[PDF] Spirit Breaker | by ç William Massa

  • Title: Spirit Breaker
  • Author: William Massa
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 497
  • Format: Kindle Edition

  • Technology engineered to battle the spirits of the dead Mark Talon must battle an evil psychic and the terrifying forces of the afterlife in his most heart pounding adventure yet.
    William Massa
    William Massa Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Spirit Breaker book, this is one of the most wanted William Massa author readers around the world.

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    I have really come to enjoy Talon and the Occult Assassin series William Massa continues to add to this series with every new adventure I had an opportunity to get my hands on this newest book in the series and jumped on it.Spirit Breaker wasn t my favorite book in the series, but that isn t to say it wasn t well written and enjoyable This addition in the Occult Assassin series brings something very important to the table inner conflict between two of the leading characters Casca and Talon have [...]

    Talon is back and as bad ass as ever In this edition, he has to battle an evil physic and his force of ghosts He needs some special equipment though, so we get to see some awesome new additions to his armory That s about all I can say about the plot because I don t want to spoil it, so I ll get down to my thoughts.There isn t much I can say about Talon either, that I haven t already He is such a bad ass Here we get to see him dealing with something totally new, ghosts To do that, his mentor and [...]

    Marianne Fiero
    Occult Assassin Spirit Breaker Book 3 Another good story Went a little ghost busters, but with better technical equipment even Talon made a ghost buster statement lol Good story line If I had to twerk anything it would be that the stories are too darn short I want Thanks

    Very cool read Takes military horror in a new direction.Recommended I am really enjoying this series a lot so far, and will continue to get anything new that comes out.

    ABR s original Spirit Breaker audiobook review and many others can be found at Audiobook Reviewer.Because I have listened to the previous two books in this Occult Assassin series, I already know just what to expect for the team of Massa and Foster This is not a bad thing, however unnecessary due to the brief summary of the story so far at the beginning of each This is something that I appreciate because even if your book is in part of a series, maybe somehow the listener reader has started with [...]

    Suleika Santana -All About Books
    Loved it It was a bit different than the rest but good different Also I noticed that we got to see a different side of the characters I felt like both Talon and Casca were a bit social and had a better sense of humor I loved Adira, she was a great character and I hope to see her in books Maybe a romance with Casca I can only hope The story is packed full of action and a little mystery as we are dealing with a different threat than in the other books I have to say I really loved what they were [...]

    Spirit RevengeSpirit breaker is another dangerous adventure in talon s pursuit of occult groups What makes this one interesting is talon is going to need assistance fighting this new entities Which is quit interesting because If you followed the series he all ways works alone It was eye opening to see him interact and work together with other people that don t usually have his experience when it comes to warfare.

    Amado Temporal
    Another great listen by William Massa I loved the fact that our main character is now sort of working with a team He was of a lone wolf before But, now he s working with others closely in his battle against evil This was another fast paced, action packed ride And, I love that the same narrator is used The consistency is great He really makes the reader feel these characters he s come to know so well, as well as new characters Another solid listen.

    Sean Riley
    Very well written, exciting and intense Another great adventure in the dark world of Mark Talon.

    Great book William Massa never disappoints with his stories I love how the character develops from each book and grows This one is a page turner, hard to put down once you start reading.

    I really enjoyed this one It s a great addition to the Occult Assassin series.

    I loved this book It blends horror, action, tension and mystery in a way that gripped me from the first page to the last.I have read other books by Mr Massa and enjoy his writing style I like the way he blurs the edge of reality, weaving in science and fantasy to create a very believable world Although this is the third book in the Occult Assassin series, I don t think you have to have read the previous books to enjoy this one.I will be looking out for books in this series.

    Josh Randell
    These have become some of my favorite stories Love everything about them

    Take a military man who loses what s dearest to him and then give him an enemy he can retaliate against Add a billionaire benefactor and you have a great formula for an interesting series Mark Talon starts out a near perfect human being and ends up being a flawed, determined hero that will save anyone from his fiance s fate, if he possibly can.There is much to recommend this series and I enjoyed these books I enjoyed them than I thought I would I am a fan of science fiction and fantasy but I ha [...]

    Shoshana Hathaway
    This book consists of 1 novella and 1 short story, both well written, and both with high scary factor In the novella, the author uses paranormal technology to excellent effect, and it adds enormously to the chill factor While these are certainly not character driven stories, the author develops his important characters, including his villains with enough care to make them interesting This is especially true of the main characters, and, in both books in this series I ve read, I was happy to learn [...]

    I m very impressed with this author This series is so fast paced, and is full of non stop action I honestly feel like each book was better than the last, which is not something that happens often Talon was a strong main character, and as the series progressed a couple other characters brought to the story I loved Adira in the third book I listened to the audiobook version of the three books, including two novellas James Foster was the narrator throughout them all, and he is amazing His voice wa [...]

    I am always pleasantly surprised with the books in this series They are short enough to be read in one sitting, but seem to pack so much into them Once again Talon is battling against the forces of evil, only this time he requires a bit help Enter some new technology to help him in his endeavours Even Simon Casca steps out of the background and plays a bigger part in things.This was the 3rd book in the Occult Assassin series, and each book is well crafted The characters are good, the plots are [...]

    Steve Caldwell
    This is the third book in the series, and includes a novella, The Coffin Collector, as a bonus It is a great quick listen, with an engaging main character, a Spec Ops soldier now fighting the forces of the occult after his fianc is killed by cultists He uses these specialized skills to stop cultists from raising supernatural destruction and chaos The plot is fast paced, jetting across the world, with lots of believable action Any fan of Heath Stallcup s Monster Squad books should enjoy this seri [...]

    Brian Becker
    This story line keeps getting better

    Ms. Nikki
    2.5 Stars So far book 2 worked best for me.A fun surface read.

    Brian Mcclain
    Fast, tense urban fantasy horror thriller Enjoyed Received audible code for honest review.

    • [PDF] Spirit Breaker | by ç William Massa
      497 William Massa
    Spirit Breaker