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  • Title: Shattered
  • Author: Janet A. Mota
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  • Page: 287
  • Format: ebook

  • ✓ Shattered ↠ Janet A. Mota - Shattered, Shattered Haylee was raped in high school When she identified the rapist to the authorities it was dismissed for no evidence She had to live in fear until she graduated high school Her parents have not been ab
    Janet A. Mota
    Janet A Mota is 37 years old and lives in Jacksonville, FL with her husband and two children She was born and raised in Miami, FL but both of her parents are from Portugal She was raised like her parents were raised and her first language was Portuguese She didn t know English when she started school Janet has three college degrees and is always striving to make of herself Janet works in Bankruptcy Law during the day and writes at night She is also an editor, a beta reader and a reviewer Janet has published two books, Unexpected Surprises and Shattered Her third book, Undeniable, is scheduled to release on August 14, 2015 Undeniable is Book 1 in the Coming Home Series This is the first series that Janet will be publishing.


    Haylee Masters is a bright and studious teen Her world is shattered when the High School quarterback rapes her in a stairwell one day after school A report of the incident to the authorities renders nothing in the way of punishment and she is forced to continue her studies with him roaming the halls Haylee s parents even seem to disbelieve the reports Her only escape seems to come when she leaves for college and meets Stacey who quickly becomes her best friend.Through her young adult life, Hayle [...]

    Tonya Polk
    Another beautiful read by Ms Mota Rape is never an easy subject to tackle, but the sensitivity to the subject really shone through Zander was the most amazing, sweetest, loving man any woman could ask for I loved how strong and resilient Haylee turned out to be, especially after having to deal with so much, she wasn t a whiner, she was strong, and with Zander by her side this story just makes you want to hug your Kindle when you are finished I would recommend this book to anyone who loves a powe [...]

    Undeniably Addicted to Books
    After being raped in high school and no one believing her, Haylee runs away from Fort Lauderdale after spending the rest of the her senior year haunted by her attacker While in college, she meets her room mate Stacey and the two immediately hit it off After learning that Haylee s parents who have been extremely distant since her attack are not going to be around for Thanksgiving, Stacey invites Haylee home with her family Stacey s family immediately welcomes Haylee and in turn finds a new family [...]

    Kathy Boone
    Haylee is so shattered after she was brutally raped and no one believes that happened to her Zander s love and patience brought her out of her shell and she finally got the happily ever after she deserved It was not an easy read with all her fears but Zander was wonderful with her He is so sweet.

    Maria Bernard
    This author is not afraid to tackle tough issues in her books That said, she handles it beautifully The violence is not sensationalized but it is not skimmed over either The characters in Shattered felt very real to me It s inspiring to read how Haylee deals with her situation, and Zander is nothing short of a modern day hero.

    Aideen Phelan
    A beautiful book Really enjoyed it.

    Samantha Soccorso
    UntitledUnfortunately, thing s like this happen everyday Rape Nobody asks for it to happen, but in the end the victim suffers from fear When Haylee found the love of her life she tries her hardest to move past the fears Falling in love with her best friends brother completed her life First comes friendships, then comes engagement, then comes marriage and then comes the baby in the baby carriage If you love romance end suspense this is just the book for you to read.

    Wow I just read this book in one two hour sitting The first chapter sucks you in and continues to do so until the ever end Haylee Masters was just a high school student when tragedy hits her Afterwards no one believes her and she is face with handling it all on her own After starting college, Haylee meets Sarah and her family She then finds what she has been missing since that horrible day in high schoollove.As this was my first read by Janet Mota, I can t wait to read .

    T.M. Payne
    Book Shattered Author Janet A MotaPublication Date 2 26 2015Reviewed by Tammy Payne Book Nook Nuts My Rating 5 Stars REVIEW New to me author.We have Haylee who has so much damage from something that happened to her when she was still in high school No one believed her, no one stood up for her, not even her parents While in college, she and her roommate Stacy become best friends but Haylee still has never told her secret Haylee is invited to Stacy s family s home for the holidays Stacy has 2 brot [...]

    Spunky N Sassy
    SNS Rating 4.0 Amanda s Review This is an emotional read that will leave you in awe Haylee was raped her senior year and nobody believed her She goes to college and becomes friends with Lisa Zander, Lisa s brother, has been attracted to Haylee since he met her and the same for her when she first met him Every time he asks her out she tells him no Finally she decides that she will not let the rape continue to control her life Then her rapist comes back to attack her again Why did nobody believe h [...]

    Shattered by Janet A Mota is a gut wrenching read about Haylee, a teen that was raped by the high school star football player The police and her parents didn t believe it happened and she was treated as an outcast by everyone her senior year because they couldn t find any evidence Eric stole her v card and taunted her throughout her last year at school After that she went off to college and her parents basically disowned her they rejected her at every turn as if she were unworthy At college her [...]

    Le Ann Foster
    Reviewed by Book Fancy Blog I gave this book 4.5 stars OMGoodness this book has it alllove, hate, heartache, and anger You will not be able to put it down The characters have such a realism to them and you can feel every emotion they go through Haley was raped in high school by the star quarterback Erik No one believes her not even her parents.Haley is determined to move on with her life at college She meets Stacy They become best friends and Stacy s family becomes Haley s family.Zander is Stacy [...]

    Wow another beautiful book by this author i loved all the characters in this story it touched a really serious subject and the author dealt with this hard hitting subject lovely well done cant wait to read from this author

    Paula Genereau
    What a great book Haleys journey to overcome rape and move on is amazing The only thing is being able to love Zander fully.

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