Unlimited The Taming of the Drew - by Stephanie Kate Strohm

  • Title: The Taming of the Drew
  • Author: Stephanie Kate Strohm
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  • Page: 255
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  • Cass McKay has been called stubborn, temperamental, difficult, and that word that rhymes with witch times than she cares to count But that s all about to pay off She has finally landed the role she was born to play Kate, in The Taming of the Shrew in the summer apprentice program of a renowned Shakespeare theater company in the forests of Vermont.But Cass can bareCass McKay has been called stubborn, temperamental, difficult, and that word that rhymes with witch times than she cares to count But that s all about to pay off She has finally landed the role she was born to play Kate, in The Taming of the Shrew in the summer apprentice program of a renowned Shakespeare theater company in the forests of Vermont.But Cass can barely lace up her corset before her troubles begin Her leading man, Drew, is a complete troll, and he s going to ruin Cass s summer Even worse, Cass s bunkmate Amy has somehow fallen head over heels for Drew Cass can t let Amy throw herself at a total jerk, so she comes up with a genius plan to give Drew the personality makeover he so desperately needs they ll tame Drew just as Petruchio tames Kate But as Shakespeare s classic plays out offstage, Cass finds it harder and harder to resist falling for Drew herself.The best kind of entertainment, The Taming of the Drew is smart, funny, fresh, and original You re going to love this badass heroine and her friends You might even end up liking Drew, too.
    Stephanie Kate Strohm
    Stephanie Kate Strohm is the author of The Taming of the Drew, Pilgrims Don t Wear Pink, Confederates Don t Wear Couture, and the upcoming It s Not Me, It s You and Prince in Disguise She grew up in Connecticut and attended Middlebury College in Vermont, where she was voted Winter Carnival Queen Currently she lives in Chicago with her fiance and a little white dog named Lorelei Lee.


    Cait • A Page with a View
    Oh dear This was a total DNF but I m confident enough in my rating that we re going ahead with it The idea of a retelling of The Taming of the Shrew sounded awesome, but I really couldn t sit through another page of the cringeworthy writing You know the kind of YA contemporaries that clearly sound like they re written by adults who haven t really interacted with a modern human teenager in a long time The kinds of books where texts are like Connor its ovrAmy Y Connor we gradu8ed an I wanna hook u [...]

    Juliana Riccio
    This review can also be found at Procrastinating With BooksARC from EdelweissWhen I picked up this book and by picked up, I mean picked up my phone and opened the ebook , I didn t expect much from it I mean, sure it had a nice pun for a title and being an English Literature graduate, I was definitely attracted to the Shakespeare thing going on, but this book surpassed all of my expectations.It was entertaining, amusing and cute, without getting to the cheesy point Okay, maybe a little cheesy, bu [...]

    Christina (A Reader of Fictions)
    Many eons ago, I loathed a book by Stephanie Kate Strohm Weirdly, though I m usually very forgiving, I was so angry at it that I never wanted to touch her books ever again Past Christina s good opinion once lost was lost forever apparently Present Christina knows that bad books happen to good authors and gave Strohm another try The Taming of the Drew has some problematic elements, but also has a super awesome ship and A banter.The Taming of the Drew has the makings of a really excellent romantic [...]

    Jamie (Books and Ladders)
    Disclaimer I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.Actual Rating 4.5 I will be reviewing this as part of our BAMF Reviews on Books Are My Fandom with Dani and Iris Wheeee this was a fun one I went into this not knowing exactly what to anticipate except for a summer romance and some Shakespeare, but I got some great female friendships, a swoon worthy love interest, and sword fighting This one is definitely for those of you who want your contemporary with romance, but [...]

    When Thomas Allen Son pitched the premise for The Taming of the Drew by Stephanie Kate Strohm, I was instantly sold Having always loved unique spins on classics, I was shocked that I had missed coming across it through my various searches As a big fan of anything Shakespeare, whether it be an inspired new tale or a spin on a beloved classic, I knew Stephanie s latest would be a must read You ve never used a sword before Really I can do a mean forward roll, The Taming of the Drew was a perfect su [...]

