Ç Second Son ↠ Robert Ferro

  • Title: Second Son
  • Author: Robert Ferro
  • ISBN: 9780517568156
  • Page: 423
  • Format: Hardcover

  • Written shortly before Ferro s death, this beautiful, deeply moving novel reaches to the very core of the terror of the AIDS epidemic.
    Robert Ferro
    Attended Rutgers University and received a Master s Degree from the University of Iowa Founder of the The Violet Quill literary group with his parter Michael Grumley.Died of AIDS in 1988 a few months after his partner, Michael Grumley.


    I picked this up at random and read it to pass the time It took me a minute, but I realized after a few chapters just what we were talking about and what disease was slowly killing them Looking at the date, I now realized why it was spoken of in euphemisms.While it doesn t have much of a moving plot, there is a struggle And I believe it s the struggle against despair When caught in a situation such as these men, the struggle against despair is everything And everything around either helps those [...]

    The story was enough to continue further but i just did not feel connected with the main character I liked how Aids is highlighted in the 80 or 90 i Think it the setting is from that time period

    • Ç Second Son ↠ Robert Ferro
      423 Robert Ferro
    Second Son