☆ Reader, I Married Him: Stories Inspired by Jane Eyre ↠ Tracy Chevalier Joanna Briscoe Susan Hill Elizabeth McCracken Nadifa Mohamed Audrey Niffenegger Patricia Park Francine Prose

  • Title: Reader, I Married Him: Stories Inspired by Jane Eyre
  • Author: Tracy Chevalier Joanna Briscoe Susan Hill Elizabeth McCracken Nadifa Mohamed Audrey Niffenegger Patricia Park Francine Prose
  • ISBN: 9780062447098
  • Page: 255
  • Format: Paperback

  • This collection of original stories by today s finest women writers including Tracy Chevalier, Francine Prose, Elizabeth McCracken, Tessa Hadley, Audrey Niffenegger, and takes inspiration from a line in Charlotte Bront s most beloved novel, Jane Eyre.A fixture in the literary canon, Charlotte Bront is revered by readers all over the world Her novels featuring unforThis collection of original stories by today s finest women writers including Tracy Chevalier, Francine Prose, Elizabeth McCracken, Tessa Hadley, Audrey Niffenegger, and takes inspiration from a line in Charlotte Bront s most beloved novel, Jane Eyre.A fixture in the literary canon, Charlotte Bront is revered by readers all over the world Her novels featuring unforgettable, strong heroines still resonate with millions today And who could forget one of literature s best known lines Reader, I married him from her classic novel Jane Eyre Part of a remarkable family that produced three acclaimed female writers at a time in 19th century Britain when few women wrote, and fewer were published, Bront has become a great source of inspiration to writers, especially women, ever since Now in Reader, I Married Him, twenty of today s most celebrated women authors have spun original stories, using the line from Jane Eyre as a springboard for their own flights of imagination.Reader, I Married Him will feature stories by Tracy Chevalier, Tessa Hadley, Sarah Hall, Helen Dun, Kirsty Gunn, Joanna Briscoe, Jane Gardam, Emma Donaghue, Susan Hill, Francine Prose, Elif Shafak, Evie Wyld, Patricia Park, Salley Vickers, Nadifa Mohamed, Esther Freud, Linda Grant, Lionel Shriver, Audrey Niffenegger, Namwali Serpell, and Elizabeth McCracken Unique, inventive, and poignant, the stories in Reader, I Married Him pay homage to the literary ge
    Tracy Chevalier Joanna Briscoe Susan Hill Elizabeth McCracken Nadifa Mohamed Audrey Niffenegger Patricia Park Francine Prose
    Born 19 October 1962 in Washington, DC Youngest of 3 children Father was a photographer for The Washington Post.Childhood Nerdy Spent a lot of time lying on my bed reading Favorite authors back then Laura Ingalls Wilder, Madeleine L Engle, Zilpha Keatley Snyder, Joan Aiken, Susan Cooper, Lloyd Alexander Book I would have taken to a desert island Anne of Green Gables by L.M Montgomery.Education BA in English, Oberlin College, Ohio, 1984 No one was surprised that I went there I was made for such a progressive, liberal place in creative writing, University of East Anglia, Norwich, England, 1994 There s a lot of debate about whether or not you can be taught to write Why doesn t anyone ask that of professional singers, painters, dancers That year forced me to write all the time and take it seriously.Geography Moved to London after graduating from Oberlin in 1984 I had studied for a semester in London and thought it was a great place, so came over for fun, expecting to go back to the US after 6 months to get serious I m still in London, and still not entirely serious Even have dual citizenship though I keep the American accent intact.Family 1 English husband 1 English son 1 tortoiseshell cat.Career Before writing, was a reference book editor, working on encyclopedias about writers Yup, still nerdy Learned how to research and how to make sentences better Eventually I wanted to fix my own sentences rather than others , so I quit and did the MA.Writing Talked a lot about becoming a writer as a kid, but actual pen to paper contact was minimal Started writing short stories in my 20s, then began first novel, The Virgin Blue, during the MA year With Girl With a Pearl Earring written in 1998 , I became a full time writer, and have since juggled it with motherhood


    I have only recently read Jane Eyre for the first time, and I have completely and utterly fallen in love with it I don t know why I was so nervous to read it It is sheer perfection in book format So if you haven t yet had the pleasure of reading Jane Eyre I suggest you remedy thatHASTILY If a positively glowing review of all things Jane would help to sway you in your decision to reading it then you can find my review here.This year also happens to be 200 years since Jane Eyre s author Charlotte [...]

