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  • Title: Kríe Captivity
  • Author: Kora Knight
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 362
  • Format: Kindle Edition

  • Nira Astrum Industries newest charted planet Freshly discovered Wholly unexplored But that won t be the case for long Led by Captain Alec Hamlin, a team of explorers make an emergency landing and are soon confronted by their first Niran native A huge male Kr e packed with muscle, baring small, black horns and fangs Fortunately, he s friendly Or so he lets them belNira Astrum Industries newest charted planet Freshly discovered Wholly unexplored But that won t be the case for long Led by Captain Alec Hamlin, a team of explorers make an emergency landing and are soon confronted by their first Niran native A huge male Kr e packed with muscle, baring small, black horns and fangs Fortunately, he s friendly Or so he lets them believe With the help of his pack, the Kr e takes Alec s team captive, intending to sell them for profit But these Nirans aren t just shrewd, they re arrogant and domineering And most of all, extremely sexual Which explains why, on their journey to peddle their new wares, they feed Alec s team a powerful aphrodisiac Nothing like some decadent entertainment on the side Soon the team finds themselves feverishly trying to resist the growing urge to mount their seductive captors But as passion prevails and unexpected bonds form, so much is suddenly at stake With no time left, will a shift in Kr e perspective be enough to change the fate of Alec s team Warning Contains explicitly scorching gay sex with exotic and shamelessly kinky males of otherworldly descent Excerpt for adults only Alec roused to the crackle and popping of a fire and the sound of than one Gesh like voice Eyelids not quite ready to open, he shifted with a groan Then froze Somehow he was sitting upright but couldn t move Not much at least, thanks to something holding him secure by his throat and chest Heart instantly back to hammering, he forced his eyes to open so he could get busy assessing what the fuck Slowly, his blurry vision started to clear It was nighttime and, oh God, he was tied to a tree Great That d definitely make escaping a challenge Instinctively, he tugged at his snugly tied hands But when his wrists and forearms grazed his crotch, he made another startling discovery His dick was literally hard as rock, and his nut sac felt kind of swollen, too What the fuck Had he been having a wet dream while knocked out cold Talk about messed up timing Warily, he lifted his eyes to his surroundings A dozen yards away, poking at a campfire, Gesh sat talking to another Kr e Alec sucked in a breath as his eyes focused Oh, hell Make that three other Kr e And all of them were ransacking the team s rucksacks Alec glowered, until five Kr e strode into view Aw, fuck Tied up and totally outnumbered Gesh spotted him watching and sauntered over Grinning, the big fucker squatted down in front of him, his skin looking black in the firelight Alec, he greeted, his rich timbre smug Asshole, Alec irritably returned Gesh canted his head, his expression amused, then reached out and ran a claw down Alec s forearm Not hard enough to draw blood, but enough to warrant Alec s attention Because that black fucker was sharp and could definitely do damage Alec watched the thing until Gesh used it to lift Alec s chin, forcing Alec s gaze back to his Alec studied his face, his features inexplicably attractive, that tiny dark gold hoop through his nasal septum only adding to his exotic appeal And God, up close, his golden eyes were amazing Even if Alec was pissed at the guy They were stunning Damn near hypnotizing Especially with his black pupils all dilated like that Again, Gesh s lips curved into a grin I was impatient for you to wake, Alec Was impatient for us to talk Alec blinked, then froze Holy shit Gesh spoke English But wait No way was that possible Gesh chuffed out a laugh, his grin expanding until thick fangs dropped into view Wow, for such a bastard, the Kr e had a great smile.
    Kora Knight
    Kora Knight Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Kríe Captivity book, this is one of the most wanted Kora Knight author readers around the world.


    Shin Mon Thway
    Talk about salacious orgies and that was a one big super orgy! 😂 And I loved it. 😜 Alec and his team of scientists went to a recently discovered planet hoping to make some explorations and discovery of sentient beings. Little did they know, they got more than they bargained for and captured by humanoid aliens called Krie. 😁 Krie are not only sentient and very intelligent, they are also highly sexual creatures. In the world of Nira, there are no females and all creatures there are males [...]

    Elise ✘ a.k.a Ryder's Pet ✘
    ⋰⋱⋰⋱⋰⋱*Not sure how I feel*⋰⋱⋰⋱⋰⋱ Alien. I'm reading about purple aliens. And what a strange book it was. It was hot, but so damn strange. I felt like it didn't really have a story, but more a build up towards the sex finally happening. Oh and the timeline was 2 days I hate when it's so short, but luckily there's no love here.Though we don't met King Zercy until the end, he seems interesting.“If they’re not, we’re fucking screwed.” Alec wondered if he’d meant th [...]

    That's it I've read everything she's written, and I kinda want to cry. No, I definetly want to cry. This book is MFing awesome! And way too short. This cliff hanger hurts my soul. I WANT THE NEXT BOOK NOW!!!!!!

