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  • Title: A Lady's Vanishing Choices
  • Author: Wareeze Woodson
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 177
  • Format: Kindle Edition

  • A Lady's Vanishing Choices Best Download || [Wareeze Woodson] - A Lady's Vanishing Choices, A Lady s Vanishing Choices After running away Bethany Littleton alone in a forest witnesses a man burying a roll large enough to hold a corpse She thinks she has escaped undetected but danger follows her Lord Rivton is in s
    Wareeze Woodson
    I write and read historical romance along with other romance genre I married my high school sweetheart and raised 4 children We have 8 grand grandchildren.I admit all this tech stuff is a little over my head and leaves me frustrated enough to scream.Singing with a group called the Silver Belles is one of my favorite past times My husband and I enjoy fishing but other than that, I prefer the great indoors where the air conditioning roams free.


    I really struggled with this story There seemed to be far too many plots and assorted characters all vying with one another and in the end I was just confused Bethany was a total, spineless wimp in places her constant crying drove me mad And I had no idea why Royce suspected her of being a spy.And whiskey NO Whiskey in England refers to Irish whiskey A true English gentleman would never have drunk that He would have drunk whisky Scotch

    sharon sobzak
    EntertainingAn active story of romance and intrigue, although some depth is missing from the romance as the two really shared no info with each other to really know one another A lack of honest communication and greed creates troubling situations for most of the characters.

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    Inspite of a thrilling and mysterious storyline laden with romance ,this book failed tobkeep me hooked in and become my favorite I can t quite put finger on what exactly went wrong, but something did, apparently That being said it was good enough to be read once The h is damsel struck with relatives who loathe her and uses her as maid due to circumstances and the head of the family is not even her legal guardian.Her guardian has left her in someone else s care ,to fend for herself ,with no care [...]

    Book Him Danno
    A lovely historical romance that will keep the reader s interest until the final chapter Who is the brains behind the dastardly plot to steal the list of double agents working in France A poor, and apparently not so bright, girl is drawn into the mix when she discovers a body being buried She soon attracts the attention of the local Lord Lt of the county and while trying to keep his younger brother away from her falls head over heels in love with her This is a rousing novel that will keep ever r [...]

    Good mix of adventure and romance Royce is brilliant as a spy, and although it takes him awhile to realize Bethany is innocent and her family are awful, he does protect her from the evil Laurent and her uncle and aunt Bethany is sweet and smart, but has heard her family s criticisms too long to not be affected by them I really like John and Sarah, who seem helpful and kind to Bethany The book was too long, could have been about 100 pages shorter, but I love that both Laurent and his spies got wh [...]

    Deb Diem
    A Lady s Vanishing Choices by Wareeze Woodson is a fabulous historical romance Ms Woodson has delivered a well written book The characters are outstanding Bethany and Royce s story is loaded with drama, suspense, action and sizzle This story will grab you at page one and not let you free until the end I enjoyed reading A Lady s Vanishing Choices and look forward to reading from Wareeze Woodson in the future This is a complete book, not a cliff hanger.

    Bethany witnessed the digging of a grave she believes In trying to escape a killer she almost runs her gig into Lord Riverton Her family has done their best to convince everyone that she is bonkers If she tells her story she could end up in an insane asylum But now someone is trying to kill her.

    Kyra Carr
    Excellent Romantic Adventure Ignorant EditingThe story kept me until the end of the book, however the truly DUMB errors were ridiculously irritating Men wore Breeches not britches Man milliner not man miller Ms Woodson has talent as a writer, but really needs an editor who knows the regency period a great deal better than she does Better luck next time.

    Sandra G. Coffey
    Good StoryThe only reason for giving this a three rating is because the story is good, however, the problem is this book is entirely too long It should not have taken 22 chapters before Royce believed Bethany and then a total of 36 chapters get this story told I definitely will not be reading another book by this author.

    This was recommended to me We have Bethany who sees a body being buried and Royce is moving to the area and being the law Royce was a huge jerk I really didn t like him at all Bethany was a pretty good character I enjoyed the story it was well done.