    Diane S ☔
    It has been quite a while since I have read Jane yre, maybe too long, because some of these stories I just could not see the connection In some it was easy because they directly used something from Jane yre, a name in most cases Some of the writing was good, atmospheric but some were just okay, not much of anything Didn t really have a favorite, though I did like the story with the pit bull called Mr Rochester, obvious connection and all The best part of this was all the well known authors contr [...]

    Rebecca Foster
    A mixed bag Although there are some very good stand alone stories from Tessa Hadley, Sarah Hall, Emma Donoghue and Elizabeth McCracken, as you might expect , ultimately the theme is not strong enough to tie them all together and some seem like pieces the authors had lying around and couldn t figure out what else to do with Think about it this way what story isn t about romance and the decision to marry A few of the tales do put an interesting slant on this age old storyline by positing a lesbian [...]

    Nenia ✨ Queen of Literary Trash, Protector of Out-of-Print Gems, Khaleesi of Bodice Rippers, Mother of Smut, the Unrepentant, Breaker of Convention ✨ Campbell
    Instagram Twitter Facebook PinterestLike most of the people picking up this title, Jane Eyre is one of my favorite classic works of literature It seems a bit coincidental, until you really take the time to think about it What bookish girl or boy wouldn t want to read a story about an intelligent, plain, and stubborn heroine who ends up getting her own grand, epic love story even if it is a bit of a downer Jane is the EverygeekADER, I MARRIED HIM is an anthology of stories from many different aut [...]

    Arzu Altınanıt
    Ve nihayet bir EV R DAHA B TT Nihayet diyorum nk 21 kad n yazardan 21 farkl hikaye Tek ortak noktalar Jane Eyre n kilit c mlesi olan READER, I MARRIED HIM den ilham al nm olmalar 21 farkl yazar, 21 farkl tarz demek Bir yazar n tarz na al ana kadar biten hikaye demek K sacas biraz evirmen yakan kitap demek Benim de beynim yanmad desem yalan s ylemi olurum Bir de en zor hikayeyi en sona b rakma aptall n g sterince D Ama ok sevdim, hikayelerin o unu ok sevdim Hele o yazarlardan birinin Elif afak ol [...]

    A grim mockery of a tribute to my beloved Jane Eyre.These short stories don t work together as a collection Although each is supposedly inspired by Jane Eyre, the contributions were disparate and abstract apparently to merit a place in this collection the author just needed to touch briefly on the theme of marriage Jane Eyre is about than marriage What about female self determination and fulfilment, huh One of the authors, and yes I am going to name and shame, Susan Hill hasn t even read Jane E [...]

    Diane Barnes
    Like most short story collections, especially an anthology by different authors, some stories rated a 2, some stories rated a 5, and 3 s and 4 s were mixed in as well So a solid 3 stars for the whole, which I enjoyed immensely.Twenty women authors were asked to write a short story based on Jane Eyre , using as a springboard the famous line, Reader, I Married him So these stories all have something to do with marriage or the idea of marriage, in one way or another Some of them stick to Jane Eyre [...]

    Katie Lumsden
    Quite a mixed lot of stories some 5 star, and quite a lot 1 star that I didn t get much out of I was a bit disappointed, and overall, I don t think they work together as a collection The vast majority are not inspired by Jane Eyre but by the line Reader, I Married Him or just by marriage in general, and then there are a few that are very directly inspired by Jane Eyre which leads to quite a disparate collection that feels like every writer was working to a different brief There are some real gem [...]

    Io ce la vedo la curatrice che invia una bella email a tutte le sue amicicce di penna Ciao ragazze Riesumatemi qualsiasi straccio che avete nel cassetto, quelle robe impubblicabili che nemmeno vostra sorella ha avuto il coraggio di leggere ci facciamo una bella antologia del lettore non si butta via niente , la spacciamo come ispirata a Charlotte Bronte, che quest anno c un qualche anniversario, e ZAC , ci siamo E alle timide domande di chi si informava qualcuna ci sar stata, anche qualcuna che [...]

    U startu nisam puno zagledala u naslovnicu da bih primjetila da pi e PRIPREDILA Trejsi evalije, nije napisala nego priredila Pro itala sam tri knjige od Trejsi Djevojka sa bisernom min u om, Izuzetna stvorenja i Posljednji bijeg pa sam se radovala i ovoj Knjiga je, u stvari, zbirka kratkih pri a od raznih autora, neke imaju smisla i dala bih im istu peticu, a za neke sam se pitala ta sam upravo pro itala PU predgovoru imamo par stranica obja njenja kako je nastala knjiga, zatim dvije stranice o [...]

