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  • Title: Jax
  • Author: JennaElliot
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  • Page: 305
  • Format: Kindle Edition

  • Jax Best Download || [JennaElliot] - Jax, Jax Her name was Audrey Tough as nails gorgeous but she didn t get to the highest level in my South Beach sex club by being eager to please She s also a troublemaker a hot as hell world class domme in
    Jenna Elliot has been writing since she was a baby gator at the University of Florida What started as sweet romances soon turned into steamy new adult novels When she s not writing or researching Jenna enjoys spending time with her adopted Basset Hound and cat, Sherlock and Watson, cooking new recipes from Pinterest, and binge watching Netflix Her life goals include being a contestant on a game show, writing a book check , and conquering her resting bitch face Jenna is a lover, not a fighter.facebook profilep itter itsjennaelliotpinterest jenna_elliot


    ARC received for reviewI didn t like Jax very much until the last 10% of the book Audrey I didn t like at all I didn t really see the chemistry between them Nice little action and suspense at the end.

    Teresa Rapkin
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    Training to be a level three at Command Performance, is like walking on broken glass for Audrey How can they expect her to submit when she meant to command Unfortunately she has already failed the test once, and this is her last chance to finally become a domme She has to learn to be submissive, in order to understand and command one Now she has been dumped into the lap of the last man who stands a chance of breaking her making her submit.As the lines begin to blur between business and pleasure [...]

    bookaholic ge
    I received this book as an ARC for my honest review from Net GalleyI have read all of the books in The Club series and I loved everyone of them I really loved how Jenna made the characters in each book, I love that they were not the standard Dom s and Subs as some Authors describe them, they were all so different It was honestly like they were coming together to have some naughty fun and create a family that helped each other when they were at the worse times in their lives In this book Audrey i [...]

    Heather andrews
    Audrey that girl is sassy, dependant,and strong I loved her character, because it s so fascinating watching you turn a page over every five minutes Because just looking at you ignore me is making me hot Sure, I m having the effing time of my life Both her and Jax are broken in their own ways so when they both started to open up I found myself enjoying the story , you can roll on top of me any time you want There were times when I found Jax seriously hot and that was when he was being completely [...]

    I feel super conflicted about rating this book 3 stars looks low, but is defined on as liked it Please read this book and judge it for yourself At this time a few weeks after publication , there s only one other review it s 5 stars On there are 7 reviews and they re all 5 stars I want to make it clear I have really enjoyed the series The first book was really good and when we first get a glimpse of the mysterious Jax, I wanted his story immediately It was actually Ace I was least interested in a [...]

    The Club Jax by Jenna ElliotBook 3 The Club SeriesSource PurchaseMy Rating 4 5 starsMy Review Finally It only took me until book three in the series to get myself off the fence and know exactly how I feel about a read The current final book in Jenna Elliot s The Club series features, Jax, the ber wealthy owner of an exclusive sex club who has spent his adult life carefully creating a world for himself that doesn t include attachments As far as the outside world is concerned, Jax is off limits He [...]

    Jeannie Zelos
    The Club Jax, Book 3 of The Club Series, Jenna ElliotGenre Romance, New Adult Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews Jax turn now.we met Audrey in an earlier book, and now she s been passed to Jax for training She wants to be a level three Domme, but the club rules says she must pass their tests first, which include being a Sub something she struggles with She needs to be in control at all times and just can t seem to let go, but she has to find a way as she needs to understand how her Sub will [...]

    Carmella Siciliano
    I was gifted this book for an honest opinion.Jenna is killing me here lol I have already read the Ethan and Ace s story and by the end of them I couldn t wait for Jax story to come out First of all, the cover.Jax to a T That is Jax in my headhot, hot.did I say hot Jax and Audrey both have dominant personalities They both have emotionally troubled pasts and need their control While Jax is a major owner in the Clubs, he is also an inventor and has several patents He really is brilliant Audrey is a [...]

    Romance and Fantasy for Cosmopolitan Girls
    Romance and Fantasy for Cosmopolitan GirlsI requested The Club Jax from Net Galley because I was in the mood for a BDSM themed book, and I had never read anything by Jenna Elliot before The Club Jax is the third book in Elliots s, The Club series, and can be read as a stand alone It s the story of club owner, Jax, who is tasked with training Audrey to be a world class Domme In order for her to be a successful Domme at the club, Command Performance, she must first understand what it means to be s [...]

    ARC provided by Netgalley in exchange for a honest review.This is a sensual and thrilling third installment into The Club series Here meet Jax, aka the eagle He s in charge of the third level of the club He s also an enigma Portraying the part of the lavish play boy when in fact he s really a man hurt by so much in his life that he s afraid of letting anyone close to him Enter Audrey After failing her last training to become a Domme at The Club its up to her to finally submit to Jax in order for [...]

    Jax and Audreyis was an interesting couple Audrey we met a bit in the Ace s book I expected her to be a bit of a handful then she was Although Jax wouldn t allow it he knew how to get around her thoughts and get her to stop fighting herself I did not see the twist with Carl coming It put a bit of a different spin on this book compared to the others I actually would have liked to see a bit with the twist Everything seemed to happen a bit to quickly The characters were great I do feel that there [...]

    Her name was Audrey Tough as nails, gorgeous, but she didn t get to the highest level in my South Beach sex club by being eager to please She s also a troublemaker, a hot as hell, world class domme in the making She could be one of Command Performance s stars.But not until she truly submits to me, first Right now, she still wants to make me angry, make me care, but I shut down that painful part of me a long time ago She won t give up, and I won t give in I own her beautiful body, but I need a wa [...]

    This was my least favorite in the series Jax was okay but I have to say there will be a point where you just dont like him towards the ending Audrey has failed the test once and now is in the hands of Jax to become the Domme she wants to be The problem First she has to give up control and become a submissive Let me state this Their chemistry felt awkward not hot and intense like the others Audrey s characterI m just not sure what it was but I did not like her at all and the build up point felt l [...]

    The Club Jax was a good read I did not like this book as well as I liked the last one in the series I kept reading to see why the lead lady was having such difficulty submitting, even if she was a Domme anad wanted that The answer surprised me The lead guy was good with her and got to the bottom of what her issues were to help her I did not like the lead female character as much in this book as I did in the last one They found their HEA There were hot sex scenes in this book along with the story [...]

    Love her books they are a hot scorching read Hot, sexy and sizzling.

    My favorite book in the series The heroine is sassy and different

    Another great read, I definitely didn t know where this one was going but it was an interesting ride and a fun read.

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