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  • Title: Running: A Love Story: 10 Years, 5 Marathons, and 1 Life-Changing Sport
  • Author: Jen A. Miller
  • ISBN: 9781580056106
  • Page: 333
  • Format: Paperback

  • Jen Miller has fallen in and out of love, but no man has been there for her the way running has.In Running A Love Story, Jen tells the story of her lifelong relationship with running with wit, thoughtfulness, and brutal honesty Jen first laces up her sneakers in high school, when, like many people, she sees running as a painful part of conditioning for other sports ButJen Miller has fallen in and out of love, but no man has been there for her the way running has.In Running A Love Story, Jen tells the story of her lifelong relationship with running with wit, thoughtfulness, and brutal honesty Jen first laces up her sneakers in high school, when, like many people, she sees running as a painful part of conditioning for other sports But when she discovers early in her career as a journalist that it helps her clear her mind, focus her efforts, and achieve new goals, she becomes hooked for good.Jen, a middle of the pack but tenacious runner, hones her skill while navigating relationships with men that, like a tricky marathon route, have their ups and downs, relying on running to keep her steady in the hard times As Jen pushes herself toward ever greater challenges, she finds that running helps her walk away from the wrong men and learn to love herself while revealing focus, discipline, and confidence she didn t realize she had.Relatable, inspiring, and brutally honest, Running A Love Story, explores the many ways that distance running carves a path to inner peace and empowerment by charting one woman s evolution in the sport.
    Jen A. Miller
    Runner, writer, Garden State Defender My latest book, Running A Love Story, is about all three.


    I have read Miller's writing in the NYT and Runner's World and liked it; this, not as much. While this claims to be a love story about how she falls in love with running, most of the book is spent on three of Miller's long-term relationships with men, two of which are pretty psychologically abusive, and her attempts to change herself to please the men. Running factors into those attempted changes, and much of the time she is talking about running in the book makes it sound like another abusive r [...]

    Jenny (adultishbooks)
    I was not sure of this memoir at first since it could come across as self-indulgent, focusing on the men in her life as much as the running. I felt connected somehow to the author since running did help me through a break-up as well. I enjoyed the structure of the book as it was broken down to the training periods for each major race she did. Not everyone might enjoy this memoir for the above the reasons but I enjoyed it and blazed through it. 3.5 Stars

    Terri Broemm
    3.5 Is this a book about running-or relationships with the wrong men? It won't really teach you about either-how to have a healthy relationship or how to be a better runner. Its just one woman's story. Either way-it is an easy read that runners will relate to and has motivated me to lace up my shoes and get out there and run.

    Read this book in 24 hours which for me is a sign that I really enjoyed it :)Couldn't relate to the many relationship squanders Jen went through, but definitely relate to her running story. Having run my first half just recently, a lot of her feelings surrounding running are oddly familiar.

    Oy, with the relationships already. Wow - I know it's more confusing in the midst but that was painful. Overall enjoyed the book and the structure was interesting, stretching relationships and running development over the chapters while starting each chapter with part of the account of that one particular marathon that seemed to be the real one to her - the one where she really got it - where it was about the running and not about anything else. I don't know - as I finished I thought "4*'s!" but [...]

    Darn. Disappointed. This is not the female empowerment book you are looking for. Strongly prefer Jasmin Singer's Always Too Much And Never Enough for a powerful, fun book about identity, self-confidence, relationships, body-image, empowerment and running. Also, after listening to the Rich Roll podcast with Robin Arzón, Arzón's forthcoming Shut Up and Run: How to Get Up, Lace Up, and Sweat with Swagger might fit the bill (adding to the to-read list). Writers, read this for: How could structure, [...]

    Her journey with running, health, and her love life. I was expecting it to be a little more inspiring but I left the book thinking that running is hard and takes a lot of time. Which is true.

    i dont run, so i couldn't really relate to that part, but the book is so much more than that! worth a read!

    I identify with the way the author uses running to overcome life challenges, particularly when dealing with failed personal relationships. However, I felt that she could have dug deeper and brought more depth to the connection between mind, body, and feelings.

    Gregory Roberts
    Outstanding Book!!!Great story, about why many of us are runners.

    Not really about her "love of running" more like her hate relationship with it until the end? Funny parts, more of a guide on why not to date a-holes.

