[PDF] Unlimited è Journey of Josephus : by G.J. Phoenix

  • Title: Journey of Josephus
  • Author: G.J. Phoenix
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 253
  • Format: Kindle Edition

  • [PDF] Unlimited è Journey of Josephus : by G.J. Phoenix - Journey of Josephus, Journey of Josephus For one man the future is now The Prester family has been waiting for centuries for the prophecy to manifest Josephus swore to his grandfather the day the old man died that he would be the one to del
    G.J. Phoenix
    Gryffyn Jade Phoenix s love of mythology, religion, and history inspired this debut novel, Seat of God, a story of hope and redemption Currently hard at work on the next installment of the Ethiopian Chronicles, she divides her time between writing and enjoying life She lives in Pennsylvania next to the sweetest place on Earth Learn about Gryffyn, Seat of God, and the Ethiopian Chronicles at gryffynphoenix.


    The BookChick
    I just finished Journey of Josephus and I was absolutely blown away by the depth contained in this story To understand what s happening, I strongly recommend that you read Seat of God which explains the story from Jasmine s point of view as she searches for Keda, her lost niece who you discover is much closer to her later on in the story However, Journey of Josephus sheds light on the story from the Priest Josephus point of view Oh, don t groan now, it s not one of THOSE books that just retells [...]

    Libba Campbell
    This is the follow on book to Seat of God While not strictly necessary to read Seat of God first, doing so makes reading this book a complete pleasure This story is the other side of the coin to Seat of God, told from the point of view of the priest, Josephus, and his experiences with the gifted orphan child whose care he has undertaken, and the search for children like her It takes a non traditional but no less valid view of Biblical history than the standard Judeo Christian story and fills i [...]

    Jennifer Cody
    Loved this book I read Book 1 last year Seat of God, and couldn t wait until the next one The individual stories of each character is so rich on their own, when woven together tell an inspiring tale of hope, faith and redemption I hear there is a 3rd I hope so


    • [PDF] Unlimited è Journey of Josephus : by G.J. Phoenix
      253 G.J. Phoenix
    Journey of Josephus