Promises I Made Best Read || [Michelle Zink]

  • Title: Promises I Made
  • Author: Michelle Zink
  • ISBN: 9780062327154
  • Page: 479
  • Format: Hardcover

  • Promises I Made Best Read || [Michelle Zink] - Promises I Made, Promises I Made Grace Fontaine was trained to carry out perfect crimes But when a mistake was made the night her family tried to execute their biggest heist yet her world fell apart Now her brother is in jail her m
    Michelle Zink
    Michelle Zink is author of the Prophecy of the Sisters trilogy, A Temptation of Angels, and This Wicked Game Her next book, Lies I Told, releases Spring 2015 Learn on Michelle s blog at michellezink.


    Satisfying ending to one of the better teen heist books out there Review coming soon

    Jaime Arkin
    I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed book 1 in this duology, Lies I Told when I read it earlier this year I loved the premise of this story and the characters and when everything went down in that last chapter and I turned the last page, I knew I had to get my hands on book 2 as soon as possible.When I started Promises I Made, I was terribly concerned Grace s life has blown up and everything she wants and needs is out of reach The boy she fell in love with and then betrayed the mothe [...]

    Dark Faerie Tales
    Review courtesy of Dark Faerie TalesQuick Dirty An amazing second installment with a lush setting and complex characters.Opening Sentence When I think about what happened in Playa Hermosa, its not the gold that gets to me.The Review Spoilers for Lies I Told ahead Grace has changed She is no longer naive She will not be used again She takes Cormac s money and runs, with only one intention in mind free Parker from jail, however long that takes This isn t going to be easy, and she doesn t have the [...]

    Allison Brunskill
    I love teen heist con books and this was the first book I ve read dealing with the after I was skeptical going into this, I knew it wouldn t have the action of the first book and I was worried about how it would compare Well this was fantastic Grace goes through so much she s been betrayed, she has to acknowledge her betrayals, she s alone, she has to learn to trust, and so on I loved how realistic this was, no matter how sorry Grace was there are some things you can t come back from She may not [...]

    Fiona R
    Disappointing In my opinion, not enough action or substance to justify a sequel A very slow read and rushed ending.

    Huge thank you to the publisher for sending me an advanced copy of this book for review I liked this book butttttt I didn t love it as much as I did the previous book I felt like a lot of the tension that made the first book so good was missing And while I liked how everything was wrapped up it just felt like a lot of filler and this was a fairly short book.This book starts off shortly after the previous book left off Grace and Cormac are living in Seattle, trying to con some money out of a woma [...]

    oh my god i m in love this book, while not the kind that i was expecting, was so real how grace s past decisions defines her future is not depicted idealistically, and that everything isn t going to just be okay because she s apologized a few times i did feel like some parts were rushed with the whole resolution, but i honestly think this was a great sequel and yes i m totally mourning the fact that logan and grace aren t a couple any, despite how much i loved them, but i think that s a realisti [...]

    After that ending in Lies I Told, I was so excited to be able to start this book immediately after finishing It doesn t pick up right at the end of LIT, but Grace gives us the 411 on what s been happening For me, this book had of a slow burn Since the con has already happened, there isn t much of a set up Instead it s a cat a mouse game of sorts Grace is trying to help Parker without getting caught Which means there s a lot of hiding and incessant bus rides and less than 2 minute phone calls to [...]

    This book is excellent and is worth reading Promises I made is the sequel to Lies I Told, which was published on November 24, 2015 The book continues on and unfolds the result of the heist in Grace s point of view New characters are introduced and they are well developed as well as old characters, which you will get to know even better The plot is original and has plot twist and surprises The second book is follows the same plot as the first, but extends it as well There is nothing really contr [...]

    Donna Villeponteaux
    Disappointed Not sure what I was expecting but found that this sequel to Lies I Told to be a letdown And the supposed character, Detective Fletcher, never materializes So many characters from the first book Marcus, the mysterious next door neighbor who we never meet in the first book, Selena, Logan, Renee become aware of Grace s reapppearance in Playa Hermosa but somehow the police never find her

    Not as good as the first I wanted her and Logan to get back together somehow

    i always feel like something good comes out of everything.even the shitty stuff scottyhes totally one of my fave characters in this book

    For starters, I had not meant to stay up all night reading the two books in this series But I did, and they were SO good The first book dealt with the months leading up to a heist we know goes wrong This book deals with the months after everything went wrong for Grace While I enjoyed the build of the first book, I think I preferred Promises I Made, because Grace on the run was intense to me I was almost looking over my shoulders as much as she was In addition to that, I loved Marcus and Scotty [...]

    Not as good as the first book, but still very good.

    Colette Duffy

    Grace is coming undone After the disastrous events of Lies I Told, life is than different Her mother, Renee, has left them, her brother Parker is in jail and her father, Cormac, is already on to the next con And Grace Grace is tired She is having serious doubts about her ability to carry on with the current con and watch another person s life be ruined by Cormac s actionsd hers Grace is still reeling from the Playa Hermosa con that left an entire family in ruins She can t stop thinking about Lo [...]

