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  • Title: The Runaway Midwife
  • Author: Patricia Harman
  • ISBN: 9780062467317
  • Page: 311
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  • From the USA Today bestselling author of the Hope River series comes a new contemporary midwife novel.Say goodbye to your old life, and hello to the life you ve been waiting for Midwife Clara Perry is accustomed to comforting her pregnant patients calming fathers to be as they anxiously await the birth of their children ensuring the babies she delivers come safely intoFrom the USA Today bestselling author of the Hope River series comes a new contemporary midwife novel.Say goodbye to your old life, and hello to the life you ve been waiting for Midwife Clara Perry is accustomed to comforting her pregnant patients calming fathers to be as they anxiously await the birth of their children ensuring the babies she delivers come safely into the world.But when Clara s life takes a nosedive, she realizes she hasn t been tending to her own needs and does something drastic she runs away and starts over again in a place where no one knows her or the mess she s left behind in West Virginia Heading to Sea Gull Island a tiny, remote Canadian island Clara is ready for anything Well, almost She left her passport back home, and the only way she can enter Canada is by hitching a ride on a snowmobile and illegally crossing the border.Deciding to reinvent herself, Clara takes a new identity Sara Livingston, a writer seeking solitude But there s no avoiding the outside world The residents are friendly, and draw Sara into their lives and confidences She volunteers at the local medical clinic, using her midwifery skills, and forms a tentative relationship with a local police officer.But what will happen if she lets down her guard and reveals the real reason why she left her old life One lesson soon becomes clear no matter how far you run, you can never really hide from your past.
    Patricia Harman
    Patricia Harman has spent over thirty years caring for women as a midwife, first as a lay midwife, delivering babies in cabins and on communal farms in West Virginia, and later as a nurse midwife in teaching hospitals and in a community hospital birthing center.She spent over a decade in the sixties and seventies in her wild youth living in rural communes in Washington Tolstoy Farm , Connecticut The Committee for Non Violent Action and Minnesota Free Folk During the Vietnam years, she and her husband, Tom Harman, traveled the country, often hitch hiking, as they looked for a place to settle In 1974 they purchased a farm with a group of like minded friends on top of a ridge in Roane County, West Virginia Here on the commune, they built log houses, dug a pond, grew and preserved their own food and started the Growing Tree Natural Foods Cooperative.It was during this time that Patsy attended her first home birth, or less by accident Some people are destined, she has written I was staying at a woman friend s commune when she went into labor and I ended up delivering my first baby Soon after, Harman traveled to Austin, Texas to train with a collective of home birth midwives When she returned, she became one of the founding members of The West Virginia Cooperative of Midwives Her passion for caring for women and babies led her to become an RN as the first step in getting licensed as certified nurse midwife In 1985, with her children, a yowling cat and her husband she traveled north, pulling a broken down trailer to begin her training at the University of Minnesota where she received her MSN in Nurse Midwifery.For the past twenty years, Ms Harman has been a nurse midwife on the faculty of The Ohio State University, Case Western Reserve University and most recently West Virginia University In 1998 she went into private practice with her husband, Tom, an OB Gyn, in Morgantown, West Virginia Here they devoted their lives to caring for women and bringing babies into the world in a gentle way.When, in 2003, the cost of liability insurance for Obstetrics sky rocketed from 70,000 a year to 110,000, the Harman s decided to give up deliveries Though many loyal patients grieved the loss of their favorite mid wife physician team, the change in life style gave the author time to begin writing her first book, The Blue Cotton Gown A Midwife s Memoir.Patricia Harman still lives and works with her husband, Ob Gyn Thomas Harman, in Morgantown, West Virginia at their clinic, Partners in Women s Health Care Though she no longer attends births, she provides care for women in early pregnancy and through out the life span She brings to this work the same dedication and compassion she brought to obstetrics.


    When life becomes overwhelming, haven't we all contemplated "running away", if only for an hour, a day or a whole lifetime. That is what Clara does following a friend's suicide, her husband's infidelity, and an unexpected death of a mother in what should have been a routine delivery. As a midwife, Clara feels closely bonded to her patients and takes the loss hard. With her daughter continents away, there is little that compels her to stay and face her problems. She crosses frozen Lake Erie to Ca [...]

    I was looking forward to this one, as I typically enjoy midwife books. Unfortunately, here, that really had nothing to do with this story. The first 150 pages were about a woman on the run (completely out of character) where she was isolated and thinking out loud. After that things started to pick up where she met other people in town but I felt there was a lack of story here with loose ends. If you're a fan of bird watching and nature, you might enjoy this more than me. Her bird journals seemed [...]