    Eri (Airy Reads)
    DNF at 38% The premise of this book seemed cute, but it failed in its execution because the heroine came offa little too strongly There is one prank that appalled me, thus I am not continuing this book, even if the themes of this book might appeal to those who like cute hate love tropes.

    Morgan (The Bookish Beagle)
    Bleh I finished.

    Rachel Strolle
    Cute I m also a huge sucker for Shakespeare stuff though

    I RECIEVED AN ARC FROM EDELWEISS IN EXCHANGE FOR AN HONEST REVIEW THIS DOES NOT AFFECT MY VIEWS OR OPINIONS OF IT IN ANY WAY.This was a very cute contemporary read.Summery from Cass McKay has been called stubborn, temperamental, difficult, and that word that rhymes with witch times than she cares to count But that s all about to pay off She has finally landed the role she was born to play Kate, in The Taming of the Shrew in the summer apprentice program of a renowned Shakespeare theater company [...]

    Jade Walker
    Drew and Cass are quite possibly one of the cutest couples in YA this year, seriously, this was a super adorable read made so much better because of the two main characters From their fun first meeting to the last page, this was an entertaining and smooth love story that developed in a believable pace with brilliant supporting characters that help everything fall into place.This has happened a few times recently where what looks like a super cute read lacking substance blows me away It happened [...]

    Fun, quick paced story Even if you don t like Shakespeare, you will enjoy this.Cass, a redhead with a temper, gets a spot in the summer acting camp that she has always dreamed of Once there, she meets the others and has an instant disliking to Drew That is okay because her roommate does like him They decide to play some practical jokes in a effort to tame him, but all it does is backfire As the weeks progress and they get close to showtime she realizes that she may actually like him.Digital ARC [...]

    2.5 Stars This was an average YA romance If that s a genre you like you ll enjoy it My biggest problem with it was that I found Cass pretty unlikable, and the relationship that developed seemed too unrealistic to me It was an interesting reworking of The Taming of the Shrew though.Received from Edelweiss.

    Erin Makela
    This was a fun little read incorporating Shakespeare s Taming of the Shrew with Summer Theater camp The dialogue is fun and snappy, and the cast of characters includes pro skater boys and crazy theater people what could you ask for in a Shakespeare retelling

    Alright, alright I will say first off I was a little biased to begin with because Taming of the Shrew is my favorite Shakespearean play but this book met my expectations and I enjoyed every minute reading this book Cass is such a rich character and I could feel her emotions come alive I love that she wanted to pull her own taming of the shrew on Drew which for most of the book was fair because he was annoying No other character in the book was down played and I loved that they all came to life [...]

    Mary Booth
    Ahhh I didn t want this book to end I related to the main character, Cass, in so many ways, and I love reading about her and her friends Heidi and Amy Strohm s writing in this book is hilarious and heart tugging, and so witty I laughed out loud during every chapter As a theatre nerd, and former high school actor, I LOVED getting into the nitty gritty of the rehearsal process, especially a Shakespeare play, and all the technique and mishaps that happen during it Some of my favorite scenes were Dr [...]

    Munira Ali
    It was so cute I needed a light adorable read to be a break from A little life and this book was just perfect for that If you want an easy read that requires no thinking, no emotional rollercoaster, I d really recommend this one.

    I loved the plot of the book, but I was shocked to find out that Taylor already had a girlfriend, because throughout the book he gave the vibe that he really cared about Cass He did not seem like a no strings attached kind of guy, so it was unexpected.

    Literature quoting characters That s enough to make me happy

    Angie Bowker
    Teenage love story based on Shakespeare.

    Cute book that did a good job of mixing Shakespeare and modern life.

    While I was familiar with the storyline, I actually haven t reading the Taming of the Shrew so I was quite interested in the premise of this book Unfortunately, it wasn t very good The story itself ended up being very weak, I greatly disliked the main character, Cass and I really didn t like the dialogue way too OTT.The reason that I kept reading this book when I would have usually DNF d it was Drew I was actually quite interested how SKS would turn Drew from a pompous, allergic to everything so [...]

