Ô All the Ways We Kill and Die: An Elegy for a Fallen Comrade, and the Hunt for His Killer ä Brian Castner

  • Title: All the Ways We Kill and Die: An Elegy for a Fallen Comrade, and the Hunt for His Killer
  • Author: Brian Castner
  • ISBN: 9781628726541
  • Page: 265
  • Format: Hardcover

  • Ô All the Ways We Kill and Die: An Elegy for a Fallen Comrade, and the Hunt for His Killer ä Brian Castner - All the Ways We Kill and Die: An Elegy for a Fallen Comrade, and the Hunt for His Killer, All the Ways We Kill and Die An Elegy for a Fallen Comrade and the Hunt for His Killer The search for a friend s killer is a riveting lesson in the way war has changed The EOD explosive ordnance disposal community is tight knit and when one of their own is hurt an alarm goes out When
    Brian Castner
    Brian Castner is a former Explosive Ordnance Disposal officer and veteran of the Iraq War He is the author of the best selling All the Ways We Kill and Die and the war memoir The Long Walk, which was named an Best Book of 2012 and adapted into an opera by the American Lyric Theater in New York His writing has appeared at The New York Times, The Atlantic, VICE, Wired, Outside, The Daily Beast, and on National Public Radio His newest project is The Road Ahead, a co edited anthology of short stories from veteran writers.


    This book was welcome relief after being underwhelmed by Billy Lynne s Long Halftime Walk The title of this book alone grabs your attention This book is along the lines of The Things They Carried It starts out with the death of Castner s EOD comrade in Afghanistan You go inside a military funeral which was very heart wrenching Also the horrors of IED warfare are on display in this book Castner vividly conveys this to the reader You also follow wounded EOD warriors on their long road to recovery [...]

    Sandi van
    Brian Castner is a veteran of the Iraq war, a former EOD officer turned writer, who is able to tell stories in a way that will greatly expand your knowledge and understanding of war, will deepen your appreciation for the nuances of military culture, and will tear your heart to pieces All the Ways We Kill and Die seeks to find the man behind Castner s friend EOD brother s death by taking the reader on a multilayered journey into modern warfare It isn t a dry, science heavy account There is scienc [...]

    I am not normally a fan of books written by soldiers about their time in battle, because the writing tends to be very dry and bland Brian Castner s book caight my eye because the main plot was anout finding a terrorist killer, than a recitation of battles fought.This story focused on Matthew Schwartz, an EOD tech who was killed by an improvised explosive device IED that exploded under his truck The author gives us a background of Matthew Schwartz s life he was a soldier, a husband, a father, a [...]

    Brian Castner came out of the military with a new profession, that of writer But his military background has stayed with him, part of his bone and blood and soul This book traces his hunt for the why and how behind the death of a friend and military brother from an IED I would not do justice to the book if I tried to summarize it, but if you serve in Iraq or Afghanistan or you know someone who did, or if you have followed our military and our wars over the past 20 years, you will find this book [...]

    Janice Sheufelt
    A very intense book, highly recommended, an excellent way to learn about and appreciate our people serving in the military.

    There are a couple of things I m bringing to this book that I need to say up front About once a year someone hands me off a revolution in warfare via the addition of trons book and I get about 25 pages into hearing about how reality is morphing into science fiction before it takes that one way ride over to the 1 2 price book store I also need to juxtapose that with the facts that I ve gone downrange with Explosive Ordnance Disposal EOD though not my career field, I consider them battle tested o [...]

    Melissa Embry
    How many people does it take to design the perfect IED In All the Ways We Kill and Die, Brian Castner, combat veteran and former explosive ordinance disposal officer, posits an answer Maybe it only takes one, a single shadowy figure who he calls the Engineer And after Castner s best friend and fellow EOD member is killed in Afghanistan in an attack that appears deliberately aimed at the EOD team, he sets out on the Engineer s trail Because it s not enough to kill the person who set off the bomb, [...]

    ALL THE WAYS WE KILL AND DIE is a hard book to classify part elegy, part war memoir, part investigative journalism, part technological treatise on how modern war differs from those past, and how it doesn t Perhaps the hybrid nature of the work explains why it did not garner a wider readership upon first publication, or it could be that most Americans are simply no longer very interested in taking a deep dive into the wars being fought in their name Regardless, I highly recommend this book It s i [...]

    Rob Ratajczak
    I ve never served, but best selling author, Brian Castner s portrayal of the Explosive Ordinance Disposal EOD brotherhood in his latest book, All the Ways We Kill and Die makes me appreciate their service all the Castner writes a remarkable tribute to his friend and fellow EOD technician, Matthew Swartz, after he was killed on his sixth tour in Afghanistan This book details Castner s quest to determine who killed his friend His theory is a man he calls the Engineer the master bomb builder of th [...]

    Erin Miller
    Some people are worth killing than others It s interesting, how we re taught that war is dehumanizing and impersonal, and maybe that was once the case, but Brian Castner presents a convincing picture that this is no longer true War is personal It is targeted There are hit lists and biometrics tracking devices and it s all planned Not only is this book an appropriate elegy to Matt Schwartz, it s a fascinating and informative look at this new type of war Anyone who wants to know how the war in th [...]

    I had the good fortune to make it to a release party of this book on March 1st, where Mr Castner did some selected readings from it During the question portion of the evening, Mr Castner resisted the label of journalist, noting that reporters can get all of the facts right, but not get to the truth.This book is tangible evidence of that struggle The act of writing it, the book itself, and the subject matter therein are parts that Mr Castner successfully assembles and disassembles again and again [...]

    The EOD explosive ordinance disposal brotherhood has suffered many casualties in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars Brian Castner, in his second book, focuses on the hunt for the man behind the design and manufacturing of the devices that kill and maim so many of our soldiers, The Engineer A powerful read that examines the tactics and technology used by the military to go Left of Boom, the U.S military s effort to disrupt insurgent cells before they can build and plant bombs.

    Paul Womack
    A deeply moving book It moves on several levels There is the human dimension and the technical dimension The technical can kill and maim, and does, but a deeper story of love and camaraderie also proves that our humanity can and often endures For me an important lesson is this if war makes me cynical, it has won the battle for my heart That cynicism too must be disarmed.

    Powerful book, not an easy read, about war in Iraq and Afghanistan Reminds me of the movie Taking Chance which is also very powerful but not easy.

    • Ô All the Ways We Kill and Die: An Elegy for a Fallen Comrade, and the Hunt for His Killer ä Brian Castner
      265 Brian Castner
    All the Ways We Kill and Die: An Elegy for a Fallen Comrade, and the Hunt for His Killer