly affect not only the adults involved but the children as well. The author did a wonderful job transitioning from one branch to the next and explaining different situations with the children involved. This is a timeless book because in years to come the branches of service will still exist and readers will still be able to connect to the storyline. Books like this are pi [...]

    Amy Lafleur
    Through Eileen Spinelli's lyrical text and Renee Graef's warm and cheerful illustrations, we see three children who each have a parent who is away in the military. Each child misses his or her parent and wonders what their parent is doing while they eagerly wait for their parent to come back. The book has a hopeful tone and the parents return in the end. Sweet story to share - especially with children with a parent away in the military.

    While you are on that big ship, Daddy, far, far away I tell you things. I pretend the wind can carry my words clear across the ocean right to your heart. At times a loved one may be far, far away, but that special person is never far from mind and heart. Eileen Spinelli's lyrical, patriotic text and Rene Graef's uplifting illustrations depicting military families combine to create a reassuring book about separation and reunion.

    We read this in preschool yesterday. One of my preschoolers has a daddy serving in Iraq currently. I was really struggling to get through the book. I get emotional with anything patriotic, and this is an emotional topic anyway. It was nice for the girl in my preschool to see that she is not alone in missing her daddy, and it was helpful for her to be able to talk about it. I'm glad Eileen thought to write a book about this topic. This is well-written and thought out from a child's perspective.

    Three different kids talk about their military parent and the anxiousness with which they wait for them to come home.A very soothing and beautiful read, especially for children of military families.

    A great story to use as a precursor to a parent's deployment. This one made me cry at the end, probably more so because I know that I'll be leaving my girls for a deployment soon and I will miss them terribly.

    This book would be a great book while learning about America and how the soldiers going away to war can effect the families left here. You could easily tie this book in with social studies or even use it around Veteran's Day and make an entire project basing it off of this book.

    Rachel Rouleau
    This is the second book we've grabbed recently without realizing it was about parents in the military going away. Irrelevant for us luckily, and over my three-year-old's head. She wasn't very interested. Probably good for elementary school age to discuss the topic.

    A great book about kids having solider parents away from home. Very well written, great pictures, great message! Patriotic all the way!

    A good book about children and their methods of coping with everyday life while a parent is deployed.

    Spinelli's lyrical, patriotic text and Graef's uplifting illustrations depicting military families combine to create a reassuring book about separation and reunion. Full color.

    Marlene Medina
    Don't read unless you're ready for your heart to shatter into tiny pieces for this hopeful book about children who wait for their military parents to come home. Brilliant!!!!!

    The lack of transitions in this book was jarring. I liked what it was going for but I felt like it could have had better execution.

    Reassuring poem following three children as they miss their parents who are deployed in the military.

    Nancy Vu
    This book is good to read when a student is sad that his mom/dad is gone from the military. This can comfort them by knowing that their parents will always love you no matter how far they are apart,

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