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  • Title: Show Me The Sky
  • Author: Nicholas Hogg
  • ISBN: 9781847671578
  • Page: 213
  • Format: Paperback

  • On the hunt for a missing singer, Billy K, Inspector Jim Dent must follow his final lead With only a page torn from the 1834 journal of a Fijian missionary to go on, Dent is thrown into a time when the Old World collided with the new.
    Nicholas Hogg
    Nicholas Hogg was nominated for the IMPAC literary award for his d but novel, Show Me the Sky Winner of numerous short story contests, his work has also been broadcast by the BBC His third novel, TOKYO, is out now nicholashogg


    Loosely inspired by the disappearance of the Manic Street Preachers' lead singer. Tells the story of a police detective who is investigating the disappearance of a rock star. The story of a missionary on the way back to his home country, as detailed in a journal that said missing rock star was supposed to have read, is an essential part of the text.

    J.T. Boehm
    Read it.

    Sarah Azahar

    I was mildly curious when I heard about this book, as I have a passing interest in missing rock stars, but I really only took a chance with it because it was published by Canongate and I often enjoy their books.And I'm very glad I did. The novel far exceeded the hopes raised by the cover blurb, which really didn't do justice to the scope of the novel.The magic in this novel is the way in which Hogg interweaves four separate narratives. Each feels authentic and gripping. Each gives subtle nods to [...]

    'show me the sky' is a beautifuly wellspun exploration of personal identity with a cast of exotic memorables who endevour to locate the essence of who they are and why. What twins them is the Fijian stowaway missionary Naqarase and his psyche.His ancient scribe plays ghost and reason to the mystery dissapearences;a global song god,And a man inspired to find him.Nicholas Hogg writes with velvet ephemeral poeticality,woven gracefully into the cleverly crafted plotlines of this brilliant book.

    Loved how the different stories came together How the missing rock star and Fijian missionary were linked. Would probably appeal to fans of Cloud Atlas. Great read.

    Tying together numerous plot lines is something few writers can do with much success, yet Hogg masterfully accomplishes this and more. Great read. Can't wait for more from this writer.

    I was a bit confused at the beginning but then I got lost in the storyloved it so much didn't want it to end.

    A powerfully written mystery of a disappearance of a rock singer. The man sent to find him also vanishes from the radar to trace him. Intertwined with this is the account of a Fijian man who has found Christianity, and is returning home to convert his people.The story is quite complex and deals with corruption and vested interests as much as a man’s desire to no longer be in the spotlight. Couldn’t always see the links, but the writing is exquisite.

    Someone told me that this made them think of Cloud Atlas. I wondered how anything could compare to that - it wasn't as beautifully written as Cloud Atlas, but it would take a lot to make me think anything was. However, this was an amazing book. Each narrative would have been enough to grip and to intrigue the reader. Having these storylines and characters weave in and out felt indulgent. But also brilliant.

    The blurb notes "A Journey of Redemption" would normally have stayed my hand immediately, but I picked this up in the library as one of the 'outside the comfort zone' books I try to make myself take along with the 'usual suspects', and am glad I did. It weaves together the differing narrative threads deftly enough and blends ripping yarn and more thoughtful elements with reasonable success.

    Wilde Sky
    A policeman searches for a missing rock star.I thought this book had some good sections, but it tried to be too clever and ended up being confusing / dull.

    • ☆ Show Me The Sky || Î PDF Read by ☆ Nicholas Hogg
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