[PDF] Read ↠ The Dark Will End the Dark : by Darrin Doyle

  • Title: The Dark Will End the Dark
  • Author: Darrin Doyle
  • ISBN: 9780986092213
  • Page: 313
  • Format: Paperback

  • [PDF] Read ↠ The Dark Will End the Dark : by Darrin Doyle - The Dark Will End the Dark, The Dark Will End the Dark Stunning and visceral in its emotional impact The Dark Will End The Dark collects stories by veteran author Darrin Doyle Deftly mixing realism and fabulism bleakness and hope sparkling dialogue
    Darrin Doyle
    Darrin Doyle is the author of the novels The Girl Who Ate Kalamazoo St Martin s Press and Revenge of the Teacher s Pet A Love Story LSU Press and the short story collection The Dark Will End the Dark Tortoise Books His fiction has appeared in many literary magazines, most recently BULL, Redivider, Pure Coincidence, Blackbird, and Newfound Journal He lives in Mount Pleasant, Michigan and teaches at Central Michigan University.

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    Read 7 2 15 7 5 154 Stars Highly Recommended, some creepy stuff in these here pagesPages 167Publisher Tortoise BooksReleased March 2015I get lots of friend requests on Lots Mostly from weirdo friend collectors with whom I have nothing in common, self published authors who are just looking to spam their newest releases in TNBBC, foreign dudes with creepy profiles, and underage users who attempt to bully me around by commenting on my status updates when I don t respond So I m not bragging when I s [...]

    Short stories are strange animals Some readers are baffled by them because they have no real idea what to expect from them That doesn t tell a story , and most writers don t know how to write them, although not from lack of trying It s only a story How hard can it be They re not mini novels and they re not long poems So what are they I wish I could say, exactly If we were medieval seafarers hunched over a torn and timeworn parchment map, I d point to the nether of the nethermost regions and say [...]

    Like real life if it was just slightly fucked More bentanzer 2015 03

    Jimmy Hollenbeck
    Read the entire thing cover to cover travelling back from New York with my girlfriend I m so privileged to have had Darrin as a creative writing professor at CMU These stories are dripping with twisted moralities and dark humor The Dark Will End The Dark does not even have the capacity to disappoint.

    Everyone agrees that the majority of Season Two of Twin Peaks pretty much blows The best episodes however, were utterly unforgettable They were taut with an even steven magnetic pole tension between the most disturbing and the endearingly funny Darrin Doyle s stories in The Dark Will End The Dark flow and crackle with alternating currents of the unsettling and the absurd the wholly creepy with a silver lining pitch black humor.Doyle populates his stories with a series of seemingly unremarkable c [...]

    Jason Pettus
    Reprinted from the Chicago Center for Literature and Photography cclapcenter I am the original author of this essay, as well as the owner of CCLaP it is not being reprinted illegally So first, let me admit that I have a bit of a bias here for while I don t know the author personally, I am friends with the owner of the press that published this, and Tortoise and CCLaP have been talking about doing some co sponsored events together later in the year, so you should take the so called objectivity of [...]

    Giano Cromley
    It s been a while since I ve torn through a short story collection from beginning to end But that s exactly what I did with Darrin Doyle s The Dark Will End the Dark Simply put, this is an amazing batch of short stories First off, Doyle has managed to put together a collection that is thematically linked, with a logical structure running throughout Yet each story feels stylistically unique and vigorous Most of them have an air of magical realism, though they vary in degrees Some stories retain a [...]

    Jenna (Falling Letters)
    I received a copy from the author in exchange for my honest review.I read nine out of 14 stories I have had this book since June and still haven t been motivated to finish it, so I think now is the time to throw in the towel I enjoyed the premise of most of the stories Creativity and imagination are definitely at work here The prose keeps me from being too interested It s not my style That being said, I found the writing best in the bits of dark silly humour For example, in Head , a man s head i [...]

    Superstition Review
    With The Dark Will End The Dark, Darrin Doyle presents fourteen short stories that haunt the fringes of man s darkest, most disturbing imagination Blending realism with surrealism and horror with humor, Doyle explores humanity and then brutally disassembles it limb by limb, exposing the nastiest bits of it for all to see Doyle s greatest strength lies in his prose He writes with a clarity and elegance that manages to both enchant and appall me His imagery is shocking and terrifying, yet intrigui [...]

    A collection of dark and bitter stories that are fearlessly grotesque and bizarre More often than not, they leave you with questions than answers, but somehow, that s almost better than knowing all the details And yet, despite their sometimes toe curling creepiness, there s a sort of comfort in these stories, a healing in the weird there s a distant familiarity and humanity to them that stirs some kind of nostalgia or something like that deep within Haunting and addictive, and definitely recomm [...]

    The human body, logic, and language are all rent apart and remade dazzlingly anew in these fourteen stories With the droll fabulism of Nikolai Gogol and the moral heft of Shirley Jackson, Doyle s characters face problems both surreal and all too realFantastical yet close to the bone, these stories are both wounding and wondrous.

    Beautiful, dark, lovely, sad, and altogether a joy to read Such a perfect title, in that the creepy, disturbing stories feel cathartic, as if the characters are not just wallowing in the dark, but working through it The prose is gorgeous, making the reader linger over sentences I just loved it.

    Terrific book Saunders meets Coover Full review here Review of The Dark Will End the Dark

    • [PDF] Read ↠ The Dark Will End the Dark : by Darrin Doyle
      313 Darrin Doyle
    The Dark Will End the Dark