    Dani (Dani Reviews Things & Love in a time of Feminism)
    Disclaimer I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.The Taming of the Drew might be my favourite contemporary of the year so far It s a hate to love romantic comedy done perfectly, complete with Shakespeare quotes everywhere.In The Taming of the Drew, Cass heads off to a summer theatre apprenticeship to play Katherine, the shrew from Shakespeare s Taming of the Shrew She arrives to find that her counterpart, Drew, is a bit of a douchewaffle , but still her roommate de [...]

    Ella Zegarra
    Original de El Blog del Gato El Extra o Gato del CuentoHasta ahora no ha habido libro de Sky Pony Press que haya le do que no me guste, The Taming of the Drew felizmente no fue la excepci n, aunque por sus primeros p rrafos pens que si lo seria.La manera en la que Cass se presenta en la historia, o sea, los primeros p rrafos da a entender que ser a otra historia donde la hija no acepta el nuevo matrimonio de sus padres y hace berrinche escap ndose En serio, todo lo que me hizo teorizar Stephanie [...]

    Andrea at Reading Lark
    Review Posted on Reading Lark 7 14 16 readinglark 2016 I have been a fan of Stephanie Kate Strohm s work since her debut novel, Pilgrims Don t Wear Pink I was excited to see her branch out from Libby although I love that character and hope to see her series continue in the future The Taming of the Drew is a Shakespeare inspired summer romp that will leave you laughing.The novel begins when Cass, the main character, is making her way to her summer Shakespeare internship in rural Vermont A mishap [...]

    Deanna Pina
    The Taming of the Drew by Stephanie Kate Strohm is a quick, fun summer read Cass, our lead character, has been cast as Kate in the SAD production of The Taming of the Shrew SAD stands for Shakespeare at Dunmoor, an apprentice program for young actors Cass enjoys most of the other actors in her ensemble with the exception of Drew, a guy who can match her rude and obnoxious nature Amy, Cass new friend, falls for Drew, and they, along with their roommate Heidi, decide to tame Drew the same way Petr [...]

    Katie Fitzgerald
    Cass has just arrived at the Shakespeare theater company in Vermont where she will spend the summer as an apprentice and act in the role of Kate in The Taming of the Shrew Here she meets Drew, who is cast as her leading man in the play, and whom, from their first meeting she absolutely cannot stand When her bunkmate develops a crush on Drew, Cass decides to help her out Using the play as their guidebook, the two girls will tame Drew and mold him into boyfriend material In the meantime, Cass will [...]

    John Clark
    Theater is pretty much everything to Cass McKay, especially after her parents divorce which was messy and acrimonious Thankfully, she s getting a chance to escape for several weeks as part of a summer Shakespearean theater camp in the Vermont wilderness On stage, she can feel freedom, excitement and power, things her real life has pretty much been lacking recently In fact, off stage, her romantic experience is almost zero When her first interaction with another camp member occurs after he rear e [...]

    Taming of the Shrew has been one of my favorite Shakespeare plays since I was too young to really know the significance of Shakespeare I was ensnared by the chemistry filled performances in the film version with Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton As I grew older, however, I began to question whether the play was sexist, an idea that I haven t ever truly gotten away from despite my high school English teacher s vehement put down of the idea that I put forth in an essay Then again, I can t dismis [...]

    I loved this book Full disclosure, I love theater in general, and Shakespeare specifically however, I m pretty sure I would have enjoyed this book regardless The dialogue was true and funny the tiniest bit over the top in places, but hello Have you spent time with theater people BELIVEABLE I wasn t sure at the beginning that I would be able to forgive Drew his egregious early behaviors correcting the director on theatrical exercises Correcting Cass on her push up form General insufferability , s [...]

    4.5 really,I thought this book was pretty cool, but of course the Shakespearean language was a bit difficult to understand Overall it was good this wasn t a 5 for me because i couldn t totally you know feel the love i mean even though Cass fell in love with Drew I mean a girl who s never thought about starting any relationships all of a sudden falls in love with a guy in just TWO WEEKS Not only that she also has this major crush on Taylor Griffath in the beginning

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