[PDF] Against His-Story, Against Leviathan! | by ¶ Fredy Perlman

  • Title: Against His-Story, Against Leviathan!
  • Author: Fredy Perlman
  • ISBN: 9780934868259
  • Page: 291
  • Format: Paperback

  • [PDF] Against His-Story, Against Leviathan! | by ¶ Fredy Perlman - Against His-Story, Against Leviathan!, Against His Story Against Leviathan His major work a vast study of the rise of totalitarian lifestyles and a profound affirmation of the struggle to reassert human values One of the most significant and influential anarchic texts of th
    Fredy Perlman
    Fredy Perlman August 20, 1934 July 26, 1985 was an author and publisher His most popular work, the book Against His Story, Against Leviathan , is a major source of inspiration for anti civilisation perspectives in contemporary anarchism Childhood and youthPerlman was born in Brno, Czechoslovakia He emigrated with parents to Cochabamba, Bolivia in 1938 just ahead of the Nazi takeover The Perlman family came to the United States in 1945 and finally settled in Lakeside Park, Kentucky.In 1952 he attended Morehead State College in Kentucky and then UCLA from 1953 55 Perlman was on the staff of The Daily Bruin, the school newspaper, when the university administration changed the constitution of the newspaper to forbid it from nominating its own editors, as the custom had been Perlman left the newspaper staff at that time and, with four others, proceeded to publish an independent paper, The Observer, which they handed out on a public sidewalk at the campus bus stop, since they were forbidden by the administration to distribute in on the campus Source Loud Bark and Curious Eyes, by George Garrigues at 2.In 1956 59 he attended Columbia University, where he met his life long companion, Lorraine Nybakken He enrolled as a student of English literature but soon concentrated his efforts in philosophy, political science and European literature One particularly influential teacher for him at this time was C Wright Mills edit Travel and studyIn late 1959, Perlman and his wife took a cross country motor scooter trip, mostly on two lane highways traveling at 25 miles per hour From 1959 to 1963, they lived on the lower east side of Manhattan while Perlman worked on a statistical analysis of the world s resources with John Ricklefs They participated in anti bomb and pacifist activities with the Living Theatre and others Perlman was arrested after a sit down in Times Square in the fall of 1961 He became the printer for the Living Theatre and during that time wrote The New Freedom, Corporate Capitalism and a play, Plunder, which he published himself.In 1963, the husband and wife left the U.S and moved to Belgrade, Yugoslavia after living some months in Copenhagen and Paris Perlman received a master s degree in economics and a PhD at the University of Belgrade s Law School his dissertation was titled Conditions for the Development of a Backward Region, which created an outrage among some members of the faculty During his last year in Yugoslavia, he was a member of the Planning Institute for Kosovo and Metohija edit Professional lifeDuring 1966 69 the couple lived in Kalamazoo, Michigan Perlman taught social science courses at Western Michigan University and created outrage among some members of the faculty when he had students run their own classes and grade themselves During his first year in Kalamazoo, he and Milos Samardzija, one of his professors from Belgrade, translated Isaac Illych Rubin s Essay on Marx s Theory of Value Perlman wrote an introduction to the book An Essay on Commodity Fetishism In May 1968, after lecturing for two weeks in Turin, Italy, Perlman went to Paris on the last train before rail traffic was shut down by some of the strikes that were sweeping Western Europe that season He participated in the May unrest in Paris and worked at the Censier center with the Citroen factory committee After returning to Kalamazoo in August, he collaborated with Roger Gregoire in writing Worker Student Action Committees, May 68.During his last year in Kalamazoo, Perlman had left the university and together with several other people, mostly students, inaugurated the Black and Red magazine, of which six issues appeared Typing and layout was done at the Perlman house and the printing at the Radical Education Project in Ann Arbor, Michigan In January 1969 Perlman completed The Reproduction of Daily Life While traveling in Europe in the spring of 1969


    This is likely the only historical survey of western civilization that I ll ever read with genuine excitement and interest, and my most naive wish after reading it was that it could become a standard introductory text for students of world history.It goes without saying that Perlman s essay is not objective In other words, it is no candidate for perpetuating the business of progress, which is the unspoken agenda of objectivity This account of His Story is openly disparaging of the He s which con [...]

