[PDF] Nel mondo a venire | by À Ben Lerner Martina Testa

  • Title: Nel mondo a venire
  • Author: Ben Lerner Martina Testa
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 208
  • Format: Kindle Edition

  • [PDF] Nel mondo a venire | by À Ben Lerner Martina Testa - Nel mondo a venire, Nel mondo a venire Chiunque si interessi alla migliore letteratura contemporanea dovrebbe leggere Ben Lerner e questo romanzo il modo migliore per iniziare Jeffrey Eugenides autore di Le vergini suicide Un uomo di poc
    Ben Lerner Martina Testa
    Benjamin S Lerner is an American poet, novelist, and critic He was awarded the Hayden Carruth prize for his cycle of fifty two sonnets, The Lichtenberg Figures In 2004, Library Journal named it one of the year s twelve best books of poetry The Lichtenberg Figures appeared in a German translation in 2010, for which it received the Preis der Stadt M nster f r internationale Poesie in 2011, making Lerner the first American to receive this honor.Born and raised in Topeka, which figures in each of his books of poetry, Lerner is a 1997 graduate of Topeka High School where he was a standout in debate and forensics At Brown University he earned a B.A in Political Theory and an MFA in Poetry He traveled on a Fulbright Scholarship to Madrid, Spain in 2003 where he wrote his second book, Angle of Yaw, which was published in 2006 and was subsequently named a finalist for the National Book Award, and was selected by Brian Foley as one of the 25 important books of poetry of the 00s 2000 2009 Lerner s third full length poetry collection, Mean Free Path, was published in 2010.Lerner s first novel, Leaving the Atocha Station, was published by Coffee House Press in August 2011 It was named one of the best books of the year by The New Yorker, The Guardian, The New Statesman, The Wall Street Journal, The Boston Globe, and New York Magazine, among other periodicals It won the Believer Book Award and was a finalist for the Los Angeles Times Book Award for first fiction and the New York Public Library s Young Lions prize.In 2008 Lerner began editing poetry for Critical Quarterly, a British academic publication He has taught at California College of the Arts, the University of Pittsburgh, and in 2010 joined the faculty of the MFA program at Brooklyn College.Lerner s mother is the well known psychologist Harriet Lerner.

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    R.A. Raab
    I m going to let the text of 10 04 by Ben Lerner do all the talking for me This excerpt comes from page 47 of the book See you at the bottom So this is how it works, I said to myself, as if I d caught an ideological mechanism in flagrante delicto you let a young man committed to anticapitalist struggle shower in the overpriced apartment that you rent and, while making a meal you prepare to eat in common, your thoughts lead you inexorably to the desire to reproduce your own genetic material withi [...]

    William Wherry
    Fluctuates between being brilliant and being the trivial ramblings of a pompous douchebag.

    I read this book the first time over a year ago after a Lisi girls day in Walunt Creek lunch and bookstore playing This was an indi treat purchase I came home and started reading it immediately, but then set it down I picked it up again and started from the beginningt it down again picked it up again several cycles of reading stop start stop Eventually gears kicked in and 10 04 had my undivided attention The writing itself is thought provoking invigorating at times definitely abstract and a voca [...]

    Rachel Glaser
    I truly love this book 10 04 works like a drug, heightening thought and drawing awareness to thought Lerner maps out the history, science, emotions, objects, habits, and vibes that make up the complexity of each felt moment Beautiful meditation on language A real blast to read Does things I ve never seen done Things that recall Barth and Barthelme and Coover It is personal while largely fabricated It dances between life and fiction The cover feels amazing to the touch Epically of the current tim [...]

    Adam Dalva
    Spectacular a book to come back to It is certainly not for everyone, and I ll recommend it gingerly than many books that I ve liked less I ll try to go into why here.10 04 a great reference has something of Wallace in how it takes pleasure in its own form, something of Sebald in its meandering, something of Vonnegut oddly enough in its looping, something of Roth in its pseudo memoirishness It is than anything else a great New York novel, and I felt envy while reading it It does surpass LEAVING [...]

    The story is very aware of itself It s the kind of story that looks in the mirror all day, rearranging its artfully disheveled bangs I ve called it a story twice but it s really of an exercise Kind of like spending an hour on a stationary bike Afterwards, you feel like you ve accomplished something but you re still in the same exact place.

    How much pretentiousness can you fit in a short book I had a mild lacrimal event of joy when it was over

    Julie Ehlers
    10 04 is a novel about how Ben Lerner signs a contract to write a particular novel, and then does a bunch of other things rather than write it He goes to an artists colony in Texas, where he works on poetry instead of on the novel He decides whether to serve as a sperm donor for his best friend Alex, who cautions him not to put her in his novel He weathers two literal hurricanes He serves as a big brother of sorts for an elementary school student they self publish a brief book on dinosaurs, incl [...]

