Never Never: Part Two Best Read || [Colleen Hoover Tarryn Fisher]

  • Title: Never Never: Part Two
  • Author: Colleen Hoover Tarryn Fisher
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 116
  • Format: Kindle Edition

  • Never Never: Part Two Best Read || [Colleen Hoover Tarryn Fisher] - Never Never: Part Two, Never Never Part Two Never forget that I was your first real kiss Never forget that you ll be my last And never stop loving me between all of them Never stop Charlie Never forget Silas races against time as truths unrave
    Colleen Hoover Tarryn Fisher
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    Emily May
    I cannot decide how I want to rate Never Never Part Two.On the one hand, as with part one, I found this book to be written in an extremely compelling way I found it easy to sprint through chapter after chapter, unlocking questions and mysteries as I went along Unlike with some of the authors other work, nothing about the plot or the characters irritated me and I genuinely care and want to find out just what the hell is going onEVER, I can see absolutely no reason Never Never has been serialized [...]

    Colleen Tarryn You two are killing me with these endings I can t say I m surprised, but I sure am relieved that I waited to read this one I m would have been all kinds of ragey if I was looking at months of waiting So far, this series seems pretty impossible to review, especially since I have no fucking clue what is happening I m just as confused as Silas and Charlie But, I like it I love the suspense, the uncertainty, and I m excited to see where book 3 will take me I have so many questions Pre [...]

    Aestas Book Blog
    NEVER NEVER PART 2 is coming out May 17th Best friends since they could walk In love since the age of fourteen Complete strangers since this morning He ll do anything to remember She ll do anything to forget.

    Please see of my reviews at bookaddicthaven After the huge cliffhanger at the end of the first book, Part Two has Silas searching for Charlie She never made it home after they left the club With the help of the clues they had written down, Silas does his best to find her.If you thought that the first book was unbelievable, Part Two takes it to another level The amnesia that these two seem to be experiencing keeps getting stranger and stranger I won t spoil it for you, but I will say that the am [...]

    Vrsha (PeekAtMyBookReview)
    Holy Hell % % % FULL REVIEW POSTEDOMG I can t even begin to describe how I feel after reading this one But yes the gifs summed some of it for me I must say that compared to Part 1 this one gives us answers and as a reader I felt saner than I felt when I read Part 1.Me At The Beginning of this oneEven though we still don t have the answers of why they keep forgetting things but we have clues But the funny thing is that after getting 1 answer, several questions sprouts up.Me In The MiddleI felt [...]

    3 STARS What I can tell youe only thing I will tell you that you need to remember what it is that someone so desperately wanted you to forget.Oh boy, here we go again I m just gonna sum up this read quick because it s pretty much the same gist as the first instalment.This book in a nutshell Charlie Silas is still going through the same amnesia shenninigan we still don t know why how what is happening We re learning about CharSi roll with me on the shipper name, will ya and their life before In o [...]

    Silas, the answers to your questions lie with someone who is very close to you I still don t know what the hell is going on here.Things pretty much are complicated than the first book I can t even I don t know I just want part three like NOW, because I am dying here The suspense is killing me.I have said this before and I WILL SAY IT AGAIN Colleen Hoover and Tarryn Fisher, I hate you girls You are driving me crazy with this story and I LOVE IT One thing, Take me out of my MYSERY Courtesy of [...]

    Aj the Ravenous Reader
    4 solid stars I m not trying to be smug or anything but somehow I had a feeling the book was going to start that way and was going to end that particular way too Please don t pelt me with tomatoes especially because I have to use this gif Lol But other than that, every other thing in the story is either a surprise or a mystery and I was gripped from the beginning till the end that I read the entire story for less than two hours.The characters have become mature and likable and I really loved re [...]

    Edited 16 1 24Y all are cray cray Why the fuck would we read Part 2 of an unfinished series, knowing damn well there s a Part 3 coming Why didn t we learn from reading the first book that ended with a cliffhanger I m a little angry once I m done with this book Mostly confused, but partially angry This series is one giant puzzle I m dying to solve and I m nowhere near of figuring out the answers I can hear myself asking But why every five minutes It s like a broken record playing in my head.This [...]

    Clau R.
    WHYYYYYYYY.I want to give this the 5 stars it deserves BUT I CAN T I will always be mad at Colleen and Tarryn for dividing this story in three ridiculously short parts This could ve been an AWESOME standalone It was too short, I started it at 12 30 am and finished at 2 00 am It wasn t enough Ugh I love this story I NEED part three RIGHT NOW.

    Jennifer Kyle
    3 3.5 StarsThis installment total cleared up all of my questions Absolutely nothing is cleared up in this second installment and and I m left with even questions than I had after finishing book one of this series Sadly, the couple wasn t even together in this book but we are once again gifted with their dual POVS as they both try to figure out what is happening to them The mystery is intriguing and the background on both characters has been built upon so bring on January 19th and blow me away w [...]

    After Jan 28, 2016 While almost everyone is pissed off with the third and last part, I didn t really like this part Nothing happens Nothing And the MCs were separated for the whole time UGH.Before Jan 10, 2015 Part TwoFuck youBut I stillNeed you

    Paula M. of Her Book Thoughts!
    I don t know Might pick it up again when the final installment is out but at this point, I really don t care about anything or anyone any I m not pissed or disappointed I just don t care Peace out The cover saysa someone s gonna dieb i m on my period but i still wanna swimc they re reliving Jaws

    3,5 Confusing Stars This is the second installment of the Never Never series and while Charlie is missing somewhere and having strange dreams about her and Silas past, Silas is trying to find out what the heck is wrong with them Why they keep losing their memories and what did happen between them and with their families in the past that could have originated all of this Unfortunately, every time he believes he s going to get an answer, even questions appear When what was supposed to be a stand [...]

