Free Read Chaos - by Timberlyn Scott Nicole Edwards

  • Title: Chaos
  • Author: Timberlyn Scott Nicole Edwards
  • ISBN: 9781939786357
  • Page: 310
  • Format: ebook

  • Free Read Chaos - by Timberlyn Scott Nicole Edwards - Chaos, Chaos This is the FINAL book in the Unhinged Trilogy the conclusion to Sebastian and Payton s story SecretsThe secrets are still there plaguing me disrupting my everyday life only now the unthinkable ha
    Timberlyn Scott Nicole Edwards
    Timberlyn Scott is the alter ego of New York Times bestselling author Nicole Edwards Thanks to a significant difference in writing style, Nicole decided to bring Timberlyn to life in order to publish a contemporary style of romance You can find out about Timberlyn Scott on her website TimberlynScott

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    Annie Brewer
    Love Love Love This was amazing The perfect ending I m so happy I m crying tears of joy and sadness Only because Sebastian and Payton s story is over I loved every scene, every word, everything I m gonna miss these two something fierce But I was so happy to be part of their journey It wasn t an easy one from the beginning, it was rocky and emotional But together, they proved they could overcome the biggest obstacles and still survive They became stronger because of it too Especially together Suc [...]

    5 STARS This whole series took me by surprise I must tell you, I actually surprised myself picking up this series without one review from any of my GR friends I m usually too chicken to read anything without some sort of rating from one of my friends but I m so glad I took a chance But after seeing that Timberlyn Scott is a k a Nicole Edwards I knew I had to pick it up Each book had me begging for the next The series was full of just enough suspense, laughter, friends and one sexy as hell mechan [...]

    I m big fan of Nicole Edwards and i m must say that stig series is realy something different than other her books I like it and loved it Usually i m not so big fan of young characters in stories maybe cuz i m not so young but Sebastian and Payton s story with all the mistery drawn me in that i could t put it down.Great series maybe will be reading Aaliyah story soon.

    Books Laid Bare
    Sebastian and Payton finish their journey in this book three of the fabulous series by Timberlyn Scott.The book has it all and I defy anyone not to hold their heart as Sebastian s life is laid bare before him and his secrets are not only revealed but resolved This man has been through so much and has barely managed to hold onto his sanity but with his rock Payton by his side, he has the strength to face his past head on and open his heart to his friends in his quest to find answers.Hitting hard [...]

    Nicole German
    Decent SeriesPeyton and Sebastian s story was fairly interesting and written pretty well The characters were developed well and were likeable The books successfully followed the relationship of the main characters and allowed the characters to come together and progress realistically Unfortunately, I found the situation surrounding Sebastian s mother very predictable Several times there was mention of a secret but it just seemed unnecessary I also found it slightly unbelievable that Conrad had a [...]

    I just don t understand this book Why all the dramatics Sebastian doesn t know if his friends will think he s crazy if he tells them his big, bad secret He makes a big deal out of everything So does Payton This book was so strange boring on the one hand and totally OTT on the other It was sappy, there was too much telling, not enough showing I m glad the series is over and sad the last two books didn t live up to the first If I hear she unhinges me or her touch calms me one time, I m going to s [...]

    Overall this series was good Liked the romance and mystery but very forgettable.Payton acting all casual about being alone in work with a creeper and reassuring Sebastian that he s over reacting telling her to leave now meone find this girl a sense of preservation Not getting a face to face full confrontation with the mystery revealed murderer confrontation at ALL Well what the hell.At least there were no future telling dreams There s only so much I can take before I draw the line.

    Jen ❥
    Wow, wow, wow The Unhinged series is amazing I absolutely loved everything about these three books and the emotional connection Sebastian and Payton shared The series was focused completely on their relationship and I really enjoyed there was almost zero angst between them They were so committed to each other, it was refreshingly wonderful to read The supporting characters were colorful and I cannot wait to read Aaliyah s and Leif s story next.

    This final instalment was fantastic All questions are answered and Payton and Sebastian come out ahead in the end It was beautifully written and no matter the unbelievable shit kicking Sebastian got in his young life, his love for Payton got him through the darkest days Beautifullove Nicole Edwards.

    Lora Borzelleca
    OHHHHH SWEET BABY one really kept me on my toes I was reading it so fast so that I could finally figure out the whole story Oh boy and is it a biggie I normally never get choked up but when it came to Sebastian and his father Conradh.I got teary eyed GREAT serieslove it when there is some mystery in the book and not all about the love connection.

    Jessica Phillips Brandt
    Amazing I absolutely loved this series There wasn t a time when I put this book down willingly Sebastian completely stole my heart, and I was so grateful for the strong supportive woman Peyton was and continued to be throughout the series This is such an emotional, nail biting story that I will enjoy many times Brilliant work Timberlyn Scott

    Loved this series I have to admit that I was worried with the first book because by the end of the book I felt like I didn t know the charactersI didn t know them as well as I wanted to By the second third book I was in love with all the characters and their story

    Chaos is without a doubt my favourite in this series I must admit I shed quite a few tears in the last couple of chapters Brilliant

    Nina K
    Absolutely LOVED LOVED LOVED this series This was a great conclusion to their story so many questions answered and loves impacted for the best This is a fabulous series to read.

    I started this series slightly disappointed having read every other current book the Nicole Edwards had written up to this point including the Club Destiny series, Alluring Indulgence series, Peir 70 series, Dead Heat Ranch, Devils Bend, Austin Arrows, Coyote Ridge, Sniper 1, Southern Mofia, plus the two Holiday books, and in two individual books My point to this is I am a huge fan, who at the end of book one was slightly disappointed It has been about 12 hours since I finished this book story s [...]

