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  • Title: Closing the Loop
  • Author: Jane Davitt
  • ISBN: 9781626492813
  • Page: 127
  • Format: ebook

  • õ Closing the Loop ✓ Jane Davitt - Closing the Loop, Closing the Loop A week on a tropical gay cruise is just what Lee needs after a bad breakup and a Canadian winter It s a shame his ex is on board but Lee is sharing a cabin with Cole a hot lawyer who as luck would h
    Jane Davitt
    I m English by birth, but I moved to Canada twenty years ago, so I have two places I call home I started writing in my thirties, hammering out millions of words of fanfic with a growing sense that yes, this was something I could do, wanted to do, needed to do.A decade ago, I became a professional writer of m m romance and I ve never regretted my choice of career Back then, telling people what I wrote got me raised eyebrows or puzzled looks Times have changed Now m m romance is thriving and I m happy to be one of the many writers contributing to this always evolving and expanding genre Free reads and my fanfic are here Jane Davitt at AO3

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    ~✡~Dαni(ela) ♥ ♂♂ love & semi-colons~✡~
    Not even Canada and a gay cruise could save this book for me The chemistry between the MCs was nonexistent the dialogue was stilted and there was an odd juxtaposition of drama the suicidal nephew , melodrama the over the top bitchy, vindictive ex , and BDSM lite some spanking, hints at deeper play to come.I generally like Jane Davitt s books, but this one was a no go for me Fortunately, there is a HEA, but I lost interest before I got there.

    JustJen "Miss Conduct"
    a review by The Blogger Girls.I ended up enjoying this one quite a bit There are a number of coincidences that bring Cole and Lee together I really wasn t too sure what to make of Cole at first He gives an impression of being a rather hoity toity somewhat stiff guy, but it doesn t take long for us to see behind that mask, thanks to Lee.Lee is looking to hook up, enjoy his trip, despite the fact that his now ex insisted on going Thankfully, he has an opportunity to room with someone else That som [...]

    To celebrate the release of Closing the Loop, Jane Davitt is giving away a signed print copy of Lucky Strike The contest is not limited to U.S residents.Stop by On Top Down Under Book Reviews and leave a comment for a chance to win Contest ends on May 30th Review can be found at

    Veronica of V's Reads
    Lee is a travel agent in Toronto due to depart on a gay theme Caribbean cruise with his boyfriend of three years, Ryan, when he learns that Ryan isn t quite as committed to fidelity as Lee would have hoped They break up, with Ryan still planning to hit the cruise and rub Lee s face in his debauchery.Lee acquires a last minute upgrade and ends up sharing the Presidential Suite with a gorgeous black Englishman, Cole, who is a civil rights attorney Lee had met Cole back in Canada when he helped boo [...]

    The sexy times were hot, but the story and characterizations didn t work for me I didn t connect with or care about the characters Near the end, Lee made me so angry, I almost dnf.Also, Justin s story was too depressing all that sadness felt unnecessary, manipulative.

    Didn t really work for me No chemistry and the switch between suicidal nephew and kinky sex yuck Sorry book, I wanted to love you .

    Barb ~rede-2-read~
    ARC provided by the publisher through Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words in exchange for an impartial review Just as he s finally ready to take a romantic Valentine s Day gay cruise, travel agent Lee Jones discovers that his partner Ryan not only wants to have sex with other men while on the cruise, he s already done so right under Lee s nose It s the straw that breaks the camel s back, and Lee dumps him, not needing to continue to put up with Ryan s self centered ways When he finds out Ryan is [...]

    Vanessa theJeepDiva
    Fun in the sun with the man you love should have been Lee s dream getaway Instead he is forced at the last minute due to an unwanted but much needed breakup to find new cabin accommodations or give up going on the trip all together It doesn t take Lee long at all to realize that the new cabin away from the retched ex boyfriend has perks that have never been mentioned in any vacation brochures Cole is everything that anyone could ever want in a man and he seems to reciprocate some of Lee s lusty [...]

    3.5, rounded down for now may round up later I m still weighing it.Review Now Available Scattered Thoughts Rogue WordsEdit After writing my review I decided to round down I m just too eh about the book to round up to four.

    I found this be a rather strange concoction gay cruise instant lust love kink suicidal student and an obnoxious ex are all thrown together for fun in the sun Of the MCs, Lee is annoying and Cole seems too good to be true At least there is a HEA.