    Pearl Angeli
    Until then, never lose hope Never stop loving me Never forget Never Never Oh jeez what was that I m totallyMIND BLOWN Whoa That was one helluvah crazy ride This novella was a lot better than the first because I finally found some answers that I was craving since the first installment, though I admit I m still not satisfied Even though CoHo and Tarryn revealed some of the unknown, still I can feel that there are a lot to unravel THEY WERE SIMPLY NOT ENOUGH All throughout the book, I was too comp [...]

    Me when I saw the coverWhen I saw the date it will be releasedThen I remember the feels on the first bookto Colleen and TarrynUPDATE COLLEEN AND TARRYN OH GOD WHAT HAVE YOU DONE

    I can t help feel a little disappointed by the follow up to the first novella It lacked the thrill and suspense the first one had, no, not lacked It was there, just subtly We didn t get any answers to questions, and I sure as hell expected to at least get some clue or maybe make a guess at what s possibly going on I mean, losing memories every 48 hours at the same time, it s creepy and inexplicably unless it s paranormal stuff, but there s no other indication whatsoever that this has anything t [...]

    Victoria Hansen
    Until then, never lose hope Never stop loving me Never forget Never Never Never Never is the anticipated continuation of the first volume, written by Colleen Hoover and Tarryn Fisher The story follows right after the events of the first book, and focuses on discovering the answers to the many questions Resembling a filler in the story, Never Never volume two does nothing but ask questions and make the reader confused, but has its enjoyable and thrilling moments.Set right after the events of the [...]

    urghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Dear CoHo and Taryn Fisher,Are you trying to wound my soul Are you trying to terrorize my mind I have no purpose in life any, what can I do but,BEFORE MY SOUL DEPARTS I HAVE ONE MESSAGE RELEASE BOOK 3 AND SAVE LIVES BEFORE IT S TOO LATE SAVE HUMANITY Peace out.

    Beth Hudspeth
    Never stop, Never forget Never Never.I feel like I m in Never Never Land I still haven t figured anything out I m super confused, but I guess that s part of the appeal The mystery.Silas is back with some help from himself this time Charlie is still missing and Silas is doing everything he can to find her with the little knowledge he has He seems to be uncovering some things in their past He has found some journals He has his brother to help him COME ON SILAS Figure this shit out We know a little [...]


    4.5 Stars Loved it Except for the fact that it once again ended with a cliffhanger Can t wait for book 3 D

    Beatrice Masaluñga
    I am speechless I can t evenHOLY MOTHER OF CLIFFHANGERSVE ME THE PART 3 Expect for a cliffhanger, but this is a better cliffhanger than the previous one This is making me crazy I m really impressed of how this turned out There are some hints and pieces in this crazy puzzle, but it s not enough to answer all my questions At least, I have a little idea of what s happening between Silas and Charlie.There s of Silas perspective than Charlie s, and I think I need of Charlie s side A part of me does [...]

    I don t know where I am.I don t know where I am.I I I Who am I Silas Nash I know that s weird, but that s what you love about me You love how much I love you Because yes I love you way too much More than anyone deserves to be loved But I can t help it You make normal love hard You make me psycho love you Silas Nash

    After the way things ended in the first part of Never Never I really hoped that this book was going to tell us what the f ck is going on but noe authors are still keeping us on our toesEven if we do find out stuff about what s happening to them and they even start to view spoiler have dreams that are actually memories hide spoiler we still don t have the Answers and the book ends with yet another and very annoying cliffhanger I just hope the next book is the last one because I can t take the ex [...]

    Aimee (Aimee, Always)
    There are things in this world that I will never understand, and that includes why is this even a serial Yeah, I just can t I thought part one was okay, but this one was just all over the place and completely pointless Everything was incredibly predictable, by the way.Full review to come.

    Type Book 2 of 3 from Never Never novella seriesPOV First Person DualRating The last book ended with the disappearance of Charlie and this book predominantly of Silas looking for her while The rest well pretty much the same.For the first 50% I felt like I was reading book 1 all over again Both of them still can t remember Both of them still confused Both of them still trying to re learn the same thing.I d rather love you at the bottom than despise you at the top.Thank god we got to learn some ne [...]

    Carolina Carriço
    EDIT 2It s official Colleen and Tarryn are trying to kill us And I must say that in my case it s freaking working I really hope Part 3 s release is close because you can t finish two novels like this and expect me to keep functioning like a normal person.I loved all the letters and how Silas got to know himself and Charlie through them I love how they love each other even with the memory loss I love how they seem to always find each other against all odds.EDIT 1First I need it NOWSecond IS THAT [...]

    Tracey (Life and Literature)
    UPDATE First read in May 2015 and re read in February 2016.Original Thoughts Oh Lordy Another cliffhanger Although admittedly not as bad as last time Colleen Hoover and Tarryn Fisher writing together should be a permanent thing These books are so bloody awesome I love Silas and Charlie so much They are so damn perfect together The letters between the two of them were amazing I was gripped I was wowed I need the next instalment like yesterday

    4.5 Charlie baby Stars It starts slowly The rain How would you feel when you wake up in your car and have no idea who you are, where you are and how you got here in the first place Well, I don t know but judging by this book it feels terrifying I really liked this book, because it shows readers what its like to experience things that not many do Through the eyes of our two adorable characters I now have an idea of how it must feel to lose all memory of who you are It was as if they were seeing t [...]

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    Never Never: Part Two