    Once Upon a Twilight
    I FINALLY got my greedy little paws all over this book Earlier this year I read Lies I Told and could NOT wait to get Promises I Made, to finally get all the questions answered So quick story short, Grace and her family rip off rich families, stealing their wealth and leaving as if nothing ever happened While in Playa Hermosa their latest grift goes a wry and Parker ends up in jail, Cormac and Grace run away to Seattle, and Renee runs away with all stolen gold Promises I Made is all centered aro [...]

    Grade C The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly I love heist books And I apparently really like characters named Grace Grace Fontaine is a lovely character She s done a lot of bad things, and she knows they were bad She doesn t excuse all her actions, and she s trying to be a better person Not many books show the fallout and consequences of big things like the crime the Fontaines tried to pull off in Lies I Told, so I appreciated what Promises I Made had to offer in that area This book provided resoluti [...]

    I hope there is another book

    Elaine A.
    Wow, so I was so anxious for this book and when I finally got it, I attempted to read carefully and honestly, maybe the ending wasn t all what I wanted, but it was realistic and I appreciated that And, I LOVE THIS SEQUEL and it s totally worth the read

    Savanah Rae
    I received this book for free from Giveaway.I ABSOLUTELY 100% am in love with these series from Michelle Zink I read Lies I told in one day and I read Promises I made in one day I couldn t put the books down, they just keep you wondering what is going to happen next This book is mostly about Grace and Parker remember the kids who helped their adoptive parents commit crimes Grace gets away from her father, tries to help Parker get out of jail and she runs into someone unexpected Logan Poor Logan [...]

    Christina Thomas
    May contain spoilers I received this book as a giveaway from Epic Reads I actually prefer this sequel to the first book As a heist con book, both of the books fall short of what I prefer to read However, these are probably close to what actually working a con would feel like the emotional turmoil, the split second decisions, and stress The main character Gracie is attempting to make amends the only way she can after the con finished in the previous book finding a way to get her foster brother Pa [...]

    I feel like this sequel did give justice to first novel on how Grace s story finally ends However, I felt like Zink just forced some characters in the novel because they had to be there For example, I understand why she needed an encounter with Grace and Logan, but it was so awkward it felt like they never even knew each other It was the same when Grace met her mother because none of these encounters really gave the reader any closure The whole book dragged on and after a couple hundred pages it [...]

    Christine Mancini
    This is a great story Michelle Zink weaves a story and characters in such a way that you feel true sympathy for Grace and Parker The first book The lies I Told wove the plot and characters in such a way that you almost want everything to go off without the family being found out Now you are invited in for the fall out Grace is trying her best to make things right and help Parker Parker is currently in jail for the theft and Renee has abandoned the family Grace and Carmac have moved on to Seattle [...]

    Miz Lizzie
    A satisfying conclusion toLies I Told Grace is trying to set things right after the Fairchild scam Her number one priority is to get Parker out of jail But she also needs to find forgiveness and learn to trust again I loved the new characters that were introduced and I felt that Grace s journey towards redemption was believable My only real complaint is that it was published as two separate books It is really all one story, in two parts perhaps, but neither part stands on its own Book Pairings H [...]

    Zink has really upped the ante in this sequel Everything that Grace was feeling and going through is so much real than the first book Lies I Told While the ending seems a bit too put together, I really like what happens with all the characters, and how Zink isn t afraid to get a bit dark when we re inside Grace s head It wouldn t be believable if she didn t have some darker thoughts, considering her life, but Grace doesn t let that hold her down or give up A quick read and needed sequel, Promis [...]

    I loved this book I d read a good review of it and didn t realise it was second in a series It didn t matter that I didn t read book one, Grace s character and story shone through and I was hooked from the first chapter The characters, the storyline, everything worked to make me really care and hope for a happy emding What a strong young woman Grace turned out to be, and what delightful and loving friends she found in Scotty and Marcus I wish they were in my circle of friends They are gold.

    Jessica Medved
    I thought this was good but not as good as the first one Definitely suffers from sequel syndrome There just wasn t the same passion in this one as there was the first it was a lot story and not so much relationships and heart tugging and all that I didn t feel for Grace and Parker like i did in the first one this may have been a too far between reads thing I thought that Grace had a lot of character development but I was upset with what happened with the mom Really made me grumpy To be honest w [...]

    Liked this book even better than the prequel I love the relationship of the two men the former grifter and the former cop and how they blend together like light and darkness I also love the fact that Grace is forced to confront Selena and Logan, her former mark There s an honesty to the feelings and ideas that Grace reveals, particularly around seeing her former friends prepare for prom But there is also redemption in how she struggles to try to not take the easy way out in order to fix the situ [...]

    Jo Ann Mulligan
    So good I have to say that I am super disappointed that her and Logan didn t get back together or it even hint that they did, and I understand what she did to him was kind of unforgivable but still, throw a girl a bone And also I was totally rooting for Parker until he decided that he needed to leave, breaking parole no less, totally ditching Grace, who risked a lot to get him out A little selfish if you ask me But anyway, great sequel Didn t disappoint

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