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  • Title: Walk on the Wild Side: The Reinvention of Violet Monte
  • Author: Suzie Jay
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 180
  • Format: Kindle Edition

  • Violet Monte believed her love and marriage would last a lifetime until she catches her husband in bed with a younger woman When she realizes she was nothing than a trophy wife, Violet decides to chase her own dreams The only problem is, she has no idea what they are Violet begins to pursue her own interests which sometime include spying on her mysterious neighbor,Violet Monte believed her love and marriage would last a lifetime until she catches her husband in bed with a younger woman When she realizes she was nothing than a trophy wife, Violet decides to chase her own dreams The only problem is, she has no idea what they are Violet begins to pursue her own interests which sometime include spying on her mysterious neighbor, who might actually be a lady of the night Just as Violet is finding stability and the possibility of opening her heart again her husband returns not with an apology, but with a signed pre nuptial agreement, claiming he ll keep everything and leave her with nothing Violet is far from the compliant woman he once knew but she doubts she has the strength to fight and win, until her intriguing neighbor unlocks what Violet has been looking for all along Can Violet fight back from a lost love and reinvent herself into the person she always wanted to be or will she forever be just an ex trophy wife
    Suzie Jay
    Suzie Jay Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Walk on the Wild Side: The Reinvention of Violet Monte book, this is one of the most wanted Suzie Jay author readers around the world.


    Jen La Duca
    I absolutely LOVED Walk on the Wild Side: The Reinvention of Violet Monte; it was such a delight to read! I keep an ongoing list of the books I need to read within a certain time frame; books that I have deadlines for because of release dates, blog tours, or they’re review copies that I've agreed to have done by a certain date. I noticed last week that Walk on the Wild Side was moving up my list & I was getting really excited for it! I’d been intrigued by this little book because it had [...]

    Violet Monte got married young and had a child, she dreamed of living the perfect life with her husband until of course she found him in bed with a younger woman. This was the start of the age-old classic reinvention type story for Violet. During this book Violet , tries to re-discover her place in this world in between telling her nieces and nephews tales of her revenge plans as bedtime stories. Needing to get away, Violet heads to stay with her son David who works as a police officer in homici [...]

    Traci Lawrence
    This is a sweet, light romance. I thoroughly enjoyed myself! It was such a joy to read a romance with a plot and characters I could sink my teeth into. I, especially, enjoyed the departure from two-dimensional leading ladies in their ‘20’s.Violet Monte (Reynolds) is a beautiful, kind-hearted woman in her early ‘40’s. Her marriage to her self-centered high-school sweetheart, Jim, has come to a breaking point. A divorce is in the works--finally. In celebration, Violet decides to make an ex [...]

    Shaheen Darr
    Violet Monte and Jim Reynolds have known each other since they were thirteen. She loves him but to him she is just a good friend, someone who knows every side of his character, someone he can unburden to about his numerous relationships. They get married when Violet gets pregnant but years later Jim cheats on her again. This time Violet lets her head lead the way rather than her heart; she walks away to start a new life.Suzie Jay’s writing flows, she makes every day to day scenario interesting [...]

    G.S. Bailey
    Witty, sharp, insightful and clever – this story rocks. Witty and sharp are the characters. Insightful is the portrayal of life. Clever is the structure of the tale with the blended-in reveal of the past and surprising development of the leading lady’s future. This is feel-good romance and comedy served with side order of intrigue. There’s a nicely disguised twist that had me gob-smacked – the true identity of the girl next door. Prior to that little piece of information, I was wondering [...]

    Patty Seitz
    This was a very fun read on the ups and down of the life of Violet Monte. She deals with the good, the bad, and everything in between. It is at times very funny, other times sad, but all throughout the reader continues to cheer for this character that she finds her true path in life, her true love, and her happily ever after. To find out what she discovers, and it’s truly quite the journey, give this book a read. You won’t want to put it down! I am looking forward to much more from this wond [...]

    Kindle Ninja
    This is a rather charming mix of sappy romance, cozy mystery, and uproariously funny chick lit. A very entertaining read full of comical (and awkward) situations involving outrageous characters.Violet Monte is a quirky character with grand plans that may or may not result into a comedy of errors.The ending is a cracker.