    3.5 starsSo yes there was dubious consent and yes it was basically just group sex with alpha humans and even more alpha aliens. I should be ashamed of myself for reading it AND liking it. But I did. It was hot AF.#sorrynotsorry

    Lorraine Lesar
    If you like your erotica with an actual storyline, then this is for you. But I warn you now, the ending is going to slay you.

    Steph ☀️
    Now that was fun!Thanks to Lorraine’s review on GR, I decided to give this a go and was so happy I did. To be honest I was a little bit confused in the beginning, but it didn’t last long. Also, will the author let us know what happens to the team during the year while they are waiting for their rescue? In addition, I also want to know what will happen once the rescue arrives.

    ⚣❣☙ Michaelle ❧❣⚣
    4.2 StarsHoly hell! I did not expect to like this book as much as I did given it's less than auspicious/slightly dub-con nature. But the world-building was top-notch and the characters engagingt to mention it had some hot AF sexing. *fans self* I'm really hoping for that massive cliffhanger to be resolved ASAP with a sequel.

    What a surprise! This novel is soooooo good. Although the story is erotica, there’s a beginning of a story and some interesting world building enmeshed in this novel. The dub con isn’t bad at all. The team is given an aphrodisiac, but the Krie are adamant about not engaging in sex until the humans consent a.k.a. beg for it, which is all well and good. As biologically impossible as the sex was, it was oddly erotic and enjoyable. Definite bonds form as each Krie takes a liking to a specific hu [...]

    Very interesting and quite entertaining.Original story line with some huge, sexy, purple aliens with dreads, fangs and horns. Hooo boy!A team of Earth scientists are sent to Nira to explore this new world. They crash and are found by Gesh and his pack. So begins an erotic adventure with some twists and turns.I am starting Zercy right away. This series is just sucking me right in.

    JustJen "Miss Conduct"
    Review by The Blogger Girls.Well, this is an interesting start to a new series! I’m not generally a fan of sci-fi stories, unless it’s by an author on my auto-buy list. I have yet to be disappointed.In this story, a team of humans has been sent the planet Nira to recover the previous team who disappeared. Right away, the new team runs into trouble, but the story quickly changes to the original team to show what happened.The original team had much the same trouble as the recover team, but the [...]

    Good start to a new series from Kora. There is a storyline, but wrapped up in the erotica tag, so that may put some readers off. Huge purple alpha aliens who only want men, no females yet in sightwell, colour me shocked!! :D. The crew of the downed ship were unrepentant alpha males too, which made for some exciting battles of wille humans unfortunately were second best and all gave in to their captors eventually but not without some epic struggles. This was hot, sexy and full of imaginative stuf [...]

    This book serves as an introduction to Kora's new Nira Chronicles series; erotica set to an alien AU landscape. In this installment we meet our human characters, their would be rescuers and the mysterious Kríe. The Kríe unfold to the reader from the perspective of our human leader Captain Alec Hamlin, and like so many of us, he makes assumptions about them based on the little he sees. He, and we, are quickly disabused of our belief in what we think we know. The Kríe are intelligent, strong an [...]

    Jo * Smut-Dickted *
    Great start to a series about a group of men who crash land on a planet looking for life. Well they found life - that's for sure. A group of 7 ft tall alien's with horns and big packages.d there's no mail here. you figure that one out. I loved the story - but felt like having all of the couples stories was a bit distracting. I think I would like it better if each book was about a couple (no matter how many are in that couple). It was hot - very hot - and I am most definitely reading the next in [...]

    Petronella Ford
    Holy moly!I loved the Up Ending Tad series but where do you go from there. The answer is clearly space. And boy does the author go places no one has gone before! There is a strong and good storyline and amazing, sizzling hotness. I read this in one sitting and am literally panting for the next instalment

    Joseph Tonlet
    Just as I expected; effin' awesome! Just one question, Kora, how do I get my own Kríe? Cuz I want some of that! *naughty grins*

    3.5 stars This is basically porn with plot, not my usual choice of reading, but now and then it’s okay. I already knew the author and I saw this was on Kindle Unlimited, so I tried it. I feel like I should say “I tried it, despite the purple aliens”, but let’s be honest: I read it mostly because of the purple aliens, I was missing my favorite purple alien and went on to shamelessly find myself a suitable surrogate.These purple aliens have nothing on my beloved Ondry from the Claimings se [...]

    Expectations were high having adored the steamy and well written 'Upending Tad' series, and romantic sci-fi being a favourite genre of mine. But only a few pages along, disappointment set in. I didn't enjoy the initial action scenes or the team's dialogue. Nor the many central characters quickly introduced - 12 of them, not even counting the aliens - including eye and hair colour description of them all. Like wtf? However, I did enjoy the world building and there were smexy hot scenes. I might j [...]

