Free Read The Tramp (The Bound Chronicles, #1) - by Sarah Wathen

  • Title: The Tramp (The Bound Chronicles, #1)
  • Author: Sarah Wathen
  • ISBN: 9781942938019
  • Page: 462
  • Format: Kindle Edition

  • Free Read The Tramp (The Bound Chronicles, #1) - by Sarah Wathen - The Tramp (The Bound Chronicles, #1), The Tramp The Bound Chronicles At first glance Candy was a pretty little seven year old girl like any other in Shirley County She was prone to singing and dancing and splashing in the rain in her yellow polka dot bikini and her f
    Sarah Wathen
    An artist turned author, Sarah Wathen is a storyteller by trade and a painter at heart She was trained in Classical Painting at the University of Central Florida, then completed graduate studies in Fine Art at Parson s School of Design in New York City Her first step into the world of independent publishing was as an illustrator, and Sarah quickly realized she wanted to write her own books rather than illustrate other s That reinvention came as no surprise to family and friends, who remember her as a child always ready to turn a tale Hours spent under the backyard stairs with her sister dreaming up imaginary friends with outlandish names like Afisha and Pekins, and designing social networks called the Plant Club and the Tutu Group were recorded and illustrated, too Copies still exist under lock and key Sarah currently resides in Florida and runs the indie label, LayerCake Productions.


    Greg at 2 Book Lovers Reviews
    There are many different genres that came to mind when I read the synopsis for The Tramp mystery, suspense and paranormal And The Tramp covers all of these, but above all else it is the coming of age story of John and Candy Fate has brought these two old friends back together after years of slowly drifting apart.Sarah Wathen has painted a fantastic picture of a most peculiar small town in the South She has eloquently depicted the lives and relationships of the people who call Shirley County home [...]

    Michelle Lynn
    Whew these people are crazy I had already read the spin off to this book, Catchpenny, so I knew a bit about the town of Shirley already, but I had no idea it was this off The town is full of mystery Rival families and legends ground in history keep things interesting It s a small mountain town where outsiders are unwelcome and strange occurrences are shrugged off The story centers around Candy, a spunky teenage girl, but we see the story from many different sides This is the first in the series [...]

    Thomas Everson
    A secluded little town tucked into the mountains of Shirley County seems just like any other little town Cold to outsiders, colder to the ones that live there, and everyone knows everyone and their business But there are still secrets some childish and some dark Candy knows it all too well, both from events in her childhood, and as she tries to make it through high school while dating social outcast, Sam The town is steeped in whispers about families, the Native American history of the land, and [...]

    Katheryn Avila
    Received a free copy in exchange for an honest review 3 starsI m not sure what I was expecting when I picked up The Tramp Going by the synopsis, I thought it would a supernatural high school drama, but as I read on, it seemed like a small town drama with few, if any, supernatural touches.When the story starts, the reader is treated to the events that lead to John and Candy s friendship however, after the prologue, we don t see the two main characters again for a while Candy in chapter 2 and Joh [...]

    Misha Almira
    Sarah Wathen brings a new novel to print with The Tramp This book has all the old world feel of a Heidi inspired mountain village while leaking the creep factor of Silent Hill or a Dean Koontz masterpiece.The prologue will snatch you up, but it is many chapter later before that starts to make sense chapters that invest you in a small town life the likes of which you ve never seen, though there are aspects that ring true for every community There is the shop owner, the Pastor, the drunk mom, the [...]

    Julia Damatto
    The Tramp is the kind of book that makes your heart beat fast all through the reading As soon as I started, I felt fear, I can t explain why, but it was real, it had me on the edge of my seat till the end The plot is full of suspense, mystery, some paranormal, twists and turns, and OMG that town Creepy The characters are complex, the writing is excellent and the situations are very well developed And I can t not say anything about the art cover, isn t beautiful I don t like to copy and paste the [...]

    • Free Read The Tramp (The Bound Chronicles, #1) - by Sarah Wathen
      462 Sarah Wathen
    The Tramp (The Bound Chronicles, #1)