    Here s a longish review Warm Core The Unusually Associative Cyclonic System of Ben Lerner s 10 04 I wrote soon after the book came out in mid September that s just appeared in the Dec Jan issue of the Brooklyn Rail brooklynrail 2014 12 b The key insight The world rearranging itself around the narrator sounds a lot like solipsism, but instead of masturbating to Internet porn, the center of the rearranged world in this case does so in a fertility clinic to impregnate his best friend The suggestion [...]

    Dottie B
    Well for one thing, I can t stand this title 10 04 Who d pick that My favorite time is 4 30 That s when all my shows start coming on Judge Judy, Judge Joe Brown, The People s Court, and Cops Then the news I love the news But I did NOT love this book Sorry, Ben There s a bunch of pictures in here This isn t a photography book What are you, Ben A photographer NO YOU RE NOT A POET AND POETS ARE SUPPOSED TO RISE ABOVE Ben did not rise above This character just seemed petty to me Like nobody wants to [...]

    10 04 marks a time particularly important in film and the relationship of that film to this book This book is quasi factual, quasi memoir, quasi fiction in which those lines are constantly shifting and blurring The author has had unusual success with his first literary work and is now facing a possibly fatal medical condition in a New York City that may be underwater at any moment The writing is brilliant I had one particular favorite sentence that I insisted upon reading to anyone and everyone [...]

    Biron Paşa
    22 04 modern hayat n, modern insan n d nyas n tuhaf bir ekilde samimiyetle anlatan bir roman Kitapta zerine konu aca m z ok ey var Sa l k, sanat, modern sanat, iir, rklar aras f rsat e itsizli i, reme, edebiyat n maddi kar l , komplo teorileri, gelecek gibi Ama bunlar n hepsini buraya yazsam da 22 04 n samimiyetle g sterdi i eyleri kar lar m , bence kar lamaz Nedir peki bunlar n tesindeki anlam Bilemiyorum, belki modern insan n ok bilmi da lm l , belki hayat n yapayl , emin de ilim unu s ylemek [...]

    Paul Fulcher
    You keep using that word I do not think it means what you think it means Inigo Montoya Princess Bride 10 04 would make a great end of term paper for a certain type of creative writing course It would score full marks for showing the writer s ability to use a thesaurus The golden rules of this novel are to never say pigeon when you can wittily refer to stout bodied passerines your wit is shown all the by doing this several times in the book , never say it was foggy but not snowing when you can s [...]

    James Noonan
    Pretentious hipster lit Couldn t shake the feeling from the get go that here was an author, fresh out of Iowa or some other esteemed writers program, trying desperately to prove himself capable of producing something artful It s such a shame since I loved Atocha Station, identified strongly with its narrator s aimlessness and thought the book offered keen insights on the creative process But Lerner s follow up is dreadful The story if you can call it that, seeing as so very little happens is dis [...]

    Ben Lerner s first novel, Leaving the Atocha Station was one of the most powerful reading experiences I ve ever had, largely for purely personal reasons I started reading that book set mostly in Madrid and Barcelona literally a day after I myself had concluded a visit to Spain, and seeing almost all of the places I had just visited serve as the background for that books gorgeous, misanthropic, elegantly sad narration was an extremely potent experience like having a much cynical, much intellige [...]

    Sul punto di esistere E cos l autore si ritrov , col corpo ancora un po appesantito dai residui di un anestetico dissociativo per uso veterinario, a viaggiare per quindici chilometri sulla statale 67, per dare un occhiata alle famose luci fantasma insieme a un uomo sul quale aveva sovraimposto l immagine di uno spettro Hai la sensazione di muoverti seguendo una mappa mentale, fatta di astrazioni e percezioni emotive, pensieri e stati d animo, nella quale le strade si rigenerano, gli incroci si d [...]

    kas rga beklentisiyle birlikte olu an t keni y k m duygusunun ku att bir ehir, ehirde bir air yazar kahraman, kahraman n ge mi ile gelecek, ger ek ile kurgu, hayat ile sanat aras nda savrulmas hikayeden ok g n m z d nyas n yans tan kayg l , pheli, belirsiz, tekinsiz atmosferi ve da n k, kalabal k, par alanm yap s yla ne kan bir roman.bug n , g n m z n d nyas n romanla anlatman n zorlu u malum lerner hikaye i inde y r tt ge mi ve gelecek d ncelerini, farkl bir imdiki zaman kavram n roman n bi imi [...]

    yar kurmaca yar ger ek, son derece do al bir roman new york la istanbul un benzerliklerini, beyaz yakal lar n ya da sanat lar n kayg lar n n ayn l n g rmek ok acayiptidern insan n tak nt lar sa l k, do all k, reme vs o kadar ger ek i bir bi imde anlat lm ki yazar i tenli i ve cesareti sebebiyle kutlamak gerekiyor en sa ma korkular n , kapitalizmle sava m n ve biraz da bo unal n anlatm , bizi bize g stererek

    David Katzman
    Intellectual books can be wonderful Books about intellectualst so much I exaggerate for effect, but that happens to be the case here Books about writers are not easy to pull off Books about intellectual writers even harder because it s not as easy to invest emotionally in an intellectual as it is an actor, one who spends their timing doing, living, feeling, reacting versus one who spends paragraph after paragraph offering up critical and philosophical analyses of various occurrences and objects [...]