    Sandie Parrish
    A Lady s Vanishing ChoicesThis is a fun quick novel to read Who is trying to kill whom, the bodies start to pile up quickly, they are fairly certain who the killer is but he couldn t have done some of the murders Does he have an accomplish If so who is it

    Jodie Durham
    Twisted in insignificant wordsReading this book was almost a chore The characters hard to follow within the twisted verbiage that at times tripped over words meaning the same thing Once I figured out how to skim over the dwaddle it was easier to follow the story line.

    Gloria Gay
    This was one of those books that when you finish it you look up the other books by this writer since the book was a guarantee that the next book by her will also be a winner.The story had great suspense and villains you love to hate, plus the plot was enthralling What can a reader want

    The storyline was enough to keep my interest, but I did find it a little choppy If you are looking for a clean romance, then I recommend this book.

    Enough intrigue, deflection mistrust to keep your interest.

    Difficult to comprehendNot a great read There were too many characters not explained and too many strange words I did not enjoy the book

    Luauna Parker
    Ok StoryThis book is OK The characters were not fleshed out completely which made them boring The story hold my attention because it felt like it started in the middle.

    Pretty typical A lot longer than it had to be.

    Marsha Vail
    A fun and exciting bookI like the mystery the book had to offer and I also liked the heroine The book moved at a good pace

    SuspensefulSo many twists and turns I couldn t even guess what would happen next Characters that I really could get into and what a way to watch them grow.

    Theresa Needham fehse
    Free book for honest review juliesbookreview Synopsis After running away, Bethany Littleton, alone in a forest, witnesses a man burying a roll large enough to hold a corpse She thinks she has escaped undetected, but danger follows her Lord Rivton is in search of a spy and must investigate Bethany s family, his closest neighbor Both at cross purposes, the sparks fly, and when he rescues her, he places her in a compromising position They marry as expected, but their road is not smooth She is still [...]

    Joan Reeves
    Mystery Wrapped in a MysteryIf you re looking for a Regency historical, this is it This is a mystery wrapped in a mystery surrounded by a mystery If ever there was a downtrodden heroine, it s poor Bethany She s been mistreated and abused her entire life When she witnesses a sinister act, her very life becomes endangered She certainly deserves a dashing hero to take her away from her miserable existence From the moment she meets Royce, her life changes for the better even though it seems someone [...]

    Carly Jordynn
    I have to admit, this book surprised me I have never read regency romance before and thought I would be bored The well developed characters and plot line, however, make this book anything but boring The book offers romance, murder, and surprising plot twists The female lead is a young woman who is down trodden by the uncle and aunt she lives with Another reviewed compared her to Cinderella and that is an apt description The male lead was irritating at first, but developed into a loving, compassi [...]

    Patricia Wissore
    This is my first book by this author The story line was excellent with many twists and turns The problems I had were with the language I understand that writers like to use historical talk, but the cant talk made it hard to follow and understand quite a bit through the story I found myself skimming over passages, unable to read the exact words due to this I also wasn t impressed with Royce through the story His actions towards Bethany before the marriage and after, as well as his attitude to Ele [...]

    Camila De la cruz
    This book has a lot of intringue and action, but the romantic scenes were few Cover was misleading The narrative thread isa bit long for my taste The ending was okay All in all, you want know who if Bethany really witness someone burrying a corpse in middle of a forest, or if she misunderstood You also want to keep reading to know who wants to kill Bethany There s also the question of who s the french spy looking for a war memorandum for Napoleon If you like suspense novels, you ll want to read [...]

    A murder mystery and a little romance, Who can go wrong This book was very good I enjoyed it Bethany had some hard times growing up but she finds love This book was one I would tell my sister about I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review

    InD'tale Magazine
    A Lady s Vanishing Choices is a re telling of the classic Cinderella tale mixed with intrigue and murder Read full review in the 2016 May issue of InD tale Magazine.

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