Unlimited Prințesa albă - by Philippa Gregory Anacaona Mindrila‑Sonetto

  • Title: Prințesa albă
  • Author: Philippa Gregory Anacaona Mindrila‑Sonetto
  • ISBN: 9789734644483
  • Page: 385
  • Format: Paperback

  • Unlimited Prințesa albă - by Philippa Gregory Anacaona Mindrila‑Sonetto - Prințesa albă, Prin esa alb Undeva intre hotarele Angliei un pretendent la tron stringe o armata Spune tuturor ca e fratele Printesei albe si adevaratul mostenitor Sa fie el oare baiatul trimis cindva in necunoscut de mama sa
    Philippa Gregory Anacaona Mindrila‑Sonetto
    Philippa Gregory was an established historian and writer when she discovered her interest in the Tudor period and wrote the novel The Other Boleyn Girl, which was made into a TV drama and a major film Published in 2009, the bestselling The White Queen, the story of Elizabeth Woodville, ushered in a new series involving The Cousins War now known as The War of the Roses and a new era for the acclaimed author.Gregory lives with her family on a small farm in Yorkshire, where she keeps horses, hens and ducks Visitors to her site, PhilippaGregory become addicted to the updates of historical research, as well as the progress of her ducklings.Her other great interest is the charity she founded nearly twenty years ago Gardens for The Gambia She has raised funds and paid for 140 wells in the primary schools of the dry, poverty stricken African country Thousands of school children have learned market gardening, and drunk the fresh water in the school gardens around the wells.A former student of Sussex University, and a PhD and Alumna of the Year 2009 of Edinburgh University, her love for history and her commitment to historical accuracy are the hallmarks of her writing She also reviews for US and UK newspapers, and is a regular broadcaster on television, radio, and webcasts from her website Philipa s Facebook page facebook PhilippaGregoryOfficial


    I don t know, I don t know, I don t know.Hey there, Elizabeth of York, what happened to the princes in the Tower What happened at Bosworth Where were your father s allies Who killed you uncle Anthony Who killed your uncle George I don t know, I don t know, I don t know.Who is your mother plotting for What is your mother in law praying for What is your husband doing Where are your cousins Where are your sisters I don t know, I don t know, I don t know.What s going on in Scotland What s happening [...]

    Bookdragon Sean
    Elizabeth of York is completely destitute Her mother is in hiding and her brothers are all dead her beloved uncle was slain at Bosworth, and only she is left to face her enemies And they want to marry her they wish to use her Plantagenet blood to solidify their less than weak claim to the throne of England She has no choice but to agree if she wants to live and become a queen, her decision will unify the houses of York and Lancaster, of Tudor and Plantagenet.A Queenship for Peace Sometimes we wi [...]

    Great series Good storytelling Makes you constantly look at the family trees to understand all the connections So much good drama.About MeFor those new to me or my reviews here s the scoop I read A LOT I write A LOT And now I blog A LOT First the book review goes on , and then I send it on over to my WordPress blog at thisismytruthnow, where you ll also find TV Film reviews, the revealing and introspective 365 Daily Challenge and lots of blogging about places I ve visited all over the world And [...]

    The White Princess is the fifth book in Philippa Gregory s Cousins War series, each book focusing on a different female lead this book being the POV of Elizabeth, daughter of Edward IV and Elizabeth Woodville whose story was told in The White Queen , and wife to Henry VII The book begins after the battle at Bosworth field, and as interpreted by Ms Gregory has young Elizabeth pining over her lost lover, Richard her uncle view spoiler he lost the battle and died before they could be married and ha [...]

    ``Laurie Henderson
    I wanted to give this book a higher rating as I love the way that Gregory tells a story She certainly knows how to keep you turning the pages even though you already know what happens next Unfortunately, I just can t agree with her interpretation of the facts in this book According to Gregory, Henry Tudor the man who finally brought peace to England and ended the Wars of the Roses is a bad guy.Gregory doesn t seem to like Henry VII one little bit because well he s just not a sexy guy Not nearly [...]

    I must admit I couldn t finish this one I gave up at the 57% mark Still, I feel it s worth reviewing and explaining why I couldn t get any further.So what went wrong Was The White Princess filled with absolutely awful writing Well, no It wasn t dire, by any means It was a far better read than The Other Queen or The Virgin s Lover the real slumps in Philippa Gregory s set of Tudor themed novels Was it a case of terrible characterisations, la The Other Boleyn Girl Again, no, although to be honest [...]

    Cait • A Page with a View
    DNF he rapes her and then they fall in love I don t know how historically accurate this is, but I m not here for this mess

    I ve had mixed luck with Philippa Gregory, pretty much half and half It s either amazing or at least very interesting well told The Wideacre trilogy, The Constant Princess or it s been so so to downright dull and or frustrating in a bad way A Respectable Trade, The Changeling, and THIS ONE It s this off and on experience that put her back on my to read list after a rocky start with Trade and keeps her there She can tell a great story and create unforgettable characters Wideacre Wideacre Wideacre [...]