    Wellat was something. I enjoyed the bit of world building we got, the beginning was very well done I think. It then basically turned into a massive orgy, well, not orgy, more like everyone having sex but separately. The ending was kinda sad. I was pissed off of course, and then mad, especially at Gesh-what a fuckhead, what did he think? And while I currently hate this Zercy guy, I reckon he's going to have redeeming qualities (oh he better!)

    Ok, going to be honest, I have a few favorite erotic stories that include Kari Gregg’s “Tame a Wild Human” and “I, Omega”, and Morgan Hawk’s “Lost Star” that I reread from time to time. This one won’t be added to the short list.

    Kylie The Bookaholick
    4 Captivating Intriguing StarsThe only reason why I cannot to rate this a 5 star is because there is a CLIFFY!!!Please note that before you go any further Warning: Contains explicitly scorching gay sex with exotic and shamelessly kinky males of otherworldly descent. I have been a Kora fan since the beginning of the Upending Tad series. I have loved her books. So when she announces that she was writing a new book I was all over it. I have to admit that this is my first book if this kind. I have r [...]

    Kiki Clark
    **Originally Posted on Kiki's Kinky Picks**Kríe Captivity by Kora Knight was delicious goodness. Absolutely kinkilicious and a great set up to a brand new series, The Nira Chronicles, I was captivated by Alec, his team, and the Kríe. (See what I did there? ;) )If this book is any indication, then this is going to be a spectacular series. Very different from Kora’s Upending Tad series (obviously, it’s sci-fi) but just as hot.Seriously, this baby is hot, hot, hot.I was a little apprehensive [...]

    Laura Nelson (Tangents and Tissues)
    So anyone who knows me, knows that I am a MAHOOSIVE fan of the Upending Tad series. I was, therefore, waiting with baited breath to see what Kora would publish next. After reading the synopsis of this story I couldn’t wait to read it: sci-fi, spaceships, new planet, space exploration, purple ‘stacked’ (*coughs* in ALL areas!) aliens……OH MY!!!This installment starts off with Garret Scott and his team being deployed on a mission to rescue their colleagues who crash landed on the planet a [...]

    Wow, I am sooo disappointed. I absolutely love the Up-Ending Tad series, I've read it several times and it is one of my favorite mm series. I didn't mind that this book was sci-fi, not a genre I usually read, but since it was written by this author wow, wow, wow, so disappointing.Yes, it is hot, a very hot erotica. And that's it. At least Up-Ending Tad #1 suggests a romance. Nothing romantic yet, but it is almost there. This book, on the other hand orgy 100%, which I hate, specially when I am lo [...]

    **ARC RECEIVED FOR HONEST REVIEW**REVIEWING FOR ONE CLICK AHOLICS BOOK GROUPWOW !! Where to start with this review This is completely different to Kora's "Upending Tad" series but oh so hot !!! I loved the way she described the Krie aliens and the planet they live on. Also, instead of it being that Alec and his crew are attracted to the Krie, they're kind of tricked into liking them. Tricked into wanting the forbidden fruit that only the Krie can give them. As i say this is completely different [...]

    Cliff hangers, I hate cliff hangers!This book lost a star for the cliff hanger, I truly hate them! However, it is a very good start to this new sci-fi world from Knight.I've loved her previous two erotic romance with BDSM twist series' and was looking forward to this one too.Overall she delivers a rich world with an intriguing cast of new species and culturally diverse behaviour with the spice and heat of an erotic romance mixed with an element of mystery thriller - think Avatar with more sexy t [...]

    Ria -Reading Is Our Satisfaction
    Oh to be captured by a Krie!!!!Kora Knight has moved her m/m tales into the world of the paranormal, and what a successful move it was!Along with all the sexual anticipation and innuendo from her previous books, she has given us so much more. Alex and his Earth crew have crashed landed on Nira and have been captured by Gesh and his band of Nirian hunters. What ensues is one hell of a sexy story and ride. Twists and turns abound - in normal "Kora" fashion.I loved this book. I read it in one compl [...]

    Fascinating storyThis is a fascinating story with some interesting characters. Looking forward to reading more.Well-written with a captivating storyline that had me eagerly turning the pages.

    3.8* interesting start to a series. Very erotic fantasylooking forward to the developing storyline. As always with Kora Knight's books this was way too short. Can't stop thinking about the storyline, characters, and world building.

    I'm seriously about to cry (the cliff hanger ending) ugh! I want the next book now and I want poor Noah to be back with Gesh, safe and sound, and I want all these guys to get a HEA. It will be torture till the next book comes out.

    Whew!!I flew through this book. I love this author and can't wait for her next book. This book was erotica plus some seriously interesting aliens.

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