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  • Title: Sachael Dreams
  • Author: Melody Winter
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 264
  • Format: Kindle Edition

  • [PDF] Download ☆ Sachael Dreams : by Melody Winter - Sachael Dreams, Sachael Dreams Twenty two year old Estelle Bailey has had enough of busy city life and her hot tempered ex She escapes to the seclusion and peace of her family s clifftop home in Ravenscar where the soothing solitu
    Melody Winter
    Melody grew up in North Yorkshire, England She s a North Yorkshire lass through and through, although she does have a tendency to holiday in Spain She has dreams of moving to the warmer climate to sip on Sangria as the sun sets over the roof tops of surrounding buildings But, for the moment, she still lives in North Yorkshire with her husband and two young sons.Follow Melody on twitter twitter MelodyWinterOr on Facebook facebook Melody Winte


    Lillian ᴥ Cloud 9 Books
    4 Stars I agree with a lot of the reviewers when they say that the pace is slow The author goes into detail to describe the waves in the ocean, the colors in the sky, and the many thoughts going through Estelle But even though the pace isn t fast, it s perfect for this story Estelle is a special girl She just doesn t know it Her father died when she was young, and her mother is at a care home The only time she feels safe and whole is when she is near the ocean On one special day, she is pursued [...]

    4.5 starsOoohh, you naughty, naughty cliffhanger You really got me good there.This book was so, so good I liked pretty much everything about it The characters, the plot, the mythology The love story I adored the setting in a secluded cliff top house in Northern England The writing was no less than lovely and created this mystical, almost fairytale like mood The pacing was rather slow, which matched the atmosphere perfectly, though.As the cliff top breeze picked up, rustling the fully leaved tree [...]

    Alythia Brown
    First of all, I want to say that I ve never actually read an entire prologue until now Oh, I ve tried But they always seem like convoluted openings to a different opening and the dots don t always line up Eventually, I just skip straight to chapter one.But the prologue for SACHAEL DREAMS actually made sense huzzah Not only that, it made me intrigued by the characters introduced later on We know these sachael men impregnate human women and then make off with their babies The savior figure from t [...]

    C.C. Dowling
    Bravo Melody Winter Well done.I flew through the second half of the book, unable to put it down until I finished I want the second one to be out already If you love romance and a character with flaws and strengths trying to figure out life and wounds and love, then this book is a must read Oh yeah, and hot ocean guys.Even at the end, I found myself questioning what was real and what wasn t And characters you want to hate, you don t I want to know , and find out what s really true and what s all [...]

    How I felt when I discovered Sachael Dreams, a NA novel featuring alluring angels of the oceans, masters of seduction I WANTED it I ve been DYING for a fresh underwater tale, one with better world building, better character development, betterjust better than the watered down tales I ve read lately This book delivered on so many levels.Sachael Dreams begins with a prologue featuring Lilith, a girl who is used, emotionally scarred, and abandoned by a Sachael This scene alone evoked so many feels [...]

    The first chapter of Sachael Dreams threw me into a world of mystery heartache These were only two of the many emotions I felt while reading I was on a rollercoaster ride throughout the whole book there was romance, action, love and hate The love Estelle and Azariah share is one we all wish for at least once in our lives, just like Azariah did He will do anything for his soul mate, Estelle, but don t let his gentle way fool you He is a fierce warrior when he needs to be I also loved the way thei [...]

    Nicole Tone
    I have always felt a connection to the water Being by water, whether it be Lake Erie or the Puget Sound, always makes me feel calm, and refocused So when I first heard about SACHAEL DREAMS by Melody Winter, I knew that I had to read it While I have never been a fan of prologues, I felt the use of one in SACHAEL DREAMS was executed expertly Already I had questions that I needed answers to But, it was really the opening lines of the first chapter that really sucked me in The sea whispered my name [...]

    I recieved and eARC from the publisher in exchange for an honest review Sachael Dreams is a story aboutrmaids Well, mermen to be precise Estelle lives on Ravenscar an almost isolate place, save for the small village and the center where her mother lives, after the death of Estelle s father When one night, under the full moon, she meets a mysterious man, who is much than she believes, then an adventure begins.I have read many books about mermaids Some were good other seemed a little like a bad [...]

