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  • Title: Crossover
  • Author: Paul Proffet
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 307
  • Format: Kindle Edition

  • ↠ Crossover ✓ Paul Proffet - Crossover, Crossover When a mystical warning from a vulnerable girl helps Len Doyle avoid a bloodbath he wants answers If there s one thing a professional killer doesn t like it s loose ends In return for her secrets t
    Paul Proffet
    Author Bio Then.I grew up in a small mining town in Yorkshire, England where entertainment was relatively thin on the ground At least it was for a cerebral young fantasist like me As a result I would dissolve myself in books and comics from a very early age Some of my fondest memories involve 2000AD or even Marvel or DC stuff I was given several Roald Dahl books by loving family members and I still cherish them even now I remember some of my attempts at writing around this time and I m suddenly glad a standard keyboard doesn t have a cringe button Yes they were that bad I had the enthusiasm back then, but not the life experience that was to spice my later attempts I found that my earliest stuff was interesting, but it sounded like everything else It would take another thirty years for me to find my voice and style I would like to be able to give some credit to my former school and educators, but I won t.Now.Three decades later and I m sitting here overjoyed I must look over at my bookshelf around fifty times a day and look proudly at my first published book CrossOver sits up there next to some real aristocracy within the fantasy writers world, that I can only hope to emulate But I use the word emulate with some trepidation I couldn t hope to match many of them, but if I can just look at Crossover standing there next to them in a bookstore somewhere, then that s genuinely enough for me I ve seen some hardship since my younger days too Sometimes through lack of money, sometimes not Sometimes through lack of hope, sometimes not.I m still standing though, shaky, but defiant.I live in Cheltenham now with Tanya, the most wonderful person in the world If it wasn t for her I m not sure what state I d be in.Later.CrossOver is out there and I ve spilt first blood It s only been a few months and I m still struggling with the emotions of it all As a debut novel it reminds me every day that I can do this, now and forever I cracked straight on with the sequel, CrossBack, and the first draft is complete I love spending time with the characters and the story just seems to be spilling out all over the place My idea book is filling up too When the CrossOver trilogy is firmly tucked into bed, I have tons to think about Am I going post apocalyptic of steam punk Epic Sci fi is elbowing its way in constantly There are also some fascinating characters that take up much of my day dreaming time too Who knows how that will play out Stay with me and keep the faith.It only gets better from here.Paul Proffet.

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    Crossover has a very interesting concept a professional killer who, alone, must deal with a prize on his head by a Russian mob boss He is warned he is gonna get killed by a mysterious girl, who apparently can see the future and is being hunted herself by demons.Accidentally, he discovers he can go to the other world by touching her hand when she is sleeping He deals with a demon pretty brutally, as expected from a mob killer The book doesn t shy away from violence and gore.Len, the protagonist, [...]

    Erik Nelson
    In my own opinion, a thriller book film is scarier than a horror book film because thrillers are realistic Meaning what you are reading or seeing on the screen could actually happen in real life Horror on the other hand usually shows us images or gives us descriptions on paper that maybe scary to us but in the end, we look at it as make believe and highly impossible for it to happen in real life for the most part You may disagree with me on that topic but I think we can all agree that a story [...]

    Totally biased as anyone would expect, I m adding this review of my debut novel as posted by Kirkus reviewsOK REVIEW Kirkus Reviews.In this urban fantasy adventure, a 44 year old professional criminal decides to help a mysterious young woman andgets pulled into a supernatural battle.Len Doyle is a killer with standards who dislikes today s nastier crime bosses He s plotting retirement until a troubledhomeless girl named Briar warns him that a blue suit might kill you today if you let it Using th [...]

    Bob Platypire
    I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an HONEST review Wow A thrill ride from start to finish This was a lot of fun to read, and a bit scary The picture painted in my mind was amazing, the author really has a way of describing scenes and THINGS, I was very impressed It had the creep factor working for it in spades, and I recommend this to anyone who likes thrillers, paranormal, anything like that and can handle some violence.Bob says 4 Platypires

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