    Where I got the book my local library.I ve been asked, than once, why I read Philippa Gregory if her books annoy me I may have expressed that opinion once or twice One of the reasons is that many interesting conversations happen about Gregory s books, notably among readers who like to nitpick dispute the accuracy of her historical claims, and it s a shame to get left out Like it or not, the Plantagenet and Tudor eras are a major locus of interest for HF readers I actually prefer the 19th centur [...]

    Outshined by the Battle of Bosworth, Henry VII, and the beginning of the Tudor dynasty and her son own, the future King Henry VIII Elizabeth of York has a seemingly quiet voice in history Philippa Gregory attempts to strengthen her cry in The White Princes , the final book in the Cousins War series.I am not a fan of Gregory s claims of historical accuracy and I compare her novels to the same realm as Carolly Erikson s historical entertainments Therefore, I don t expect much historically and go i [...]

    It does not matter that in my heart I am passionate and independent My true self will be hidden and history will never speak of me except as the daughter of one king, the wife of another, and the mother of a third.I absolutely loved this book I have now read seventeen books by this author, and The White Princess is definitely in my top five Philippa introduced me to the Tudor s court and the Cousins war, which in turn led me to books by Alison Weir and Hillary Mantel I am suprised to see that ma [...]

    Not gonna lie, I love Philippa Gregory s books They are exciting, intriguing and I feel I learn a lot please remember they ARE historical FICTION but I learn much from them This book in the Cousins War series was very interesting regarding Elizabeth, Princess of York She was introduced in the White Queen and I believe one other of the novels The former love of the now dead King Richard, she has been betrothed to Henry Tudor and marries him giving birth to sons Arthur, Harry later Henry the VIII, [...]

    I am not even sure where to start with this trainwreck of a novel I almost didn t even read it after being disappointed with the first three in this series I had passed on 4, but couldn t resist the story of Elizabeth of York Little did I know that this book is really the story of her brother, Richard Duke of York, told from her insipid first person point of view.If one is going to write the story of Perkin Warbeck or Richard of York, why not just write that story Instead, Gregory insists on for [...]

    I truly don t know where to start with how much I disliked this book so I ll actually begin with the few positives Bianca Amato s narration was extraordinary and the only feature that allowed me to finish this novel.I have listened to books she has read in the past where I wasn t in love with her voice, but for this book, her voice was well paced and soothing to listen to She got the gender voices done without over exaggerating the differences Truly, I would not have finished this book and almos [...]

    Philippa Gregory is pretty much the reason I read historical fiction I owe my limited knowledge of the Tudor line to her Once again, she wove a tale of romance, betrayal, the joys and sorrows of being a high woman in court, and what it means to put family, or a throne, above all else What s , this particular tale has a bit of mystery to it because no one knows for sure that the boy who claimed to be the lost Prince Richard of York was or wasn t the prince However, it is obvious that records scri [...]

    Christina Volkoff
    Compared to the previous entries into this series, the White Princess falls woefully flat I understand that Elizabeth of York is supposed to feel trapped in this marriage of hers, but the pre marriage rape and the back and forth affection of Henry just completely killed this book for me Gregory follows three set patterns for telling this story and they are 1 Elizabeth and Henry start to make some progress on their affection for each other and Elizabeth says something that makes Henry not trust h [...]

    I give up I do think Gregory is pretty good at writing a juicy guilty pleasure when she wants to, but when she writes books just because she has a fee the results are just tiresome worst part is, I m afraid most of her novels are written because she has a fee This one has a main character I just felt like slapping, despite sort of linking her in the previous novels I just pretended I never saw a picture of Elizabeth of York while reading how radiantly beautiful she was, pity I read it basically [...]

    Brittany B.
    This is my most anticipated book of the new year A mainstream historical novel of Elizabeth of York I m such a dork, but this woman is truly a fascinating creature Mother to Henry VIII, Sister to the lost murdered princes in the tower, Beautiful eldest daughter of Edward IV and Elizabeth Woodville, Supposed mistress lover to her blood uncle, the infamous and doomed Richard III, Ultimately, her marriage ends the terrible Cousins War I had no idea this was Gregory s next book So excited

    My main qualm with this book as other reviewers have said is that Elizabeth of York came across as boring, passive, and utterly flat Mostly, she sits around and mopes, is afraid of how people view her inherent family relations, fights with her husband, and has babies Her tensions with Lady Margaret Beaufort are not interesting and her on again off again relationship with Henry VII is neither believable nor intriguing Her inner struggle must have been great, but we see none of it There is no acti [...]