    Lara Lillibridge
    I am not a runner, nor do I ever want to be a runner, so this isn't the sort of book I would normally gravitate to. But this is a book about relationships, which is something I do enjoy reading. I liked the back-and-forth time jumps, Miller's direct prose. I didn't get bored during the running parts like I thought I would has the appeal of all the underdog sports movies I love. It was inspiring to see someone push themselves hard just to satisfy themselves—not to win a medal, or national recog [...]

    I'm in the early weeks of marathon training, so it's super inspiring to listen to running memoirs, especially by other women, while I'm actually running! I love hearing their stories and all the ways I can relate to their experiences. The structure of this book was cool--she alternated between relating her experience with one particular marathon and the years that led up to that and the roles running and love played in those periods of time. I found much to relate to in Jen and this was an enjoy [...]

    Aaron Barnhart
    As advertised, a brutally honest memoir from a woman whose low self-esteem made her a sitting duck for emotionally manipulative men — until she discovered the life-changing magic of running. Here's the funny thing about running, and Jen Miller is a good example of it. You start doing it for other reasons — losing weight, resculpting your body, impressing a partner. And then one day, running tells you the real reason you're running. That is the big reveal at the end of this book. Before we ge [...]

    I was pretty critical of Elizabeth Gilbert but this makes her seem like the patron saint of humility, nuance, and self reflection. I didn't hate this book, I did listen to it all the way through. But I felt like she was trying to be Sex in the City for runners. I got it that even while guys came and went, running was with her forever. Her race reports were interesting and kept me listening. But the person they chose to read it didn't help, it was sort of like when James Earl Jones was reading te [...]

    I have read many, many books about running, but this is one of my favorites, maybe my favorite. Certainly, it's my favorite in recent memory. It's not just about running, and it's not just about Miller's love life. It's equal parts of both, and with just one or the other, it wouldn't be a very good book. I find books solely about running get a bit boring, as often do books about love. Miller managed to meld the two nicely here. I'd definitely like to read more of her writing. My only question is [...]

    Lisa Votraw
    So much of her story is so similar to mine, its a little eerie. Its not often I read a book and think I want to be friends with the author. This book is dangerous though; despite my repeated insistence that I'd never do another marathon, I very nearly signed up for one half way through the book.

    I have picked up this book at a perfect time. I am currently mustering energy to resume running and wanted to read something along those lines to inspire me. This was a very good read, its not instructional but rather an honest account of ones thoughts, feelings and experiences while running and using running as a cope mechanism.

    Karen Hapgood
    Should be titled - Disapointing Love stories - 10 years, 3 sucky boyfriends, and a couple of pre & post breakup races. I wanted a book about the love of running, and this is not it. I finished it because I hoped for a resolution but it didn’t really come. I know it’s a true story but I didn’t enjoy this book much at all. Recommend “The Long Run” instead.

    Kathy Helmond
    I loved this. Almost didn't read because of the negative reviews but I thought the relationship parts of the story were integral to her relationship with running. Good reminder to persevere - in running and in life! I read it in a day so you know I loved it!

    We all get into running for different reasons. I enjoyed how the author (disclosure: a friend) shared her messy truth about life and relationships, and how running helped her get through the good and the bad.

    Gregory Byerline
    More about the author's love life mixed into her running life. Talented storyteller (4 stars) though the content was something other than I anticipated or hoped (2 stars). Almost put it down and didn't finish, but this runner is not a fan of DNFs.

    Jen's memoir and reflections on running, relationships and life spoke to me. The memoir feels incredibly real, honest and raw. I appreciated the way Jen tied in her relationship to running with her personal relationships, and her journey to self-love— a really touching thread within the book.

    Mythili S
    I’m not much a runner, but it’s something I’ve turned to recently because it turns I don’t hate it when I do it on my own terms. It’s also simple- not easy - but simple. My favorite quote “in running, the only markers you try to beat are your own”

    Loved this book, and it reminded me of why I love to run, deep down.

    Disappointed! Was looking forward to a good, inspirational book on running. Instead I was pulled along a series of horrible relationships and lifestyle habits. Ugh. Don't recommend at all.

    Quick read a runner, from South Jersey, close in age to the author, I enjoyed the familiarity in this book.

    runner or not, this book offers a lot that we can all relate to. However it also gives us average runners some hope and just shows we are not the only ones struggling to fit in.

    A nice, light-ish memoir to listen to on audio. Definitely more Love Story than Running, so be warned.

    Megan Stypinski
    This is a great book for any runner. Her anecdotes about her love-hate relationship with the sport are relatable and hilarious.

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