    Kathleen Gray
    I liked this book! I liked Clara/Sara- she came through to me loud and clear as a very real person dealing with her issues in the only way she knew. You might quibble with her method of running away but she found herself in Canada. My only quibble is that this hits a lot of issues- suicide, death, midwivery, environmental/developmental concerns- but that's real life. You can't quibble with Sara's sensitive touch with Molly or her love of Tiger and the birds in her view (nice info btw), nor can y [...]

    Charlotte Lynn
    The Runaway Midwife is an interesting tale. A story of a wife and mother mourning the loss of a good friend runs away from her life. She not only runs but she leaves the country without a passport and becomes someone else. I cannot imagine living my life that way. She is scared of being found out at every turn she makes. She is afraid of making friends for fear that they will find out who she is. Clara is a sweet woman. Even on the hiding from the law she cannot hide her caring loving side. She [...]

    Sometimes a book just draws you into its universe so deeply, you feel like you are part of the story. I felt that way about Patricia Harman's The Runaway Midwife.Midwife Clara Perry is dealing with her husband's recurring infidelity, her painful estrangement from her daughter, and the shocking suicide of her best friend when a tragic end to a childbirth she was attending occurs.Fearing the consequences of that tragedy, Clara decides to runaway to a remote island town in Canada. She changes her n [...]

    As other reviewers and readers have stated, this book has a very compelling beginning. The first couple of chapters are very engrossing. However, once the character moves to Canada, it just feels like nothing. Of course this could be a realistic scenario--moving to some place new, and now having to deal with the mundane, instead of immediate danger. Still it doesn't make for compelling reading especially when the book focus changes from the heroine's situation to problems in the communityAlso, I [...]

    Mel Barnes
    Wow wow wow. I read this all today. It was fascinating and I would happily read more by this author.

    Kimberly Adam
    What a pleasant surprise! I picked this book up at the library based on the plot summary, and I really, really enjoyed it! Who hasn't dreamed of running away from life? Clara Perry has done it. The descriptions of Seagull Island and its inhabitants (animal and human) were so vivid that I could almost smell the salty air. The characters were realistic and fully developed. I was actually jealous of Clara's isolation, quite honestly. And I would love to visit Seagull Island, if it is indeed a real [...]

    I received a digital review copy of this book from the publisher via Edelweiss in exchange for a fair and honest review.Clara Perry is having a horrible year. First, a good friend commits suicide. Second, she finds out that her husband is cheating on her.n. And last, one of her midwifery patients dies in labor and Clara is wanted for questioning about medical negligence and possible manslaughter charges. Unable to cope with everything crashing down around her, Clara does the only thing she can t [...]

    Lisa Johnson
    Title: The Runaway MidwifeAuthor: Patricia HarmanPages: 399 (ARC)Year: 2017Publisher: William MorrowMy rating is 2 stars.Clara Perry is married with one teenage daughter and uses her midwife schools at a local clinic. Her best friend committed suicide six months prior, taking Clara completely by surprise. Clara is grieving her friend’s death when she discovers her husband is cheating on her…again. He has been doing this on and off for the past three years. Her daughter is in Australia studyi [...]

    Clara Perry is a nurse midwife who runs away from her life, her profession, her identity, her husband, and even her daughter. Fleeing to an island on the Canadian side of Lake Erie, she becomes Sara Livingston, at first isolating herself in a rented cottage, and hiding, lest her illegal entry into Canada, as well as the criminal charges awaiting her in the U.S, become known. Though she first avoids contact with anyone, she gradually begins to meet other island residents, and to become friends wi [...]

    When Clara decides to abandon her life (a cheating husband, an estranged daughter, manslaughter charges, and the guilt over her best friend’s suicide), she winds up on Sea Gull Island. This remote community on Lake Erie seems the perfect place for her to escape reality and assume a new identity. As Sara Livingston, she finds herself making friends and involving herself in local affairs despite her best efforts to remain guarded. Really, Sara’s just too nice not to be helpful and there’s no [...]

    The Runaway Midwife: A Novel by Patricia Harman is not the typical novel Harman writes. Her book starts off with a midwife who is in trouble with the law who leaves her husband by sneaking off to Canada under the cover of darkness. I will admit I was a bit disappointed with the beginning of the book, but as I continued to read her book I grew to love the story. I was impressed with how Harman managed to pull together an almost impossible plot to create a believable story.Recommend.Review written [...]

    Marci -Serendipitous Readings
    On the whole it was ok. Only problem I had was that the author mentions cell phone service being shoddy or next to impossible. few chapters later everyone is using their cell phones! At least keep the plot going with an accurate plot and plausible storyline.