    As one of Melody s critique partners, I ve had an amazing opportunity to have eyes on Sachael Dreams since its early stages This gorgeous story stems from mythological origins, but features completely new and fantastical creatures Melody has fully developed an extensive cast and unique storyline, full of underwater adventures and intrigue And what would any good story be without a little romance Sachael Dreams pulls at your heart strings and will take your breath away in ways than one As Estell [...]

    Heather Fleet
    Fabulous book Full review to come

    We begin with a prologue Lilith Some people don t like prologues, but this one was perfect Her story stays with us after we move on to Estelle What happened to Lilith will it happen to Estelle That kept me reading, the mystery, the questions For it starts with a shell And continues with a voice, one that haunts her dreams Azariah But who is this stranger Can we trust him Azariah, a sachael, a creature from the sea, seems very nice A little too nice for me, but Estelle begins to fall for him The [...]

    Tammy Farrell
    Whoa This book is dark, mysterious, and full of emotion I purchased Sachael Dreams when it first came out, but as life got in the way it sat on my Kindle for a while Big mistake I should have read it immediately because once I started that heart wrenching prologue I was sucked in The mythology in this story is certainly fresh and unique I love when a familiar creature is reinvented, and that s exactly what Ms Winters has done with her mer man Sachaels Instead of the inquisitive, helpful sea peop [...]

    This review first appeared on my blog What Happened to the Wallflower Narrative This book is told from the first person POV of the lovely Estelle with the exception of the prologue, which is told in the third person POV of an unnamed woman.Quick side note I ve read this on other reviews, too, and I agree that normally prologues aren t needed I went into it fully expecting it to be kind of a useless one, but after reading it and reading the rest of the book, it actually kind of works It s weird I [...]

    MINOR SPOILERSI love the water so I m always on the look out for a good water creature related read I had always been drawn in to the idea of merpeople but I had never read something like what Ms Winter s had written I loved the idea of Sachaels I did not know of them until I read this book I like how the author took the idea of Sachaels and made it her own Vicious when needed but mesmerizing Just so you know, Sachaels are not synonymous with merpeople in this book.I liked the characters, Estell [...]

    See post on tumblr wordpressI am already in love with Melody Winter s NA romance fantasy series, and this is only the first book Sacahel Dreams was an absolute joy to read.I normally don t read prologues, but I was hooked Fishing pun intended Melody Winter executed the prologue like a champ kudos to her The way she used the prologue to later include information was a brilliant thing to do.So, from the prologue, we know that the Sachael men just use women to have their children We saw this with [...]

    Opening with a brief and enthralling tale of love and the brutal heartbreak of loss and betrayal, we meet young Lilith, who fades into our memories like something from long ago.Enter the contemporary Estelle, seeking peace in her life and freedom from a crazed ex boyfriend by escaping to the seaside, to a family home that brings her closer to the memory of her father and a life that feels soothing and calming There is to the water than the gentle ebbing and flowing of the waves, than the marin [...]

    Kate Swed
    Note I received an ARC of this novel in exchange for an honest review Sachael Dreams is a sweet love story that takes place in a wild section of the coast of England The setting is one of the book s major strengths Melody Winter does a great job of making Ravenscar and its bay into characters in their own right Her descriptions of the bay, and the various characters feelings about the sea, are captivating The prologue does a nice job of providing a bullet to push the reader through the initial s [...]

    Sizzling Hot Books
    In all honesty, the genre of fantasy is not my thing But of course you throw in the premise of the sea and all things creatures in them and I can t deny my interest Sachael Dreams sports this theme, and I knew from the second I first heard of it, I d fall wholeheartedly in love And oh, man was I right.The story starts with the lonely Estelle A young girl with not much of a future, but lots to hope for Her father is gone, her mother is in an institution, as well Now she s alone, staying in the lo [...]

    Katie Hamstead
    4.5 5 stars.I read the first chapter for this a while ago during a competition, and desperately wanted to read the rest ever since So, when it published and the chance to read it was offered to me, I snatched it up Estelle is our narrator, a quiet, fairly reclusive girl, especially after fleeing from an abusive relationship She has returned home to perform her monthly ritual she promised her father she would keep, when she finds a rare shell A shell that shouldn t be anywhere near her beach Soon [...]