    I d been told by a lot of close friends with good book tastes that I should definitely read this at some point, and had tried two or three times before but couldn t get past the first few pages Perlman quotes yeats and blake and all these other poets, and try as I might throughout the years I ve never really been able to understand most poetry So I just skipped the first three pages worth of poems, and got into it pretty fast.Perlman does get a little heavey into the world was a wonderful utopia [...]

    if you want to understand the splinter in your mind this is the red pill.

    Don t be misled by the poetic and mythologizing tone with which Fredy Perlman renders his epic Against His Story, Against Leviathan This is an exhaustively researched book It is also profoundly philosophical, asking questions and suggesting answers you won t find anywhere else The fact that it is beautifully written in an accessible manner is highly appropriate to its message, as you will see below The book s style is very much the opposite of dry scientific writing I think if readers have diffi [...]

    Holy hell This is a fucking wild romp.

    Ryan Mishap
    This anthropological historical breakdown of Leviathan power, control is unique and amazing Anarchist writing at its best.

    It took me a year and a half but I finally finished Against His Story Now I need to re read it 3 times or so.

    Evelyn R
    Unfortunate disappointment Still has a few solid ideas mixed into the dross, but I had a few huge issues 1 A fetishization of purity and wholeness that never existed and cannot exist2 Maternal metaphors for nature that align neatly with 1 and that are often used in a patronizing and Romantic way.3 Central metaphors of Leviathan, etc never really move beyond misty abstractions that make for engaging poetry here and there but don t succeed in making the point he wants to.Read Haraway, read Carolyn [...]

    An odd overview of world history that doesn t take into consideration that primitives might not all have been nice people It may initially come off as just another addition into the all white men are racist variety of historiography but there s a lot worth criticizing here This is definitely on the ground floor of the emerging hegemonic anti civilizational pro ethnic tribalism narrative.

    Alfredo Bojórquez
    No me gust Siento que simplifica demasiado la historia La hace blanco y negro, los malos son siempre los de siempre, pero siento que hay m s matices Es casi una lista larga de malvados y pueblos despojados, desplazamientos, pero no problematiza los temas que atraviesan esa historia o lo hace poco Tambi n lo le en ingl s y entend un 60% o 70% Sin embargo me gustar a leer sus cr ticas al marxismo, lo estudi a fondo.

    Tyler Williams
    Holy shit, man.

    Most of the time I was reading this, I felt like I was just pulling myself through the text because I had told myself that I would finish it By the time I did finish it, I didn t regret the time spent but I put it down twice as I succumbed to the allure of books with immediate intrigue actually I put it down the first time almost nine years ago Overall this was a haunting essay, but one that I at least appreciated for it s voice.I ve been trying to wrap my head around Perlman s text for awhile, [...]

    birds of fire
    One of those books that completely changes the way you conceptualize things, in this case the narrative of western civilization and progress which completely pervades our understanding of ourselves and our time Perlman moves in a linear fashion through western history, beginning with the Sumerians and finishing with the eradication of the last free peoples in the Americas Throughout, the focus is on the development of the monstrous Leviathan, which Perlman figures for civilization after Hobbes , [...]

    The book unfolded for me in three distinct sections First, the author examines concepts of wilderness, freedom, and existing in a state of nature He asserts definitions for these which gave me pause and made me examine my own notions about these concepts, and I arrived at different definitions than he did So far so good the best type of disagreement is the kind that prompts you to discover about your own ideas The book goes on to introduce the overriding metaphor which will frame the rest of it [...]

    Written only a couple of years before Fredy Perlman s death, Against His story provides a simple account of the rise and fall of civilisations from the beginnings of recorded history until around the mid 19th century With every new culture that emerges, something familiar e.g institutions, religion, art appears in the world until we or less end up with something resembling our current state The whole narrative unfolds with a simplicity and logic that is quite tragic However Perlman stresses tha [...]