    Pro itala sam je samo zbog lez pri e Od prvog trena kada ugledah ti lice Ta pri a i jo par su simpati ne, ali ostalo prili no lo e

    Simpati na kolekcija, ima i pri a koje su mi se svidele i pri a koje nisu nerazumljivih, poetskih, apsurdnih, komi nih, itd Za detalje pro itajte nastavak Ven anje moje majke Tesa HadliJedna od du ih pri a iz kolekcije, to u tek kasnije saznati, sme tena u ruralnu Englesku s kraja 70 tih, i opisuje ven anje u hippie stilu, sa likovima slobodoumne majke, inteligentnog momka, pronicljive devojke i plahovite sestre.Kraj je nedore en, ali mi se dopao, a celokupan utisak je jedan od najboljih Sat u i [...]

    Lightning review at Smart Bitches, Trashy BooksReader, I Married Him Stories Inspired by Jane Eyre consists of twenty one short stories As per the title, they were inspired by Jane Eyre, but in many cases, the link is so tenuous that you would never know that the story was inspired by Jane Eyre if it weren t placed in this anthology There are several about interrupted weddings and unsatisfying marriages Some stories are re tellings of Jane Eyre from other points of view Edward Rochester muses on [...]

    I waited a few days to post this review as I wanted to remove myself from the grumpy state this book gave me I love Jane Eyre, it s a classic for a reason Jane is the first oddball girl who sticks to her chops and is tenderly optimistic, sometimes in the face of great disasters I recieved an ARC of this book so some of the stories may have changed but I feel like this book is a collection of amateur writers given the words Reader, I Married him as a writing exercise in which they had to create a [...]

    I love Jane Eyre, so obviously I was very excited about this Like any collection of short stories there were some stories I loved, a lot of stories that I enjoyed, and a few stories I didn t like The stories ranged in how much they were based on Jane Eyre, and I think I would have liked the books better overall if the stories all seemed to based on the original material Some stories were clearly based on Jane Eyre and some were based around major themes from the novel, but they were others that [...]

    Bit of hit and miss, mostly miss, because I didn t see a common thread between them all, not that it should feel common , but I would have preferred the Jane Eyre inspiration to be less abstract I most enjoyed the Grace Poole story, The China from Buenos Aires Patricia Park , and A Migrating Bird Elif Shafak.

    This book was not what I expected, so I think I liked it less than I maybe could have I thought it would be stories based on Jane Eyre, but instead it was stories inspired by the line, Reader, I Married Him from the novel.

    Originally published at Reading RealityJust like it says on the label, this is a collection of short stories inspired by Jane Eyre Before I get into the quality of the stories, I d like to touch on that inspired by bit.I ll confess it has been a long time since I read Jane Eyre And I ll also say that it will probably be a long time, if ever, before I read it again While it feels like a progenitor of the Gothic romance school, Jane s situation as an impoverished governess, and her realistic lack [...]

    Kathryn Bashaar
    Most people who know me well know that Jane Eyre is my favorite book of all time I first read it when I was 11, and I loved it so much that I went right back to the beginning and immediately read it again An 11 year old has way free time than 60 year old with a family, a house and yard, a responsible job at a bank, and a somewhat neglected avocation as a writer But I digress.All of the stories in this collection are based in some way on Jane Eyre, either subtly or very specifically Since Reader [...]

    In Grace Poole Her Testimony , one of the stories directly related to Jane Eyre, the doctor who examines Rochester s wife is seriously into phrenology, and makes diagnoses accordingly My poor lady s skull showed an enlarged Organ of Destructiveness such a case as this, the doctor said, it would be wise to shave the head entire, the clearly to see how the organs display themselves Mrs Poole adds some interesting backstory to the classic, as Jean Rhys did inThe Wide Sargasso Sea.All in all, this [...]

    Kristin Davison
    This is a selection of stories by different authors that was released to celebrate the 200th anniversary of Charlotte Bronte s birth The stories are either based around the themes of Jane Eyre or are continuations variations of Jane Eyre.I ve known about this collection since it came out and have been desperate to read it Jane Eyre is my favourite book and I live fairly close to the Bronte Parsonage and was able to visit the Charlotte Bronte 200 exhibition that was curated by Tracy Chevalier I p [...]