    Reviewed by Aly on behalf ofThe Book Landers Sachael Dreams certainly starts out very painful but interesting It gives us a glimpse at the not so kind side of the Sachaels that we don t necessarily see with the Sachael we view in the book after the beginning So that was a nice doubt planter before we even knew anything of what was going on or any of the characters and could find ourselves cheering for them It certainly put a damper on the the first meeting of the mystery man and Estelle And the [...]

    C.L. Denault
    The adventure began one cool, rainy Mother s Day I d decided to be a couch potato and was relaxing on my comfy sofa, when it struck me that I should take advantage of my down time to read a book But not just any book I wanted something with a little mystery and a lot of steamy action Sachael Dreams promised both, so I decided to give it a try.I m glad I did This book drew me in from the very first page I love prologues yeah, I m old school , and SD set the scene with a dramatic prologue that lef [...]

    Geneva Handleman
    Awesome universe this author has created I cannot wait to see what the next book brings The characters are so vibrant and full of life, they have wrapped me up in their world and I don t want to leave Estelle is a character I can truly identify with, artistic and solitary by choice, loves being near the water and is perfectly happy living alone Her trip to the city was an episode from my own life even The way she reacts to the men who enter her quiet lifestyle makes me want to be her friend and [...]

    Jolynne Etherington
    Wow.Started this a few weeks back I took it with me while waiting for son to finish swimming So I only read a chapter here and there.Picked it up again over this past weekend and couldn t put it down.I got so hooked as the events unfolded.The connection between the characters was amazing I was willing for everything to work it and just wanted to read and read until the end.I can t wait till the second book comes out.I think there is something about Lilith that hasn t come out just yet.I would hi [...]

    Lorna Jones
    Amazing amazing amazing thank you so much for sharing your book Totally loved it from the first page to last Now I want book 2

    Yu Fan
    I received an arc to provide an honest review 3.5 starsFrom the moment on I read the prologue, I knew I was absolutely intrigued I have never encountered books like these before and I was pleasantly surprised how much I enjoyed reading this book This book was at times surprising but mostly predictable Sachael Dreams starts off with an engrossing prologue Lilith being used, seduced, impregnated, abandoned and left with no child by a Sachael It then follows Estelle who also encounters a Sachael, h [...]

    Kisa Whipkey
    The first thing I remember thinking about Sachael Dreams is what a brilliant premise Not unlike a wave crashing to shore, it landed on my desk and instantly captured my attention The paranormal romance romantic fantasy genres are heavily saturated with angels, demons, vampires, werewolves, and a plethora of other supernatural critters, but Winter managed to do the unexpected she gave us a brand new creature altogether.Estelle s story is not a peaceful one kidnapping, escape, fight scenes, and ar [...]

    S.L. Dearing
    First off, I thoroughly enjoyed this book Ms Winter s style is easy to read with the perfect amount of description I could see the coastlines, Estelle Bailey s home, Ravenscar, Robin Hood s Bay, and the village The characters were enjoyable and for the most part, rich and complex I did find myself wishing Estelle was just slightly braver earlier in the story However, she is a complex character and extremely likeable.The romance between Estelle and the Sachael is beautifully drawn The reader can [...]

    S.L. Dearing
    First off, I thoroughly enjoyed this book Ms Winter s style is easy to read with the perfect amount of description I could see the coastlines, Estelle Bailey s home, Ravenscar, Robin Hood s Bay and the village The characters were enjoyable and for the most part, rich and complex I did find myself wishing Estelle was just slightly braver earlier in the story However, she is a complex character and extremely likeable.The romance between Estelle and the Sachael is beautifully drawn The reader can f [...]

    I don t know why, but the cover for this one really grabbed me, even if I wasn t quite sure what the title meant There is some darkness here that may mean that this story isn t for everyone, but when you re in the right headspace, Sachael Dreams is absolutely perfect If you re looking for a fresh take on water fantasy, this is the book I d recommend and will be reocmmending.I really enjoyed reading about Estelle, and found the mixture of fantasy and romance in her story to be both refreshing and [...]

    Linda Parkinson-Hardman
    Sachael Dreams is a YA, fantasy novel which has a strong grounding myths and folklore surrounding and building on the Angels of Water or Sachael This is the first book of a series so there is no final ending, that will come later down the line I felt the story is almost a coming of age novel in which the principal character, Estelle Bailey, must come to terms with a heritage she knew nothing about In many ways it is a classic love story will she, won t he, who is true, who is not etc, but with a [...]

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