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  • Title: The Accidental Engagement
  • Author: Maggie Dallen
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  • Page: 448
  • Format: Kindle Edition

  • Free Download The Accidental Engagement - by Maggie Dallen - The Accidental Engagement, The Accidental Engagement OopsIt started as a regular night for New York City restaurant hostess Ivy Sinclair until a rowdy customer turned out to be world famous playboy Jack Everett Thanks to the paparazzi now the world th
    Maggie Dallen
    Maggie Dallen Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Accidental Engagement book, this is one of the most wanted Maggie Dallen author readers around the world.

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    Super fun and cute, can t wait to read the second book

    Review also found at kristineandterri 2 I received an advanced copy of this book from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review The expected publication date is November 24th, 2015 This story was fun for me A romance that must be kept a secret Of course in these situations it only makes the attraction stronger Add to the mix a fake engagement to someone else and let the story begin Although this story does not offer any surprises or plot twists, it delivers exactly what it pro [...]

    Charlotte Clark
    I RECEIVED AN ARC FROM NETGALLEY IN EXCHANGE FOR AN HONEST REVIEW A great debut Dallen writes very well, especially in setting up the locations in Italy and in juggling the complicated plot and characters The hero and heroine, Daniel and Ivy, are well matched and their romance is sweet It may be a little confusing at first that Jack is not the hero when he s first to enter the book and he s so charming, but that gets cleared up fast and it makes me eager to read his and Holly s book next there s [...]

    The Book Worm
    I like the idea behind the book, and I think it is funny in places and well written Unfortunately, in my opinion there are too many holes in the plot for the story to be realistic and coherent First, it is unbelievable how business decisions are made in this book, how anyone could ever create and sustain a multi million dollar company that way not that we ever really understand what the business is about other than something to do with electronic gadgets, which in the book actually come across a [...]

    I really liked the premise of the story, and it started out funny Unfortunately Daniel behaved like a total jerk through most of the book, he was just not very likeable I m not a fan of jerk y heroes, no matter how chiseled their chins, abs or other body parts Like other reviewers, I d have liked to see Ivy get together with Jack who seemed like the nicer guy of the two Though, I know, he has a book of his own, which I will read in the hopes that he will not pull a complete 180 and turn into a j [...]

    Jeff Crosby
    Hmmm Maybe I need to create a Slush bookshelf I ve been struggling to sustain my reading this year This was quick, and I liked it.

    Wendy Kalthoff
    great book light reading.

    Meh Didn t really get any chemistry between them, he s blackmailing her into pretending to be the doting fianc of his business partner.

    Cassandra Doudoumis
    I was given an ARC of this wonderful piece of work from NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review And an honest review you ll GET.Actual Rating 4.5 5 starsHoly crap The Accidental Engagement was phenomenally constructed in a way that pulled on your heart strings at all the right times As soon as I saw Accidental Engagement I knew I was going to see someone being with the wrong person, and usually I m not a big fan of those Marrying the wrong person ends up meaning that the female or male lead [...]

    Kind of fun, light read Not sure there was any specific hook that will make me remember this one in the long run.

    I received a review copy from netgalley in exchange for an honest review.I m not the biggest fan of the cover as I feel it might be a bit too cheesy and I don t feel as though it s in keeping with the novel as I didn t feel as though the book was all that romantic as the cover would suggest.As soon as I started this book I knew I wasn t going to fall in love with this book and I wasn t wrong, yes there was some moments that I enjoyed but for the most I didn t enjoy it as much as what I thought I [...]

    Marsha Spohn
    Originally reviewed at Keeper BookshelfWhat an absolutely delightful romantic romp.The kiss that changed everything in Ivy s life The kiss that was plastered across tabloids and endangered a business deal years in the making And the handsome, hot and far too serious man who had the solution to that particular problem A fake engagement Temporary fix just until the deal was done and then Jack and Ivy could have a fight, end their engagement and life moves on happily for everyone involved.Except fo [...]

    Samantha Bilodeau
    Very cute story with sizzling sexual tension practically from the get go.Daniel was very believable as a workaholic with some interesting motivations He was flawed in a way that worked, though it was a bit crazy how cold he could be You could feel the ice when he turned it on Ivy was a bit pathetic at times in regards to her life I didn t get much of a sense of her having much of a drive, but this works well for an opposites attract type of story The biggest thing to her being her family was adm [...]

    I hate to give this 2 stars There was so much potential and I liked the characters, the plot, the twist, but none of it was developed enough for me I thought the story was going to be a standard oops, the paparazzi caught us in a compromising position and it looks like we got engaged, and now for certain reasons have to pretend that we are in love but really end up falling in love and finding our HEA BUT it wasn t well, it was except the engaged couple aren t the ones that fall in love Ivy is su [...]

    Nichole Howell
    The Accidental Engagement is an average story It takes readers sticking with it through the first half of the book to get hooked on the story, but even with that the story has a few downfalls First, the formula for this story is a little off The establishment of the relationship occurs early on followed by a lull through the middle and then the conflict and resolution at the end The story would be better served if the reader is teased through the first third of the book, establishment of the rel [...]

    I read Accidental Engagement in one sitting I was pleasantly surprised by this book Jack is portrayed as the famous playboy, Daniel that of a calculated cold businessman, and Ivy as the sweet and innocent woman The book started out great with the drama of Jack trying to hide behind Ivy, playing into the playboy persona Ivy seemed like a super sweet girl from our first encounter with her Ivy isn t thrown by Jack s good look and Jack is taken aback that she doesn t know him The situation is misint [...]