    Lois - Who Reads
    When Lee s boyfriend suggests that they use their upcoming cruise vacation as an opportunity to sleep with other men, Lee finally opens his eyes and kicks Ryan out Unfortunately, Ryan still has his ticket and plans on going on the cruise Now Lee has to share a room with Cole not that sharing a room with Cole is a terrible hardship Even though Cole has a very serious reason for being on board, Cole and Lee have some impossible to ignore chemistry flying back and forth I absolutely loved that thes [...]

    Joyfully Jay
    A Joyfully Jay review 3.25 starsClosing the Loop is a fast paced read with a decent balance of passion, angst, and humor Unfortunately, it also struggles to maintain a sense of realism and one of the main characters isn t consistently likable Let s hit the high points first The plot is, save one exception I ll talk about later, fairly well paced and as a result the narrative never feels bogged down Jane Davitt is a strong writer with a distinctive flair for giving the reader a nice blend of roma [...]

    This was a pretty average book for me I liked the chemistry between the two characters together but separately they didn t do much for me Cole seemed very uptight and stilted Lee seemed rather stupid at times with his choices of boyfriends and expectations of Cole I m not sure why the ex was included in the cruise since he really never made much of an impact and he seemed over the top stereotypical ex asshole I enjoyed the two together in bed but the rest of the book just seemed Meh to me.

    Eh Even though I am a sucker for a cheating ex plot, this one was just ok.

    Nice book Nice guys I really enjoyed the way they consciously communicated with each other.

    Review can be read at It s About The Book2.5 starsI expected to like this book than I did I just couldn t connect to or like the characters I d expect a gay cruise to be a tad bit fun to read about but neither guy was on it to hook up or join in the festivities Which would have also been fine IF I enjoyed the guys falling in love One is on the cruise to watch his suicidal nephew That story line may have been meant to add some depth and conflict between the couple for the story, but for me it w [...]

    I read this book a few weeks ago, and I m still not over the disappointment I loved Ms Davitt s Life Drawing but Closing the Loop was not for me.There were some clever lines and evidence of the writing style I liked previously, but there was far OHMYGOSHWHAT SEVENHAPPENING moments I don t make a habit of quoting books in my reviews, as I think most things need context That said, I m providing quotes here to illustrate my extreme displeasure.First, an example of something that made me smile Gay [...]

    Lee has broken up with his cheating ex and is going on the gay cruise they had planned To avoid the scumbag ex, he upgrades to a presidential suite Only he has to share it with Cole A smoking hot lawyer who is the one person on this cruise who isn t looking to hook up Lee sets out to change that and some kink and some drama and a couple of awwws ensue.This book is a short novella I liked it I didn t love it The opening part felt rushed Too much exposition and a really strange pace to it I think [...]

    The Novel Approach Reviews
    2.5 Stars Lee is a travel agent who s having a particularly boring day, when a lovely gentleman comes in, wanting to book a gay cruise one that Lee happens to know is sold out since he s on it He gets the man on the waitlist and thinks that s it, which is too bad But Lee has a boyfriend, so nothing to be done about it anyway.Except that later that night, Lee doesn t have a boyfriend any He throws his cheating BF out with his belongings, and does what he can to change his accommodations on the sh [...]

    Christ, Lee was a whiny, needy, narcissistic little toadstool Self absorbed, callous, nosey, demanding, petulant, and stupid I spent most of the book when I wasn t yawning hoping he would fall over the railing of the ship and be dragged into the depths by the weight of his own big head.Even beyond his worthlessness, the book was just bad The plot was nothing to write home about as other reviewers have pointed out in depth, the original premise is an obvious, paper thin device to get the two MCs [...]

    Hm, that wasn t really what I was expecting Though it wasn t bad at all, the book somehow felt unfinished Like it was only the first try of this story and needed to be fleshed out a little bit , like there were some pages missing in between that were waiting to be filled in later Just when I thought, things would really start rolling, it all ended really apruptly in the second third and that was a bit confusing I think I understand the reason for this regarding the concept of the overall story, [...]

    A.B. Gayle
    I find it interesting that the things I like about Jane Davitt s books are things that turn some readers off She steps outside traditional mm romance boundaries, and I hope she continues to do so For example, one of her main characters is a third generation Brit and the color of his skin is a non issue The other character gets dumped by his boyfriend and instead of being emotionally distraught is kicking himself for not seeing the signs earlier Perhaps their rational behaviour doesn t press emot [...]

    Poor GR friend reviews.

    2 stars The Sexy times were hot but the insta love lust the gay cruise ect Lee s whining and Cole s perfection it just didn t work for me I liked the HEA.

    2.5 stars Full review available at The Novel Approach


    A cruise Bed sharing Yum.

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