    Susan Johnson
    Let me start by saying that I enjoy Phillippa Gregory s books I do think her Cousins series is weaker than her Tudor series but it s still enjoyable It s nice to read how women have influenced history with their limited powers But this book was drivel It was like reading a National Enquirer version of Henry VII s life.The book debunks any idea that Henry deserved to be King He is portrayed as weak unlikable, clueless as a leader, a mother s boy and a rapist That s just the beginning Apparently t [...]

    B the BookAddict
    Gregory tells the story of Elizabeth of York, daughter of a king, wife of a king and mother of a king The author weaves a really riveting version of what happened to the Princes in the Tower She also bids you to remember in Henry VII s reign that another two young men, Edward the Earl of Warwick and the boy Perkin Warbeck, also died at his command I have to admit that on finishing this book, I had tears for Edward V, Richard Duke of York, Edward Earl of Warwick and Perkin Warbeck, four lost boys [...]

    This novel is Philippa Gregory at her best If you have ever thought you might have enjoyed being a princess, prince, queen or king, this book ought to make you think again How difficult to be born with a destiny that you must accept, including being bartered off in marriage to your worst enemy, and never having the choice of seeking love or even a simpler life.I have always been fascinated by the mystery of the princes in the tower Many of us are This is one look into the possibility of what mi [...]

    Carole P. Roman
    I actually enjoyed various theories presented by this book You can t expect someone to write about the 14th and 15th centuries with modern sensibilities If Henry did, in fact rape his future wife, would that be in keeping of the brutal times they lived in And how come no one is shocked or mentioning the incestuous relationship between uncle and niece These were horrible times, when women were nothing, a man could do anything to his wife and she was nothing than an object The fact is that Elizab [...]

    Katie Scarlett O Hara
    This book should be called I don t know or about a boy, though that one is already taken My ears are literally bleeding from all the repetition But king Henry VII kind of grow on me.Update Review is finally on my blogthestuffdreamsaremadeof21

    Jessie(Ageless Pages Reviews)
    Read This Review More Like It On Ageless Pages Reviews The Cousins War series continues with the story of Elizabeth of York granddaughter to Jacquetta Woodville, narrator of Lady of the Rivers book three in the series , daughter of the protagonist from The White Queen book one , daughter in law to the main character of The Red Queen book two , and niece to Anne Neville, the focus of The Kingmaker s Daughter which is book four Though the series is not completely told in chronological order which [...]

    Rachel Swords
    Oh, Philippa Gregory You started out as a decent writer, you really did I forgave your historical inaccuracies in The Other Boleyn Girl because that book was and is so darned entertaining The Constant Princess, The Boleyn Inheritance, The Queen s Fool, The Other Queen, and Earthly Joys are all good too So, several years ago, when you announced you d be starting a new series about the women involved with the War of the Roses whatever happened to the announced Jane Seymour book, btw , I was intere [...]

    Yet again another PG tale that I couldn t wait to end, when it finally did I almost cried with joy.I like Philippa Gregory s books, they are quite often very good, but I haven t read one yet that wasn t overflowing with annoyances.In this one, Henry VII is so paranoid, that it became nauseating His position was understandable, but I grew weary of the constant worrying and nagging and his eyes popping out of their sockets every other page He asked Elizabeth the same questions over and over again [...]

    Spoilers sort of mild spoilers is it even possible to have spoilers for historical fiction I don t really want to do an official review for this, because, as you can probably guess by the rating, I don t have much praise for it and I feel really unfair wholly criticising books without praise, but.I really just need torant about this book The White Princess is the daughter of The White Queen currently airing on TV right now which means that it follows Elizabeth of York, Henry VII s wife For my AS [...]

    Mike Dixon
    Phillipa Gregory set herself a hard task when writing about the court of Henry VII The guy was dull He didn t wage war, have numerous extramarital affairs and he didn t chop off the heads of unfaithful wives Henry was a competent administrator who sorted out his country s financial problems and brought peace to a troubled realm That s not a good basis for an exciting historical novel.I guess that is one of the reasons why the book got such mixed reviews I have always had a lot of respect for Hen [...]

    Ashley Marsh
    I ve been reading Philippa Gregory for nearly ten years If I had started with this book, I probably would have never picked up another I m truly surprised that I didn t love this The White Queen is my absolute favorite of her novels, and I expected this story about Elizabeth Woodville s daughter to be equally interesting I was so, so wrong NOTHING happened Everyone was emotionally distant Even Margaret Beaufort, who merited her own boring book, The Red Queen, lacked personality I didn t care abo [...]

    • Unlimited Prințesa albă - by Philippa Gregory Anacaona Mindrila‑Sonetto
      385 Philippa Gregory Anacaona Mindrila‑Sonetto
    Prințesa albă