    Dee/ bookworm
    The Accidental Engagement by Maggie Dallen is about Ivy, who works hard for her and her parents and a guy named Jack, who is a playboy in need of a serious change in the media department Daniel, his agent strong arms Ivy into playing Jack s new fianc and while this charade is going on Ivy and Daniel start to fall for each other Will the deal go through or will everything fall apart This book had some repetition, especially in the beginning i.e Daniel and Ivy discussing lying to her parents It ha [...]

    Trish Chase
    3 starsDon t misinterpret my rating of this book There s nothing that I enjoy than a fake engagement to entertain myself These kind of stories tend to be funny, carefree and hot And this book was no different.Nevertheless, there were some holes that I couldn t miss 1 The vague description of the characters not only physically but emotionally too They are flat characters you never get to understand Ivy or Daniel or Jack or anyone because you simple don t know them beside what they are in this pa [...]

    Ivy is blackmailed by Daniel who is jacks friend and business partner into helping out playboy billionaire jack with a merger of 2 companies after she is caught in a thank you kiss from jack While pretending to be the fianc of jack, ivy and Daniel start a secret affair I wanted to love this book and the characters but I had issues with it First, I know Ivy wants to help her parents out with money but I m not getting the whole blackmail thing and loosing her job if she doesn t help I mean she cou [...]

    Ivy is the hostess at a fancy New York restaurant When famous playboy Jack Everett hides behind her to get away from an irate husband she becomes entangled in his life the world assumes they are a couple Now his business partner, Daniel, offers her the deal of a lifetime She can pretend to be Jack s fiance until an important business deal goes through in exchange for enough money to help her parents keep their home She can t pass it up, despite her misgivings The next few weeks are the craziest [...]

    Bette Hansen
    I thought this one was a truly fun read Ivy Sinclair has not idea how crazy her life is about to become When a rowdy customer in her restaurant turns out to be none other than renowned playboy Jack Everett and the paparazzi grab a picture of her and Jack together, everyone is convinced they are together Now Daniel Gladwell, a venture capitalist working with Jack, wants her to continue the ruse and better yet, make it appear that Ivy and Jack are engaged There s a huge deal on the line but the ot [...]

    Thanks to Netgalley and Kensington publishing for my copy Ivy was forced into engagement to tech tycoon Jack a.k.a playboy after meeting Jack at her work Daniel comes to Ivy and offers fake engagement to save his merger with Italian investor Brunelli She agrees to engagement in return for compensation and promotion at her work But as the ruse moves along, Ivy s heart was on Jack s partner Daniel Their chemistry is off the chart from the beginning and both trying to be careful not to be caught by [...]

    The Accidental Engagement is a story about two people who fall in love despite the inconvenience it creates for them and those around them.This one was just okay for me I did like the heroine, Ivy, a lot She seemed genuine, well intentioned and very self aware the hero, Daniel, not so much Deep down Daniel may be a decent enough person, but I didn t completely buy his love for Ivy I think he liked her, and she was likely the closest he s come to love, but there wasn t enough here to make me feel [...]

    Great Book This is a great book this is the first book in the Chance Romance series by Maggie Dallen Ivy Sinclair is a hostess at a New York City restaurant, a rowdy customer turns out to be the world famous playboy Jack Everett, now the world thinks they are a couple because of the paparazzi Daniel Gladwell is a sexy businessman who is ready to close the deal with an Italian conglomerate the problem is he has to convince them that Jack has moved past his bad boy reputation Daniel offers Ivy a p [...]

    Wendy Gibson
    Note I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review I wanted to enjoy this book than I actually did The premise was cute and seemed to promise some great emotionally charged jealousy and good drama, but really is just felt repetitive and flat I didn t buy the old Italian man needing the face of his investment to be settled down and in love before he signed the paperwork or the whole blackmailing plot once I began reading I know as the reader we often have to suspend disbelief, [...]

    Heather andrews
    Daniel he grew on me, until I eventually fell in love with the hothead, his hand sneaked out and pulled her back against him, where she could feel the hard evidence of his desire Damn right, I m jealous I want to have you in my arms tonight He leaned over so she could feel his breath against her ear All night What is it with men having stick up their butts all the time, hell yeah it makes for an interesting story, but you still get the urge to smack the daylights out of them I liked this book, n [...]

    Jennifer Craig
    Once I started reading The Accidental Engagement, I didn t want to stop This was the first time I have read anything by Maggie Dallen and I can say that I am an instant fan This is lighthearted, fun reading and a perfect escape from everyday life After a bit of a rough beginning with Daniel, both he and Ivy were delightful and the book was a great start to Maggie s Chance Romance series The only thing I was hoping for was that it would be a bit longer and delve even deeper into character develop [...]

    Peggy Carpenter
    Glad I postponed work to read this book Ivy and Daniel make for an entertaining and fun way to spend the afternoon It s the age old story of a good girl plucked up and dropped into a new world I mean that in a good way They fall into each others lives in an improbably way, but it s soon clear all things happen for a reason Full of awesome secondary characters two of which are the h h of the next book that I ve already pre ordered and a fun couple I truly enjoyed this read and can t wait to see [...]

    What will happen when you were offered an answer to your problem, in exchange for pretending to be engaged to the most charming guy, while falling in love to that person who most wanted the world to believe the engagement Out of this world, right Now, add to that a very determined Italian guy who wants to hold the wedding right away What will you do keep pretending or follow your heart Read on to find out how Ivy made her choice I was gifted a copy for an honest review.

    Becky Burciaga
    This is a feel good, HEA type of story that captures your attention from the first page The author did a wonderful job of keeping the story moving with the characters personalities practically jumping off the page It truly is a fun story to read, and now I m looking forward to the next installment This book was provided by the author publisher through Netgalley, this review is 100% my own opinion.

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