    S.J. Hermann
    Impressive. That’s the first word that came to my mind after reading the debut novel from Suzie Jay, and if it is an indication of books to come from this funny, witty author, she has a new fan. As I was reading I found myself chuckling, and at times laughing out loud. Not that the story is funny, but the way Suzie dropped sentences that would lightened the mood in an otherwise serious moment. The references to Die Hard was a pleasant surprise as well.After leaving her cheating husband, Violet [...]

    Eeva Lancaster
    A story of Self RealizationI was given the first draft of Walk on the Wild Side and even then the story of Violet Monte entertained me. The author's writing voice is fun and sassy and funny, making it a very enjoyable reading experience. I don't usually read chick-lit but Suzie Jay kept me engaged and interested.Walk on the Wild Side is the story of Violet Monte, a wife whose husband cheated on her and left her penniless. How many women can relate to losing their identities when they get married [...]

    Nanette Day
    This cute, light-hearted read follows the ups and downs of Violet as she “rediscovers” herself after her twenty-year marriage abruptly ends. As she ventures out on her own, Violet inevitably ends up in some tricky situations (thanks to her vivid imagination), but along the way she discovers new friends and is able to grow into her own skin, becoming more confident in herself. With a little bit of intrigue, a little bit of romance, and a lot of fun, Walk on the Wild Side delivers the perfect [...]

    Jennifer Senhaji
    Loved this book. Cute, funny, quirkyViolet is an interesting character. She is easy to identify with and has a funny way about her. The writer takes you on Violet's journey to find herself after her marriage ends. I love how Violet plunges forward, looking for her calling. The detective stint was really funny and totally something I could see a doting mother of a cop doing. If you like to laugh, strong female leads, and happy endings, this is the book for you.

    I was looking for a light romantic comedy, so I decided to take part of the author’s Chick Lit Plus Blog Tours, where I would read and review this book, and I’m so glad I did. At first, Violet seemed kind of weak, but hey, if I were in her situation, I would be, too. However, I love how she changes her way of thinking and goes to see her son, though, they seemed like more friend/son, rather than mother/son. As far as Violet’s curiosity about what it’s like to do her son’s job, I found [...]

    Joanna Grankin
    Violet Monte ‘s life is turned upside down when she finds her husband in bed with another woman. From a wife who has been totally dependent on her husband, she finds herself adrift, unsure what to do with her future. Whilst trying to find her calling, she makes friends with an unlikely cast of characters, yet at the same time learning about who she wants to be, and where her heart’s desire lies.Such a sweet and enjoyable book. Although the plot is simple, the characters are well developed, a [...]

    This book is perfect for those looking escape the hum-drum of life and its messiness and hard work. The settings are like something in a postcard or lifestyle magazine - no imperfections to mar the picture. Heroine Violet is the sort of woman most of us imagine ourselves being in our fantasies - stunningly beautiful, confident and able to maintain a tiny waist and toned body whilst eating whatever she likes (I'm going green just thinking about her) Hero John is similarly perfect; tall, ripped an [...]

    Reeca Elliott
    Violet is struggling to face facts that her marriage is over. After finding her high school sweetheart husband with another woman, Violet decides she needs a change. She takes off to visit her son, who is a detective with the Sydney police force. She encounters a ver sexy police captain and things heat up. I enjoyed Violet and her escapades. She tends to stay in trouble and I can relate to that! The setting and the action keep you glued to your seat. However, the conversations are a little stilt [...]

    Win Reid
    I love this book. The sweet romantic part takes a back seat while the story follows Violet Monte's struggle to rebuild her life after she catches her husband cheating and leaves him. I love the part where she is helping her son with his detective job and how sweet they are together. I cheered for her when she meets John and I was shocked at the twist I didn't see coming. I didn't even realize there was going to be a twist. I like the sweetness of this book. A good old fashioned story but with lo [...]

    Sandra Kerns
    Do you need a fun read with a touch of reality? Walk on the Wild Side is the book for you. While Violet starts her new life sans husband, she learns there's more to life than taking care of everyone. There's fun. There's adventure. There's, well, LIFE! I thoroughly enjoyed turning every page as Violet discovers herself and what she's been missing. I laughed, I grumbled (mostly at her ex's shenanigans), and I cheered as she was pushed, stumbled a little, dove head-first, and sometimes forced hers [...]