    Perlman retells history in terms of Hobbesian leviathan, beginning in acient Sumer, going into serious detail about the various forms of assimilation of cultures into these Leviathans e.g nearly every ancient civilization you can think of, from the Hittites, Phoenecians, Assyrians, etc through the Scythians, Romans, Arabs, etc Particular focus is on various outcast, maroon and pirate utopia societies which existed outside the domain of certain leviathans and governmental orders e.g the Adamites [...]

    Arduoustisfying Dense, but textured and sensualautifully written, a vibrant panoptic account of civilization Although centered in Eurasia, Perlman remembers to check in with how the east evolves His heavily researched story line which features constant demonstrations of historical counter attacks to Leviathan,woven in with the mournful drama of gods, spirituality, art, and mythology has creates a tangible story that has recalibrated my sense of where I stand in the history of existence and being [...]

    So it s got no bibliography, and I can t say much for the layout Get over it This book was pretty rad It s definately been awhile since I read it, so reviewing it is a tad hard I don t think that necessarily any one person let alone group of peoples experiences can be compared, in fact I think that is a bit of a dangerous thing to do, but we can definately access similarities and patterns throughout We can see the points at which this monster has accelerated and we can see the many and diverse a [...]

    Absolutely one of my top 5 books of all time This should be used as a supplement in high school or college level world history courses, to give a different often accurate interpretation of how the world developed While I don t agree with every jot and tittle of Perlman s manifesto particularly his Leviathanic interpretation of the Old Testament , he puts much of global his storical development into a simple framework that allows the true reasons for it to shine through that is, for the Leviatha [...]

    Anybody who knows me knows that this is my favorite book of all time Yes, it has pretty serious problems gender essentialism, romanticism for prelapsarian cultures, etc , but if you re willing to set that aside for a moment, this is one of the most singular and visceral tales of the rise of civilization The scathing criticisms of Marxism, science, anthropology, religion, militarism and his story are somehow both nuanced and extremely lucid Most people I know have struggled to get this book start [...]

    Maybe I am not familiar enough with ancient civilizations to get this book, but as far as i can tell, an argument against agriculture can be made in much less space I found this to be poorly written and at times extremely dull Anyone can go on and on about the problems that plague civilization and the modern world, but people who do it well do it with wit, something that this author seems incapable of I never liked a guru and this guy is one of the worst.

    i enjoyed this book, kind of i think the imagery and style of writing, writing a stylized history in the vein of oral traditions, is an interesting idea it is at times extremely laborious, but does include a blake lithograph at the beginning of each chapter, which at least proves good taste if you arent already interested with this whole anti civ argument, this probably is not the place to start if you are, you may want to add it to your list.

    Artnoose McMoose
    I can see why a lot of people I know couldn t get through this book There are a lot of references to ancient history, and if you for example don t remember from high school history who the Etruscan were, or why there were at one time two Popes, or where the Byzantium Empire was, you might get lost.If you ve tried to read this and haven t finished, try again.

    Really great to start, but then becomes just an unending summary of history through a different lens that s just so rapid fire and out of context that nothing really registered So I gave up a quarter of the way in, but absolutely took something important away from the first 100 pages.

    The only history book you will ever need A comprehensive look at the meaning behind human history as told by Leviathan s priests and prognosticators Finally, an honest appraisal of the threads that bind this story together and connect its events.

    Jeffrey Bumiller
    My only problem with this book is that it contains no references What s up with that It s a difficult book, unless you are an expert on ancient civilizations, and importantly, those who resisted against them.

    This was absolutely brilliant and amazing It is by far the best history and critique of civilization I ve read to date If I could give this stars I would.

    a strange book a counter history a myth that is aware of itself as such either way, i m bad at narratives will read later

    This poetic critique of civilization is truly spectacular I recommend this to anyone who wants to understand history from a birds eye perspective.

    Christina (Boupie)
    Published year I was born the publish date above does not match the original publishing date

    • [PDF] Against His-Story, Against Leviathan! | by ¶ Fredy Perlman
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    Against His-Story, Against Leviathan!