Daughter Of Vanth Best Read || [S.M. Gibson]

  • Title: Daughter Of Vanth
  • Author: S.M. Gibson
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 271
  • Format: Kindle Edition

  • Daughter Of Vanth Best Read || [S.M. Gibson] - Daughter Of Vanth, Daughter Of Vanth When Sophie Klein a nine year old girl in rural Ohio slaughters thirteen vampires with only the power of her mind lethal vampire warrior Gabriel Stragon decides she must die She is a descendant of
    S.M. Gibson
    S.M Gibson is an avid reader and writer of romance bring on the magic, ghosts, fairies, vampires, and anything supernatural Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, S.M Gibson has traveled around the world while serving in the U.S Navy After living in Virginia Beach, Virginia for several years, S.M Gibson and her family moved to St Louis, Missouri where the author obtained a bachelor s degree and eventually a law degree As a criminal defense attorney, S.M Gibson s day job is hectic, but her nights are free to wander the realms of the paranormal, put pen to paper, and delve into the world of fantasy and romance.

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    This is another new to me author and I was not disappointed The theme of the book is one of my FAVORITES Enemy to lover The author S.M Gibson did a wonderful job portraying the hate the hero Gabriel has for the heroine Sophia The journey to their Happily Ever After was exciting, antsy, jealous bound, and hot Sophie is a 21 year old descendant of a female demon, earning her the name Daughter of Vanth The story begins 12 years earlier when Sophie was a little girl in ohio Vampires are drawn to the [...]

    Cyndi Marie
    I was so excited when this book was releasedLOVED LOVED LOVED this book It s the perfect blend of Action, Paranormal Romance This is a great new author and boy was I blown away I simply couldn t put this one down once I started it I loved Sophie with her tough but still innocent attitude Gabriel and I had a love hate relationship in the beginning, I liked him even though he was kinda a jerk but my feeling did a 180 as I got into the book because I understood his attitude My favorite character w [...]

    Don Lummus
    I ve read this book 3 times now and I keep wanting to read Daughter of Vanth is enthralling and exciting I will be reading it again Can t wait for a sequel

    The first thing that I noticed about this novel was the cover The cover features a blond woman with bright green eyes that just seem to spear you where you stand They re so captivating that it s like they re compelling you to pick up this novel The main character in this novel is Sophie Klein, who is a descendant of Vanth Vanth was a demon who vowed to kill all vampires within her time However, the catch to this is that Sophie is human, raised in her early years by her very human parents At firs [...]

    I wasn t sure how I was going to feel about this book when I started it because I do not read paranormal ever I was pleasantly surprised because I REALLY liked it It was my first paranormal read and probably won t be my last now that I know what the fuss is all about I liked the world building and all of the characters The beginning was a little gory and the love story was great I hope there will be a book 2.

    Sarah Myers
    I haven t read a book like this before and paranormal vampire things are not normally my cup of tea, but I did enjoy this book It was engaging and evenly paced, so it kept moving and giving the reader .

    Great read Rich and imaginative, takes the reader on beyond a classic vampire romance into the thrilling possibility of what if someone was powerful

    Ashley Marie
    Amazing read 5 stars Keeps you sucked in from the first page The characters and the story is simply fantastic I want

    I received a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.This was my first S.M Gibson book and it was excellent The story line was intricate and the characters well fleshed out I found Sophia s powers most interesting I haven t come across many characters out there with powers geared specifically toward killing vampires and I think this one might top the list It is something Sophie learns to control over the book along with becoming less and less afraid than she has been her entire l [...]

    Not my favourite book cover I have to admit, but after reading the story it does seem to fit better Most of the supernatural stories I have been reading of late seem to have these love at first sight meetings and these overdone sex scenes Daughter of Vanth was really a breath of fresh air from the very first page It kept me hooked all the way through, making me finish it in one sitting I love that some of the first emotions we were introduced to were fear, animosity and hatred It made the progre [...]

    Gladys Gonzales Atwell
    This book was provided by the publisher author to Nerd Girl Official for an honest review.Daughter Of Vanth is SM Gibson s debut novel an let me tell you she did an awesome job making this book a perfect example of Dark Fantasy Gold Sophie is special She is what legends are made from, well actually she is a legend among the vamps When she was young she slaughtered a dozen or so vampires and was later taken in by well VAMPIRES Sophie grows up with Stragon family who s son is a lethal vampire warr [...]

    When she was nine years old, Sophie accidentally slaughtered 13 vampires with the power of her mind Taken in by the Stragon vampire family, she has been their ward forced guest ever since A bittersweet situation, she has made lots of friends as well as enemies, including the Stragon s oldest son, Gabriel Fast forward 12 years At a big party the Stragons throw, Gabriel s father announces that Gabriel and Sophie are to wed Causing quite an uproar, many of the vampires clandestinely start to try an [...]

    Amazing Reading books about vampires really is not my thing A friend recommended this book to me I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.This is nothing what I thought it would be about The storyline was like nothing I have ever read and that kept me wanting There are alot of details in this story with regards to the vampire life and families Sophie is one tough woman and a rough past Gabe has seen and done do much in his life, yet still is not married.Great story

    LovesAllThingsBooks Book Reviews
    Daughter of Vanth is definitely a must read This story will have you sitting on the edge of your seat craving .Sophie is a creature like I ve never read before She is a daughter of Vanth and can kill vampires with just a thought.The world that the author has created envelopes the reader with its vivid details and strong emotional pulls I look forward to reading future books from S.M Gibson.

    • Daughter Of Vanth Best Read || [S.M. Gibson]
      271 S.M. Gibson
    Daughter Of Vanth