    Amy Shannon
    Lighthearted and fun!This is Suzie Jay's first novel, and I think she did a remarkable job. The story about Violet was fun and enlightening. It was a great light-hearted and sweet tale about a woman, who's life has been turned upside down by (yes, her cheating husband) and she has to focus on herself. Jay is quirky and funny and her characters are realistic. Instead of focusing on negativity in heartbreaking situations, she focuses on being uplifting and fun. I thoroughly enjoyed this story, and [...]

    A.E. Snow
    I adore this book. Violet is a fantastic protagonist and I loved her. After her life gets flipped upside down, Violet sets off to find herself and find what she wants to do with her life. Her journey lands her in the middle of some zany adventures. With the help of her sister, her son, and some fun new friends, Violet tries detective work and catering before finding her true passion. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and I can't wait to read more by the author, the hilarious Suzie Jay.

    Grass monster
    This story follows Violet Monte, a wife whose husband cheated on her and left her with nothing. We follow her tales as she reinvents herself. Love how she played Detective with her Son David, loved how she portrayed Candy the neighbour - I had to laugh out loud with the stories she was writing. Overall i really enjoyed this, lots of twists & turns in the book that kept me engaged throughout. This is a great read for anyone who has been cheated on and can relate to VioletOh how i love Karma.

    Pandora Spocks
    Really Fun ReadThis was such an enjoyable read. Upon discovering that her husband of twenty years and father of her only child is cheating on her, Violet embarks on a mission to find out who she really is. Along the way, she has a series of misadventures, discovers her real worth, and finds true love.Suzie Jay has created a smart and funny heroine in Violet Monte. I highly recommend Walk on the Wild Side: The Reinvention of Violet Monte.

    Suzie Jay takes us on a walk on the wild side with Violet! I loved this book. The author has such a great sense of humor, and it really comes out in Violet's character. After Violet's relationship with her husband ends she does what so many of us do and searches for herself. Suzie Jay lets us see life through Violet's life which is sometimes sad, sometimes funny, but always relate-able. This book was such a fun read. I didn't want to put it down! I highly recommend it.

    Patient Lee
    Walk on the Wild Side is a quirky, fun read.Violet devoted her life to loving one man, and he betrayed her. In her search for her life's purpose, she takes a trip, tries her hand at being a detective, starts a business, meets an interesting friend, finds a fabulous apartment, and meets a new man. Suzie Jay tells the story from Violet's point of view, allowing the reader to connect with her quirky personality and her sometimes crazy plans. This book was a pleasure to read.

    Allison Winfield
    The perfect summer read!!This is a fun and flirty book that would be a perfect beach read. Violet has her heart broken but by putting the pieces together she finds herself. A truly touching read of family, friendship, and love. Recommended for anyone who loves a contemporary romance with a great happy ending.

    L. Benitez
    I had fun reading Walk on the Wild Side by Suzie Jay. It was fast-paced and very sweet. I really liked the main character, Violet, and I was rooting for her the whole time. Definitely a recommended read for someone who wants chick-lit entertainment! You'll read it again and again :)

    Kay Blake
    I loved Violet. She is like the quirky best friend you want to have. I adore the relationship she had with her son David and I liked the growing process she experienced in this book. I was entertained while reading. The story is cute and funny and I really enjoyed it.

    Read for NDF

    S.j Goold
    Love this sweet romance

    Walk on the Wild Side is an entertaining chick lit / romantic comedy that follows forty-one year old Violet Monte Reynolds' journey of personal discovery and reinvention after her twenty year marriage to her childhood best friend Jim Reynolds ends when she catches him cheating with a younger woman.In her debut novel, author Suzie Jay weaves a sassy fun tale that easily draws the reader into Violet's story as she picks up the pieces of her life, and embarks on a personal journey of self-discovery [...]

    Nerdy Dirty & Flirty
    Light, funny and quick summer read.Violet Monte is in serious need of an overhaul. She finds her husband, also her childhood best friend, has cheated on her. After giving up twenty years of her life to this man and to raise her son, she has no idea where she goes from here. With the help of her sister, adult son and some crazy neighbors she is going to try to reinvent herself and become the person she always wanted to be. To find that "thing" that makes her Violet. This is a super quick read, I [...]

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