    A neat premise, and most of the stories were enjoyable with a couple of notable duds I won t name , but it wasn t always easy to see how these grew out of the source material Standouts, as you might expect, included the stories by Elizabeth McCracken and Emma Donoghue This did suffer a bit from having been read immediately after Jane Steele, which is the best Jane Eyre inspired fiction this Reader has ever read.

    Leggere racconti come mandare gi uno zuccherino dietro l altro Volevo leggerla da tanto, questa raccolta, e non mi ha deluso Ho scoperto di apprezzare particolarmente le raccolte scritte da autori diversi danno parecchi spunti Una piacevolissima lettura per chi, come me, ama Jane Eyre e Charlotte Bront.

    This was a collection of short stories inspired by Charlotte Bronte s Jane Eyre There were some modern takes on the story and stories based around the line Reader, I married him Some of the stories that stood out the most to me were, Grace Poole Her Testamony by Helen Dun, Reader, I Married Him by Susan Hill, and The Orphan Exchange by Audrey Niffenegger.There should be a story in this collection that appeals to everyone.

    Lynne Perednia
    Perhaps it s a reflection of this summer of anger and fear, perhaps it s a yearning to return to a beloved book, but there are occasions when riffs on a known story provide a rewarding reading experience.That has been the case with Reader, I Married Him It s a collection of stories edited by Tracy Chevalier, all based on that famous line from Jane Eyre Written by a wealth of modern female authors, the stories are far varied than one might first suspect Part of this may well be because the idea [...]

    Emilyat Reaching While Rooted
    I have read and reviewed some amazing short story collections this summer by Elizabeth Strout and Haruki Murakami So naturally, I dived into Reader, I Married Him with high expectations The short story collection is based off of the closing line to the ever lovely Jane Eyre, and is a compilation of twenty one authoresses why don t we use this word , several whom I have read and loved.Shoving aside my expectations of the stories being glorified Jane Eyre fan fiction after reading the foreword I [...]

    Postcards from far away
    L ho terminato, scrittore mio.Essendo Jane Eyre il mio romanzo preferito, quando leggo qualcosa riguardante quel mondo che, in mano a nuove penne, hanno cercato di cambiare qualcosa del romanzo della Bront , seppur cosa minima, io ne rimango delusa e, oltremodo, amareggiata.In questo caso posso dire che non sono stata totalmente delusa perch non tutti i racconti presenti in questa raccolta parlano specificatamente del mondo e della storia di Jane Eyre Ci sono tre racconti che hanno come protagon [...]

    I think you d enjoy this book if you ve read Jane Eyre I have not Not that it stops you being able to read this collection of short stories, but it slightly hinders your understanding of the stories Reader, I Married Him is the response of a handful of well known writers, all using the famous line as inspiration for their own stories Some take place within the canon of Jane Eyre, whilst others take the structure of the relationship of Jane and Rochester and implanting into other stories with ch [...]

    Charlotte Jones
    As it does with many short story collections, this took me several months to complete Looking back I would say that Jane Eyre is one of my favourite classics so I was excited to give this collection a try.Some of the stories really resonated with me, particularly the one about Grace Poole I found it interesting to see how different authors interpreted the famous line so differently.However, most of the stories just aren t memorable at all I find that I cannot remember most of them and even upon [...]

    A wonderful and diverse collection of 21 short stories inspired some very loosely by Jane Eyre All female, the writers are American, British, Turkish, Indian, African from Somaliland does that make one Somali , and include such well known authors as Susan Hill, Tracy Chevalier, Audrey Niffenegger, Esther Freud, and Emma Donoghue.Some stories I liked than others My unexpected favorite was The Self Seeding Syca by Lionel Shriver, about a widowed novice gardener and her grumpy neighbor.I was happy [...]

    • ☆ Reader, I Married Him: Stories Inspired by Jane Eyre ↠ Tracy Chevalier Joanna Briscoe Susan Hill Elizabeth McCracken Nadifa Mohamed Audrey Niffenegger Patricia Park Francine Prose
      255 Tracy Chevalier Joanna Briscoe Susan Hill Elizabeth McCracken Nadifa Mohamed Audrey Niffenegger Patricia Park Francine Prose
    Reader, I Married Him: Stories Inspired by Jane Eyre