    Tabitha Schmer
    While this was a five star read for me I felt like the ending was a bit rushed and could have been better.

    Great wrap up of this series

    Shera Layn ~ Book Lovers Obsession
    What a fanfreakingtastic ending to Sebastian s story I was totally blown away with the Unhinged Series This series is a story of love, heartbreak, deceit It s true, there is one person out there that can be your superglue and finding out the truth to pain you ve held onto for so long can truly set you free This woman, not only did she unhinge me, she pulled me back together when I felt as though I was unraveling After book two, I was left broken, deflated and hurt Yes, I ugly cried Then cried so [...]

    beth myrick
    Holy smokeswhat a book ok, I read the series in less than 24 hours could not put it down this is a supreme effort for perfect the characters, the story, the drama, the romance everything comes together seamlessly to give you one of the most enjoyable reads you will ever get wound up in it starts with unhinged which opens with that fantastically imaginative dream from there the players come in to play from there you begin the ride, and oh hell yeah, what a ride the wonderfully sweet but hot roman [...]

    If you read my reviews of the first two books of this trilogy, you know I am loving this series All three of the books are unputdownable I know that s not a real word, but you readers know what I mean The story sucks you in and doesn t let go until you finish the ride.That being said, there was much about this series that was predictable Sometimes that s a bad thing But sometimes it s okay If you re still interested in the journey of the characters it s not a bad thing to know how things will o [...]

    Brianna at Renee Entress's Blog
    5 Stars This is book three in a series and is not a standalone.What an epic conclusion for Sebastian and Payton This book will make you laugh, smile, get mad, make your jaw drop and will have you in tears by the end This book was an emotional roller coaster with twists and turns at every corner But this book was amazing and totally worth it This was an amazing series and one I will definitely re read This is the end for Sebastian and Payton All questions will be answered All will be revealed Sec [...]

    She Hearts Books
    Oh how I love Sebastian He is one hot naughty talking fast driving man This book picks up right where part 2 left off with the big accident and Payton is losing her mind waiting to hear something When she calls to let Sebastian s father know what happened, she doesn t get an answer and speaks with his wife instead No one from his family shows up at the hospital I can t help but think that the accident wasn t much of an accident That it was another attempt to get Sebastian.The really big part of [...]

    Melissa Ogletree
    Still raw oh my, I won this series in a giveaway and am so happy I did I ve enjoyed it thoroughly I highly recommend it I adored Payton as a strong, loyal, loving female with a good head on her shoulders and strong values.but it was Sebastian that stole my heart in this series, a strong male with a rough past who leads with his heart He should be cold and cynical but instead he s open and waiting for that one person to show him the love he deserves You may notice that I posted this same review f [...]

    Renee Entress from Renee Entress's Blog
    5 starI was pulled right into this story The story flowed well and engaged a ton of emotions Laughter, tears, anger and shock are just some of the emotions this book will pull from you This is the conclusion of Payton and Sebastian s story If you have been reading from book one you should know both of the characters If you have not I would recommend reading book 1 Unhinged Unhinged, 1 2 Unraveling Unhinged 2 of this series Will everything work out how you expected or will the author throw in som [...]

    Breigh Edmondson-forstner
    Who doesn t love a bit of mystery in addition to hot sex Chaos, the third book in the Unhinged Series, continues with Payton and Sebastian After a racing accident injures one of their close friends, Sebastian and Payton are brought closer together There is also continuing drama between himself and his father Conrad When Sebastian buys the house he s been dreaming to buy, his father confronts Payton about it and is not so happy Payton also starts getting threatened by Conrad s wife Lauren Which c [...]

    This is the final book in the Unhinged trilogy and wraps up Sebastian and Payton s story although I was very sad to see it end This story continues on from Unraveling and just gets better and better as you go Sebastian opens up to Payton with his secrets and finds that she supports him one hundred percent Payton sets about trying to help Sebastian uncover the truth about his mother s death and in the process falls even deeper in love with him.I loved how Timberlyn was able to work the name of ea [...]

    Oh THANK GOD, I finally have this book The suspense was killing me Sebastian is surrounded in mystery, and drama, luckily he has Payton there to stand up for him I love that the female lead while important wasn t the character the book was all about Payton and Sebastian s romance continues, despite all of the drama that is surrounding their lives A murder mystery tends to make or break a relationship I have to say I was kinda surprised by the way that some things worked out I have to say that th [...]

    Wendy Wignall
    This trilogy definatley gets 5 stars, i loved each book, both Sebastian and Payton were strong characters, the books were writen in both their pov, and it was seamless changing from one to another, a love story that draws you in and you are routing for them all the way, I love Nicole Edwards books, but writing as Timberlyn Scott you get a different kind of story and i loved it i am just sorry it has come to the end as i could have read and of these characters I would love to hear about their [...]

    Although all of the books were great this was the best I finally found out all of the secrets, I found out all about sleazy Trevor, I found my suspicions were true and all of the little daily of friends came together and put a big old smile on my face I loved that Payton was like a drug to Sebastian the one thing that mellowed him out but she was than that She gave him back his life One where he cold find happiness and light from the dark he lived in so long It was sweet, hot, and had those hea [...]

    Everything works outPayton and Sebastian are a team they watch out for each other and support one another Sebastian hasn t had that since his mother died her death is the nightmare keeping the chaos in his head the truth is what he needs.Sebastian learns that his friends are his family and support him no matter what he learns the truth and also repairs a bond that was broken from the beginning Payton is the one by his side along.

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