    I received a copy of this book through the giveaway program. The novel, The Runaway Midwife, by Patricia Harman, is about Clara Perry, a nurse-midwife in crisis. First, her best friend and co-worker commits suicide and then a patient dies while giving birth (spoiler alert --- Clara is blamed for the death) and through all this sorrow her no-good, can’t-seem-to-keep-it-in-his-pants husband (a university professor) continues to step out on their marriage (with a student, no less). Finally, it a [...]

    Andrea Guy
    This was a "WOW" book at a time when I really needed a "WOW" book. Clara had some really bad stuff happen to her and she just disappears and when you read what happens to her in the first few pages of the book, well, if you could pack up what you could and start over again.I read Patricia's "The Reluctant Midwife" in 2015 and totally loved it.I've always like books with midwifes, but I've found very few that are contemporary. I had some odd problems with the book, starting with the woman that di [...]

    Janice Workman
    Book provided in return for an honest review. Like some of the other reviewers, I dove into this book thinking it would be about midwifery and births. In the literal sense, there wasn't so much, in the esoteric sense - it was the whole book. While not so much about Clara/Sara's profession and passion it was about the birthing of relationships, sense of self, life purpose, hobbies and interests, understanding, forgiveness, love. Woven through-out the pages are sights, scents, sounds, tastes and s [...]

    A perfect book for a Sunday afternoon by the fireReally enjoyed this novel of s woman caught in a difficult situation and finding a different life. Beautiful descriptions of Seagull Island made this a pleasure to read, it made me see the cold, storms and ice so vividly

    Vicky Boackle
    I enjoyed reading this book.

    Julie Humphrey
    I received this book in a Good Reads give away, I really enjoyed the book. Likable characters and a good ending.

    Var ret vild med Harmans "hope river" - bøger og ud fra forsiden gættede jeg på at denne var i samme stil. Blev skuffetHandlingen skrider kluntet frem, og der er for mange løse ender og kedelige passager.Hovedpersonen får folk til at kunne lide sig, men man forstår ikke hvorfor. Flere utroværdige karakterer.

    Katherine Jones
    Drawn by its intriguing premise, I was eager to give this novel a try, especially since I enjoy discovering new-to-me authors and, often, stories about contemporary midwives and the reinvention of self. The first pages showed much promise. In the prologue, I felt an immediate kinship with the as-yet-unnamed woman who “felt too much.” Is there a woman who can’t relate to that?From the hook prologue flowed several gripping chapters as Clara’s life crumbled around her and she scrambled to s [...]

    Sheryl Jones
    I was on a midwife trip .ur books about midwives when I started reading Patricia Harman's "The Runaway Midwife: A Novel". Perhaps if I had not read the other novels about midwives before "The Runaway Midwife" I would have liked it more and given it a higher rating. The other books had a clear flow of storyline chapter after chapter drawing the reader into the plot and helping to flesh the characters out early on so that reader was engaged in the characters lives.While reading "The Runaway Midwif [...]

    A well written storyI found the beginning to be a bit tv-ish, but then I wished I had the guts to be able to do what she does. And the writing takes you away. Also enjoyed the bird references.

    ***I WON THIS IN A GIVEAWAY***So, there was a part in this book that really pissed me off but aside from that, I actually liked the story and enjoyed waiting to see what new predicament Clare would find herself in. I did spend the first half of the book trying to understand her being so irresponsible but then I really thought about it and figured, everyone processes life's downs differently. Then, there were a lot of things happening to her and I was trying to be sympathetic. There was no shorta [...]

    This story show us that we can find new beginnings wherever we go and if we do the right thing most of the time things will work out.

    What an incredible story - really loved the story line and the characters. I caught myself several times trying to give the main character advice out loud. That's how into the book I was. Although the story contained a heartbreaking incident to begin with the plot adds humor and great character interaction as the book develops.

    I enjoyed the Hope River novels much more than this one.

    "Sometimes, I think, as a person emerges from great pain, the world seems brighter, the flowers more colorful, the sound of the wind in the trees more intense."First and foremost, if you think this book is about midwifery, you would be wrong, and you'd have spent the entire 416 pages (as I did!) waiting for some midwifery stories. This, instead is a story about Clara Perry, a nurse midwife living in West Virginia with her cheating husband, Richard. Her best friend Karen committed suicide, her da [...]

    This book starts off with an interesting and exciting premise as midwife Clara Perry is at a crisis point in her life and decides to escape to a Canadian island she had visited years ago. Once she makes her break, however, things slow down to almost a standstill and if this had not been a bookclub pick I would have given up on it for sure.All her reasons are given upfront for leaving: she has a cheating husband, her best friend committed suicide, she's estranged from her daughter and she's just [...]

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