    Josh Friedlander
    Terrific, like a scalding espresso on an icy morning This is the book I need to be reading now I read and loved its Iberian predecessor Leaving the Atocha Station earlier this year From the opening scene, in which the author watches a man break down in front of a painting, and feels pangs of doubt about his own connection with his art, Lerner wrote with honesty and an indefatigable commitment to the search for artistic vision It was a bildungsroman for this hyper knowing, ironic and distracted g [...]

    I know it s hard to understand I am with you, and I know how it is, as if in winking acknowledgement of how baffling and frustrating this book gets Read it not for the story, given there isn t really a single central one, but a bunch of them tenuously linked together by somewhat clumsy meditation ramblings on Time, and also sometimes on Art My feelings on this fall on the mixed side, hence the middling three star rating that s a placeholder than actual score, as some parts worked north of okay, [...]

    It is not one of those really well written books that are featured in various famous book lists probably because every once in a while, it leaves the main string, to which it was attached on the first, and leaves the reader in an isolated place but in some places, it does have some provocative ideas with a really good voice, and has some striking poetic tangents like this

    Robert Wechsler
    I re read this novel two months after first reading it, to see if it could hold up to a necessarily closer examination For the most part it did My level of enthusiasm was certainly lower, but I still greatly enjoyed Lerner s prose style, ideas, and motifs.This time around I saw a lot Kundera in Lerner, in his use of motifs, in the way he structured the novel around set pieces, and in his narrator s emphasis on honesty in the midst of playful deception But the level where the honesty plays out i [...]

    Marcello S
    Che gran libro Ho usato tutto il tempo libero degli ultimi due giorni per leggerlo Insomma, come puoi fermarti quando stai leggendo qualcosa di favoloso E un libro difficile da raccontare Perch non ha una trama ben definita Perch c molta vita presumibilmente vera mischiata a fiction Almeno questa l impressione generale.Lerner un gran paraculo Uno che aveva un po di idee niente male in testa e un racconto gi pronto e pubblicato sul New Yorker e ha trovato il modo vincente di mettere tutto insieme [...]

    Jen Von Ghoul
    Ben writes about his external griefs, afraid of being a fraud, anxiety, friendships, surroundings, family, and love and not so in love in just a brilliant and beautiful stream of prose Not once do I get the visual of him sitting at his desk writing this book and trying to find words to try and make him sound clever and important It reads like he s writing for himself just trying to condense everything down so as to see what was real and what was fiction to keep it all together and accept his fau [...]

    Ben Lerner ha scritto un romanzo brillante Ha concepito una struttura che gli permettesse di condurre la partita per tutto il tempo e di far scattare il meccanismo soltanto alla fine Ha giocato con intelligenza, eleganza e ironia E ha utilizzato la poesia, che il mondo da cui proviene, perch la sua storia pu muoversi in qualunque direzione, proprio come la poesia Perch ogni verso si pu leggere in mille modiratchbook 2015 05 ne

    Nel romanzo Nel mondo a venire , il protagonista, scrittore trentatreenne, di cui non viene detto il nome, ma che potrebbe essere lo stesso autore racconta in prima persona la sua storia, ambientata a New York il successo ottenuto dall uscita del suo primo libro ha portato vari editori a contendersi i diritti per il suo prossimo lavoro, che durante tutto il romanzo tenta disperatamente di scrivere, forse aspirando a diventare un nuovo Walt Whitman, mentre in realt sembra non essere capace di ess [...]

    Larry H
    You think you have problems Ben, the narrator of Ben Lerner s sarcastic, intelligent new novel, 10 04, has you beat While he s struggling to write a follow up to his first novel now that he s gotten a generous advance, New York is under threat of two serious hurricanes Irene and Sandy , and his longtime best friend wants to have a baby with him whether he wants to be involved or not Oh, and at any time, his aorta could rupture, so he s convinced himself he has every symptom imaginable.10 04 foll [...]

    Rebecca Jordan
    I have to say that, in general, there is nothing duller than a writer talking about how tough it is to be a writer That is how this novel started out I understand why people could view it as pretentious At first I found myself very put off by the overwhelming reflection on mundane objects or situations, the way the narrator would seem to obsess over them.BUT I still found myself picking up this book every night It was not a chore to read most of it And the obsessing eventually played into the na [...]

    Steven Langdon
    Once in a very long while I read a book I dream of writing, so imaginative in its structure to shatter conventions, so insightful in its web of characters and stories to feel like life itself 10 04 is such a book Its the novel that its narrator is planning and writing as he lives his textured, sometimes tortured life through a year in New York worried about environmental catastrophe, attending art receptions, agonizing over a possible dangerous illness, challenging the control of cash over the a [...]

    • [PDF] Nel mondo a venire | by À Ben Lerner Martina Testa
      208 Ben Lerner Martina Testa
    Nel mondo a venire