Pit Bulls vs Aliens Best Download || [Neal Wooten]

  • Title: Pit Bulls vs Aliens
  • Author: Neal Wooten
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 475
  • Format: Kindle Edition

  • Pit Bulls vs Aliens Best Download || [Neal Wooten] - Pit Bulls vs Aliens, Pit Bulls vs Aliens In the year the problematic buildup of greenhouse gases has been solved and yet global temperatures continue to rise As oceans grow warmer and the polar icecaps melt at an alarming rate marine
    Neal Wooten
    Neal Wooten grew up on a pig farm on Sand Mountain in the northeast corner of Alabama before being dragged kicking and screaming to the snow infested plains of the American Midwest He now resides in Milwaukee with his wife and three dogs He is a columnist for The Mountain Valley News, an author, artist, and a standup comedian His work has appeared in several anthologies and magazines He is the author of Reternity, a sci fi novel based on the Bible, which has won eight national awards and named to Kirkus Reviews Best of 2011 His new book, The Balance, a gay themed sci fi novel, will be released by Bold Strokes Books in April 2014.


    Montzalee Wittmann
    Pit Bulls vs Aliens by Neal Wooten is a book I thought was great It is not made to take serious, just a fun, crazy book where Pit Bulls rule as they should They have had such a bad rap they need to be heroes for once Yeah Pits It is a short read with good characters, good plot, although strange , and a great snappy ending

    I nominated this one for publishing through Kindle Scout kindlescoutazon It received my nomination based upon an interesting plot line seemingly unstoppable aliens overtaking the Earth The first 90% of the story was interesting and I enjoyed it very much The final 10% of the book however, was just silly in how the Earth was saved While the outcome is predictable, I thought it would have been a tad creative.

    Take that, you naughty aliens So a bunch of particularly mean aliens send mind control waves down from their approaching ships, to the Earth s oceans, causing the dolphins and whales to resurrect their repressed building skills and create a huge underwater wall off the coast of Africa This is not to keep the neighbouring barracuda off their turf as you might suspect, but to divert the Gulf Stream cause global warming and make life all balmy for our sun loving alien friends errr enemies.It could [...]

    The perfect demographic for this book is people who love science fiction, pit bulls, and action packed quick reads In fact, the perfect place to read this book is in bed with a couple of furry friends at one s side Don t have pets This book will convince you to go adopt one at a local shelter I think the book could have worked better with a smaller number of characters This could have helped readers get to know the characters better I liked that the story moved rapidly and can easily see this be [...]

    Laz the Sailor
    A cool concept global warming is terraforming by aliens Aliens who have advanced technologies, but have never met a pitbull.Short, clever, with some silly romances on the side no sex.

    That was a fun read It was a new take on alien invasion Pit bulls to the rescue.

    Pairing aliens and pit bulls in a story was an interesting concept, to say the least However, I found it difficult to take the story seriously It was like a B rated movie I think it will be most enjoyable for dog lovers, especially pit bull owners.

    Charlesvan Buren
    A fun book, August 30, 2016This review is from Pit Bulls vs Aliens Kindle Edition A fun, tongue in cheek story of an alien invasion and a world saved by pit bulls A quick read not to be taken too seriously Some will undoubtedly complain about the exploitation of the dogs, but as a long time dog owner and lover, I know from experience that dogs enjoy doing what it is in their nature to do Hunting dogs enjoy hunting, working dogs enjoy working If herding dogs don t have cattle or sheep they will s [...]

    Okay, I knew it was going to be ridiculous when I downloaded it It looked too ridiculous NOT to download But wasn t entertaining enough to earn craptacularity points.Writing was amateurish Cliche d plot elements simple, monotonous sentence structure clumsy characterizations I m not saying I could have done better But I am not a writer On the other hand, the grammar and word usage were generally correct, which puts this book above a lot of other cheap Kindle downloads.You know from the beginning [...]

    In a world where people who believe in aliens are laughed at and pit bulls are public enemy number one, everyday events become bizarre Dolphins attack and kill scuba divers The earth is heating up Food supplies diminish Is it competition or survival of the fittest Physicist Darren Mitchell, thanks to the hearing of his pit bull, discovers a weak signal at the SETI complex near the southern border of Mexico This signal, soon dubbed the Mitchell signal, has been around for a while, years in fact, [...]

    Dave Wallace
    Probably would have been a favorite of mine as a fifth grader but not for adults these days past graduate school I would give it a 1 star for quality of writing and there were a few clever sentences sprinkled about, but the chutzpah required to publish this raises it to 2 stars I did like the part when the aliens had difficulty scraping dog poop off their shoes and also when same aliens were massacred like Romans at Cannae Should be marketed as a young adult book where it would be great What boy [...]

    Judy A. Ptacek
    Alien teriformingWarming the climate for their comfort, the aliens have determined it is time to invade earth It seems nothing can stop the advance of their invasion They are larger, stronger and their advance technology makes it impossible keep the aliens from taking over Pit dogs make up a lot of the story I won t tell you the plot, but l would recommend this book as a good action story that dog lovers and science fiction buffs would enjoy.

    Ann Omasta
    If this title doesn t grab your attention, I don t know what will I wasn t sure what to expect with this book, but I ve read several other fantastic Kindle Scout books, so thought I d check this one out I m so glad I gave it a shot It s fast paced and just pure fun Since pit bulls often only receive negative publicity, it s wonderful to see a book where they get to be the heroes It s a unique premise that makes for a thoroughly enjoyable read.

    Lisa Weaver
    Science fiction generally isn t my genre, but the wonderfully entertaining romp Neal Wooten s Pit Bulls vs Aliens led me on has made a convert out of me It was the title that first captured my interest, but what came after proved to be a engaging and entertaining read I m very happy I didn t pass this one by.

    This was a great story It had a unique plot, and interesting characters HoweverThis story was written horriby, and terribly cliched I cannot really decide whether the corny, overused lines made it worth the while I was torn between splitting my sides in laughter, and curling up in the fetal position to cry my eyes out I loved and despised this book.

    The Behrg
    Fun book I loved the premise and the interview with the TV host was well executed This is a book where you know what you re getting going into it and based on the premise, it fully delivers Could make for a great B movie adaptation.

    This book had a good premise to it I don t know why I could not get interested in it, even though it is about topics I enjoy pit bulls for one, and global warming for another This is one I hope you will judge for yourself If it interests you, go for it

    Excellent I thoroughly enjoyed this story I love dogs including pits I love the humor, the love, the commaraderie, and the happy ending.

    Stacey Cochran
    Because it s awesome Of course.

    Marian Grace
    Laughably ridiculousThis story was truly absurd Really, so silly Alien colonization idea is interesting sci fi The rest of the novel is shallow, naive nonsense.

    Fiona Quinn
    So much fun made my geeky dog loving heart very happy I read this in one sitting.

    I thought this bookcase terrains get, silly,but entertaining

    Anna Chiu
    Love thisThis is a must read and read and read Any animal lover will be thrilled with it A bully lover even so.

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