The King's Mortal (Wintertide #1) Best Download || [Armada West]

  • Title: The King's Mortal (Wintertide #1)
  • Author: Armada West
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 351
  • Format: Kindle Edition

  • The King's Mortal (Wintertide #1) Best Download || [Armada West] - The King's Mortal (Wintertide #1), The King s Mortal Wintertide I invite you to join me in Cimmerian the frigid vampire realm the home to the huntsmen of God They have been tasked with slaughtering the humans who ve released the plagued doppelg ngers of mankind f
    Armada West
    Armada West is a contemporary paranormal and romance author Originally from the Hudson Valley, West has also worked in graphic design, the gaming industry, and as a model She lives near Nashville, Tennessee and is a member of its local BDSM scene.


    This is not your average vampire story Told from multiple POVs, but mostly through Lana Corvin, I found the story intriguing and different from any other vampire books out there Reminds me of The Vampire Diaries with a twist on the classical myths characteristic of vampires.World building was fantastic, main and supporting characters wer well developed Nice writing Overall, very good read.

    This book was provided by the publisher author for an honest review.The King s Mortal, the first in the Wintertide series, combined a few of my favorite things dark fantasy, damaged characters and vampire lore The world of Cimmeria completely drew me in, from the elite noble vampires to their interesting mythologies that ties in real history Lana is a very troubled character who makes poor decisions at the start but still manages to read as a strong and likable character You can t help but root [...]

    Justine Manzano
    You wouldn t think drug dealers and vampires would go together, but they absolutely do in Lana Corvin s world Lana is a fascinatingly dark and complex character who is facing death and struggling to protect herself in the world she has found herself in a world filled with drugs, sex, violence, and cruelty As she attempts to survive these normal, albeit terrible, real world troubles, she stumbles into a supernatural war involving vampires and doppelgangers, evil creatures bent on the destruction [...]

    This was an oft times confusing read like trying to put together a puzzle when you don t know what the picture looks like Many places were disjointed as the author tried to skipped around in the timeline Add the cut and pasted dialog exact words and phrases, used by two different characters, as when she asked the vampires if they had heartbeats and you are taken out of the already awkward flow of the story And, that ending cut right off in the middle of the action That s not a cliffhanger, that [...]

    • The King's Mortal (Wintertide #1) Best Download || [Armada West]
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    The King's Mortal (Wintertide #1)